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Erotic Story By Anonymous

I was 22 years old at the time and being male from the South of England I found myself working the late shift again where I was bartending I was tired of the bar scene and while beautiful women came in all the time, no one really connected with me. I was tired of superficial relationships and had never had been in love. I wanted that more than ever now that my mother had passed.

A friend of mine had introduced me to a dating site that had been successful for them. I eagerly looked through profiles and I was just generally chatting to people when I came across this one profile that stood out to me. She had blonde hair, 5 ft. 7 in. and sexier than any woman I had ever seen before.

I enthusiastically said hello and for the first couple of minutes it was just small talk like favourite colours, likes and dislikes and that sort of thing. She saw my profile picture and asked if it was really me and I told her it was indeed. Understandably she was cautious as you should be. She made me feel flushed with sexual excitement when she said I was gorgeous, which I quickly assured her the feeling was mutual.

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We then agreed to go onto Skype so we could see each other live and those sexy as anything profile pictures did little justice to how hot she was as I watched her move around on my screen. We spent about an hour chatting one another up with details about our lives. Her eyes sparkled as she spoke and her lovely long hair kept brushing against her shoulders. I could not help noticing my cock twitching as it's getting harder and harder inside my pants, so I thought that I would let her know that with a bit of trepidation as to how she would reply.

To my pleasure she said she was glad that she was not the only one sexually aroused and began to feel her pussy moistening so much so that it was coming through her panties. With that, I had a raging hard on. I am sure my expression was that of surprise and lust when she then took her hand down in-between her legs out of view and then raised them to the camera I could see her fingers glistening with her love juices.

Fuck. I moaned and in a softer voice said "Mmmmm I would love to taste them."

It was getting late and so she said that because she had to go to work in several hours that she needed to go but that she was going to think of me and climax before she went to sleep. We ended our conversation with plans to meet up as she lived a short distance from me. I grabbed my cock and found it took very little time to cum thinking of her wet fingers.

We spoke the next night and the next each time with sexual flirtation and promises of what we would do to one another when we would finally meet. It was one of the most exciting and yet the longest week of my life. When I got off of the train and finally put my arms around her it had felt like I had known her for ages. I could already feel a bulge in my pants knowing that we are going to have a very exciting evening. We got back to her place had a drink and bite to eat and spoke a bit more. The evening soon came around and we decided to watch a film together.

I lay back and she rest her head on my legs, I put my hand on her tummy. I don't remember what we watched but I do remember there was a sex scene and know that it was even more arousing knowing that there was a gorgeous lady inches from my fully clothed cock which became as hard as a stone. She noticed because she grabbed my hand and placed it on her breast.

Her breast was so soft and yet her nipple with tight, erect and firm. I wanted to suck it and found my cock was so hard that I could feel pre cum come out without any stimulation. I sat up and gave her the deepest most powerful kiss as she whispered in my ear, I am so fucking wet for you. I traced my hand down her body and I felt that her other nipple was just as hard. I got to the bottom of her skirt and went up to the inside of her thigh and I could feel the moisture of her panties. I moved them to the side and circled her swollen clit as she sat in front of me with her head resting on my shoulder as I kissed and sucked her neck with my other hand caressing her breasts.

She moaned and seemed to beacon for more so I moved my hand down and found her pussy was dripping wet and hot. I slid my fingers inside her tight, pink opening and doing the come here motion to her gspot she spread her legs wider and began to grind her pussy into my fingers as she breathed heavily and moaned.

She then put her hand behind her back and expertly undid my jeans, took my fully erect manhood in her hand and began to slide up and down my shaft. We both closed our eyes moaning as we were masturbating each other. A few minutes passed in this glory and I decided to move and get on top of her. I slid down her body and found her engorged clit with my salivating mouth as my cock pressed into one of her legs. My fingers slid into her again and pressing up into her with my lips sucking and pulling on her clit she became frantic in her breathing and silent in her moans until she let out a strong squeal and her juices came rushing out of her pussy and her legs pressed against my head.

When It became too sensitive for me to touch she pushed me off forcefully and threw me back onto the sofa, she said grip my hair between my fingers and tighten your hand into a fist and then she went down licking and sucking my veiny baton as I pulled her hair and I could her moaning with satisfaction.

Her warm orifice around my cock felt so good I didn't want it to stop but as the minutes passed I could no longer postpone my ecstasy and I erupted in her mouth gripped her hair even harder as I came deep into the back of her hot throat. We slid back onto the couch laying together until we had the momentum to begin making love.

That was my first date with my wife and one we still talk about from time to time.


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