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Game of Thrones Erotic Story
Erotic Story By Javier

It was late evening; the sun had gone down in Mereen when Daario entered Daenerys' quarters through the window, holding a bouquet of flowers in his hand that he carefully had climbed up with to the top of the pyramid. Daario walked to Daenerys' bed and saw her sitting on the bedside in front of him.

"What did I say about climbing?" She said, with a small grin. "And the flowers you didn't need to bring them, but now that you already have them I'll make a nice gift to my dragons."

He looked at her with a fast raising of eyebrow and amazed in his facial expression. "Well, the guards didn't let me in; they thought I was one of the gold masks." He said as he walked to the corner of her bed and put the flowers gently on the silken duvet and sat beside her.

"It seems like the unsullied don't like you" She said with a smile.

"Greyworm doesn't like the Secondsons because we do as we please with our freedom" He said.

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"Yes, they don't use their freedom because they were fostered to be Unsullied and nothing more, they often say."

Daario retorted with a quick response. "And others go to brothels to seek pleasure, even the Unsullied." He said watching her jump up from the bed and walk in front of where Daario was sitting.

"That's a question not even Greyworm can answer, but I don't need questions." she said with a powerful smile. She grabbed the only attachment to her clothing, a golden ring the size of a closed fist, she snapped it out and her silver white dress the color matching her hair fell to the floor with the ring making a light metallic sound that echoed through the room.

Daario looked astonished and he started to contemplate her beautiful body. Daenerys had undressed and was completely nude and began to slowly walk forward to the bed. While she walked, her hands reached for her hair and released her shining trenches separating her hair while she was shaking her head slowly as her hair cascaded down to her breasts. Her face was relaxed and her eyes staring at Daario seductively. She raised her arms and as she did so it accentuated her curves making her resemble like a goddess.

She reached for Daario's shoulders and began to undress him as he caressed her soft skin. Daario was quickly freed from restrictive garments and he began to touch her quivering body fueled by passion and lust. They softly kissed and touched with the highest of pleasure that not even a brothel whore from Kingslanding ever could have provided.

Daario slid his hands past her soft hips and caressed her thighs which led her to quickly arch her back and fall onto the bed in a sitting position on top of Daario. She was looking down at him giggling with the most beautiful smile in the seven kingdoms. They kissed passionately and Daario began to kiss down her lovely neck and from her lips he could hear her let out a soft moan.

Daario eagerly continued downward to her left nipple which was quite erect. With his tongue he made gentle circles around the areola and he could feel her body thrusting against him, hungry for more. He moved his hand to her right breast giving her nipple a firm squeeze and she gasped with pleasure.

He slowly moved his hand down from her warm, heaving breast and began to spread her legs apart. He moved his hand slowly and looked upward to her face to see her staring at him with a hunger that could only be quenched by him. His fingers found her labia and the heat and moisture made his cock harden to become rock hard.

Her fingers slid down his chest and down his abdomen until she lightly touched his throbbing purple head and he let out a slight moan. He moved his fingers around her clit moving in small circles slowly and deliberately. Daenerys responded in kind by moving her fingers up and down his rigid manhood and

A thin layer of sweat lay on her skin making her shiny and more beautiful. Daario separated her vaginal lips and began to fuck her with his fingers and with every movement more hot cum drizzled out of her longing cunt. Daenerys was breathing heavily and moaning like the queen that she was. "Oh yes, don't stop," she said as she was trembling of pleasure and leaned her back to the bed.

Daenerys lay back letting him fuck her with two fingers and her face flushed crimson. His thumb caressed her clit as he fucked her and it was not long before she felt a blissful wave of climax come over her letting out a delightful scream of ecstasy.

Daenerys moved around for his penis began slowly licking his glans. She continued by making her lips around it and licking it in her mouth with her tongue making circles around it. Daario could wait no longer, he must have her. He pushed her down onto the bed and thrust himself into her wanting, wet pussy. She wrapped her legs around him drawing him in deeper and deeper until neither one of them could restrain themselves. She squirted on the bed like dragonfire as he came hard inside of her. Both were breathing hard as valyrian steel and their tensed bodies began to climax together.


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