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Fun in Copenhagen
Erotic Story By Melissa

Everyone in this story is meant to be interpreted as an adult and over the age of 18 years old.

This is mostly fantasy, but based on a true story. I was in Copenhagen, we were playing at a club in town. I play bass with a band which I can't name. After we had played solidly for a week, every night for four hours, our manager Ian decided we needed a break and some fun. He took the whole band out to a sex club.

It was a small exclusive club, beautifully decorated, with soft lighting, velvet drapes and glass tables. There was seating for about a hundred people. It was mixed and there were quite a few ladies present. Our manager had obtained the best tables for the band right up at the front. The stage was only about six inches high. I was sitting at a table with Jamie, our guitar player, directly in front center. Ian was sitting with Johnny, our singer, and Don, our drummer, at the next table. Pretty girls with short skirts and low-cut tops plied us with drinks.

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The first act was a stripper called Lisa. She had long blonde hair and she was tall and very pretty with big, blue eyes. Her body was voluptuous and curvy. She unbuttoned her skimpy pink blouse and took it off, then unfastened her short red skirt and dropped that too, all to the sound of "Another one bites the dust" by Queen. She had beautiful, shapely legs clad in red thigh-high stockings which appeared to be self-supporting.

She pranced around for a bit then quickly whipped off her pink bra revealing a pair of perfect breasts, with large pink nipples. The audience whoo'd and clapped. Jamie remarked on the perfection of her breasts. I agreed.

She threw her bra out to the audience and it was quickly grabbed by a man sitting at a table behind us.

Next, she slowly slid down her pink panties, over her stocking-tops, revealing the sexy, beautiful V of her pussy. Her pubes were trimmed down to a tiny patch of golden brown hair.

There were shouts of "Yes!" and "More!" from the audience. This was an exclusive, very expensive club and they knew they could expect a great show, with much more on offer than they would get at a normal strip club.

Lisa threw her pretty pink panties out to the audience too. They were caught by a good-looking dark-haired woman sitting two tables back from us. Now Lisa had nothing on except for her sexy red stockings and red high heel shoes. Her almost-naked body was a joy to behold, with perfectly rounded breasts, a slim waist, beautiful curvy hips and long slender legs.

I was starting to get hard in my pants. I wondered if anyone else was too. I shifted in my seat and rearranged my cock to a more comfortable position, hoping no-one would notice in the semi-darkness. There was a pink velvet couch on the stage and Lisa sat down gracefully on it. She closed her pretty blue eyes and began slowly caressing her lovely naked breasts, rubbing the hard nipples gently between her thumbs and fingers. She pouted prettily and sighed softly, seeming to really enjoy it.

After a while she opened her eyes and looked out at her audience. Then she slowly spread her beautiful slender legs until they were wide open. The effect was electric. It was the sexiest thing I have ever seen. Her naked vagina was in full view. I felt my cock stiffen in my pants. I had a raging hard-on.

The lips of Lisa's cunt were pink, peachy and delicious looking. I was close enough to see her clit plainly. She put both hands between her open thighs and started rubbing her cunt lips slowly up and down, pulling them open, showing the wet inside of her delicious-looking slit. She was making me so horny.

Then she slipped one finger between the moist lips and pushed it right up her cunt. The sight was extremely erotic. My cock was now rock-hard in my pants, aching to be in that beautiful cunt.

"Fuck," said Jamie. "Yeah," I said, "unbelievable." I heard a low, ecstatic female cry from behind me. I guessed there were probably a few lesbians in the audience. How nice, I thought. I wondered if Lisa liked girls.

I could see Jamie rubbing his cock surreptitiously. I felt mine, which was now so hard I could hardly stand it.

Lisa was obviously getting off rubbing her beautiful vagina. She laid back a little, then lifted her feet up and put them on the couch, her stockinged legs wide open. She was the ultimate erotic fantasy: a beautiful young woman, with nothing on except for her red stockings and red high-heels, her long golden hair falling down over her naked, perfect breasts, her legs wide open, playing with her cunt. "She's got a gorgeous cunt," I whispered to Jamie. "Fuck, yes," he said.

We watched as Lisa pushed two fingers up inside herself. She slowly slid them in and out of her cunt. She moved her hips sexily as she fingered herself. She looked as if she was genuinely getting very excited. She seemed to be looking at Jamie and me quite a lot. I could see she was wet, the pink lips of her cunt were glistening. She started rubbing her clit, moving faster and faster and moaning softly. Suddenly she let out a loud orgasmic cry and her beautiful body shuddered.

The crowd whoo'd uncontrollably. Lisa looked so beautiful, her pretty face suffused with sexual pleasure, her eyes heavy-lidded, her pretty mouth open, her lips soft and red. She slowly relaxed, moving her hand away, showing everybody her beautiful cunt, the lips open, pink and pouting. Her whole cunt and the insides of her thighs were soaking wet with her love-juice. After a few minutes she closed her legs gracefully, got up and bowed to her audience. The crowd went wild, clapping and shouting as she left the stage.

The next act on was a pretty girl called Samantha. She was tall with medium-length blonde hair, and a slender boyish body. She was wearing a tiny white lace blouse which barely covered her breasts, which were small but beautifully shaped. She had on a short black skirt, black stockings and black high heels.

Samantha's act was a little different. She went out into the audience and picked someone she liked, then took them back on-stage with her. She chose a good-looking, dark haired young man from a table behind us. She took his hand and led him onto the stage. He seemed a little drunk. They sat on the couch together. The music changed to a rhythmic, pulsing dance track. Samantha started kissing him. He responded and they began French kissing in earnest. She unbuttoned her flimsy blouse and released a pair of lovely naked breasts, inviting him to feel them. She put her hand between his legs and rubbed the bulge which we all could see was appearing there.

After a long time of kissing and petting, during which Samantha had somehow cleverly removed her blouse and skirt, she stood up. She looked incredibly sexy with just her black panties, stockings and suspenders on. She invited the young man to lay down on the couch. She took off his tie, unbuttoned his shirt and opened it up, exposing a muscular chest with a few dark hairs on it.

She spent a few minutes stroking his bare chest as he fondled her naked breasts. She turned around and took off his shoes and socks. Then she turned back to him, kissed his lips tenderly and began to unfasten his belt and trousers. He obligingly raised his bottom and she slowly slid them down, pulling them all the way off, exposing his hairy legs. We could see the big bulge in his white underpants. Samantha took hold of the underpants and yanked them down too, allowing his large erection to spring free.

There was the sound of female voices going "ooh!" and "wow!" as the ladies took in the size of his penis. A gay-looking young man at the next table leaned over to me and whispered "Isn't that beautiful?". Maybe he thought I was a girl, I am always being mistaken for one, with my long hair.

The handsome young man on-stage was definitely enjoying himself. Samantha took his cock in her hand and began playing with it. He put his arms above his head and lay back, obviously content to her do anything she wanted to him.

"Huge cock," I said to Jamie. "You jealous?" he said, grinning at me in the darkness.

We watched, fascinated, as Samantha fondled the young man's cock, slowly masturbating him. She leaned forward and rubbed his cock on her breasts. She pulled his foreskin gently back and rubbed the shiny purple cock head over her nipples, which had become very erect.

Samantha knelt astride his legs on the couch, facing him. She bent and, taking his huge cock in her tiny hand, she started kissing the tip of it, and licking it. She had a beautiful sexy mouth, with full, red lips. She ran her tongue up and down the whole length of it, licking it slowly, sensually, and kissing it tenderly, making it shiny and very wet, and leaving lipstick traces on it.

The young man let out a moan as she opened her pretty mouth and took the head of his cock inside. He put his hands on her head. She moved her head slowly up and down and we could see his big hard cock sliding in and out between her soft, red lips. She spent several minutes letting him fuck her mouth. I felt my cock rock-hard in my pants, wanting to be in that delicious mouth.

We watched, amazed, as she went down and slowly took the whole length of his cock in her mouth, her lips touching his pubic hairs. He cried out in ecstasy. "Deep throat," I said to Jamie. "Ohh," he said.

Samantha carried on, her pretty head bobbing up and down as she applied her considerable sexual talents to the handsome young man's cock.

Suddenly he gave a loud cry, unable to contain himself any longer. She sat up and took hold of his cock. It pulsed in her hand and a thick stream of white come shot out of the tip, falling over his stomach. He gave a series of grunts and several spurts of come followed. There was a pool of come laying on his belly. Samantha rubbed it all over his chest and stomach then picked up some of the come in her fingers and rubbed it on her breasts, and over her still-erect nipples.

The audience applauded wildly. A pair of red panties flew over my head and landed on the stage. Samantha picked them up and kissed them, a gesture I found to be strangely erotic.

She gathered up the young man's clothes and handed them to him, inviting him to get dressed, sit back down in the audience and enjoy the rest of the show. He seemed in a trance, but he eventually did as she asked.

Samantha now lay down gracefully on the couch and stretched out her long, shapely legs. She looked delightfully sexy with just her black stockings and panties on.

The lights dimmed and another music track faded in. It was "Something to talk about" by Bonnie Raitt. Samantha started caressing her naked breasts, tracing her fingertips over her pretty nipples.

A girl appeared on stage in the semi-darkness. A voice came over the speakers, "Ladies and gentlemen, Sacha". The spotlight fell on her. She was slim, with shortish dark hair, dressed in a skimpy violet camisole top and very brief white satin hot pants. Her legs were bare and so were her feet.

The spotlight followed her as she walked slowly over to Samantha and sat daintily on the couch by her feet. They gave each other a knowing look.

Sacha was a beautiful girl. Her face was a perfect oval, her eyes large and brown, her mouth full and pouting. She was petite with tiny breasts and slim, boyish hips. Her nipples were showing through the flimsy material of her top. I fell in love again. She began stroking Samantha's stockinged legs, slowly sliding her little white hands up the black nylon, over her stocking-tops.

She caressed Samantha's smooth, naked thighs above her stockings. Samantha sighed softly, loving the touch of another girl's gentle fingers on her most intimate parts. She gave another sweet girly sigh as Sacha rested her hand delicately on her panties. She gave a little soft cry when Sacha began rubbing them slowly, feeling Samantha's most private part of all through the black satin. Samantha was obviously still very excited from the previous session with the young man.

Sacha slid her naughty little hands slowly up over Samantha's flat tummy and up over her naked breasts, caressing them lovingly as only another girl can. Samantha pulled her lovely little lesbian friend gently into her and they started kissing, their kisses delicate at first then more open-mouthed, passionate and wet. It was so sexy watching their tongues going in each other's pretty mouths. Jamie and I were very close and we had a great view as they licked each other's red, sexy lips and gently sucked each other's tongues.

After a long time of glorious, girly kissing, Sacha sat up, breathless. She let out a long sigh and looked out at the audience. She had their full attention. Sacha turned back to her beautiful lesbian friend. She hooked her fingers in the waistband of Samantha's panties and looked at her pleadingly. Samantha obligingly lifted her bottom up and let Sacha pull the panties down over her stocking-tops. Her exposed pubic hair shone gold in the spotlight. I caught a glimpse of the top of her naked cunt.

Sacha bent and kissed it lightly. Samantha gave a faint cry as she felt soft girl's lips touch her cunt. She turned slightly and let her legs fall open, in such a way that the audience could see her whole cunt. Being so close Jamie and I could see the pretty, pouting lips plainly. They were pink and wet, they looked absolutely lovely. They needed to be made love to.

We watched with rock-hard cocks as Samantha's pretty little girlfriend started kissing her cunt and licking it, slipping her tongue between the juicy, wet lips. Samantha moaned and stroked Sacha's bare shoulders as she felt the little girl's tongue circling her clit and then going up inside her cunt. Sacha kept moving her head to the side so everyone could see the beauty of Samantha's gorgeous wet slit. After nearly ten minutes of heated girly sex,

Sacha sat up and looked at Samantha, her eyes full of desire, her lips pouting, red, and wet with her love-juice. Putting her hand up between Samantha's open thighs, she slid one finger up her cunt. Samantha started moaning uncontrollably as Sacha slid her finger slowly in and out of the beautiful wet hole. Samantha silently mouthed "Fuck me" to her. Sacha added another finger, causing her pretty friend to let out another loud moan. Her pace increased and she used her other hand to massage Samantha's clit. She started masturbating Samantha harder and faster.

It was lovely to watch. Samantha's moans became more frequent until at last she screamed out loud, obviously in the throes of a fantastic orgasm. Sacha pulled her fingers slowly out of her girlfriend's swollen cunt, which was soaking wet. Her cunt and the insides of her thighs were dripping with her lovely girl-juice. Sacha bent and kissed her wet thighs and licked love-juice from her cunt. I nearly came in my pants. Samantha threw her arms around her sexy little girlfriend and kissed her passionately. After several minutes both girls calmed down a little.

Sacha got up and turned to face us. She looked so cute and pretty in her little camisole and hot pants. Samantha stood up behind her. Sacha raised her slender arms above her head. Samantha grabbed the hem of her camisole, and slipped it quickly up and off. She was naked underneath. Sacha's exposed breasts were small, just little mounds, with the cutest little brown nipples. She looked like a young girl. I found her very arousing. Samantha slid her hands around Sacha's slender little body and cupped her tiny breasts. She stroked them softly, touching the nipples delicately. Sacha put her head back and closed her pretty eyes in ecstasy.

Suddenly Samantha grabbed Sacha's hot pants and pulled them down. They slid down her lovely slender legs and fell around her tiny feet. She stepped out of them and stood with her legs apart. The audience gasped. Sacha was now completely naked, a vision of loveliness. Her body was a pervert's dream. She gave the illusion of being about twelve years old.

Her breasts were tiny, almost nonexistent, so beautiful to me. Her cunt looked so cute. It was smooth and hairless. The top part of it peeped provocatively from between her thighs. Her tiny clit was swollen and the slit beneath it looked wet. Samantha's gentle hands moved up and down, all over Sacha's beautiful young naked body, feeling her tiny breasts, stroking her flat little tummy, her slim hips and sexy legs. Sacha sighed and cooed with every touch of her lovely friend's gentle hands.

Samantha's hand appeared between her open thighs, her fingers curling upwards, her red-painted nails contrasting beautifully with Sacha's pale skin. She began feeling Sacha's darling little cunt, rubbing it gently, parting the pretty lips. A look of total ecstasy spread over her pretty face as Samantha rubbed her cunt lips and clit. We watched as one painted fingernail disappeared between Sacha's sweet little cunt lips and Samantha's finger slid up inside her.

Jamie and I both looked at each other. I was fondling my hard cock again. So was he. We both loved watching girls do naughty things to each other. Sacha moved her body slowly and sensually as Samantha's naughty finger slid in and out of her sexy little cunt. I could see she was very wet now. She uttered a little moan.

Samantha pulled her finger out and sucked it, which got a lively response from the crowd, especially the ladies. Now it was time for some unexpected audience participation.

The lights brightened suddenly. Sacha walked to the front of the stage, totally naked. She stepped out into the audience and walked over to the table on our left. She stood in front of two nice-looking mature women who I had seen kissing earlier on. There were several female couples in the place. One of these ladies had on a white, low-cut blouse which showed a lot of her nice breasts. Sasha said something to her. The woman tentatively reached out and touched Sacha's tiny breasts. Soon she began openly feeling them and stroking them. She looked like she couldn't believe her luck. Sasha tilted her pretty head back and closed her eyes, enjoying the woman's gentle touch. After a few minutes she put her hands over the woman's and squeezed them.

She said something else to her, smiled, and moved on to the table quite close to Jamie and me where a cute girl was sitting holding hands with a pretty older woman. She sat down gently on the edge of the glass table with her legs open, in front of the amazed girl, who now had a close-up view of Sacha's beautiful hairless young cunt. Sacha said something to her we couldn't hear. She took the girl's hand and placed it up between her soft little thighs. Her older girlfriend watched as the girl began to massage Sacha's cunt slowly. Sacha said something else to her. The girl slipped a finger between the wet lips and pushed it up inside her. Sacha started moaning softly. She obviously adored girls.

Some of the audience, me included, had gathered round their table to get a good look. Sacha spread her sexy legs wider and let the girl finger her for a while. Sasha then extracted herself gracefully from the girl's lovely lesbian attentions, leaving her obviously aching with desire for her. She moved on to another table.

Sitting there was a long-haired boy. He looked young, perhaps only 18. He was pretty, almost like a girl. Sacha sat on his lap and put her slender arms around his neck. The look on his face was priceless. She whispered something to him and started unbuttoning his shirt. Between them they managed to take the boy's shirt completely off. He had a nice, smooth, slim body. He looked a bit like my friend Jamie. Sacha started kissing him and feeling his chest, stroking his little brown nipples. He started feeling her tiny breasts. They were such a sweet, pretty couple. They looked like two girls. After a few minutes she slipped off his lap, gave him a sweet kiss on the mouth, leaving the poor boy half naked. She then moved on to a table where there was a woman who looked in her late thirties, slim, wearing a sexy transparent blouse which showed her nipples, and an extremely short red skirt. She had fabulous legs which she obviously liked to show off.

Sacha knelt in front of her and began stroking her stockinged legs. She pushed the skirt right up over the woman's stocking-tops, revealing creamy white thighs. From where Jamie and I were sitting we could see right up between her legs. She had no panties on. She moved forward and sat on the edge of her chair, her lovely legs wide open. We could see her gorgeous cunt. It was a long, deep slit, the lips open and wet and red, surrounded with dark hairs. Sacha moved her pretty head right between the woman's widespread thighs. Her head began moving gently. The naughty little girl was licking her cunt. The woman sighed ecstatically and stroked Sacha's slender little naked body, loving the feeling of a young girl's tongue up inside her mature cunt.

Sacha made sweet love to the woman's cunt for a while. She got up, leaving the woman sitting, breathless, wanting more. She took the lady's hand and kissed it sweetly, then pulled her skirt down demurely. Sacha stood up and bowed to her audience, to rapturous applause. She walked back on stage where Samantha greeted her with a loving hug. The two went into a sexy French kiss, pressing their beautiful naked girl's bodies together. They separated and Sacha picked up her little camisole and hot pants.

She waved good-bye to the crowd and walked off stage to fervent applause. Samantha picked up her discarded blouse, skirt and panties, bowed to her audience, then left the stage. The audience had risen to their feet and were cheering and clapping madly. I squeezed my aching cock and longed to have sex with somebody.


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