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Erotic Story By Anonymous

Today Is our 30th wedding anniversary, I know that our four children have planned a get together for us at our favorite restaurant, but I'm also planning a surprise of the wicked and pleasurable variety.

While you're at work I have time to complete my surprise. I charge the new sex toy that I got from Holistic Wisdom and set everything in place for later.

As nice as it was to see all of the family together later that day, I could not wait to get you to myself for your sexy surprise. Thinking of the night ahead I am reminded of how we started out.

We were in school together but as you were one of the more popular kids you didn't take much notice of plump, boring me. After finishing school I would see you around the neighborhood and wonder what it would be like to be yours.

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Years later and a bit more confident in my improved appearance I had started to work for a small business that was woman owned and it came as a shock to me to learn later that she was your mother. At a Christmas party where we both attended we got to talking, I remember the drink giving me the confidence to talk to you more candidly than I usually would. We both drank a little too much letting our inhibitions go and that's how things all started.

I was woozy from the drink, my heartbeat was drumming in me ears and I was shaking as we entered the hotel room. Things escalated quickly, I found myself on the bed naked with you still fully clothed. I had never before experienced the tingling all over my body from just the way you looked at me.

Sliding two fingers inside of my hungry and wet pussy while nibbling on one of my nipples, I felt ready to explode. All it took was your thumb circling my clit to set off a chain of reactions, my intense orgasm swept through my body, when I came back down from the swirling ecstasy, I noticed you were undressing. I never had appreciated the male form as much as I did in that moment.

Your cock was huge, the biggest I had ever seen, I wanted so badly to taste you. I knelt down in front of you taking your hot shaft in my hand and as I slid it up and down you I could not help but love the feel of it. I let the taste of you wash over me, you were all man to me.

I loved having you in my mouth, I loved hearing you moan all the while enjoying how I could illicit this type of abandon and passionate response from you. When you could take it no longer you threw me onto the bed and positioned yourself between my eager and soft legs. I felt inch after glorious inch of your cock take over my pussy.

Fully inside me you started thrusting, rocking my world and my life. You pounded away like a jackhammer and I had never felt so much wild abandon in my life until that point. I had orgasm after orgasm with you never loosing your rhythm. Finally I felt you grow larger inside me and saw you becoming more frantic. You came inside me sending me over the edge once more.

To this day I cannot believe you are mine and tonight I plan to make not only the bedroom a place where I rock your world but a sexual encounter where we rock the heavens as well.


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