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Erotic Story By Roxxie

She was having a bad night. Her friends had forced her to go out after moping about her house for so long. What made it worse is that she was wearing really short black hot pants and bright pink scoop neck top. Not her choice of wear, but her friends had forced her to wear something ‘attractive for once’.

They reached a nightclub, lights flashing, bodies writhing; she knew it was not her kind of place. Then she saw him. Tall, dark and handsome, and also a little uncomfortable, judging by the sunglasses he sported and the way he leant awkwardly up against the bar.

Her heart did a little flip-flop in her chest. She reached between her breasts, picked up and bit her necklace. She knew when she saw him she had to see his eyes. She felt so unlike herself when she sauntered up to the bar, getting into character, as if she were the kind of woman who picked up guys in bars.

Erotic Story

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He was having a bad night. His buddies had gone off onto the dance floor to go writhe with some girls they had just met, but he wasn’t a dancer. He still had his shades on, and he didn’t want to take them off. He was ordering a drink when he felt something soft brush up against his arm, giving him goose pimples. It was a gorgeous woman, and the way she smiled at him made him feel warm in more than one place.

She asked him why he didn’t take off his shades. He didn’t hesitate, and she stared into his eyes, one blue, and one brown. ‘He must be the devil,’ she thought as she realized her nipples were tightening in her top, looking into those saucy eyes. He spoke, asked her if she would like to go outside, she muttered a vague reply, she felt drunk, and she hadn’t had anything.

He took her hand and led her through the crowd. He couldn’t think of anything except of finding a way of kissing her. She had licked her lips when she spoke to him, and now he knew he wasn’t just warm, he was hard, and it was getting painful.

She felt her hand being grasped in his huge, warm palm and couldn’t believe how turned on she was getting from just one look at his hands. She imagined them on her, in her. As they exited the club, some of her friends called after her. Only then did he turn round and she looked at those eyes again, this time asking a question. She nodded, they ran.

Eventually they stopped, he could hear her heavy breathing and let her rest. She flopped against the wall, and he suddenly noticed how her breasts were heaving. She reached between them and picked out a necklace and bit it, looking suddenly worried. She subconsciously licked her lips and he knew that was the point of no return. He must have her, now, or he would be not sleeping for a week.

She leaned against the wall, wondering what the hell it was that she was doing, and then she noticed the look in his eyes that made her nipples harden again and she remembered what she was doing here. He leaned in and all traces of self-control left when his lips touched hers.

He kissed her lips and proceeded to probe inside her mouth, gently until she opened her mouth fully and not only gave in to his kiss, but kissed back fiercely. He could stand it no more, and pressed himself against her; he was painfully hard.

She felt him and moaned, and felt herself get wet. It was crazy, suddenly she wanted him to touch her, everywhere.

He heard her moan, and with an answering grunt of his own, lifted her body off her feet into a nearby alley, where he stripped off her top and gently caressed her breasts, then knelt and took a nipple in his mouth. He was pleased it was already hard as he sucked it.

Her knees gave way. She dropped to hers and all she could gasp was ‘Please?’ All she could think about was him inside her, filling her. She was burning, her pussy was on fire, and all she could think of was being satisfied, right here, right now. She practically ripped off his shirt and she pressed them against his chest and then raked them down to his belt, and felt his massive hardness, while dying to see what was underneath.

He couldn’t see anything but her, and ripped down her shorts. He was trying to be gentle, and slowly turn her on as he had done with countless women before, but he couldn’t contain himself and shamelessly yanked of her French knickers, barely appreciating how sexy they were.

He thought he was going to explode, as she finally freed him of his jeans, and his ripped off his boxers. He took a moment to take her all in, just looking at her made him swell more, he could barely stand it, he suckled her nipple, and she opened her eyes and gasped at the size of him.

She begged him with her eyes, as she started to shamelessly rub her clit, putting in a finger, and arching her back, but she couldn’t tease anymore, and he looked like he was going to eat her up, so she grabbed him and pulled him down on top of her, begging again for release.

Sliding himself into her, he realized how tight and wet she was, and wondered if once was going to be enough. Her fingernails dug into his back as he began the rhythm, her hips rose to meet his, exactly in time. ‘Harder! Faster!’ She whispered in his ear, and he finally gave in, thrusting deeply and hard into her, her moan giving him all the encouragement he needed, speeding up the rhythm as she raised her hips so he could penetrate even deeper.

He thrust into her, hitting her g-spot, hard, and she was so close she couldn’t breathe. She grabbed his butt, pushing him in and holding on for dear life.

He felt her back arching, and couldn’t help but joining in with her moans as her felt himself coming. Their bodies were slick with sweat, and he felt like he never wanted to stop doing this.

With united moans, they both came; him rocking her as he shuddered inside of her, her orgasmic ripples inside of her taking him over the edge.

They both smiled as they dressed, and he grinned as he said ‘Same time tomorrow, Mrs. Jones’ she replied, ‘Yes, but next time up against the wall, Mr. Jones.’


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