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After The Hunt
Erotic Story By Anonymous

It was a great day to hunt and I had seen tracks in the snow all morning but there were no animals in sight. In the past I would have had a deer bagged and tagged by now. Something was peculiar this morning though; I smelled smoke and the more I walked the stronger it became.

It couldn't be the old Miller cabin; no one has lived there in five years. I thought I better check to see if someone was trespassing. I knew old lady Miller and have kept in touch with her over the years since she moved two states away. As I was walking towards the cabin I realized that it had been at least three months since I talked to her by phone. As I cleared the stand of trees surrounding the cabin I noticed a woman making trips one after another into the log house.

She was carrying boxes in so I ruled out theft right away. When I was within earshot the lady turned my way with a start and said-

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"That's close enough mister, what are you doing on my property?"

I couldn't explain fast enough as I saw her reach into her car and pull out what I took to be a large caliber handgun. As I was telling her that I lived close by and that I was checking on my old friend's place she lowered her weapon. This woman was drop dead gorgeous; the blonde hair and even from this distance her green eyes were mesmerizing. I was spellbound for a second and came out of my stupor when I realized the lady was speaking to me."

"My name is Sue and what is your name sir?"

I couldn't get over just how beautiful this lady named Sue was.

"My name is Dave and I'm glad to meet you. I'm sorry if I startled you."

We began to talk like we were old friends who have gotten back together after a long separation. We continued to talk while I helped her carry the rest of the boxes in. She explained that she had bought the cabin from Mrs. Miller's estate. I told Sue that I hadn't heard of her passing and I was sad to hear it.

Sue told me her story and why she was there alone. It seemed she and her ex-boyfriend had split and she was getting away and starting life a fresh. I was happy to be getting such a pretty neighbor.

We were beginning to feel more comfortable with one another and Sue said

"I was going to prepare something for supper, would you care to join me."

It didn't take me a split second to say

"I would love to join you, thank you."

I was thinking to myself 'I hope I didn't sound too anxious.' I smiled and asked if there was anything I could do to help. As we were busy with our separate chores on the dinner preparation I kept smelling Sue's perfume. Her fragrance alone was a turn on and I felt my desire stirring. I was thinking to myself ' Dave, calm down boy; You guys have just met and there is no way in hell you will get anything but dinner today.'

When Sue went back and forth in the kitchen she would brush my arm occasionally. Was that on purpose or an accidental touch? It didn't matter I was enjoying my new friend and was getting dinner to boot. We enjoyed a lovely meal and I don't think either one of us would have noticed anything outside our tiny space. We were so in to one another. As we were clearing the table we came face to face and stopped for a second.

Although we had dirty dishes in all four hands we both leaned in and kissed at the same time. It was just a light quick kiss but I could tell that I wanted more. As if on cue we both set the dishes down and I caressed Sue's face in both of my hands and kissed her sweet lips. There was magic in her kiss, the best I have ever had. Her moist lips, the way she lightly swept her tongue across my mouth made me moan. I put my arms around her back and gave her a hug as I kissed her neck. I could feel goose bumps along her arm as I continued to kiss down her shoulder.

There was that perfume again driving me wild with passion. We both came to the same conclusion that this was going all the way. We kissed and touched for a long while right there in the kitchen when I placed my hand on hers and led her to a large rug in front of the roaring fire.

We had been keeping up with it most of the afternoon and it made for a very romantic setting. It was now early evening and the only light was from the fire. Sue looked so sexy standing there with the fire light dancing on her face and the noise of the crackling embers filling the quiet. I pulled her black sweater up over her head and saw her breasts for the first time. I couldn't take my eyes off of them, they were so beautiful. I placed my hand on her right breast softly caressing this wondrous creation of nature. I heard her moan under her breath.

I could tell she was very sensitive there and made a point to give it special attention. I continued to kiss her all over her neck and the front of her body. Her nipples were so erect and so big; I loved that. Sue unbuttoned my shirt and ran her hand across my back, her nails making a trail from my neck to my waist over and over again. I heard sounds and realized that I was making them; she was making me feel so good. I crouched down on one knee and started sucking her nipple while my fingers were stroking the other.

Sue was holding my head still when I found an especially sensitive area. I unbuttoned her pants and slowly pulled them down and again I was totally amazed at how well built she was. I kissed her tummy lovingly and ran my tongue down to her mound of hair. She smelled so good and I couldn't resist licking, sucking her clit and slowly running my fingers in and out of her wet pussy.

The taste was indescribable, she was delicious. She came right away and it drove me wild. She was very vocal now and pulled me up to her and kissed me hard. The sounds she made drove me crazy with passion. She told me "it's my turn now" as she dropped my pants around my ankles. I stepped out of them and tossed them aside with one foot. Next my boxers came sliding down my legs and there they went next to my jeans. She bent down and placed my cock in her mouth and I was in heaven.

Man, she was good. I didn't know a blowjob could feel like that…ever. I couldn't take it any longer when I said

"Sue I want you now, I have to be inside you."

There was an ottoman that I pulled over and I sat her down on that. We kissed a long kiss and our tongues were having a great time all by themselves. I slowly entered her wet and hot pussy and she let out a soft scream. I pushed deeper and then deeper still and she came again. Sue grabbed me and kissed me on the neck and started biting softly.

I was doing the same to her and my hands were on her ass pulling and squeezing. I found that she liked a light spanking too. We were making love like it was our last day on earth. I pulled out and went down on her again and she let me know right away how much she liked that. I then turned her around where she was laying on top of the ottoman and I entered her wet pussy from behind.

Her ass was such a turn on for me. I thrust myself in all the way as she pushed hard against me and this went on for minutes; in and out, side to side and her pushing, moaning, screaming and telling me to fuck her hard and harder. We both were breathing hard and getting sweaty. I slowly set Sue down on the rug while pushing the ottoman out of the way, I entered her again as I rested on my outstretched arms.

Driving myself in and out I could tell she was about to cum for the tenth time it seemed. I wanted to watch her face when she reached ecstasy this time. Wow, she came and I didn't think I could stay on she was pushing her hips up so high and so hard. She didn't hold back this time either; she was making this loud sound between a scream and laughter. I couldn't wait any longer and told her that I was cumming now and told her "fuck me Sue, fuck me!"

I came and I shook as the spasms over took me. I was in another world and I couldn't believe I found Sue in the middle of nowhere. We made love again that evening and she asked me spend the rest of the night with her. She woke me once during the night and we made sweet love in the dark. It was a wonderful day; the best I ever had.


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