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Board Meeting Fantasy
Erotic Story By Samuelle

It had been a long day already and it was only 3 pm. I knew it would be last night but that was of little comfort now. Up at 5:00 and off to the airport by 5:30 for a 7:00 am flight and another meaningless board meeting for work. No time for coffee before I left the house so I was stuck with crappy concourse coffee. Lunch was the typical hotel fare, chicken, rice, and overdone vegetables that all tasted the same. I desperately wished I was home or anywhere but here.

This meeting was just like all the others; long and unproductive. The disinterested, largely incompetent members never made time to discuss critical topics, or work on the strategic plan that would allow the organization to reach its potential for fear of hurting someone's feelings. It was frustrating and I was stuck keeping the minutes.

Two more hours of blah, blah, blah, without anything of substance discussed and mercifilly it was break time. Everyone but me left the room as I sat numb from the manusha alone with my thoughts.

Erotic Story

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My mind drifted slowly to a place as far from here as possible as I wondered what my husband might be doing while I was stuck here. Presumably his day was filled with the usual Saturday chores. Since we both worked, we didn't have time during the week for things like laundry, bills, cleaning, household repairs and of course the lawn. Experience had taught me how "anal" he was about his chores and the "honey do's".

I began to fantasize that he might be planning to "honey do" me when I got home from this shitty meeting. I envisioned him meeting me at the airport and suggesting dinner out where he would make small talk about my flight and the meeting allowing me to vent my frustrations, while he was thinking of nothing but his beautifully conceived sexual scheme.

My mind plummeted deeper into my fantasy as I heard him suggest that I take a bubble bath when we got home to help me relax and sooth away the tension that filled my body. I agreed and as I stripped, he drew my bath before he made his way to the kitchen to make me a cocktail to enjoy while I bathed. The warmth of the water and the alcohol soothed and relaxed me driving the miserable day completely from my mind. The water was cooling and my cocktail was empty so I rose and stepped out of the tub wrapping a towel around me before I exited the bathroom in search of him.

He was standing just outside the door as I slid it open directing me to our bed clad only in the purple thong I had given him for Christmas. His manhood was huge as it protruded and stretched the shiny silk material. The bedroom was beautiful. Candles were lit, the flames from the fireplace giving the room a warm orange hue. As I lay across the bed, he positioned a massage pillow under my forehead before he smothered by neck and shoulders with soft languid kisses causing the hair on my neck to raise and a warmth to shoot up my belly from my pussy. All too soon, his hands moved from my neck and shoulders to my legs and feet using the massage whip, I purchased last week when I had my routine monthly Brazilian.

My legs and feet were weak from his touch and I was unable to offer any resistance when he lifted my legs and spread them wide. I felt a small vibrator being insterted between my legs and against my clitoris. Excitement was building rapidly and my pussy was dripping wet with anticipation. He pushed my legs together, which held the vibrator in place, before he continued to massage my butt, back, shoulders, neck and arms soothing every muscle he touched.

I felt the warmth of his breath in my ear as he whispered for me to roll over so he could complete the massage. Reluctantly I complied and as I turned the vibrator fell from between my legs. He was standing at my head and he bent over his mouth finding mine engaging us in a deep and passionate kiss. My wetness was growing in proportion to his touch. Suddenly the room went black as he placed a blindfold gently over my eyes. A twinge shot through my body but my nervousness subsided moments later as his lips once again brushed mine and his tongue darted in my mouth and ran along my lower lip. I responded by sucking on his tongue and holding it tightly. I released as he nibbled and sucked on my lower lip pulling it slightly. I reached behind his neck and pulled him tighter encouraging this erotic tongue foreplay. He withdrew and kissed my mouth, cheek and eyes before he continued to my ears neck and finally to my breasts. My nipples rose to hardened buds under his lips as I enjoyed his sucking that alternated between gentle and hard. I heard a moan escape from my mouth, my hips gyrated and my pussy ached for his touch. I desperately wanted him to continue kissing my entire body but instead I felt the vibrator being repositioned between my legs and his big hands massaging my legs, thighs, stomach, breasts, and arms. I was simultaneously relaxed and spinning out of control.

Suddenly, I felt his warm lips on my nipples again and his scent filled my nostrils as I imagined him leaning over me once again. I could smell the sweet aroma of his genitals as I felt his lips on my feet and toes before they moved up the inside of my legs and along the outside of my thighs. Oh how I wanted him to lick my sodden pussy.

Then it stopped. Really! How could he do that? I wanted more and I told him so. I heard no answer or comment instead I felt something being wrapped around my ankles and the sound of Velcro being opened. Somewhat panicked I screamed but was quieted by a finger across my lips before I felt him wrap restraints around my wrists.

I was immobile and he was in total control. Nervousness took control and my inhibitions flared but I was powerless to stop him and subconsciously I didn't want him to stop. I took a deep breath in an attempt to relax just before my mouth was met with another deep and passionate kiss while his hands stroked my breasts and rubbed my nipples.

Then I felt the vibrator's intensity increase causing me to lose any inhibitions that remained. As good as it felt I wanted desperately for him to lick and suck my swollen, stimulated pussy but my breathing was so hard and fast I was unable to ask at that moment. It was if he read my mind, I felt the vibrator slide from between my legs just before I felt his tongue licking my outer lips and playing with my clitoris. I felt his love for me now more than ever as I trusted his actions and technique. He knew I loved cunnilingus and how special and satisfied it made me feel. He always said his greatest joy was to make me wild with excitement and he was succeeding.

I could feel my nectar running down to my anus and beyond. My thighs were slick with wetness. I was on the verge of a crescendo of orgasm when he withdrew his head and inserted the vibrator again. The head was nestled on my G spot and the ears on my clitoris as he rotated it, varying the speed and pressure as I twisted and turned as much as the restraints would allow in order to speed my blast into orbit. Sensing my need to move he released the straps from my ankles and wrists. I pulled off the blindfold . Now that my hands were free I could help with the vibrator. I placed my hand on his guiding his direction as his eyes studied my movements closely. He wanted to learn and despite my shyness about telling him what I wanted I could show him. My body tingled and tightened as the ecstasy of climax exploded within me. I screamed and panted as I writhed uncontrollably in the bed. It was too much, I had lost all control of my body but I wanted him to continue, despite my screams to the contrary. Thankfully he was merciless, he continued to fill me with pleasure until I could take it no more and pushed his hand and the vibrator from my pussy. I lay there spent, unable to move as I felt the warmth of his kiss again on my aroused pussy.

This time however, his kisses were brief like the way a lover kisses at the end of a date. He was gone from my ravenous pussy. He moved up my torso and I felt his sweet lips and his tongue once again in my mouth. It was a long and wonderful kiss enhanced by the scent and taste of my pussy nectar. After his erotic kiss he rolled onto his side and lay quietly next to me a look of satisfaction on his face as I reveled in the bliss of the moment and his love that surrounded me.

His smug smile of satisfaction somehow energized me. I couldn't let him think he was the only one capable of giving such pleasure. I sat up, pushed him off his side and onto his back, and stroked his throbbing penis through his bikinis. It was so strong I could feel his pulse. As I kissed him through the thong, I was struck with inspiration. I jumped off the bed and pulled the thong off his throbbing cock, before I moved quickly to bind his hands and feet. Once he was bound, I kissed him deeply and left the room. He called out to me, begging me to come back.

I returned after a wardrobe modification (red 5" heels and nylons only) mounted the bed and rubbed my breasts all over his body. He was shaking with excitement at the slight. He loved me in heels and loved the feel of my 15-denier nylons too. I slid up his torso, pushing his throbbing penis between my breasts, and stroked it. He yelped with excitement. I continued to fuck his cock with my breasts until it began to pulsate. Again, I stopped, sat up and climbed off the bed. I left the room without a word to his calls for me to stay. I moved to the kitchen where I made myself another drink. When I returned sipping my cocktail, he whispered "are you kidding me." Without speaking, I placed my finger in my cocktail and rubbed it around the rim of his penis before I licked it off. I did this several times each time moving further down the shaft. He was moaning while whispering how great I was.

Not wanting this to end I stopped. I moved onto the bed were my wet pussy was in full view for him. I drug my fingers across my labia soaking them with my juices and placed my fingers in his mouth. He was delighted. Then in a stroke of genius I decided to give him (and perhaps me too) a treat. I turned around and pushed my pussy right over his face. He couldn't move his arms to disrupt my rhythm or distract me by rubbing my butt or any other part of my body. I was in total control and although I was teasing him mercilessly I was about to explode myself. I moved my pussy off his face, forward over his torso, and slid my pussy over his stunning, glistening cock. We had never done the reverse cowboy and although I couldn't see his face I hoped he was as overwhelmed as I was. I rode him hard, building climax rapidly within us both. Simultaneously we came in minutes and I fell forward with exhaustion, and rolled off turned pressed my lips to his, and whispered I love you in his ear as we basked in the unconditional love of the moment.

Suddenly, from somewhere I couldn't place I heard a voice calling my name. My eyes came into focus on the face of another board member, Dianne who was loudly asking what I was thinking. This was the first time I heard her voice although she said she had called my name three times. Suddenly, sadly I realized I was back in the meeting room surrounded by other board members again talking of nothing. Damn it! What a wonderful fantasy. I only hoped and prayed my lover was thinking the same thing instead of doing his Saturday chores but for now, it was back to the minutes. I shifted in my chair to a better typing position and noticed my panties were wet.


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