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A Fall Surprise
Erotic Story By- Anonymous

It was late fall but the weather had been sunny and warm so I had not made time to do fall yard maintenance. But according to the forecast the weather was about to change so I decided I better get to it today, besides newly divorced and my golfing friends were all busy doing their fall chores, I figured what else was there to do.

I mowed, trimmed, picked up leaves, cleaned out the beds and was trimming the last of the perennial bushes just as it was turning dusk. This bush was next to our neighbors fence and as I was sculpting away with the electric trimmer I heard a female voice call "hey there neighbor". I looked up to see Susan standing there watching me work. I turned off the trimmer and greeted her back with a lame hello.

Susan and Tom had lived next to us for 6 years and we were friendly but not friends. They had their circle of friends when they moved in and my ex-wife and I had ours but they had always come to our parties and we had shared dinner at each others homes on occasion and even had happy hour drinks on Friday after work.

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Susan was in her early 50's and was one of those women who was proud of her looks and took great care to always look her best. She always dressed in the latest styles, styles that accentuated her 30 year old looking body. I knew she worked out and it showed. Our houses were on the lake and on several occasions I had seen her come off their boat in her very small bikini taking care not to wear her swim suit cover up like all our other neighbor women when they came back from a day on the water.

After my lame hello she began the conversation by saying that she had watched me work all day and that the yard looked great and ready for the long crappy winter that we had every year. I said I had been putting it off but with the weather closing in I thought I better get it done and thanks for the compliment. She said you must be hungry and thirsty and I hadn't though about it but I hadn't eaten anything all day, I was just fixated on getting the job done. I said yes and now that I think about it I am starving as I haven't eaten anything all day.

I guess I will put my equipment away and run up to Subway and get a sandwich or something. She countered with an offer to join her for dinner as she had made a recipe that made enough for four. I told her that I would love a home cooked meal. Without hesitation she said Tom and her had just separated and she hated to eat alone so it would be great if I could join her. I said that would be great and asked what time she would like me to come over. She said anytime, we could have a drink while she finished up dinner.

I said I would put away my tools and wash up and then come over. I finished putting away the tools, washed up and headed over. When I arrived at her back door and she answered it I noticed she was wearing a low cut tight white top without a bra with faded, expensive fashion jeans with holes. The holes in her jeans were at the top of the leg on one side and it showed the beautiful tanned crease between her leg and hip. She was barefoot and her nails were painted and had small designs. She must have been wearing this when we talked over the fence but I was so involved in my chores I didn't notice. I stood there for a moment mesmerized by every inch of her taught, sexy 5'8" frame when I was startled by her voice saying aren't you going to come in?

I snapped back into the moment and was red-faced that she had caught my long hungry stare. She didn't seem bothered by it in fact I think she loved it and smiled at my embarrassment. I followed her into the house and stopped at the breakfast bar that looked into the kitchen. As she walked across the kitchen I noticed her jeans had holes in similar places to the front and that one in particular showed some of her milky white bottom. I was enjoying the view when heard her ask if I would like a beer or a drink. Again it took me a while to refocus but I answered that a beer would be great.

I think she was loving my looks and embarrassment. She opened the refrigerator and the light from inside shown across her breasts with protruding big nipples that looked bound by the very tight white top. She grabbed a beer, closed the refrigerator door and as she walked toward me I noticed how really incredibly lovely and sexy she was. She place the beer on the bar and moved to the counter next to the sink saying she was going to have a glass of wine. As I opened my beer she turned and grabbed the bottle of wine from the counter to my right. Then she opened the cabinet above the counter were the wine bottle was and as she reached for a wine glass her top moved up with her arm exposing her tan midriff, it was tight and tan.

She returned with the bottle and the glass and pulled open the drawer across the bar from where I was sitting bending over slightly as she said now where is that damn bottle opener when I need it. As she bent her low cut tight top exposed the top of what appeared to be her 38C breasts. They were tan and smooth and I found myself beginning to get hard. Just as quickly as the view came it ended when she found the opener. Damn, I found myself wanting to see more.

She handed me the bottle and asked me to open it and pour the wine which I did reluctantly since I really didn't want to take my eyes off of her. As I did she went back to work on the dinner. She said I hope you like pasta and sausage. I said I loved it and poured her wine. I set it on the counter on the other side of the bar and went back to drinking my beer. As she finished up dinner we talked about the summer and how we both hated to see it end and the kind of small talk between two acquaintances who were searching for a topic of mutual interest.

I finished my beer something she noticed and without asking just went to the refrigerator, grabbed another one and put it on the bar for me. She was drinking her wine, cooking our dinner and making me very horny as I drank my beer. As I was finishing my second beer she said dinner was ready. She dished it up and carried the two plates to the kitchen table. As she did I noticed her wine glass was about empty so I grabbed the bottle and poured her another glass. I guess it was subconscious but I filled it really full and when I handed it to her she asked me in a campy way if I was trying to get her drunk and take advantage of her.

Flushed I stammered out the words no that I just got carried away, but as I sat down I thought maybe I was doing that. As we ate dinner I noticed the conversation turned toward a little provocative. She was carrying on about how young girls today dressed and how it was trashy instead of elegant and sexy. I agreed and said I had never seen her look anything but elegant even tonight. Now she was embarrassed, but appreciative of my comment. We went on to talk about sexy clothes and how it was much better to leave something to the imagination as the imagination had a much stronger effect on the libido than leaving nothing to the imagination.

As she ate I noticed the sensual way she was eating the pasta, sucking it into her mouth through her pursed lips and the way she was eating the sausage, rolling her tongue around it before she put it in her mouth. When we were finished with dinner I started to clear the table and carry the dishes to the kitchen but had to move quickly and use the dishes to cover my bulging shorts. I think Susan noticed and it made her smile. I think she loved the tease and my obvious reaction was just what she wanted to see.

After I had cleared the table I said it was getting late and the dinner was delicious but I better be getting home. She asked me what was the hurry as she went to the refrigerator and got me anther beer and then moved to the counter to pour herself more wine. She said besides we haven't even had dessert yet. As she handed me the beer I shot her comment about did she want to get me drunk and take advantage of me back at her. To my surprise she said maybe, giggled and moved off down the hall toward her room saying enjoy your beer I have to pee I will be right back.

As she moved off I found myself thinking how much I would love to see her body, those beautiful tits with the huge nipples. Wondering was her pussy shaved? I took a big drink of my beer and told myself I needed to get out of here and get home before my sexually charged mind took over my body completely. So I chugged by beer and looked for a pen and some paper to write a thank you note so I could exit with some degree of decorum. I found both and was in the middle of the note when she returned. I could sense her presence behind me as I wrote then I heard her say what are you doing don't you want dessert?

As I turned to answer she was within a foot of me clad only in a garter belt, stockings, red stiletto heels and a sheer robe that showed everything. I am sure my mouth dropped open further than it ever has, I found myself unable to speak I just stood there staring at every inch of her unbelievable 50 something body. My erection was now about to burst from my shorts. She had me so turned on I thought I might cum in my shorts right there especially if she touched me. I fought to get a hold of myself as she asked again about dessert. I was finally able to speak and all I could say was wow you are amazing.

She smiled and reiterated that she had watched me work all day and seeing me sweat and lift and carry made her unbelievably horny and that the wine had only made things worse. She wanted me! I was flattered since I am not much to look at, a little out of shape and about 5 years older than she.

She said she did that today as she watched me work and it helped but it didn't make the urge go away. At that moment she took my right hand and placed it on her breast and asked me to rub her nipple. I couldn't breathe, but I couldn't help myself either. I did as she asked and loved it. Soon my other hand was on her other breast and she was beginning to moan softly and move her hips. Suddenly I felt her hand on my shorts as she fumbled with the button and zipper to let them release my throbbing cock that was straining to get out of my shorts. I continued to rub her breasts twisting and pulling the nipples. Just as I pushed the robe away to expose them to my mouth she won the battle with my shorts and the dropped to the floor. I planted my mouth on her one breast and nipples and continued to rub the other with my other hand. As I did this she stroked my cock though my boxers. I used my free hand to get the robe the rest of the way off. After it fell to the floor I used that hand to move underneath her garter belt. Much to my surprise and delight she didn't have panties on and my fingers dove to her labia in search of her clit. I found it as she used her hands to pull down my boxers and stroke my cock.

God if she doesn't quit that I am going to cum before I can bring her to orgasm. We were both incredibly turned on, and began kissing passionately while she stroked my cock and balls and I her clitoris. Suddenly she broke away and took my hand and led me to the living room and the couch. She laid down putting one leg up on the back and the other on the floor, exposing her beautifully shaved pussy now dripping wet. I immediately dove in, lapping her succulent pussy juice and flicking her clit with my tongue. She was moaning and writhing moving to gain every inch of pleasure. She started to speak but it only came out as "Yes, yes" that's it baby. I couldn't stop this was unbelievable! Her legs wrapped around my head as I sent her to orgasm her body twitching and arching with pleasure. As the orgasm subsided I licked her from the anus to the clitoris and she laid there sort of purring.

Finally she spoke and said that was the most amazing thing she had ever experienced. She had been trying for 30 years to get her husband to do that for her but he refused saying he couldn't imagine liking it, but he insisted that she give him blow jobs because it was different for her. She followed that comment by saying that because of that she had become quite accomplished at that skill, would I like to judge her ability?

I said sure but that sadly in my present state of arousal it probably wouldn't take very long. She said honey I will make you cum when I want you to and not before and with that she pushed me onto my back on the couch and moved to my cock and balls. Her mouth was soft and warm as she slid it up and down my shaft licking and sucking. Then she moved to my balls and licked and sucked them as she massaged the gland just behind them. I was losing my mind with pleasure. She moved expertly back and forth between my balls and cock humming as she worked, occasionally glancing up at me and smiling with her luscious green eyes. Slowly, agonizingly she worked until I was ready to explode, she sensed this and began to suck harder. I couldn't hold it anymore I pushed on her head to let her know I was going to cum but she shook her head and kept sucking. I came and came and came and she sucked it all in and swallowed, gulping every last drop.

I lay there totally spent as she fell on top of me kissing me deeply. As she pulled away to rest her head on my shoulder she asked so what is my grade? I said A+++ that although my ex-wife was really good at that she was clearly a professional. We lay there on her couch for an hour of so not really talking just petting and enjoying each other. Finally I said as much as I enjoyed dessert I should probably be going. She rolled off toward the back of the couch and I stood admiring her body. I bent in to kiss her pussy one more time and then up to her mouth to kiss her good-bye.

As I walked to my boxers and shorts I thanked her for her hospitality. I grabbed my shoes and was opening the door to exit and I heard her call out that I was welcome to have dinner and dessert with her anytime and that her pussy would long for my mouth and tongue until next we shared a meal. I said next time I would cook for her that I had a special recipe for dessert that would send her over the moon. With that I pulled the slider and stepped into the night for the walk home, unable to stop smiling.


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