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Only Happy When It Rains
Erotic Story By Anonymous

"You've got to put that book down," Ren playfully scolded me as I tried hard to study for finals, "Otherwise you'll go blind from staring at it so long!"

She was always the first to choose play over work and I, being her roommate, usually got dragged along with her. Ren was a tall, outgoing blond with a personality nobody could beat. Really, all I ever wanted in a roommate was someone who would clean up and not lock me out.

I'm not a very outgoing person by any means; I'm basically the complete opposite. Standing 5'6", I'm not anywhere near being classified as tall like she was. Bookish, into Star Trek and D&D, I didn't exactly take home the Prom King in high school. That isn't to say that I'm unattractive, quite the opposite. I spent most of my teenage years trying to disguise the fact that I had boobs so that I could be left alone in the library. But her… she would have been busy causing trouble and getting away with it. With those long legs… those well developed-

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"Were you even listening to me?" Ren asked with a smile, "You seemed pretty lost in thought…"

"No," I rebutted, "I'm fine… Just distracted. Finals have me stressed."

So, yeah, I'm not the most honest person in the world. Perhaps it would have made things a little awkward in the dorm to admit that I'd been thinking of her, so I just played tired. It seemed as if I wouldn't be getting off that easily.

"Did I tell you Alex was coming over?" she paused to see if I was paying any attention. WHOMP. Brought out of daydreaming again, this time by a pillow smacking me in the face, I took off my reading glasses.

"You mentioned it," I mused as the glasses case slammed shut, "And that's fine. Just let me know if you need privacy with him."

In an effort to avoid her eyes I began looking outside. I noticed that it was incredibly rainy, so I figured the festivities would not be going on out there. Out of the corner of my eye I could tell that wasn't all she wanted to say. "I thought that maybe if you could pull your nose out of the books for a minute…", lowering her eyes, she trailed off. "Well, what do you propose I do instead?" I quizzed the girl. Not a lot would be going on in this weather, especially not at this hour. It was only 8 o'clock. Nothing would be geared up for hours.

As she turned to look out the window her long blond hair spun through the air and over her shoulder. Maybe she was just getting stir-crazy, but it was unusual for Ren to act so odd. "I just…" she trailed off, "can't stand to see you killing yourself with Statistics."

"You have to be kidding me," I started back, "why on earth..."

Before I knew it Ren had figured out what she wanted to do that night-and it wasn't going out. I tried to pull away, half-heartedly, only to be taken back into the hot embrace of my roommate. I'd seen her out with men but never with other girls. She didn't even have other friends that were girls.

Was this really happening or had I started daydreaming again? Her hands running through my hair and the scent of her vanilla sugar lotion told me I might not be hallucinating. The rough tug to the back of my head told me I was certainly not dreaming.

The kiss melted into an even more fervent embrace as she straddled my lap. Taking control, she pushed my shoulders back until I was pinned to the bed. Books went flying and my notes scattered. Vaguely, I realized that she'd thrown my binder so hard that the rings popped open. I could put the pages back in. It isn't like studying now would help. Perhaps this was what I needed more than an extra thirty minutes of formulas.

Not quite knowing what was happening, my hands were unbuttoning her cardigan. The fabric was silky against my fingertips as I ran them along, pushing buttons through as quickly as possible. Hanging above my face were those perfectly shaped breasts, ripe melons for my picking. Letting loose a guttural laugh, Ren stopped my hands and pinned them down above my head. That smile, devious and sensual, taunted me. Her long hair in loose curls, tousled from the last bit of activity teased my face. Light and fragrant I couldn't help but get drawn into every moment of what was happening. I sure as hell wasn't going to stop it.

"I suppose that is better than studying," she coyly questioned me, "isn't it?" Why she had to ask was beyond me. Every inch of my body was pulsating. Now she was just being cruel. Slowly, she bent down to take the zipper of my hoodie in her teeth. Even more slowly, I heard the sound of it coming undone. Eyes closed, breath bated, I could not take it anymore.

I know she could feel my hips swaying. I know she could hear the heart in my chest about to explode. The look in her eye told me this wasn't the first time she'd thought of it. She was going to draw this out, even if I died of excitement in the process. I could fill my clitoris swelling. It was coursing, ready and screaming to be touched. Agony would have been welcome compared to what frustration I was feeling. Her breath hot against my now bare skin was not helping. Letting out moans was about all that I was capable of just then, and she knew it.

No, I told myself, you are not going to just let your fantasy take you-you take her first. Ren gasped as I flipped her over and mounted her. I had already gotten most of her buttons undone in my last attempt, so I made quick work of the last few. Before she knew it her breasts were bare and my right hand was cupping one of them. I ran my tongue lightly down between her breasts and down her abdomen, watching her squirm, stopping short of her pants button. Now she would be the one screaming for more.

As she sighed I took her left nipple into my eager mouth. Twirling the tender flesh with my tongue, I applied pressure with teeth and sucked alternately. I'd make Ren sing if it were the last thing I'd do.

Suddenly, the door to our room swung open. "Who forgot to lock the door?" I asked without even looking to see who it was. "Alex…" Ren panted, "Remember, he was supposed to come later?" Just in case, I slowly turned my head. It was Alex. 6'4", slim with unkempt short curly brown hair. Blue eyes as cool as ice and silky voice to match. It was definitely him. "Did I miss something," Alex asked as he shut the door and turned the lock. "I thought that we were supposed to be hanging out…" The hurt was almost adorable. Almost worth making it up to him. I looked down at Ren and smiled.

"Was this your idea or his?" I taunted, "Because you know what they do to bad girls." As I stood up, I turned her over onto her stomach. "This," I said as I playfully spanked her perfectly molded ass, "Is what happens to bad girls!"

The sound of Alex's cock hardening in his jeans could almost be heard as I smacked Ren's round bottom. "Amy," he began slowly, "Ren told me to come over… I was going to see if you wanted to get dinner. It seems like you've got a full plate." Ren laughed even harder as I let her wriggle out of my grasp. "You could always join in," she mused as I smiled, "There's always room for more." His jaw plummeted to the floor as if he'd just walked into his own wet dream.

Springing up, Ren led the charge to Alex. Of course she got there first, all but ripping his jeans off of his toned body. She immediately began to put his hard member in her mouth, but he stopped her. Smiling, she got one fiercely well-aimed lick in against the head of his cock and you could time a musical piece with his rhythm. He pushed me down against the bed and started to suck my bare nipple. Filled with pleasure and heat, I turned tables on him. Pushing him down, I tore into him like he was the last thing I'd ever get ahold of. Given that he was much more muscular than I was, it should have come as no surprise that he overtook me and got on top again.

"Ahem," Ren coughed, "Did you forget about someone?"

"Never you," Alex said as he let me up and lay down on the bed, "I think we can make this work."

He knew he was about the luckiest man on earth. Two women to himself, and he was eating it up. He motioned for me to come closer and whispered that I got to choose. Walking backwards to Ren, I taunted him with my full hips as I moved. Together, we teased him as we took each other's clothes off. Slowly removing her pants, I heard him on the bed sighing in anticipation. I looked at Ren. I knew she was just about as ready to blow as I was, so I made quick work of our clothes and let her choose.

"I think you know what I want," she crooned as she got close to his lips, "I want this side…"

"Oh, really," he laughed, "That's all right with me. No complaints to be had."

We both straddled him, taking our places. He grabbed her hips as he put her in his mouth. Feeling her hot juices dripping, he probed her slit with his tongue. Moaning, her hips began moving faster. She wasn't the only one having fun. I lowered myself down onto his cock and forced him into my hot cunt. I could feel his body shake as I plunged him into my heat, into my wet. Hard and fast I thrust, growing even wilder as I listened to her call out in the moment. She was coming, I could see her body start to move more rapidly as he sucked her clitoris and plunged his finger into her. Unable to take any more, she gasped and I could almost taste her juices as I watched Alex's face revel in them. Jealous, I was paying more attention to his face when I felt a warm, wet tongue surround one of my nipples. Ren had moved in to finish the job she had started.

Grabbing my hair with one hand and my other breast with the spare, she drove me to orgasm on Alex's cock. Greedy as I was, I kept thrusting on him until finally he'd been tortured enough.

Hot with passion and crazed by his closeness to orgasm, he rolled me underneath him and held one of my legs up so that there wasn't so much as a square inch his fat cock couldn't reach inside me. Instinctively and quite easily, I grabbed his nearest nipple and massaged with my mouth. Soon I felt the hot, wild thrusts as he fucked me to his climax. The feeling of his sticky, wet cum sent me back over the edge and I arched so hard I thought I'd fold back in upon myself. Wave after wave crashed over my body and my nipples hardened beyond anything I'd seen before.

As soon as we'd finished, Ren shoved Alex harshly and he rolled between the wall and me. Satisfied that he was out of the way, she pressed her hot skin against mine and I couldn't help but start falling asleep from exhaustion next to her. "Maybe next time we'll get to be alone," Ren smiled as I drifted off, "Because I wasn't finished with you yet…"


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