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Good Morning My Lovely
Erotic Story By Anonymous

His Perspective-

We wake up in the morning spooning, you facing away from me, my left arm our you, my left hand in between your hands, which are clasped in front of you, my right arm above my head. You can feel me, my hardness, and I know you are awake.

My left hand takes both your hands and lifts them above your head, causing you to roll onto your back, and my right hand holds your hands above your head and now slowly moves down touching your hair, across your cheek and traces across your lips, onto your chin and down over your neck, you squirm as it tickles however my hand restrains your hands and arms above your head on the pillow. I touch the straps of you silk Chemise then trace down the sides under your arm pits and across your ribcage. Slowly I run my fingers with the most gentle of touches up between your breasts and down the other side, continuing in a figure eight around your breasts but not touching them, you moan with delight.

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I continue three, four, five times teasing but not getting closer to your breasts, then down across your stomach just clipping the top of your knickers before lifting and moving my hand onto your left leg up the front of your thigh then down the front of your right thigh, you have your legs bent in front of you, slightly apart wanting me to touch you, to feel you, I resist, my fingers gently glide up the inside of your left thigh and down the inside of your right thigh stopping tantalizingly close to your knickers. Then back up to your stomach and towards your breast, pushing the silk fabric up your chest but still not touching your breasts, your squirm again, you want me to feel the firmness of your nipples, I know they are hard and want to be touched but I resist as my right hand restrains your arms, you moan again.

I trace a figure eight again this time feeling the smooth flesh of your breasts through the silk chemise, the material moving on your nipples, but my fingers gently staying away from them, slow figure eights around your breasts, two, three, four times. My fingers gently dance across your stomach, again flicking the top of your knickers, this time tracing gently across the top of them teasing that they will go inside but not daring to.

Again up and down your thighs ever so gently, this time getting closer again to your groin, flicking the side of your knickers at the top of your thighs, before brushing gently, accidently over your knickers and back to your stomach. You chemise has worked its way up to your breast, and I drag it back and forth so you feel the smooth silk material glide across your nipples, they are dying to be touched, played with, nibbled, sucked but I make you wait, I circle again figures eights, this time closer again to your hardness, my fingers not touching but my movements causing the silk materials to brush backwards and forwards.

Your eyes are shut and I look at you a smile a smirk in your face, the look of anticipation, delight, my fingers circle again, you are biting your lip to try to control your delight, but you can't hide it, the sounds you are making are music to my ears, sounds that tell me I am touching you just right.

Then my fingers glide down again pulling the silk across your nipples, this is almost more than you can take, you just want to fuck, but no, I'm not here for that, not yet anyway. Again tracing the line of your panties across the base of your stomach, just under the edge of the material I can feel your smoothness, your cleanliness won't go unrewarded, then tracing your panties around each leg close enough to have you raise your hips to try and get my finger close to your pussy, but I pull away, and glide slowly across the outside of your knickers, I can feel the warmth, and the slight dampness that is there, it won't be long.

Slowly, gently back across your stomach directly towards your left nipple then just before I get there around and across back into figures eights this time tighter again, I can almost feel your firm nipples through the silk materials, you try to move to make me touch them but I keep avoiding them, the smooth material dragging across and back, teasing torturing you and you beg please touch me! My fingers glide down, my thumb hooks under your panties and pulls down you raise your hips so I can pull them down slightly, then I reach around in between your legs and hook my thumb and forefinger in the crutch of your panties just glancing your swollen pussy and dragging your panties down your legs, I have to reach down to get them over your feet and in doing so my mouth passes ever so closely to your left nipple, which is just uncovered, you feel my breath on it and push your chest forward, it just misses my lips and brushes against my cheek as I reach down and as I move back up I hold my mouth over it and breath so that you can feel the warmth of my breath on you nipple, again you moan, this time almost demanding me to suck your nipple, but I don't, again you beg "Please, please, I want you," I ignore your requests and kiss your cheek as my hand slowly makes it way up your leg, you instinctively open your legs and push your pelvis forward to try and meet my fingers, which glide up the inside of your groin, beside your moist lips, I now trace large circles around your sex, carefully avoiding your clit, then down your groin past your swollen lips and then across between your pussy and your anus, gliding across your perineum and back up your left groin, around again, and again, you are rocking and rolling your pelvis.

I make my way back up your stomach this time surely your nipples will be touched, but around my fingers go, sliding the silk fabric across them again, I will cum without you, you say but I know I am in control of when you will cum so I stop and put my fingers on your lips, hush I say, I want you to never forget this, I slide my middle finger in your mouth, you wrap your tongue around it suck like it was my cock and you can't get enough of it, your saliva coating my finger, then I add another and another. You are sucking moaning squirming thrusting, I withdraw my fingers and take my wet fingers down to your right nipple rolling it around and around, yes your moan, yes that's it, yes, I go around and around, my forearm is brushing your left nipple, then I move my fingers across to your left side and meet them with my tongue twisting swirling your nipple, pinching it between my fingers and licking and sucking with my lips, my hand moves to your left nipple, circling twisting, pinching, my tongue flicking your left nipple then my teeth nibbling biting till it almost hurts, but its pleasurable pain on your left nipple, your right one pinched and stretched till it too almost hurts.

"My pussy," you cry, "touch my pussy," so my hand moves ever so slowly closer and closer, I glide my fingers over it, then from the bottom up I slide and glide my fingers up and my thumb just touching your moisture, my fingers gliding the outside of your lips, all the way up to your clit, and back down the other side, my thumb and finger changing position. I know if I insert a finger it will get coated in your lusciousness, smooth and warm, but I wait another few up and down, then I slide my middle finger all the way up the middle of your sex up to your clit and begin circling, Oh yeah, oh yeah that's it, you are crying begging for more, begging to be pushed over the limit. Then I slide back down your sex, the moisture is amazing, warm sticky, I slow push my finger part the way in, then another but only just in enough to get wet, I bring my hand up to your nipple which I am still sucking, I coat your nipple with your juices and proceed to lick it off, mmmm the taste of you is amazing, I resist going down on you, but I want to, perhaps another day, I need to keep your hands restrained today, as hard as you think your trying to break free, you enjoy it and you want to stay that way.

You feel my hand slide down your stomach again, its not going to take much, but this time I feel your lips again, gently massaging, then pinching, pulling them, three four five times, you can feel it building inside you, you're going to cum very soon, I slide a finger in, deep inside, you moan, then another, oh yeah you're going to cum, my thumb works your lit around and around, gently at first then faster and faster, my fingers curl up inside you, I stop licking your nipple for a moment and look at your face, you are flushed red, your breathing is intense, you are holding your breath then breathing quickly holding again, biting your lip, making noises I haven't heard before, then "Oh yes here I cum, Oh Yes," your pelvis is thrusting like you're riding a horse upside down, then in one massive moment you...

Her Perspective-

... cum! "Oh I just came, oh god that was heaven! Oh god, you are amazing! It's like you are inside my head knowing exactly what I would want!"


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