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Barb Clenendon
Erotic Story By Bob

Barb Clenendon was scared, more frightened than she'd ever been in her life. She sat alone in her car in a small mountain community where she was unknown - or hoped to remain that way anyway. Her eyes watched for any sign of unusual activity that might indicate evidence of someone wishing to do her harm. It was cold and one might reasonably expect snow at any time as Barb sat in her unheated auto.

She was tired; the last few hours had been taxing and she needed sleep. Of course, she could not allow herself the pleasure or someone that might hurt her take her by surprise. She was hungry; yet, she dare not seek food in a public place lest she be recognized.

She thought of the hell in which she was living as she sat. Disliked by her family and friends for a murder she didn't commit, hunted by the police for the murder of her husband which she didn't do and sought by others who might kill her, clients of her lawyer husband, unsavory men who functioned as an organization outside the law.

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She'd known that Mack's clients were often gangsters and ne'er-do-wells. She was aware that he often represented drug dealers, smugglers and the like. She'd never discussed those clients with him, Mack had never wanted to talk about them.

Just that morning, Barb had arisen from bed and gone to the kitchen to find Mack dead on the floor. As she'd bent to observe her husband who lay dead, two shots rang out and she'd heard the bullets strike the wall behind her. Someone had been shooting at her. Acting on instinct to save her, Barb had retreated into the hallway out of range for the shooter as she heard a man cry out, "Damn. She's in the hallway. Get her Jake." Then, Jake responded with, "Hell no, the police are coming and I don't want to be here when they get here!" Then, the first man said, "The probably think the wife did it. Come on!"

Barb, still quite confused by the suddenness of the event, realized that the man who'd spoken was right. The police would consider her their prime suspect and she ran. As she drove down the street, she heard the sirens of the police cars approaching her house. Her only thought then had been to get away, she needed to think.

She reflected that she and Mack hadn't been on the best of terms. She had married her husband just shortly after she went to work for his legal firm as a paralegal. He'd been very masculine and the epitome of a gentleman. When he'd showed her attention, she'd responded and eventually they were married.

It'd been a good marriage at first and she'd been happy but soon things had gone badly between them. First, Mack had bedded some female lawyer while supposedly out of town on a case. He had bragged to Barb about it and began to speak gruffly to her. She had threatened divorce and word spread of the adversity between her and her husband. Her family and friends, not knowing details tended to favor Mack in their thinking.

When Mack had threatened to ruin her if she filed for divorce, she'd hesitated in her actions while he seemed concerned with some other matter. For the last couple of weeks, he'd simply ignored her as they slept in the same bed. Now, she was on the run, trying to escape from everybody and everything.

It was as she'd noted a deputy sheriff drive by, eyeing her car that she decided to move. She drove slowly out of the small town, up into the high mountains. It was really her only option as those seeking her were back in the other direction. She drove carefully on the mountain roads as the snow began to fall. Soon, the snow was falling with great intensity as her car began to slip on the steep grades. Barb quickly recognized her dangerous situation as she examined her alternative actions and she couldn't go back, she couldn't drive the car over the pass ahead with the snow coming harder. Perhaps, if there was shelter, a cabin or house.

It was then that she saw it, a small, ranch style, two bedrooms, log house. It looked deserted and there was no evidence of footprints in the snow or a vehicle in the auto shelter, rather a large stack of firewood lay in the shelter. A few minutes later, Barb had parked in the empty garage and gone to the front door which she found unlocked. Inside was a cozy cabin inviting her in. Further inspection revealed a large supply of food, enough to last her for many months. She considered her situation. All access had been blocked as the road had been closed due to snow. No one could find her there for months and she realized her luck in what she had found.

As she bathed in the warm shower spray, she began to relax. An hour later and Barb was in bed, between the clean, white sheets of the guest bedroom. Somehow, she didn't feel comfortable usurping the owner's bed. As the days passed and the snow fell deeper, she felt more secure in her hideout. Comfortable there, she occupied her time with cooking and baking and enjoying good food. By spring, the police would have forgotten her and she cold-start a new life in a new state.

Then, she heard it, a high pitched whine of a snow machine engine and someone approaching. Hopefully, he'd pass by on the road seeing nothing of interest and move on. If not, she'd just have to act as though she were the rightful resident there.

It was when the vehicle turned from the road and came to the cabin that Barb put her plan into action. She went to the front door to greet the new arrival. As she opened the door and felt a gust of cold wind strike her, she noted the snow machine parked in the shelter. The visitor seemed familiar with the cabin and its surroundings. "Can I help you?" She called out to the man.

He replied simply, "I don't know. What are you doing here?"

"I live here," Barb replied confidently, "and who are you?"

"I thought I owned the place," the man replied, "Don't remember any renter though."

It was then that Barb felt her safe, secure world fall before her. She'd been found out. She stood back as the man entered. "Hi. The name's Hank," he said as he stood in the entrance to the cabin.

Barb, her mind in a panic at realizing that she'd been discovered, put on a huge smile and said, "Looks like you've found me trespassing in your place here. What are you going to do now?"

Hank smiled and Barbara began to relax, perhaps she could yet escape her situation, she thought. As she addressed him, she asked if he'd like a hot cocoa and moved to prepare it. This ploy would give her time to think, to find a way out of this sticky situation.

As she took the cocoa to Hank, she still had no plan. She was frantic as she fought to appear calm. "Do you know who I am?"she asked.

"No. Should I?"

With that response, she could assume that he hadn't heard about her before he left to come to the mountains. Perhaps she could influence him yet.

"How long were you planning to stay?" Hank asked calmly.

"Don't really know. Hadn't figured that out yet." She replied.

Hank smiled again and remarked, "You might attempt to leave but it looks like your car's here until the spring thaw."

"Were you planning on eating my food and using my place all winter?"

Suddenly, Barb felt her situation exposed and she would have to face the terrible consequences that awaited her back in the city. She spoke, "My name's Barb Clenendon and I'm on the run. There are bad people back in the city that will kill me. I'm wanted by the police. I've nowhere to turn."

Hank listened and remained silent as she told him all she knew about her plight. As she talked, she felt herself relax and grow more comfortable. The strain of her situation seemed to ebb as she shared her troubles.

Then, as his eyes looked into hers, Hank asked, "Did you kill your husband?"

Barb replied, "You've got to believe that I didn't t kill him. I'm not a murderer."

With this Hank stood and made a survey of the cabin which he found neat and tidy and returned to look her in the eyes again. "Do you mind having a roommate for the winter?" he asked.

Hank then explained that he'd stocked the cabin for his own winter survival as he'd intended on wintering there himself. There would be sufficient food and supplies to tide them over the winter and he'd welcome the company.

Suddenly, Barb grew leery. "What do you expect in return?" she asked.

Again Hank smiled, "I'd expect you to behave yourself and not try to rape me. I'd expect you to share in the work around here."

"Would you be comfortable knowing I'm a wanted criminal with a price on my head?" she asked and Hank replied quickly, "You're not a criminal. It's all a big misunderstanding."

Soon Hank and Barb were very compatible roommates. Barb, having realized that she was safe for the winter began to enjoy her life. She learned the Hank was a writer who wrote historical books, text books, novels and the like. He expected to do his most productive writing during his months snowbound. Summers were devoted more to the business of writing books in the city.

Recognizing his needs, Barb quickly began taking total care of the household chores, cooking meals, cutting kindling and keeping the firewood supply indoors. Only occasionally did Hank split the big log rounds for exercise and fun.

It was as Barb watched Hank, as he wielded his axe with the big, powerful swing, that she realized what a fine masculine figure he cut. He was sexy as hell and suddenly, she felt it, her desire rose and she thought of sex with him for the first time. Of course, she'd never act on those thoughts.

With Christmas season, Barb fell into a minor depression and she felt trapped and alone in this mountain hideaway. Trapped with only a single friend in the world, she was sad. Sadder than she'd ever felt. Even hope appeared dim as she considered that spring would eventually come and she'd be exposed and return to the city to meet her fate.

Her fate. What was her fate? Was she to be taken by the police and incarcerated forever or was she likely to die by some assassin's gun. Fear had run its course and she felt resigned to her fate. She could handle all but the loneliness.

So it was on Christmas Eve day in their little mountain cabin, that Barb and Hank faced their life alone on the night when one should feel the closeness of loved ones. When Hank had gone out and cut a young fir tree and brought it into the house it was supposed to remedy that situation. Then, when Barb popped popcorn and threaded it into strings to decorate the tree, it seemed to bring them closer.

By Christmas Eve Barb had big cinnamon rolls baked and iced to serve with hot toddies that were made from Hanks booze stash. It was as they sat together on the big sofa, listening to Gilbert and Sullivan music, that she warmed the rolls and brought them forth and made the evening more festive. It seemed to make things even more intimate.

It all seemed quite proper when Barb seated herself close to Hank and leaned into him as they enjoyed their desserts in the warmth offered by each other's bodies. When Hank shifted and put his arm around her to draw her closer to him, Barb thought nothing of it, except of course, that it felt comfortable and warm.

It was after they'd finished their toddies and remained close that she began to feel it, a strange, raw feeling of lust overtaking her quickly. Her first instinct was to resist. So it was that her mind fought her growing passion, but it felt so good. She couldn't remember the last time she'd had such a feeling and it'd passed without Hank being the wiser. One thing had happened as they sat close together that night was so subtle that neither even noticed it. They had come to trust each other completely.

The next morning, as Barb was cutting the morning breakfast off the ham in the meat cabinet she felt the lust rise up in her. She thought of Hank and it felt good. Then, a short time later, she glanced at Hank as he returned from outdoors carrying a turkey, freshly killed and being prepared for Christmas dinner. Judging by Hank's big grin, she'd say he was proud of himself for having brought in the bird.

Christmas day was a time of excitement and high spirits as they prepared and ate their feast. They reveled in the enjoyment of it as they realized that they would eat leftovers for days to come. They were intimate, more so that Barb could ever remember with anyone.

By evening, with the table cleared and the kitchen clean, Hank went to Barb, on the sofa and seated himself as close as possible to her where he drew her in close with his arm about her, "Get over here and get me warm," he said. They snuggled as they sat reading.

Suddenly Barb felt it again, desire and not the soft, comfortable kind that she relished but the hard, demanding kind that sought sexual satisfaction. It was demanding and she fought it as she sat close to Hank on the sofa. There, trapped under Hanks encircling arm, she conceived a plan. "Gotta go to the restroom," she said and left Hank for the safety of the bathroom. There, she sat on the toilet thinking and her desire seemed to fade as she considered her plight.

Barb struggled to think. In a year she probably would be either dead or in jail forever. As she arose from her seat on the throne, adjusted her clothing, and returned to Hank on the sofa, her plan was complete and firm.

Quickly, she returned to her place close to Hank and reached up to kiss him lightly on the neck, behind the ear. When the startled man turned to investigate he found his lips only inches from hers. He moved and soon he was kissing her on the lips. Their lips parted and their tongues met. Their passions grew along with the desire that had been building was unleashed. Suddenly, their relationship was changing so rapidly that their minds were filled with happy chaos.

An hour ago, they had been two people, thrown together by fate to share a lonely winter together, each with their separate lives but accommodating each other in order to live in harmony. There on the sofa, comfortably ensconced together, a bond had been rapidly building, a bond of mutual trust and admiration, a bond that supported their growing intimacy.

Hank was unaware that Barb was in a conscious seduction mode and never fully understood what he was feeling as their lips had met. He only knew that it felt good. He didn't understand the pressing need that had infiltrated his mind, his need to be with a woman. So it was that when that first kiss ended and they parted, neither was ready to back away from kissing again.

Perhaps it was instinct that drove Hank to place his hand on Barb's clothed breast to bring sensations of pleasure to her. Feeling this intimate gesture, she realized that she was embarking on a seduction, something she'd never done before. Always before it'd been the man making the moves on her and now she felt the sexual excitement on a new level.

They kissed again as Barb felt the hand on her breast begin a slow fondle. It felt good, and as she felt Hank's hand bringing her pleasure, Barb realized that she had inspired something in Hank and he was actually seducing her now. She renewed her drive to give him pleasure as she kissed with vigor. Soon, Hanks hands were all over her clothed body and she felt the sensations of pleasure.

Things moved swiftly now and removed one another's clothes. Hank stood up and his hand was extended to her to draw her off the sofa and standing to face him. They looked at each other bare for the first time and their eyes met to exchange a blaze of passion. Then, she felt Hank's hand drawing her toward the bathroom where he stood facing her again. This time, his eyes adored ever part of her from her toes to her hair. "It's been a long day, Take a shower with me?" he asked.

The shower was a time of play as they washed and familiarized themselves with each other. Their passion grew as they touched and caressed one another in the shower. It was a fun time but Barb was growing impatient. Her desire was driving her with increasing intensity and it was not to be denied.

She stepped from the shower, grabbed a towel and felt herself swept off her feet and carried into Hank's big bed where she was plopped down on her back and Hank lay between her widely splayed knees, intent on performing cunnilingus. As he spread her labia with his thumbs and moved to kiss her vestibule, he felt fingers pulling him up over her until they were face to face. There, their eyes met and she cried kiss me.

As their lips met, Hank felt his stiff cock grasped by her hands and directed into her wet pussy. There, it proceeded to enter her, seemingly orchestrated by some mystical power. Even though Barb's pussy lips were dripping lubrication, it offered stiff resistance to Hank's big tool. Recognizing her display of slight pain as he entered her, he moved in short, slow pushes taking his time for her to adjust. When we was finally inside her all the way he felt his head against her cervix.

Her tight opening made Hank had to focus on maintaining a slow pace as he felt himself on the verge of orgasm. Barb released herself into the fullness and allowed her body to completely take him in. The slow fucking was driving her wild and her soft, white thighs wrapped around him pulling him into her as she moaned.

As he fucked her she found herself lost in sensual abandon and began screaming out for him to go harder. As he began to thrust a bit more quickly, her wet, pink pussy began contracting around his hard shaft as she came hard and Hank soon lost himself to her by cumming deeply inside her. Breathless and overcome with release, they lay in one another's arms.

"I hope I didn't hurt you, Did I?" Hank replied.

"It was a good kinda hurt." She said and any pain was gone with only pleasure remaining. It was when they had moved together in unison to create pleasures previously unknown to either of them, Barb had felt no fear for the first time in months she felt only he serenity and pleasure of the moment. It was then that she decided that she wanted to always be with Hank, or at least as long as she could.

Likewise, Hank felt intimacies he'd often seen described in books but never experienced. It was the peace and serenity of their intimacy that he'd sought all his life. It was what he'd built this hideaway in the mountains for and fate had brought Barbara to him and he'd fight to keep her.

It was the next day that Hank, accompanied by Barb, on the snow mobile began the 40-mile trip over the closed roads to the small village where they sought a room at the inn. It was to be a quick and one that was made better by the condoms that Hank had purchased earlier but to purchase food and supplies for the rest of the winter. As Hank and Barb made love in room 7, a man who had been watching was making a call to his employer. Then, having made his report, he sipped from his bottle of whiskey and fell into a sound sleep. The next morning, loaded with supplies, the pair began the return to their mountain cabin. With nightfall, Hank and Barb were home, in bed, making slow, patient, comfortable love. Life was the best for them.

It was the second week in February when they heard it a helicopter approaching; then, landing. As they Cautiously observed, the men approached the cabin slowly. They heard the older man say, "Careful, she's scared and might think we're out to get her to which the younger man replied, "I'll be careful."

The older man called out, "Barbara Clenenden, we're the police and we're here to clear up a few matters. Please come out and talk to us." A few minutes later, the three who had arrived by helicopter were in the cabin and warming themselves by the fire. The old policeman displayed his badge as he explained, "We're not here to arrest you or do you harm." Then, he explained that the whole smuggling and drug operation to which her dead husband had belonged had been exposed and over a hundred were on their way to jail. He also explained that her late husband had been a wealthy man and that she was a million-heiress. There were details to be ironed out as soon as it could be arranged for Barb to leave the cabin.

Hank turned to Barb and smiled "Well, now I know you are good for paying me back for all the food you ate this winter," and winked at her. Her mouth still open and in shock, Barb could hardly believe what she was hearing.

Sixteen years later, Hank and Barb still come to that small cabin in the winters. Often, in the late afternoons, in the glistening snow, they can be seen walking along the hillside holding hands and enjoying the good life.


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