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Big Decision
True Erotic Story By Sasha P.

Dreams do come true! I know this statement may sound overly dramatic, but I've been dreaming about this moment from the time I hit puberty and started thinking about sex!

First, a bit of information about us. My name is Tyson and I'm a 38 year old man living in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. I would consider myself a fairly average person in the looks department, but I've been blessed with an outgoing personality and a sense of humor. Perhaps this is the reason I was able to meet and marry my wife who is truthfully far out of my league and extremely attractive.

My wife's name is Sasha, she's 32 years old, and an amazing mother of our three children. She's roughly 5 foot 9 inches tall, and she's quite thin. She's naturally very pretty and looks good when she's dressed up for a night out, but still looks amazing when she's in a pair of sweat pants and a T-shirt around the house. I regularly catch men checking out her ass, and to be honest, I can't blame them. It really is incredible!

True Erotic Story

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After having our third and last child, we kind of fell into a routine. Life was really great but our focus was on working hard to pay off our debts as well as raising our kids. As any parent can relate to, our sleep patterns were constantly disrupted, and some days it felt difficult to even stay awake. As a result, we kind of found ourselves falling into a sexual rut as well. It's not that our sex life was bad, but it was, well, routine. 2-3 times each week we'd go to bed early, make out, and then we'd have sex that was loving and generally satisfying. It was not, however, amazing. I was Sasha's first partner, and we certainly learned about sex together. I really can't think of anything we hadn't tried together, but that was in the past. To be honest, I was feeling restless and bored. I spent many afternoons at work pondering this and wondering if I was just being selfish. I knew I totally loved my wife, but I admit that I wanted to experience more. As a result, I decided my only option was to talk with Sasha. We have a very honest relationship, but I still felt a little nervous about bringing up my concerns. I didn't want to hurt her feelings and I didn't want her to think I wasn't happy.

It was a Saturday night, and after the kids went to bed, we decided to have a few drinks and relax on our patio. I took a shower and rehearsed our conversation in my mind. When I got out of the shower, I got dressed, and then poured us each a glass of wine. We were enjoying our third glass when I decided the time was right to have our talk. I told Sasha that there was something we needed to talk about. She immediately looked a bit concerned so I reassured her that it was nothing too serious. I basically explained that I felt we were kind of in a sexual rut, and that I didn't think it was her but that it was a result of our increasingly busy lives. I told her how much I loved her, and I hoped she wouldn't be angry. To my surprise, she grabbed my hand, smiled, and told me that it was a relief to hear what I had just told her as she had been feeling the very same way. She looked into my eyes, told me she loved me, and kissed me long and deep. I felt my Dick begin to strain in my pants as her tongue continued to explore the inside of my mouth!

After breaking off our kiss, Sasha stood up and led me by my hand inside. She took me to our bedroom and we sat on the edge of our bed and continued our conversation. "So what should we do about this?" Sasha calmly asked me. "I'm not sure" I replied. I explained to her that I couldn't be happier with her as a wife and told her that I thought she was an incredible mother. I explained that I missed the excitement of the new experiences we had when we were first dating. She surprised me when she turned things around on me by asking "well, if you could do one thing with me, what would it be?"

I was kind of caught off guard and my mind raced between the various dirty things I wanted to do with her. It took me a few minutes of thinking, while she watched me with great interest. I responded "I'd have a threesome". Before she could respond, I continued explaining that I thought it would be amazing to see her with another person, especially since she had only ever been with me. I looked over at her and noticed she was smiling but blushing a bit. I wasn't really sure what she was thinking. She responded by asking "with a guy or a girl?" I answered "either. I'd just love to watch you with another person." She smiled again, told me that I was "crazy", and then leaned forward to kiss me again. It felt amazing to make out with this beautiful woman, and I felt that a lot of pressure and tension had been lifted after our conversation.

We continued to make out and a thought entered my mind. I wondered what Sasha was really thinking. She told me that I was crazy, but she really didn't say an outright "no" to my fantasy. Was she just playing along with this or was it the wine talking? My mind was racing and as we continued to kiss I felt myself getting more excited. I decided to do a bit of "detective work", so without warning I slid my hand inside Sasha's yoga shorts and panties. I was absolutely shocked by how incredibly wet she was! I've played with her pussy literally thousands of times, but this was something I've NEVER experienced before.

I've always read about someone 'soaking' their panties, but I really didn't think it was possible until that moment. My fingers were literally covered in her juices! As I continued to rub her outer lips while gradually inserting a finger inside of her, I decided to continue the conversation. I whispered in her ear "you really do want to have a threesome don't you?" She replied by moaning "yesss". I left it at that, but began rubbing her clit. Perhaps another sign of how turned on she was, her clit felt larger and more swollen than I've ever noticed before. And after only a few minutes of alternating between rubbing her wet slit, fingering her with first one, then two fingers, and playing with her clit, Sasha had a massive orgasm. She was still sitting beside me, and she was still fully clothed.

As Sasha was recovering from her first orgasm, I laid her on the bed and slowly stripped her. I pulled her shirt over her head, and unsnapped her lacy black bra. I gently kissed and licked each of her nipples for a few seconds, but I was careful not to linger for too long as her nipples are ridiculously sensitive and this is not her favorite thing for me to do. I slid her yoga shorts off and hesitated briefly to slide her panties off. I marveled at the massive wet spot that was clearly visible on her bright purple panties before pulling them down and placing them in my pocket. She wasn't going to get them back either!

I spread Sasha's legs with very little resistance, and she was now completely open to me in the most intimate way. Her pussy looked incredible! It was bright pink, and looked completely ready. A little pool of her juices had collected at the bottom of her opening and I was amazed to notice I could actually see her clit! To be honest Sasha has an extremely small clit and I don't think I've ever been able to actually see it without pulling back her hood. She really looked incredible, and she smiled at me as I stood there staring at her beauty. She looked deep into my eyes and then slowly slid her hand down and started rubbing herself. As I watched her intently, I decided it was a perfect opportunity to remove my clothes.

Now totally naked myself and extremely hard, I lay down on the bed beside Sasha and began making out with her. She was still rubbing her pussy, so I focused on lightly stroking her body and kissing her breasts. After a while, I broke off kissing her and asked "who do you know that we could invite to play with us?" It took her a while to respond as she was focused on her pleasure, but eventually she said "I don't want it to be anyone we know." This kind of surprised me to hear, but as we started to make out again, I had a few minutes to think about it. The more I pondered it, the more it made sense. But how and where could we meet anyone for something like this?

With crazy sexual thoughts swirling around in my head, I slid down the bed so that I was now between my beautiful wife's legs with my face only inches from her amazing pussy. I watched closely as she continued to rub her slit. I noticed she was alternating between rubbing her outer lips while she'd occasionally work her hands up to her clit to stoke it a few times. She'd then return to her outer lips to give them a little more attention. I decided to focus on her actual opening by gently rubbing it in a circular manner before inserting my index finger about half an inch. I could feel her tense up a bit when I did this and she let out a small moan. I took this as a good sign, and I gradually worked my finger in a little further. Sasha isn't usually very loud when we're having sex, but to my surprise she was really starting to moan. Out of nowhere, she told me to eat her pussy. I was happy to oblige as I removed my finger to taste her. I eagerly licked up her juices before inserting my tongue all the way insider of her waiting cunt. She began to furiously rub her clit and in only a few minutes she had her second explosive orgasm, all while my tongue was deep inside of her!

I'm somewhat embarrassed to admit this, but I was so turned on by everything that I came too! I can honestly say that this was a first, but as I was lying in front of Sasha eating her pussy, the stimulation of what was going on was just too much. The simple pressure of our bed pressed against my Dick was enough to set me off and I found myself lying in a puddle of my cum. I really didn't mind though as I had rarely ever seen Sasha enjoy herself so much.

I slid back up beside Sasha and assumed we were done for the evening until I was surprised once again. Sasha slid between my legs and without losing eye contact, began slowly sucking on my soft penis. In no time, I was fully erect again and I'm not sure I could have been any harder. Sasha continued to suck me and she'd occasionally take a break to rapidly stroke my cock.

At one point, she stopped and squeezed a bit of cum out of my shaft. She licked it up, and told me "you taste amazing". I didn't know if I could take much more, and I pleaded with Sasha to fuck me. She obliged by climbing on top, and she guided my Dick inside her soaked pussy. While facing me, she started to slowly ride me, gradually picking up the pace. She rode the entire length of my cock until just the tip of my penis was still touching her. She'd then slam herself back down until I was all of the way inside. It was incredible to watch the look of sheer pleasure on her face! After a few minutes, I noticed the base of my shaft was now covered in Sasha's silky cream. I knew she must be close to having her third orgasm and I knew I couldn't last much longer either. I reached around, spread Sasha's butt cheeks apart, and I rubbed her asshole gently with my fingers. This sent her over the edge and she started to cum. I could feel her pussy tighten around my Dick and I emptied my cum inside of her. We lay together and recovered before Sasha eventually rolled off of me. As my Dick slid out, I could see my cum flow out of her well fucked cunt. I couldn't help but dip a finger in it and bring it back up to her mouth for another taste. I cuddled up behind her in the "spoon" position and we relaxed together.

Before going to sleep, we talked about how amazing the night was. We both agreed that our conversation was well overdue, and as strange as it sounds, things felt completely different between us. I asked Sasha if she was serious about having a threesome and she replied by saying "it's worth exploring!" I was super excited to hear this, and as a result we hatched a plan. We decided that we'd both post an ad on an adult dating website. Sasha would post an ad for a couple seeking a male for a threesome and I'd post an ad for a couple looking for a female for a threesome. We'd then review each other's responses the following weekend, and if anyone seemed appealing we'd decide what to do from there!

I can tell you, we did end up posting our ads and the results are why I say that dreams do come true!


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