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It was a rainy Saturday morning in Los Angeles and the ride to the Airport was miserable. Angela awoke at 4 am. The taxi would be there at six to get her to the airport for a scheduled take off time at 9:15 am. She knew that Jamaica was on Eastern Standard Time which would get her into her hotel in time for lunch and allow for a swim before dinner and looked forward to the respite. It was a stroke of luck that she had gotten into an all-inclusive couples resort being that she was single but her travel agent was a genius.

She was originally planning to go with Rick, her boyfriend of two years, as a test to see if after two weeks in a secluded environment they could finally move into a new apartment together but fate intervened. While on her lunch break the Monday before they were leaving, she decided to go to the book store across town and the small café in the book store would do for lunch. It was there everything started to make sense. Rick had been so distant in the last month and they were having countless arguments about nothing really. There he was sitting very close to Elaine, her good friend, from the book club.

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This was no chance meeting she thought as they looked very loving while touching each other. She slipped quietly out the store and headed back to her office. She was sad and disappointed as she had invested a lot of time in this relationship but she knew it could not continue. That evening when Rick came over to her apartment she told him it was over. She decided she was going on her planned vacation without Rick, after all, she deserved it.

The plane landed on time and as she entered the terminal heard the strains of Bob Marley's "don't worry 'bout a thing 'cause every little thing gonna be all right" and she immediately felt relieved and relaxed at the same time. After clearing customs and immigration she got a cab and went to her hotel.

She registered at the front desk, had lunch and went to her room to change for the beach. The beach attendant had prepared a lounge chair for her at the edge of the water. The property was breath taking with beautiful gardens trailing to the sandy beach with a small waterfall emptying directly into the sea beside her lounge. She wandered over to the waterfall and got directly under the cool waters.

As she emerged from the falls she saw a beautiful man somewhere in his mid-thirties walking on the beach but he was not dressed for the beach. He had on regular khakis and a tee shirt with the words Jamaica on the back. He wore boat shoes with no socks and a cap also marked Jamaica. He was gloriously tanned with jet black hair peeping from under the cap. "What a sight for sore eyes" thought Angela, "Now that is what I call a hunk. " I wonder what he is doing on the beach dressed like that".

As the sun sank she decided to get dressed for dinner. Her reservation was at 8 p.m. at the rooftop restaurant. She wore a white jumpsuit which she purchased for this vacation. The v-neckline was encrusted with delicate beads enhancing and exposing much of her firm breasts. She knew she was a knockout and wished she had someone to share her time with in Jamaica.

The Maître D escorted her to her table and she ordered a cocktail while looking over the menu. She made a final selection from the menu when she saw him again. Their eyes met as he walked to her table. This time he was dressed in a dark blue sports coat with a white shirt opened midway down his chest which was exposing his tanned body. '' I am sorry to intrude" he said softly to her, "do you mind if I join you. I saw you sitting alone and I hate to eat alone. Have you decided what to eat?" "Oh my God," she thought, "this can't be happening to me. He is gorgeous!"

They ate their dinner and laughed together, told each other about themselves and drank so much wine she had forgotten to keep track. He was from Spain and his father owned a chain of hotels around the Caribbean. He was the trouble shooter for the chain and was in Jamaica to rate the hotel for the upcoming winter season. There was something about the way they spoke with one another, it was as if they were old friends catching up and it was evident that they had amazing chemistry as well.

After dinner he invited her to the show on the terrace by the pool where they drank more wine and danced to the strains of the Reggae Band. Angela could not ever remember a time she had more fun. The band then played, Red, Red, Wine and invited all lovers to the dance floor where he quickly scooped her up and carried her to dance. They were the only couple left dancing and he held her so close that she could feel his pulse racing and her heart was beating so fast. He cupped her face in his hands and kissed her. She could feel his tongue between her lips and just went weak. He gripped her even tighter and she was unable to resist his movements as he pushed his hips into hers and she could feel his hard manhood on the inside of her thigh. She so wanted to feel this inside her body as he led her to her room. It had been a long time since she had these feelings and she, then and there, realized how she missed this part of her life.

In her room they quickly took off each other's clothes and collapsed on the bed. As his body was trembling with delight he thrust his hips into hers again and this time his warm kisses caressed her body. As his thrusting became more intense and she matched every one with a thrust of her own. "Don't stop" she begged."Shhhh" He mumbled and quieted her with a lingering kiss. The wine was delicious but the lovemaking was intoxicating. As he entered her she felt overwhelmed with lust and vulnerability. Their bodies moved together like a symphony and afterward he told her that he truly wanted to spend all the time he could with her. She smiled and agreed that was her wish as well and she fell asleep in his arms wondering if she had too much wine and was hallucinating.

As the sun's rays filtered through the curtains she knew this was real. He stirred and gently kissed her on her forehead as his hands gently explored her naked t body. "I will order coffee" he said "and then I must go. I have some reports to finish. Can I see you later?"

Well, she thought, I will would like to see you forever not just later but that will do. "Sure thing" she answered.

They showered together enjoying and exploring each other's body, had coffee together and as he closed the door behind him, she donned her bikini and headed to grab a bite before going to the beach. She used the same lounge near the falls and thinking about last night, she fell asleep, waking in time for lunch.

What a life she thought, I could get used to this. After lunch she waded into the warm waters of the Caribbean and spent some time in the water watching the sailboats and jet skiers enjoying riding the waves beyond the reef and decided that she would try some water sports tomorrow.

Later she wandered over to a out of the way private waterfall and got under the falls. As the water cascaded over her body she closed her eyes and felt her bra top fall to her feet from the pressure. Suddenly she felt a warm body holding her close and there was Raffi right up against her. He gently pulled down her bikini bottom and his hand was between her legs fondling her cunt ever so gently while sucking first one breast and then the other. "I am in heaven. This can't be happening" she thought, as she responded by pulling his mouth up to hers .He gently guided her to a crevasse in the rock where they would not be seen.

Away from all eyes, He lifted her on a rock he cautiously spread her legs open and the next thing she knew his head was down on her, his tongue delicately licking and exploring her clit. With her head thrust back she pushed her hips into his mouth inviting his to go even further. He was not at all shy about his explorations and she felt every fiber of her body in ecstasy. She exploded and gently asked "Raffi, stop now and give me your cock, I want to fuck you" She could not believe she had said that but he responded by standing up, kissing her madly and shoving his cock in her willing and waiting pussy. "I love when you speak dirty" he whispered in between kisses. "You make my pussy so wet," she countered just before he exploded inside her cunt.

They made plans for the evening and as she sat on the terrace outside her room she mused no matter the outcome of this she knew she was still desirable and could still bring a man to his true potential. She had so much more to give a real man and knew she wanted a man who enjoyed fucking as much as she did. Her pussy was ablaze and she could not wait for the next chapter as she would allow destiny to chart her new course.


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