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We had an exceptionally busy day. We dropped the kids off at their mother's and headed home. Kelly was beat. Dead tired. She could hardly keep her eyes open. She had the day off tomorrow and she was happy that she would be able to sleep in. When we finally got home she took a shower and headed off to bed.

I decided that I should take a quick shower too and get dressed quickly afterward so that I would not disturb her. I wanted her so bad but I knew that she was tired and should let her sleep. Maybe tomorrow night there would be some action.

When she got out off the shower she wearing only a tank top and a cute thong. My cock got rock hard just looking at her. I wanted her even more. But I just gave her a kiss goodnight, told her how good she looked and said told her to have a good sleep.

When I hit the shower my cock was still hard. As I undressed I looked down at it and was amazed at the size of it and could see why Kelly kept telling me that it was so huge. I am a big guy at 6'4 and somewhat fit, so 10 inches of cock didn't really look that big compared to the rest of my body. When I lathered up my shaved cock and balls I almost let go of a load right there. But I managed to hold on and finish the shower.

Erotic Story

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The soap felt so good on my big purple cock. I stroked it for a while and quickly got out dried off and was going to get some pictured that we took a couple weeks before and pleasure myself. I tiptoed to the bedroom as to not wake Jacqueline if she was sleeping. I thought that I would just go in, get some clothes and the pictures and would have a good jerk off while looking at them.

The door was closed and there seemed to be a light in the room and I figured that she forgot the light on and it would be even easier to get my things being able to see better and turn the light out before I walked out. I could not wait to get out and get the pics, my member was throbbing.

I was trying to be quiet as I opened the door, but got the thrill of a lifetime when I stepped into the room. There she was on her hands and knees. Ass facing me. Panties half way to her knees and rubbing her huge clit. I could see the juice dripping from her delicious pussy. Her fingers were wet. As I stood there is disbelief, she said, I am so fucking wet. Stick your hot tongue in my pussy and taste me.

She then spread her inviting ass cheeks apart to show me her gorgeous brown star as I moved closer to her. I used my hands to hold her cheeks apart and said I love it when you are nasty. I love it when you play with your pussy. Just as I was about to lick her hard clit she took a finger and rubbed her rosebud while I was holding her cheeks apart. She tasted so good.

The juice was dripping off my chin. She had never been this wet. She whimpered When you are done licking that pussy you can stick that tongue in my nasty asshole. How could I say no? I put my hands on her cheeks and gently spread them wide as to get a good look at her big juicy clit and put a little spit on her starfish and softly touched it while I dove right to her clit and sucked it hard before I dined on her delicious ass. I sucked that hard clit and she started cumming. And cum she did!

She squirt all over my face and I tried to catch as much as I could in my mouth but I could not possibly take in all in as there was so much. The bed had a huge wet spot. The scent was delightful and so arousing. She took two fingers and rammed them into her pussy and sucked on them to taste her own juices. It took a couple of minutes but my tongue finally made it to her asshole.

She kept on diddling her pussy while I licked her already open hole. She would switch between rubbing her clit and sticking her fingers into her snatch. I probed her pretty rosebud and after a couple minutes put some spit on it and slipped in a finger. Then two. Three. By the time the third finger was in she was bucking wildly and moaning. Almost screaming in pleasure.

She yelled out stick that hard cock that ass. It is all yours. Fuck my asshole. I wanted to make sure than it was well loosened up so I added more spit and slipped in a fourth finger. I was so turned on that my cock was so fucking hard that it felt like it was going to burst out of the skin. I penetrated her ass with my throbbing cock.

I took it slowly at first but she was begging to be fucked hard so I didn't waste any time. I plunged it all the way into her and it wasn't long before I felt the urge to cum. I told her I am sorry but I am going to cum. She yelled in pleasure please don't waste it, I want it in my mouth. I want to taste your jizz. As I pulled out my cock from her ass I spread her cheeks and admired her gaping hole and saw that she had cum again and it was leaking out of her pussy. She rolled onto her back and I stuck two fingers into her soaking wet lips and put my cock in her mouth and let go a load that she was spilling over her chin. I loved it when she is nasty.


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