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Erotic Revolution
True Erotic Story By Anonymous

It seemed like a lifetime ago that they had known each other, but within the last few weeks through email's they had reconnected after years of being apart. Graduation from high school had sent them on their separate life paths, but now, sixteen years later, they had reconnected through the Internet.

They were instantly attracted to one another; they shared a connection that seemed almost magical. The airport was busy this time of year; Edward hoped that he would find her quickly in the crowd.

He was eager to see her after all the years, and the little time they would spend together was too precious to waste. He was eager to see her and once again feel the excitement he had felt as a teen being around her. As the passengers went their separate ways with the people who had come to greet them, Edward got his first glimpse at Chloe. She was stunning. As their eyes met for the first time in over 16 years the attraction was instantly apparent. Edward felt his heart begin to race as she looked at him.

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He wondered if she felt the same excitement too. Even as a teenager Edward had been drawn to Chloe's infinite beauty and charismatic personality. She was a striking young woman, the type that you look at as you pass her by and end up almost walking backwards in hopes of getting another look. When she would smile you'd swear it was proof that God did in fact love you.

In all the years she hadn't changed at all. At 31 years she was the perfect example of poetry in motion. Long blonde hair, and emerald green eyes, the kind you'd be thankful to drown in. She had a perfectly shaped mouth, painted fire engine red, and just as Edward had remembered. The pictures of herself she had sent Edward did little justice for her. As she strode toward him and Edward moved to embrace her, finally allowing himself to feel her body against his for the first time and it truly felt like a dream. However, really holding her far surpassed any dream he had ever had. The spark he had imagined was there, he hoped she felt it too.

The car ride back to Chloe's home was filled with deep conversation and a general feeling of contentment. They felt comfortable with one another and it was apparent in the conversation they had. Edward reached for Chloe's hand, and felt a security holding it. Her skin was warm and smooth, and she was pleased with the feeling of closeness his holding her hand instilled in her. They pulled up to Chloe's house and parked the car. Edward grabbed his bags and followed her inside.

It was bright and warm inside; so different from the cold Colorado night they had just stepped out of. Her home smelled of perfume and scented candles. It was a welcoming scent that made you feel at ease. Chloe's home making skills had done a wonderful job, and everything had a warm renaissance feel to it. Chloe led Edward to her bedroom and showed him where he could put his bags. The room was as richly decorated, as was the rest of the house and whispered promises of an erotic connection.

Chloe stopped and stood inches from Edward, they looked deeply into each other's eyes as if searching for a hidden clue as to what the other was thinking. Edward reached out his hand and slid his it behind Chloe's neck, twining his fingers in her soft, long, blonde hair. Pulling her close he kissed her lips for the first time, and instantly felt a sorrow for what they had missed in their youth. Her lips were soft as rose petals; they parted as her tongue found his. Never had he experienced a kiss that felt as pure as this. He pulled back and was delighted in the desire emanating from deep within in her eyes.

Chloe had put together a wonderful meal for them, as with everything else she did, her cooking was magical. They talked and laughed over a wonderful meal. Edward had brought Chloe a gift of wine from a local California winery, which they shared over dinner. After dinner, Chloe suggested a fire, and Edward agreed that it would be a great way to enjoy the evening together; connecting while watching the flames do a slow dance as the consumed the logs.

Edward had one request before the fire was built, and that was to take a quick shower. He had to rush from work in order to catch the plane, and hadn't been able to take one before he left to come to her. Chloe said that it was fine, and that she would bring him a towel. The warm water felt wonderful on his skin. The bathroom quickly filled with billowing steam. The shower doors were glass and beaded with water droplets obscuring the rest of the bathroom. Edward felt rather pleased when saw Chloe enter the bathroom. He had left the door unlocked in hopes that her curiosity and the desire he had seen in her eyes when they kissed earlier would compel her to join him.

A slightly cooler breeze flowed across Edward's skin as Chloe slid back the shower door. She was wearing an open robe that did little to hide the beautiful body it covered. Chloe let the robe fall to the floor and stood nude before him in the rolling clouds of steam. Her body was something to behold. Every bit as stunning as he had dreamed it would be. Her breasts were perfectly shaped and topped by pink erect nipples. Her blonde hair spilt over her delicate shoulders and down her back. There was a soft golden tuft of pubic hair between her legs, well trimmed.

Edward was awe struck by her pure physical beauty. She was a Goddess, and no painting or sculpture by the masters would ever be able to capture the beautiful woman that now stood nude before him. Reaching out Edward took Chloe's hand and drew her into the shower with him. She eagerly stepped to him, his excitement apparent as his erect cock brushed against her stomach as she stepped even closer. As the water ran over her he kissed her again passionately. There indeed was a fire here, they both felt it, and no amount of water would put it out.

Edward's hands wandered down Chloe's well shaped back until they rested on her rounded ass. He squeezed her little cheeks and felt himself throb where he was pressed against her. Chloe could feel him throbbing too; she took his hard cock in her hand and slowly slid up and down him. She was pleased to see had this effect on him. The feeling of his cock in her hand was pleasing to her. She had wondered what it would feel like, and now as she felt him she was delighted in exploring his wonderful, hard, thick, cock.

She soaped her hand and gently clutched his balls in her hand. A soft moan escaped him as she lightly tightened her grip on his balls and once again started to stroke his cock up and down. She could tell this was a great turn-on for him by the way his breathing quickened. She pulled his cock down and rubbed the swollen head against her pussy lips. The feeling excited her and he could feel the wet heat radiating from her pussy. Edward leaned forward and started kissing and biting Chloe's neck. His tongue danced over her skin and she imagined how it would feel to have him eating her pussy. She was on fire.

Down his head went as he sucked Chloe's erect nipple into his mouth. She tingled with excitement at the feeling of his warm tongue dancing over her nipple. She was lost in her ecstasy, finally experiencing all of the things she wanted this man to do to her body, and how she was to love each and every thing he did. Chloe stood back to let the water wash the soap from his cock and lowered herself to her knees. As she knelt before him, her eyes locked with his. Her hand running lazily up and down his cock. She moved her face close to him and touched the head of his cock with her tongue.

The precum was present in copious amounts; she had excited him without a doubt. She knew he was under her control as she worked her tongue around the straining tip. His eyes looking into hers allowed him to see the desire she felt to have him in her mouth and under her control. Edward loved it. She took her hand from the shaft of Edward's cock and reached around to his ass, pushing his dick into her mouth while holding his balls still tightly in her other hand. She enjoyed the taste of him, and how he felt in her mouth. Chloe controlled Edward's thrusting motions with her hand on his ass. Edward's hands were moving through Chloe's hair. He was in ecstasy.

It was so erotic to have such a beautiful woman, a woman he had dreamt of for years and years sucking his cock. Edward let Chloe control the tempo of his motions in and out of her hot wet mouth. She was very skilled at this, and it was apparent this was the best blowjob Edward had ever received. Chloe moved her hand from his ass, and got a firm hold of Edward's smooth, swollen cock. She loved the way the pre-cum tasted, salty and good. Sucking his cock had her pussy-dripping wet; she felt the fire between her legs growing hotter.

Holding his dick in her hand, Chloe bent and sucked one of Edward's balls into her mouth. Edward gasped and his hazel eyes seemed to glaze over in pleasure. It was nice, Chloe thought, to be able to do this without the problems loose hair presented, as his balls were smoothly shaved, perfect for mouth play. Edward moaned Chloe's name as she worked him. Slowly alternating form one ball to the other, with her mouth while keeping up the rhythm on his cock with her hand. Edward was in ecstasy; never had he experienced a living dream like this. For to him, that was exactly what Chloe was. The embodiment of every male fantasy- loving, smart, beautiful, with an exquisite body.

Chloe released Edward's balls from her mouth and grabbed his cock forcefully drawing Edward out of the far away look of pleasure he had. She slowly rubbed his cock against her flawless face, over her cheeks and around her lips. She knew she had this man exactly where she wanted him, as they looked into one another's eyes, Chloe knew he was hers to hold on to. Chloe slid her breasts up Edward's body; he shivered as he felt her erect nipples caressing him. She was now standing with one foot standing upon the side of the shower opening her pink, swollen pussy to him. Edward ran his hands over her breasts, down her soft body to her dripping wet blonde pubic hair. He slid his fingers in between her pussy lips causing her to gasp with sexual arousal. His fingers toyed with her swollen clit as she ran her hands up and down his back moaning.

Cum oozed from her excited pussy, teasing his fingers to come further inside her. Edward slid his fingers to her opening, and pushing past it's tight, softness his fingers slid deep inside her. Chloe's eyes widened and her head fell back in sexual surrender. Edward fucked her aroused, swollen, pink pussy with slow rhythmic motions. His fingers arching upward pressed hard against her fleshy gspot making her feel as though she was going to explode cum when she orgasmed.

Chloe's body tingled with hot, electric current running through it as Edward brought her quickly to the height of her orgasm. Chloe let out screams of passionate ecstasy as she pushed into the powerful orgasm. Her vaginal muscles pushed Edward's fingers from deep inside her, and now cum was spraying out of her, gushing all over Edward's fingers, up to his forearm. Her orgasmic release sent a spray cum gushing out like an erotic waterfall drenching them both in her pussy's juices. Edward was delighted and lifted his fingers to his mouth to taste her still dripping from their bodies. Chloe fell back in sexual delight as a most intense orgasm had just been released from her now quivering, and overwhelmed body. Edward smiled with a knowing smile that this was just the beginning of a long, erotic, and very wet evening.


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