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Empty Nesters
Erotic Story By Anonymous

The awkward silence was deafening as she sat hugging the passenger door. We were together but alone each with our own thoughts, neither anxious to verbalize them. In the months leading up to this day, Rachel had been uncharacteristically moody and sullen. Until this moment, I assumed it was because the last common thread in our twenty-nine year relationship would be out of the house leaving us to be empty nesters, changing the household and our relationship dynamic permanently.

Admittedly, over the last couple of months I had secretly thought about how our lives would be different, but at this moment my consciousness was gripped by the fear that there was more to her silence than the sadness in her eyes when we left our youngest daughter, Trisha, at college. Afraid to ask a question that I wasn't sure I wanted the answer to I just drove on.

In the year before Trisha was to go off the college the phrase empty nesters became and increasing part of the vernacular in our lives. Well intentioned friends who preceded us on this journey would it seemed in every conversation tell of their empty nest experiences, some good, but many more bad.

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I began to cringe at the slightest mention of the moniker and today I found the at least half of the phrase particularly descriptive. Empty was a start on how I felt but it was nowhere near sufficient to describe the entirety of my feelings, which included fear, confusion, and uncertainty to name those that were the most prevalent.

For the past 24 years, we were a couple whose singular focus was raising our two beautiful daughters to be well-adjusted, productive adults. We had done that job exceedingly well but perhaps it had come at the expense of our relationship. As the girls grew being good parents imperceptibly took precedent over us as a couple and today as we climbed in the car after saying good-bye, it felt as if that shift in focus may have created an irrecoverable void between us. After twenty-four years of marriage, and five years before kids I feared our relationship might be over or at least altered forever.

I still loved her and I found myself clinging desperately to the hope that when she said I love you every day for the last 29 years she meant it, that a smoldering ember still existed in her for me that could be fanned into the flame of young love again. Irrationally, I reasoned that if she still loved me she would commit to rediscovering the intimacy we enjoyed before children; times when closeness, passion and lust filled our courtship and early marriage. Years when we could not keep our hands off each other and experimented with our sexuality in every way imaginable. Sex played a big part in it but it was always more than just about great sex. It was a hundred other little things like leaving love notes for each other, holding hands and talking endlessly on the phone when we were apart and then arguing about who should hang up first. Overall, it was about how we were each the single most important person in the others life and that we were inseparable in mind, body, and spirit. Unfortunately at this moment I felt none of that emanating from her.

I found myself reflecting on how as the girls grew our communication was progressively only about them and how every part of our lives was consumed by them. We were involved in everything they did: piano, soccer, dance, golf, and of course every school activity. Even the vacations we took were for the girls, and though they were always fun there was never even a moment for just the two of us, I was sure to the outside observer we were the perfect traditional family. Rachel was the mom whose daughters were the envy of every one of our friends and I was the dad who I worked tirelessly to provide for everyone.

But now it was just about us again. What did we still have in common? She had her friends and volunteer work and I had my business. The thread that had joined our lives, our children were now out of the house and forging their own lives. We were still their parents but our family would be different from now on. The success of my business insured our financial future but what had we done to insure our future as a couple.

I rationalized that I should be satisfied with my life as it was. After all everyone thought I had it all: the most beautiful, sexy wife on the planet, two successful, high achieving daughters, monetary stability, and my health. I should just accept this as the new normal but I wanted more, I wanted our incredible, intimate life before kid's back. Over the last few years we had a couple of date nights and sex occasionally but it was generally a "quickie" and I always felt as if Rachel was engaging in intimacy just to satisfy my physical needs. It was never the lustful, impassioned sex, we had before children but it was enough when supplemented by masturbation. Despite the lack of real intimacy over the last few years, she was still the most beautiful woman in the room anywhere we went. Her 5'7" height carried her perfectly proportioned 140 pounds beautifully. Her brunette hair was highlighted with blonde streaks and her breasts had grown with the birth of each child and were now a healthy C cup. When she smiled, this was continually, her inner beauty shined brightly through her twinkling hazel eyes. She was a happy, contented woman.

I was ripped from my thoughts when suddenly, Rachel screamed, "this is our exit". I responded by jerking the wheel hard to the right without looking, barely missing a car behind us that was already on the ramp, their horn erupting and augmented by the one finger wave.

"What were you thinking, you didn't even look, you almost hit that car, you could have killed us" she said angrily. I just drove on, without responding, my heart pounding from our near miss and my increasing concern for our future.

Fifteen minutes later, we arrived home. As soon as we walked in Rachel announced she was tired and was going to take a shower and go to bed. I needed to get the bags from the car and with my mind shackled from the near accident and concern for our relationship I bid her goodnight, saying I'd be along later. After retrieving the bags from the car I dropped them just inside the kitchen door and stepped over them on my way to the liquor cabinet for a drink. I filled a short glass with my favorite scotch, pulled a chair from the kitchen counter and plopped down with my drink and my thoughts.

The first drink went quickly and easily, so I had another. The alcohol was not helping me feel any better or gain clarity but I held hope for its contribution so I had another and another. Soon I felt myself spinning from a slight drunkenness and slumping depression about the future of my life. Four drinks and two hours later, I stumbled to the rec. room, fell face down onto the couch, and went to sleep. I woke at five, momentarily confused about where I was before I cleared the cobwebs, gathered myself and climbed the stairs to our bedroom where Rachel slept peacefully. Embarrassed by my current physical and emotional state I grabbed my work clothes from the closet and dresser and exited the bedroom for the guest room and a shower. I showered, dressed, and slipped out to work. The day was like most Monday's a little chaotic and unproductive as my mind was elsewhere; I just could not stop from thinking about Rachel and us.

At four, I decided I was being ridiculous and called the house. After the 4th ring it went to voice mail. I immediately hung up and called her cell phone and it went immediately to voicemail as well. I left a message for her to call me as my mind continued to think the worst and spiral out of control. Thirty minutes later, she called back. "What happened to you last night, I went to bed, and you never came. Where did you go?" was her response to my hello.

Embarrassed I stammered that I had a few drinks and slept on the couch. She asked if everything was OK, the concern evident in her voice. Before I could respond, she continued, "I know you miss the girls and so do I, but we knew this day was coming and we need to rediscover our life." Encouraged by the phone conversation and her sweet caring tone I quickly wrapped up things at the office and headed home.

On the drive home, I decided against sharing my insecurity and feelings as I thought I would make me seem lame. When I arrived home, I found Rachel on the back deck reading her nook. I approached her from the side and kissed her lightly on the top of the head.

She turned and looked up, her incredible hazel eyes glistening with tears. "Sad book?"

"Not really, I was just thinking about you"

"Thinking about me any crying, what in earth for?"

"Because I think you are struggling with the idea of our life without the girls and that makes me sad, you know I love you, right?"

"How ironic, I was having the same thoughts about you on the ride home yesterday and all day today. I was concerned about you and how you were feeling about being empty nesters, wondering how you would adjust, hoping that you still loved me as much as I love you."

She rose from the chaise, wrapped her arms around me and hugged me tightly for the first time in longer than I could remember before covering my mouth with a kiss. This wasn't just a peck; it was a deep passionate kiss.

"I didn't make anything for dinner," she said as she pulled away from our tongue-tangled smooch.

"Great, let's go out, how about that little Italian place, Giovanni's, in the strip mall down the street."

"Sounds perfect" I replied with breathless relief.

"OK, give me ten minutes" she said dropping her nook onto the seat of the chaise before she ran off. I picked up the nook and sat. Absently, I opened it for something to do. When it lit up I started reading. The paragraph my eyes fell to was graphic and very erotic; some would have considered it pornographic. I found myself turning the pages quickly becoming increasingly aroused as I read. I was so rapt by the in the erotica that I did not hear her approach from behind. It wasn't until I felt her warm lips on my neck that I knew she had returned. I flipped the nook closed and looked up with the impish grin of a child caught by his mother doing something naughty, and quickly positioning the reader over the erection straining against the material of my pants.

"I'm ready," she said her red lips glistening with a lipstick I had not seen before. I stood continuing to hold the nook in front of my pants until she turned to walk from the deck. Two steps later I caught her, taking her hand as we walked through the house on our way to the car and the short drive to dinner. All through dinner, we talked. Not about insignificant everyday things but about how our relationship had changed over the last 29 years and the thoughts and fears that had secretly been building in both of us.

By the time desert came we had each expressed our commitment to enjoying this new life to the fullest and that it was silly for us to have had trepidation about talking to each other about being empty nesters. The short ride home was quiet but unlike the ride home from college Rachel sat as close to me as the console would allow, her hand resting in the crease of my pants between my thigh and hip, causing a conspicuous bulge to build in my pants.

When I opened her door to help her from the car she sprang up and we were immediately crushed together in a deep passionate kiss. With our tongues dueling wetly we remained locked in that kiss, groping each other as we stumbled into the house, feverishly pulling at each other's clothing in an attempt to reach skin. With the door still wide open, we clumsily slid to the floor and with very little of our disheveled clothing still in place had sex for the first time in a month. It was spontaneous, erotic, and emotional reminding me of times before the girls. We were both laughing about our lustful, teen like impatience as we rose half naked to make our way upstairs to bed me grabbing at her butt as we climbed and leaving the majority of our clothing strewn about the kitchen floor.

The next morning I left town on business for five days. The timing was terrible, but I had planned this trip for two months. I decided to drive rather than fly because there were too many customers who were nowhere close to a major airport. Besides, I had planned to use the driving time to think about work and refine my sales presentations; however the last 24 hours had changed all that. Now, all I could think about was Rachel and her rediscovered sexy spontaneity.

Historically, anytime I am on the road we talk at the end of each day. It is usually about inane household things and events, and a recap of any conversation either of us had with the girls, but on the first night out that changed. At the end of that nights conversation Rachel set a new benchmark for the end of our nightly calls. She indicated she would like to read me something interesting she had come upon. Since our dinner conversation at Giovanni's I assumed it was something about couples as empty nesters and how they coped.

I said OK, forcing as much sincerity into my voice as I could in a feigned attempt to disguise my complete lack of interest in what some "expert" wrote in a magazine or book. As she read I found the words to be vaguely familiar. Then it hit me, she was reading the part in her nook I was reading when she came down for dinner. When she finished she said "I thought you might like to hear how that part ended, intriguing, isn't it?"

"Very, what is that book anyway?"

"The book is called 50 shades of Grey, and Julie told me about it, that was one of the mild parts, sounds fun, huh?"

I could not believe my ears; my prim and proper wife was reading erotic snippets to me and commenting that the erotic activities being described sounded fun.

"Have you ever thought about dominating or being dominated?" I asked.

"Not until I began reading this book, but now I am curious. What about you?"

I felt my breath catch in my throat and my heart skip a beat. "I think you are turning me on like never before, I'm up for anything you want to try, my love."

"Great, talk to you tomorrow night" and she clicked off. I was internally panting as I sat on the bed in my boxers the outline of my cock now trying to burst from them. What was I supposed to do now? I was alone and 1,000 miles from home so I pulled my laptop back in reach and tried to focus on work in an attempt to come back to planet earth until I could calm down enough to go to bed and sleep.

The next day was wicked long. The early meeting went well but took two hours longer than planned. I still 400 miles to drive today. During the first 250 miles, I spoke often to the office and each of my daughters once.

Dusk came shortly after I fueled for the last 150 miles. I was rolling up the miles thinking about a lot of nothing when the ring of my cell phone startled me. I hit the answer button on the steering wheel, was greeted by Rachel's tantalizing voice, and loaded words. "How were your dreams last night?"

"I don't remember any of them specifically but I had a very tough time getting to sleep and woke this morning with a stiff cock thinking about what you read to me last night and your insanely delicious comments about us experimenting with things like that."

"Well how about more of the same, I find it very stimulating" she quipped before she began reading again. This part was more erotic than the last and involved some anal play and blindfolds. Although there was some nervousness in her voice, I could feel the salacity raging in her with each page. This new nightly routine continued for the rest of the trip; I was getting less and less sleep and my horniness was accelerating with each passing day and passage.

Every night after she finished reading neither of us spoke rather; one could only hear irregular breathing until the line went dead. I loved this new sexy behavior from Rachel. I was being turned inside out by her soft syrupy voice and the masterful erotic imagery being conjured up in my mind making it impossible to concentrate on business and complete the trip. Rachel had me tiptoeing across a sexual tightrope without a net battering my mind with thoughts and lust I could not fully comprehend or process.

Mercifully, I was finally only an hour away. I called Rachel to tell her I was still four hours away so I could surprise and perhaps convince her to experiment with some of the situations she had been reading to me about before we went out to dinner. She picked up on the third ring her voice affected by panting prompting me to ask if she was OK.

"Yes, my phone was in the kitchen and I was upstairs. I told her my morning meeting had gone long and I was still four hours away. She said she that was fine it would give her time to finish preparing my homecoming surprise.

"Oh by the way, I went shopping while you were gone, I am excited to show you what I bought, I think they are things we can share and will bring us incredible joy. Stay safe, I love you, see you soon." And she rang off.

I looked down at the speedometer; I was speeding, my foot subconsciously tied to my libido which had been stimulated yet again by her comments. I lifted my right foot and set the cruise for five over in an attempt to avoid a ticket delaying our reunion. An hour and fifteen minutes later, I pulled into the driveway, stopping short of the garage parking in the breezeway instead. I quietly closed the door and walked into the kitchen. I moved silently around the island where an empty purple sack with a Holistic Wisdom logo peeled away from the top sat on the corner.

I continued sneaking around every room downstairs before I began my ascent of the stairs and our bedroom. From the landing outside our bedroom I could hear music drifting through the French doors that were slightly ajar. I approached the narrow slit and peered in. She was not in sight so I pushed the door open and squeezed into the room. The bed was turned down and a scrap of red fabric was lying on a shiny new tightly stretched fitted sheet. I picked it up and held it between my outstretched arms, a thong!

I closed my hand over the silky fabric and continued to the partially open bathroom door, butterflies careening off the walls of my stomach and looked in. What I saw surprised, shocked and excited me. Rachel was sitting completely naked on the side of the tub, the water running, her head tipped back, eyes closed and her legs splayed wide. Her left arm was angled behind her supporting her leaning position. Her right hand was on a purple flower looking vibrator, stroking a perfectly hairless pussy.

Even over the music I could hear her increasingly loud breathing and occasional whimpers, moans and squeals. Water was pouring into the overflow when her body spasmed causing her to lose her grip on the vibrator. Without losing a beat she drew her hand to her gorgeous crack rubbing as hard and fast as she could until moments later she came with a fierceness I had never witnessed in our married life. My heart was pounding out of my chest and my mind couldn't process the mass of information bombarding it.

Somehow I restrained myself from bursting into the room and lapping up every tasty drop of the intoxicating nectar running down the lips of her labia toward her anus and soft white thighs. I stood there desperately trying to bring my pulse and breathing under control, my face flush and my cock steadily dribbling in my boxers, as I watched her turn off the water and collapse into the overfull tub sending a wave of water cascading over the edge and onto the tile floor. I was frozen, mesmerized as I watch her shave her legs, arms and wash her hair. After twenty erotic minutes she stood the water running down her perfect breasts, across her beautiful clean pubis and down her legs as she reached for a towel. I felt guilty for watching but was unable to look away as I watched her dry her hair and face, her breasts, tummy and hips before stepping from the tub.

Standing on the drenched mat she turned and lifted each leg onto the edge of the tub as she dried them, exposing her lovely rosebud and labia lips each time. Before I entered the room to surprise her I checked to see that my pre-cum soaked boxers had not penetrated and spotted my Khaki's. Thankfully no spot was visible so I pushed the door open and entered just as she wrapped the towel around her slim torso and glanced down to retrieve the hair dryer from the cabinet drawer.

When I wrapped my arms around her from behind she jumped and screamed, immediately looking into the mirror a panicked looked covering her face. Seeing my smiling face, she relaxed slightly before screaming "You scared me to death, you shithead. What are you doing home so early?"

"I was in a hurry to get home to you so I broke every law to get here." I responded sheepishly. "Well I am not ready! Go away for an hour; make yourself a drink and read a book or something. Go relax, I have never seen your face so red, honestly you and look like you just ran a marathon. Now get out of here and don't come back until I call you."

I released her from my embrace and stepped back, holding the red thong in the air "Just what am I supposed to do with this?" A mischievous, embarrassed smile crossed her face "You are ruining my plans and surprises, leave it with me and get out of our room without looking at anything, close your eyes as you leave" her tone now perturbed.

"OK, OK" I said as I kissed the back of her neck "I love you, I didn't mean to ruin things I was just excited to see you"

"I know, I love you too, but please close your eyes and leave, I will call you."

With that I backed out of the bathroom before turning and leaving our bedroom careful to not close the door entirely. As I made my way downstairs, I was almost regretful for ruining her surprise, but the imprint of her magnificent bathroom performance, now indelibly etched in my mind overrode the guilt. It was easily the most erotic, sensuous thing I had ever seen and I wanted more. Downstairs, I pulled the refrigerator door and grabbed a beer. I twisted the top, dropped it on the island as I stood contemplating climbing the stairs again and peering through the cracked bedroom door to continue my voyeurism.

Reluctantly, I decided to allow her to prepare her surprise without me watching. Besides I really didn't want to get caught which would preclude me enjoying another undetected moment in the future. I kicked off my shoes on my way to the deck. The air was refreshing and the slight breeze felt good on my warm face. I sat in chaise, leaned back and closed my eyes, replaying the tape of Rachel in the bathroom repeatedly it fanning the flames of lewdness in my mind.

Minutes later, I felt the beer bottle slip from my hand onto the small table next to the chaise before I drifted off to sleep from the combination of the beer and my reclining position. I woke to arms sliding across my shoulders unbuttoning my shirt and rubbing my chest.

"I'm glad you took my advice and rested, you are going to need it" she whispered in my ear. I reached across my chest with my right arm and pulled her arm until she was standing beside me. I twisted my body to appraise the woman standing in front of me. Her face was aglow, her hazel eyes twinkled, and her lips turned up with a broad smile that could only come from deep within.

The only makeup on her face was bright red lipstick that accentuated her full luscious lips. The curls of her brunette hair rested softly on top of her bare shoulders. A white collar with a black bow tie neatly affixed to the front was around her neck. A black satin corset that pushed her milky white breasts up and almost out of lace trimmed cups adorned her torso and accentuated her trim waist and hourglass figure. Her lightly freckled arms were bare except for white cuffs with small black cufflinks on her wrists. Her long shapely legs were covered with sheer black nylons that were held by black garter straps with red bows over the clasps, her feet in red stiletto heels that strapped around her ankles. I was mute, she was the sexiest woman alive, and had done all this for me.

When I looked back up into her loving face, the smile had run away from her face, tears had formed in the corner of her eyes and her perfect white teeth were biting her lower lip. Seeing that, I jumped up, placed my hand in the small of her back, and pulled her into in my arms.

She struggled through my embrace pushing to her tiptoes and whispered in my ear; "God, when you just sat there without speaking I didn't know what to think, my mind was overrun with fear that you were disappointed, that I was acting like a middle aged slut. The whole time I was preparing for this moment and this evening my emotions ran the gamut between excitement and fear, and when you just sat there, panic filled every fiber of my being. I did this for us, I want you to know how much you mean to me and how much I want the intimate relationship we had before the girls." I pulled her head off my shoulder and tenderly kissed her lips.

She responded to my kiss by reaching down and pulling my hand to her breast. "I have something special planned for us tonight" with that she pushed out of my embrace and sashayed off the deck her hips swinging playfully. After watching intently while she paraded through the kitchen I followed climbing the stairs two at a time. When I reached the top of the stairs the bedroom doors were wide open and she was standing beside the bed. The smile had returned to her face and the twinkle to her eyes.

"You need to go put on the gift you saw earlier, I left it in the bathroom, come out wearing only it; understand?" I responded in the affirmative noticing the chairs by the window had been rearranged and there was a new chair directly in front of the window. I walked across the room to the bathroom where I tugged the clothes off my body, almost tripping when I stepped out of my pants. The thong was on the counter; I slid it off, and stepped into it. It was an odd feeling and I had some trouble bending my erect cock into the pouch. Its soft, seamless fabric felt great on my skin and I felt funny thinking that. I pushed that thought from my mind, turned, opened the door to the bedroom, and walked in sheepishly. In a soft voice she said "Please sit on the new chair in front of the window and follow every instruction I give from now on without hesitation. Failure to do so will have serious consequences."

The chair looked was an upscale wooden card table chair and although the seat was upholstered it was uncomfortable. My head was spinning and I was trembling from anticipation and excitement. I felt Rachel approach from behind kissing my neck and ear before moving to stand in front of me. She set a small bag on the table and pulled out a black box. Smiling she turned it for me to read, it was a 50 shades gift set.

"You left me for 5 days with only my book. You knew I was reading it because I was sharing it with you, you knew it was making me more horny with each passing day and yet you didn't cancel your meetings and come home to me instead you let me suffer. Well now you are home and you are going to pay for being so inconsiderate."

"I'm sorry, I had to go, perhaps next time you can come with me, I don't know why I didn't think of it this trip"

"Apology not accepted," she said as she pulled handcuffs from the box, moving behind me again pulling my arms around the back of the chair and locking my wrists securely in the cuffs.

I watched in amazement as she knelt in front of me and tied my ankles to the legs, exposing my eyes to the feast of her ample breasts that were bursting from her corset. I said nothing. She remained silent as she swung one leg over my lap and straddled me. While standing she placed both hands on my nipples, rubbing and pinching them, lightly at first but then with increasing intensity until my hard nubs turned bright red.

My cock was now engorged and pushing hard at the soft fabric of the thong. She continued her assault on my nipples with one hand and began to rub my cock with the other. I began pulling at the restraints, but movement only caused the metal to dig into my wrists and cause considerable pain. Pre-cum was once again oozing from the tip of my cock as she dropped from her standing straddle to sit on my lap. Her soft nylons felt good rubbing against the outside of my legs. She leaned in and began sucking and biting my nipples in concert with twisting her hips and rubbing her pussy against my cock bound by the thong. My nipples were close to bleeding when she stopped, stood and walked away leaving me squirming and gasping for a normal breath. When she returned she knelt and untied my ankles. I stretched my cramping legs.

"Stand up" she said in a measured tone. My arms were still cuffed behind my back but I pulled my legs back and stood by pushing my arms straight back to clear the chair stumbling forward in the process. Rachel just stood there, offering no help. Now steady I stood motionless.

"Walk to the bed and lie down, face-up" I did as instructed falling first to my side before rolling onto my back my arms still securely restrained in the cuffs. It was uncomfortable but the soft mattress kept it from being unbearable. I watched in amazement as she came to the side of the bed, raised her leg and placed her foot on the top of the mattress allowing me an unobstructed view of her hairless pussy. I watched as she began to rub it slowly, each stroke replenishing the clear fluid flowing from inside her. While looking directly into my eyes she plunged two fingers into her drooling pussy and stroked until she withdrew them and placed them teasingly across my lips. I immediately sucked her fingers into my mouth licking and sucking until only the salt of her skin remained. She smiled at my enthusiasm repeating the activity until I was writhing with excitement.

Then suddenly she stopped, placed both feet on the floor, reached forward, and pulled the pre-cum soaked thong off my throbbing member that was now free and dancing with every beat of my heart. I was completely naked, restrained, venerable and alone with lurid thoughts of her sexuality controlling my soul as she disappeared from my field of vision without a word. I squirmed and called out, begging for more but there was no response. I lay there rolling in erotic agony when suddenly I felt her presence behind me just before the room went dark and I felt her move away again. Seconds became minutes, my stiffness vanished, and my cock fell limp against my thigh.

Suddenly I was aware of how much the cuffs were hurting my wrists and digging into my back, I rolled onto my side to sit up.

"No you don't," was all I heard before I felt strips of leather rake across my hip and the exposed cheek of my ass. "I didn't tell you to move" and the strips once again cut across my hip and ass. I yelped half in surprise and half in pain as she pushed me off my side onto my stomach so both cheeks were now exposed to her whip. More slashes came; the tingling became pain, yet for some inexplicable perverted reason I found this erotic. My bare, tingling ass now apparently red enough she stopped.

"Do you promise to be a better now and only do what I say?"

"Yes", I muttered.

"Good" and with that she leaned in and released me from the restraint of the cuffs. "Now spread your legs as far apart as you can."

I knew better than to ask why so I followed her instructions. Visually deprived by the blindfold and face down on the bed I heard the click of cap being flipped open followed by the flatulent sound that liquid makes when forced from a tube. In seconds, I felt a cool, slick substance being rubbed between my parted cheeks. I tensed as I felt her finger glide across my bud several times before I felt the tip of it pushing against the tightness reflex of my dark knot. She continued applying slight pressure until she gained penetration, the seal now broken.

She stopped at what felt like the first knuckle waiting for me to relax. As I did she pressed on until she had buried her entire finger in my ass. I wanted to protest since that seemed what I should do, but her finger on my prostate felt good. It was a strange humiliating feeling, I was strung between quilt and pleasure, and my cock continuing to ooze as it throbbed beneath me. When she finally withdrew her finger, I felt the coolness of more lube being applied before something hard was pressed against my stretched hole. I tried to relax as she slowly eased it in, it felt like her fist but I knew it was the butt plug I had seen in the box when she showed me the 50 shades kit.

After several minutes, it was all the way in. "Roll over."

I closed my legs and did as instructed the bed now keeping the plug in my ass. The cool of the sheets felt good on my stinging ass. "Put your arms to your side and keep them there, you may not use them in any way no matter how much you want to, understand?"

I really wanted to rub my sore wrists but that was not allowed, so I pulled my arms to my side as instructed and laid there my mind crashing deeper into the sordid fringes of this new erotic relationship. Shortly, I felt the mattress move above me, her soft thighs against my ears, a whiff of her arousal just above my nose. I lifted my head to reach her heavenly slit with my tongue and was rewarded as she ground her pussy against my nose and lips, almost smothering me in the process. I licked, sucked, and kissed her puffy nether lips, continually adjusting and refining my technique in an attempt to provide her with ultimate pleasure. Thankfully she rolled forward and I gasped for air as she positioned her hands on my hips using the motion of the plug to milk me further, sending spasms to my cock that her mouth suddenly engulfed.

Emboldened by hedonistic euphoria I disobeyed her, ripping the blindfold from my face, grabbing her thighs, and spreading her cheeks in order to gain greater access to the smooth protruding gemstone now peaking from its hood while pulling her harder against my insistent tongue. Methodically with varying pressure and movement I rolled my tongue around the edges of her pearl as she pumped up and down on my cock while rubbing my perineum with one hand and rolling the butt plug with the other. I had to shout that I was about to come in order to be heard over the moans and sucking sounds echoing off the walls. This only caused her to become more determined as she rode my cock with her face.

Her assault continuing I plunged my face and tongue back into her folds, working her clitoris until I lost concentration and pumped an endless stream of cum into her mouth. She choked and gagged but continued to suck my over stimulated member until she sat straight up squeezing my head with her thighs as she convulsed and flooded my face with the heavenly nectar of her climax. Apparently drained of energy, she rolled and fell off me but I rolled with her to maintain contact with her delicious trench in order to continue my attack on her clit until she came repeatedly.

Her frenzied, delirious response to my cunnilingus caused my cock to be erect again, so I slid off the bed pulling the plug from my ass as I stood. I yanked open the bedside table drawer, removed a condom, tore it open with my teeth, and rolled it down my stiff rod before grabbing the open lube from the table drenching the condom covering my cock while pulling her limp body to the edge of the bed. I lifted her hips and slowly guided my cock into in her receptive ass.

She cried out in ecstasy as I gave her my entire length. As I pumped her tight rosebud, she reached between her legs, and began rubbing her clitoris feverishly as I fucked her ass for the first time. Our minds and bodies were so sexually charged it only took minutes before we both lost control and burst in a simultaneous life-altering climax. Exhausted for the moment she fell flat against the bed and I followed, falling next to her incredible naked body.

We lay there in silence, words the furthest thing from our minds until darkness filled the room, both dozing occasionally. Finally I broke the silence. "You amazed me today; you are the greatest lover any man could have."

She turned her head, smiled, and said, "This is but the first step on our journey as empty nesters, and I intend to make it the best time of our lives".


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