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A Dinner to Remember
Erotic Story By- Anonymous

I put the truck in park wondering what I was doing here. I really hated scramble golf tournaments, even if they were for a good cause. But I was here and I knew my friend Jeff really appreciated me doing this as I was the "ringer" for the team. So as I sat feeling the heat of the midday sun through my windshield I decided to make the most of it, besides it was golf and I truly love the game.

I had come from work and I needed to change so I grabbed my shorts and golf shirt from the back seat. I stripped off my shirt and tie and pulled off my pants. I put on my golf shirt and pulled my shorts up as far as I could while seated, opened the door and slipped out of the truck to pull my shorts up and tuck in my shirt and found myself face to face with Kathy.

Apparently she had seen me drive up and had walked over to say hello before the game. Startled, I said hello and continued dressing. She said "You know they have a locker room here for that, but please don't hurry on my account, I would rather see you undressing in front of me," as she gave me a flitacious smile.

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Kathy was the female member of our tournament group. She was in her late 40's or early 50's, but clearly the years had been good to her. She was tall, perhaps 5'7", had blue eyes and auburn hair. She was slender with a small waist and perfect breasts. Although they were perfect they were not her best asset by far. She had incredible legs, perhaps the greatest legs I had ever seen and they were showing beautifully in her very short, very tight white golf shorts. Her top was red and accentuated her stunning athletic body. She played with our group in this same tournament two years ago but I hadn't noticed how striking she was since my wife of almost 30 years had just passed away. This time I noticed and also noticed that she had no ring on her left hand.

As I tucked in my shirt and zipped and buttoned my shorts I replied "Surely you must have someone better to think about undressed than me." She just smiled and asked if I needed any help with my shorts. Tempted I said "No I will see you at check in." She said "Your loss," and walked off toward the clubhouse. I was excited by her comment, but since I was late, I pushed it out of my mind, quickly finished dressing, and moved off to the clubhouse.

The rest of the team was there already and had checked in for me. Jeff told me to put my bag on cart 34. I slung my bag over my shoulder and began my search for #34. After 5 minutes of searching I found it next to the 18th green. As I approached I noticed there was a bag already on the cart. As I was getting my tees, ball mark and balls from my bag when I heard her voice "Oh excellent, I was hoping we would be cart mates." I replied "Me too," while thinking this might be fun after all.

Soon Jeff and our other teammate Chris returned and we were off to the #12 tee box for the shotgun start. On the way out to the tee box Kathy chatted about how good it was to see me and that her golf game of late hadn't been very good. At the tee we determined an order of play and teed off when the horn sounded. On the first hole we agreed Kathy should putt 3rd because she was the next best putter in the group. Jeff and Chris both missed their putts and moved to the other side of the hole offering advice on the line. Kathy stepped up and addressed the putt only after she exaggerated calculating the break by bending over repeatedly directly in front of me each time showing off her unbelivable legs and tight little ass for my viewing pleasure. After she putted and missed I stepped up and sank the putt for a birdie. There were high fives and knuckle bumps all around and on the way back to the cart, Kathy patted me on the butt saying "Nice putt".

The rest of the round went pretty much like the first hole except that her appreciation for my good shots became more and more demonstrative with hugs and and rubs, and a kiss on the cheek after I made an eagle putt on #7. Throughout the day the cart conversation became increasingly sexual in nature. Golf is a perfect game for sexual innuendo with things like putters, balls, big drives, hole outs, we laughed together and had a really good time.

After the game I took her clubs to her car and then went to my truck to put my clubs away before I went to the awards ceremony. I was empting my pockets putting away my ball, ball mark and divot repair tool when I touched something soft and silky in the pocket of my bag. I pulled it out and was amazed at what I saw. It was a black lace thong with a note saying I couldn't really wear this with my white shorts so I thought you might like them. I would like you to return them in person. When you do I will make you an unforgettable meal. At the bottom was a phone number and address. I tossed the thong and note onto the seat of my truck, changed out of my golf shoes, put my clubs in the bed of my truck and moved off to the clubhouse for the awards banquet a little stiff at the thought.

The clubhouse was crowded and the line at the buffet table was long. They were also 3 deep at the bar. I saw Jeff and Chris sitting at a table so I made my way over to them deciding neither food nor drink was that important to me. As I sat Kathy appeared carrying two beers and placed one in front of me. I thanked her and pulled the chair next to me out so she could sit down. It was a little awkward since I had found her "present" but tried to act as if I hadn't it as we all talked.

During the awards ceremony her hand found my thigh every time a winner was going to be announced. Each time she smiled and said "oh excuse me I'm just so nervous, I love to win." It was stimulating but the awards ceremony was awful and when I had finished my beer I stood and excused myself, thanking Jeff and Chris for including me in their group. As I turned to leave Kathy stood and again brushed the front of my shorts as she hugged me saying "I really enjoyed playing with you and would like to play with you again, how about tomorrow night?" Somewhat flushed I said "that would be fun, I will call you", and left.

As I got to my truck and opened the door I noticed the thong and note sitting on my seat. I picked them up, tossed them on the passenger seat and drove home all the while unable to stop thinking about Kathy's incredible long, sexy legs and where they ended up. When I got home I grabbed the thong and note off the seat and carried them in throwing them on the couch on my way to the kitchen for a beer and some food. I grabbed a beer but saw nothing in the refrigerator that looked appetizing so I just closed the door and made my way to my bathroom and a shower. It had been hot during our round, I was sweaty, and Kathy's actions had not helped. As I cleaned up, I found myself thinking of her. It might be nice to join her for dinner; after all, it was just dinner.

After my shower I made my way back to the kitchen for something to eat. Finding nothing again, I grabbed another beer, moved to the family room, turned on the TV, and began watching a baseball game. Right next to me was the thong and the note and I found it increasingly difficult to stop thinking about her; in increasingly erotic ways. Finally, after an hour I picked up the phone and dialed the number on the thong. On the third ring, just as I was about to hang up, she answered.

"Hello". Suddenly, I couldn't speak. I opened my mouth but nothing came out. Again, she said "hello is this a prank call." This time I managed "Hi Kathy this is uh, John, I got your note and, thought I would call about your invitation for dinner". God! I sounded like a sophomore in high school calling a girl for the first time not a 55-year-old man; I was even shaking a little. "I am so glad you found my note, and am even happier you called so soon. I was not sure how you would react to my present and offer and I have been unable to stop thinking about you." Flattered beyond words, I stuttered "really". "Yes, you left so abruptly from the awards ceremony I didn't get the chance to ask if you had found my note and I was worried you might not have a reason to get into that pocket for some time and I really couldn't bear the thought of that". Unable to say anything again I was silent. Kathy broke the awkward silence saying "So can you come for dinner, tomorrow, it is Saturday, and that gives me all day to prepare for our meal and time together."

"I have a tee time tomorrow at 9 with the guys and generally we have a beer or two after the round so I could come over after that if you are sure that works for you." "Absolutely" she responded, play golf, have a beer with the guys, and then come straight over." "OK it might be as early as 2:30 or 3. " "Perfect, she said " the earlier the better." I hung up, not sure exactly what that meant.

I woke at 6 on Saturday morning, made myself some coffee, checked my email and then decided to wash my truck before golf. I got to the course about 8:30 and checked in, warmed up for a minute and then teed off. The course was busy and the round took over 5 hours. During the round Jeff asked me to come over for dinner, saying his wife Karen really wanted to see me, besides what else would I do but go home and work around the house. I said thanks but I actually have plans tonight. That caused all three of them to stop and look at me and laugh. They said you never have plans, except work, golf and home projects. I said I know but tonight I do. Questions began to fly, but I said only that I have plans.

The painfully long round finally ended and we sat on the deck at the club having a beer, again the questions were relentless, but I always changed the subject not giving up my dinner with Kathy. As I drank my first beer I found myself increasingly excited to get to her house, so after I finished one beer and collected my winnings, I stood to leave. "Where are you going" they all asked. "It must finally be a woman because you never leave after just one beer." I just smiled and said, "See you guys' later." and off I went.

I pulled up to her house after a 20 minute drive. It was a nice little craftsman style house. It had a front porch with a swing and was perfectly landscaped. I walked up the steps to the front door, carrying her thong wrapped around a bottle of Merlot. I was excited like a kid on a first date and noticed my cock stirring in my shorts. I rang the bell, and footsteps sounded on the wood floor and a moment later the door opened. She was gorgeous! Her auburn hair fell just about to her shoulders and her eyes were so blue that you could get lost in them. She was dressed in a tight white, short, one-piece cotton shift that highlighted every one of her incredible features and left almost nothing to the imagination. "You look incredible", I gasped. "Just for you, please come in." I handed her the thong wrapped wine. She took the wine and handed the thong back to me, saying "those were for you, besides I can't really use them with this outfit."

I followed her through the house to the kitchen she put the wine on a counter and asked if I wanted a beer. "Sure do you want me to open the wine?" "No, I have a bottle open, but you can top off my glass" she replied. I talked nervously for a few minutes trying to find something to say that made me sound intelligent instead of a school boy smitten by the sight of his first love.

She said dinner would be awhile and suggested we sit on the back deck and enjoy the late afternoon. I asked if I could take a quick shower first as I was sweaty from golf and her appearance was not helping that situation. She showed me to her bathroom, as I striped I had to pull my boxers over my stiff cock. As the warm water cascaded over me I decided I should turn it to cold in order to cool to my raging libido. I stepped out of the shower and grabbed my clothes to dress, but my boxers were missing. Still naked I opened the bathroom door and called out to Kathy, "Uh, Kathy I can't find my boxers."

"I came in and picked them up, I figured you have a pair of my underwear I should have a pair of yours, you will just have to go commando. Nice ass by the way." So I pulled my shorts over my naked body and stepped out of the bathroom pulling my shirt over my head as I walked back toward the kitchen. Kathy was standing in the kitchen holding another beer for me in one hand and her wine glass in the other."

I took the beer from her and pulled the slider open and we stepped onto the deck. There were two chaises there and a table with four chairs. I moved to one of the chairs at the table but Kathy suggested we sit on the chaises as we would be much more comfortable there.

We sat and drank and talked about golf, the weather, her nice home and any mutual friends we had. After about an hour, she turned and asked me if I thought she was attractive. I responded, "I don't think you are attractive, I think you are stunning." Her response was "then why didn't you respond to my gestures at the tournament yesterday. I was trying to get you to engage in some erotic talk and touch me. God knows I wanted to put my hand in your pants."

"I guess I was focused on the game and it has been a long time since any woman, especially one as gorgeous as you are has paid any attention to me so I guess I am just a guy and subtleties don't work with us, we need to be hit over the head", I replied.

With that she rose saying she needed to finish up dinner. As she passed she bent over slightly and kissed me. Her mouth was warm, her red lipstick flavorful. Her tongue gently worked to part my lips. Her breath was sweet and I brushed her lips with my tongue and sucked her lower lip. She pulled her lip back and sucked my tongue inside her mouth. As she pulled away we brushed each other's lips and smiled. She suggested I come into the kitchen while she finished dinner so we could continue this conversation. As I rose to follow her we both noticed the tent in my shorts from my very erect member. I was slightly embarrassed and turned to hide it as much as I could while Kathy just smiled. I think it was her intention to have that effect on me.

While she moved about the kitchen finishing dinner I was mesmerized by her movements and body. Her tight white one-piece dress moved slightly with every move she made, her breasts pressed inside the top and her protruding nipples prominent. Each time she reached for something her dress would rise up and expose more of her unbelievable legs. Once when she reached to the top shelf of a cupboard it moved enough to expose the very top of her thigh at the crease of her butt. She was putting on quite a show for me and I'm pretty sure we both loved it. I couldn't even tell you what we talked about.

All too soon she announced dinner was done, she plated the food and suggested we eat on the deck. I jumped up to help her carry the food and our beverages out to the deck once again hoping she wouldn't notice my full erection, and now the spot of pre cum spot on my shorts that had come as a result of her erotic dinner preparation display.

The evening was warm and the sun was setting. We were seated across from each other and as I took my second mouthful I was startled by her bare foot which found my crotch. I almost choked. I looked at her and she just smiled and continued to rub my shorts with her foot. I told her she needed to stop that or her lovely dinner would go to waste. She uttered "It heats up well."

Taking that as my cue as I rose and moved to her side of the table. I grabbed her hand and pulled her up, kissing her deeply as she stood. Holding and kissing her felt so good. Without a word we moved to a chaise and I picked her up and laid her down. I stood over her momentarily admiring her beauty. She looked up perplexed and asked "what's wrong" I said "nothing, you are just so beautiful I can't believe I am here."

Without another word I moved my body over hers, kissing her again. First her eyes, then her nose and then I ran my tongue over her lips. She was pulling me down to be on top of her but I resisted, moving instead to kiss her ears and her neck as I moved to her breast. I was softly rubbing her breast with one hand as I kissed her other through her shift. She responded with a slight moan and movement to ensure I was getting to just the right spot for her. I continued to mouth her breast through her dress as my hand moved down her side to the bottom of her dress that was now up over the top of her thighs.

I stopped my mouthing her breast and reached down and pulled her dress up over her head exposing her naked body and perfectly shaven pussy that glistened with moisture. I gently pushed apart her legs and moved my mouth to her pussy. I licked her outer and then her inner lips and then pulled back her mound exposing her clitoris. I ran my tongue up and down her vaginal lips and flicked her clitoris as I sucked and licked her sweet juices. She was writhing now, her legs were moving as her hips twisted, and her legs squeezed my head. Then suddenly she came, panting and gasping as she let out quiet sounds of joy. I was just getting started so I just continued to suck and flick and in minutes she came again this time with more force and louder gasps.

I moved up her torso kissing her exposed stomach and her breasts. I moved over her mouth and kissed her deeply; she returned the kiss and hugged my neck. She whispered in my ear "that was amazing, but I feel cheated I want you." With that I scoped her into my arms and carried her into the house and into her bedroom. I placed her on the bed and moved on top of her again kissing her eyes, nose and mouth.

Suddenly she pushed me over and straddled me. She tugged at the bottom of my shirt, loosening it from my shorts and pulled it over my head. She began kissing my neck and my chest and then sucking and softly biting my nipples. She moved down my body and unbuttoned my shorts pulling down the zipper then slid off me long enough to pull off my shorts that were dotted with pre cum spots. She leaned over to straddle me again but this time she moved to the 69 position placing her luscious vaginal lips in front of my face.

I pulled her hips back again enjoying her succulent juices. As I did I felt her mouth slide over my throbbing engorged cock. It was hard to concentrate on her pussy and I tried to focus, but her movements over my cock and my balls made it extremely difficult. She was sucking and licking while she used her finger to rub my perineum. She worked with precision and tenderness, moaning and humming as she worked. I momentarily lost my concentration on her pussy but recovered and pulled her hips in order to press her pussy tighter to my face. I was licking, flicking, and sucking every part of her from her anus to her clitoris. Juices were flowing and bathing my face and mouth in her sweet nectar.

I felt myself about to cum and I pushed her pussy away from my face announcing that fact. She sucked harder and pressed her pussy back against my face. Seconds later, I exploded; I shook uncontrollably and kept cumming and cumming as she continued to suck. Swallowing my ejaculation apparently caused her to climax yet again. She had sucked every ounce of my cum and me hers. After a moment she collapsed on me, rolled off to the side turning as she did, and nestled up to me kissing me deeply so that we continued to taste of each other's juices on our lips and in our mouths.

We laid there in silence enjoying each other's naked bodies, cuddling and petting as we allowed ourselves to rejuvenate. Soon, she stood saying she would be back shortly and padded off to the kitchen her beautiful derriere swinging side to side atop her incredible legs. I got up and went into the bathroom. When I returned Kathy was sitting on the bed with the sheet over her lap and a tray of dinner placed in the middle of the bed. She said "let's eat; I don't think the appetizer we just finished will give us the energy we need for dessert". With that, I walked to the bed and sat to eat, my mind reeling with thoughts of what was to come, or should I say cum!


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