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Disappearance of Candy
Erotic Story By Bobjj123

Sandy Waterman was getting up in years and at forty one she was finding it harder and harder to keep up with the demands of her career. Sandra, or Candy Cane as she was known professionally, was an escort and over the past twenty two years she had been a very successful one but now at forty one, she was finding that men preferred younger women without gray hairs or wrinkles or sagging breasts.

It wasn't without effort that she had maintained her image of a younger woman. Her hair was dyed her natural color with regular salon treatments to insure perfection. She worked out every day in the gym to keep her body trim and the hours spent there had paid off for many years but no amount of exercise could prevent the sagging breasts and rounded tummy any more. Then, there were the creams and lotions to restore her flesh to it's youthful texture.

Sandra, or Candy as she was known, was well aware of her condition but after a lifetime in the business, she found herself without friends in the community or interests outside her profession and simply had no where else to fit in.

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While her appointment book had been filled with clients every day for years, she had begun to find fewer and fewer of them and some days she was entirely free. Her $200 per hour clients had moved on, save for a few old timers and she found herself with much idle time. At the local bar, Candy found herself drinking cocktails for the first time as she tried to join in the friendly banter of the establishment. Soon, she'd made a deal with the bartender to send prospective clients her way at only $100 per hour.

After only a few of the cut rate clients, Sandy knew she was finished as a call girl and escort. She had enough money to live comfortably for the rest of her life and she realized that there was no place for an old hooker to go but down. The realization came hard!

It was a few days after she had closed her book and stopped taking new appointments that she received a call from Alex Fodorinski a prospective new client! As she started to tell him to seek his pleasure elsewhere, something, somewhere in her mind, made her invite him to come on up at the $200 rate. Why she did it was uppermost in her mind as she hung up the telephone.

Well, she'd done it and now she must go through the motions one last time, she thought as she showered and primped and went through the familiar procedure. As she prepared, she was deep in thought. She'd not had her hair dyed or her daily trips to the gym for two weeks and she knew that her age was showing. Then, she thought, "What the hell! If he doesn't like what he sees, he can go to hell." She was ready to meet her prospective client.

A few minutes later, the doorbell rang and as she moved to open the door she faced Alex Fodorinski. Alex was not at all what she'd expected, a tall, slender, gray haired man of perhaps fifty, immaculately dressed in a blue suit and tie with big blue eyes. "I believe I have an appointment," he said.

Sandy opened the door a little wider and allowed Alex to step inside. As he moved in, she shut the door behind him and made a practiced move to make eye contact with him. It was to establish her power over him that here eyes bore into his. Then she asked what she might do for him and he responded that he'd been away a long time and wanted some female companionship and the conversation moved forward. Contrary to what she'd expected, Alex seemed to be perfectly satisfied with her forty one year old self and she started to offer her charges which she was ready to negotiate down to half that amount. For a quick fuck it's $300. For the night it's $2000 and she was open to negotiate for a longer period.

When Alex asked if she were free for the night, she rose to the challenge like a professional again and said that she was. Without hesitation, Alex reached for his pocket where he pulled out his wallet and peeled off twenty hundred dollar bills and counted them; then peeled off two more and laid them in the stack of bills and handed it to her. Suddenly, Sandy was Candy Cane again, her youth had returned, and she felt a surge of confidence and exhilaration pass through her. She was young again and at her best as she placed the money in her safe.

When Candy Cane returned to Alex, she walked with her most enticing gait and her eyes said that Alex was in for a treat. She kissed him lightly on the cheek and began taking his suit coat to hang in the closet. Then, she loosened his tie and removed it to the suit coat in the closet. Meanwhile, Alex remained silent.

It was when Candy took him by the belt buckle and towed him towards the big bed that lay prepared before him that he resisted. He turned slightly to meet her and suddenly kissed her squarely on the lips. Since this was not normally permitted between a client and an escort, Candy reacted to fend him off; then, for some reason, she hesitated.

As the two stood, kissing, in an embrace, Candy felt a warm glow in her body that she'd seldom experienced before and when his tongue moved between her lips, she met it with her own. It felt good. Several minutes later, it was Alex who broke the kissing and moved them toward the bed.

Then, as they approached the bed, Candy reached for his belt buckle and Alex responded , "No. You first. I want to see your beautiful body!" These were not words she wanted to hear and she attempted to change her clients mind... perhaps she could undress him first!

Alex was determined as he sat on the bed. So, faced with no other choice, Candy began to disrobe.

As she moved, Candy's confidence began to ebb. He'd see those sagging tits and big belly and realize that she was with an old woman. She had purposely dressed for the disrobing - but under far different circumstances. From her position of power, she'd hoped to keep his mind occupied and off her body and she wore only a dress and bikini bottom which could be quickly shed in the dim light and the heat of passion!

Feeling insecure, and with no other choice, she stepped back and drew the dress over her head to reveal her body bare except for the bikini bottom. As their eyes met, she was surprised as she saw only lust rising in her client. "Turn around slowly," he said and Candy obeyed his command. "Again, " he said and as she moved she felt his adoring eyes boring into her. "Beautiful... exquisite..." he said quietly. Suddenly, her confidence restored by his obvious adoration, Candy began to do a little erotic dance for him.

After a time, she drew close to Alex and started to unbuckle his belt, This time there was no resistance as she slowly removed his clothing, piece by piece, until he was completely bare. The, as he stood to take her in an embrace she suddenly turned and sat on the bed. "Now, it's your turn!" she said and was adamant in her demands. With that demand, his eyes showed fear and concern with the lust.

Now, un-nerved by the treatment he was receiving, Alex stood before her as she coaxed and led her shy client on. After a few moments of familiarity, Alex took a few dance steps as Candy sat admiring. Strangely, she found herself actually admiring the naked man before her as she commanded him to turn about in front of her. This time it was Candy's eyes that were adoring Alex's body. She had feigned adoration many times before as it generally excited a man but, for some reason which she couldn't explain, she found herself drawing pleasure from the act; then, she reasoned that it was probably because she was leaving the business after this last client.

Then, as if compelled by some common force, they both moved on to the bed. Candy with practiced familiarity, drew ready for the action as she checked to see that the condom was ready on the bedside stand. Soon she lay beside Alex and was surprised to find that he was interested in exploring her neck and hair and kissing her under the ear. It was then that she realized that she was being made love to. . .it was not a simple physical thing as a union between a John and a whore was supposed to be and she vowed that she must end it.

"Hey! Alex, this ain't no love match. You're a john and I'm a whore. Let's not get too involved." to which he replied with some resolve, "I'm paying you well for this time and if I want to make love to you it's up to you to provide the service... otherwise, give me my money back and we'll call it a bad day." These were words that Candy hadn't expected and for which she had no answer. Stung by his rebuke, in response, she kissed him lightly on the cheek and lay back as he returned to laving and kissing and caressing and playing with her.

In her twenty two years, Alex was the first to ever insist he be allowed to maker love to her... many had wanted to feel and fondle but none had ever done it with such adoration. As the minutes passed, Candy began to feel warm feelings that she'd felt only a few times before and they seemed especially good! She knew that her body was responding and after a time decided that there was no harm in enjoying those sensations that were emanating from the ministrations she was receiving.

Soon, Alex's adoring lips were kissing and slobbering their way across her belly and down her legs to her toes; then, back up to the soft flesh of her inner thighs. Candy was now actively accepting Alex's adoring moves and encouraging him. The strong feelings she was receiving from his acts were having their effects. Then, as she remembered that it was she who was supposed to be giving the pleasure, turned and moved to grasp Alex's cock.

As she moved to manipulate his cock in her familiar manner her mind cleared and her passions abated slightly. She would suck his cock and get him off, but Alex objected to her move and moved again to place his lips directly on her outer labia. There, with his hands on either side of her genital area, allowed his thumbs to spread her pubes and expose the soft inner flesh to his lips and tongue.

Again, Candy was exposed to those sensations that bring great pleasure and, as before, allowed herself to succumb to them; again, what did it matter that she was enjoying this last performance? In her twenty two years she'd never felt such strong feelings of pleasure and she allowed herself to be carried away. When his tongue serviced her vestibule, she began to make small mewling sounds and when his lips locked on to her exposed clitoris she even cried out.

In the back of her mind, Candy felt the need to do what she'd been paid to do. She turned and moved over the top of Alex into a 69 position and there began to apply her magic to Alex's now fully aroused cock. She worked diligently as she took her pleasure from Alex below while giving pleasure with her lips above. Candy's professional competence was in question here as she wondered if Alex was getting her best effort, if he was getting what he deserved... what he had paid handsomely for.

An hour passed; then two and three as the couple lay playing on the bed. Alex seemed in no hurry to go any further with their activities as Candy grew more and more into a real loving relationship. Had she known that she was being brought into such a situation, she'd have objected but her mind was lulled by the pleasures she was receiving and she reacted only with joy.

It was towards dusk, the end of the day, when Candy rolled away from Alex, grasped for the device on the night stand and proceeded to roll it down on to Alex's erect cock. Then, she moved over him an positioned her feet on either side of his rib and hip area and lowered herself so that her now well lubricated pussy slide easily over his cock. Then, having taken him all the way to her cervix, she leaned forward and lowered herself to kiss Alex fully on the lips. Their tongues met and danced together.

The coitus was slow. With only a few long slow cycles of thrusting his cock upward into her, Candy met each thrust with a counter thrust of her own, then they rested together. With the thrusting and counter thrusting, Candy suddenly realized that this was not casual sex like she normally dispensed but much more. She was adoring him! She was loving him!

Then, having realized that she had violated all the rules of the sex trade, Candy suddenly felt a surge of life. She'd do what ever felt right and what she was doing felt right. Then, in justifications she reminded herself that she'd retired from the trade so the rules no longer applied. But, it felt so good!

After a time, the situation of the two lovers began to tell on their muscles and bones and Alex pulled Candy over on her back and climbed over her to take her in the classic missionary position.

When she felt Alex's cock begin to swell and his movements became erratic, Candy knew that the climax was near. She was also nearer than she could ever remember! Then, she began to move more swiftly amid growing excitement and Alex drove himself deeply against her cervix as he fired his load of jizm into the condom in her belly.

As she felt the spurts pass through Alex's cock Candy's excitement peaked also and she found herself coming on to Alex's still embedded cock. In her ecstasy, she cried out, "I'm commiii nnnnggggg!," and her release began as she was just a woman in the throes of sexual release. She was Sandy... .not Candy!

Then, it was over and Candy lay exhausted in the arms of her lover. Alex held her close to him and they lay happily spent.

It was late when they dressed and went for dinner and later still when they returned to the big bed. There, they kissed and played and, unlike the first time, they seemed compelled by sense of urgency. No leisurely foreplay and no little erotic diversions slowed them as they pursued another orgasm. As Alex took her doggy style, Candy left her butt high for him as he ploughed her with his hard cock. With his cock embedded in her, Alex reached around her torso to pay with her clitoris and she bucked him for maximum effect. As before, they soon tired and they rested together.

So, the play continued into morning when Alex's cock slid into her for the third time. It was two tired lovers, spent and fatigued by the events of the day that slept joined by Alex's semi-hard penis.

So it was when they awoke and completed their act before arising and showering together and preparing for the day. Together, they fixed breakfast and talked and joked over trivial matters before going back to bed where the kissed and embraced and fondled and caressed and made small talk. There seemed no need for coitus. . .

At 12:30, Candy, noting the time, said in her best professional manner, "Well, your time is up so you'd better be going." And Alex responded immediately with, "Let me buy another day." Candy Cane smiled as she said, "No, I'm afraid I'm out of the business. Last night was my last meet." Alex showed his disappointment as he asked, "How about I buy you lunch then?"

The woman he knew as Candy Cane said simple, "No. Candy Cane's going to disappear forever," and again Alex registered disappointment.

As they faced each other the woman said, "No. But I, Sandy Waterman, would love to."


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