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Having Sarah
Erotic Story By Bobjj123

Having sex with my fellow college student Sarah had been my longtime fantasy. Every day I liked her more and more, not just for her looks, but her sweet personality as she was funny and kind to all she encountered beyond being gorgeous. Being with her seemed unattainable as she was out of my league socially and far beyond reach from my awkward and introverted, academic personality. Yet, here she was, in my small apartment, intoxicated on drugs or alcohol or both, and begging to be allowed to spend the night.

I had been walking home from the library when I saw her in front of my small rental apartment that was tucked in a renovated house. She could barely stand so I let her into my place. As she'd entered my apartment muttering something about her friends having left her she shocked me as she brightened and asked if she could stay the night. "Please? she irresistibly begged. "My parents and they would kill me if they saw me like this."

I considered, what opportunities that offered but sex with drunken women is not all right in my mind. She would be my guest and I would honor her need for a safe place to sleep it off. I have to admit though, Sarah was looking quite hot in a tight little dress despite her drunken stance.

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As she settled into my tiny apartment, Sarah was soon in the bathroom, sick and heaving her drunken guts out. It was obvious that she was in misery and I moved to comfort her only to be soundly rejected by my efforts to help. Obviously, she was soon going to need a bed to allow her to sleep and wear off the effects of her intoxication.

It was with some regret that I placed plastic bags under the sheets and prepared the bed for her. For me, it would be my couch for me. After a time, the stench of drunken puke filled the air of the apartment and even with the windows open, could not be driven out. Sarah lay face down on the bathroom floor, miserable, sick and in great distress for some time until she drifted into a deep sleep.

It was past midnight when I saw Sarah had gotten out of bed and was stumbling towards me and without words, I took her arm and directed her back to the bed. Again, she rejected my touch and made her way to the bed herself. It was there that she lost all consciousness for the night. I removed her shoes and vomit stained clothing to her bra and underwear before pushing her onto the bed and covering her with the sheet and comforter.

Then, after leaving a small, plastic trash can next to the edge of the bed in case she might become sick again, I took her clothing to wash and dry them for her use the next morning. Much later, after showering and cleaning myself, I slept on my couch.

With morning breaking through the windows, I arose early and found Sarah was asleep and completely in need of more rest. Somehow, despite her snoring and disheveled appearance, her beauty was still present and I found myself torn between wanting her to leave and wanting her to stay.

The very gall that she'd shown by even coming here and imposing on me aroused my ire a bit as I felt a bit used as a dumping ground. I started to prepare breakfast which was a Greek omelet. It was as I had broken the eggs that I heard Sarah stirring and went to assist her only to be angrily rebuffed. "Just leave me alone. I've got enough trouble without you being all over me," she said.

It was then that I lost my cool and replied, "Your clean clothes are over there on the chair and the bathroom is ready for you to shower and make yourself presentable. Then, please go." She looked a bit shocked and realized how rude she had been. I made no attempt to comfort her.

An hour later, Sarah came out of the bathroom, dressed and primped with a ponytail and no makeup and looking more beautiful than she had a right to. A bit softer, her demeanor had changed. She no longer showed her animosity toward me and even seemed to be friendly as she sat on the bed calling for someone to pick her up.

In the meantime, I continued to make my omelet and recognizing that my guest might be hungry, I threw in two more eggs and another hand full of spinach. It was as I set the table for two and poured the coffee that Sarah came up beside me and gently grasped my arm as our eyes met. "I'm sorry for all the disruption I've made of your life. It's just that I don't seem to meet many guys like you and I thought that you meant me harm. Can you ever forgive me?"

Suddenly, I recognized her change in attitude as that she'd decided to trust me. Her hand on my arm seemed to convey an intimacy. I just smiled and said, "Hey! There's an omelet here and it's got your name on it. Come and eat it before it gets cold."

Over food, we talked. Sarah had been raised by strict parents in a wealthy family. She had started to college with the strict admonition- No boys, no dancing, no smoking and no drugs or alcohol. She had tried to live at the university by her parent's rules but had found it next to impossible. Then, she'd been invited to this frat party and had simply had too much to drink. She hadn't suspected that two martinis would make her so completely drunk.

As I listened, I became suspect. Two martinis do not a stumbling souse make. I listened more carefully as she told of her past experiences and of her reluctance to drink any alcohol at all and began to wonder - could she have been drugged?

It was as we finished our breakfast and Sarah helped me clean up the kitchen that I answered my door to find a middle-aged man standing there - his antagonism evident. "Is Sarah there?" he asked and I bade him enter.

He went to my guest and grabbed her by the arms as he began to revile her for her behavior. Suddenly, he slapped her and this was too much. What had previously been none of my affairs, had become my duty to stop the violence and I moved to grasp the man's arms. It was then that I noticed the collar of a pastor at his neck and also recognized that it must be her father immediately. With recognition, I began to regret my move to stop the violence but my action had subdued the old man's passions and he stepped back.

As he did, he stepped back and spoke, "You've violated our rules and disrespected our religious principles and that is totally unacceptable so I've brought your clothes and personal things to you. You're no longer welcome at home."

As Sarah's eyes filled with tears her father departed leaving several bags of personal effects on my doorstep. It seems that I'd been imposed upon again as my house guest has nowhere to turn. It was then that I felt the need to take charge and bring some semblance of order to the situation. First, I said, "It appears that you have nowhere else to go and are without funds to continue in school. Your parents are being ridiculous and I am so sorry that this has happened. I know this is going to sound crazy, but if you want to live here you can. Granted, you'll have to assist with the costs of all food and lodging. I simply don't have the money to cover your costs."

Suddenly, Sarah smiled even as the tears still flowed from her eyes. "Wow, that is quite an offer. I am so grateful but I am not ready for anything sexual if that is understood then I appreciate and will accept your generous offer."

As I only had one bedroom, we set it up so that I could sleep in my bedroom and her on a futon we bought and put in the living room. Things started off smoothly as Sarah seemed overwhelmed by her situation and I was deeply concerned about my lust and passions for her getting in the way. Sarah was the epitome of a beautiful woman and she was certainly going to be a test in restraint.

As the days passed and we had settled in together we took turns cooking. We dined on ham and eggs before retiring one night. Privacy was maintained at all times. My thoughts of this beautiful woman sleeping only a room away seemed to excite me to a much greater extent than I had anticipated and that arousal made it difficult to sleep at times.

The sun was well up in the sky on this beautiful Sunday morning when I arose from my bed and started for the bathroom. In spite of my best efforts not to, I looked in on her sleeping form and took pleasure. She was beautiful even fully covered with her nightgown. As I dressed and prepared breakfast, my thoughts turned to fresh fruit, omelets, and toast.

So it was that I was occupied when Sarah came to our kitchen area and greeted me, "Good morning!". I smiled and greeted her warmly and we enjoyed our hearty breakfast. And so it was that Sarah and I started our lives together with pleasant interactions and an unspoken sexual tension and no acting on it. On Tuesday, she had found a job, waiting tables at a close by restaurant.

Somehow, she seemed to become stronger and more competent each day as her confidence built. At the same time, she seemed to grow more beautiful to me each day and I found myself covertly adoring her. She was beautiful and she living with me and yet I felt so constrained.

A month passed and Sarah and I survived on the meager funds available as we supported each other in our stressful lives. Our academic work began to excel as we assisted each other. We became loners together simply because there was no money for any other social activities.

With the holiday vacation from school, both Sarah and I sought as much work as we could get in order to have funds for the coming term at the university. She seldom spoke of home and family and we spent a quiet Christmas day alone together. By this time, we'd become dependent on each other for comfort and support.

It was the week after the New Year, as we commenced our new school term, that she and I were preparing for bed. Out of the blue, she asked me, "Do you ever think of me as an attractive woman" and, stunned by her question responded slowly afraid of what she might think, but unable to restrain my growing affections anymore, "You're the most beautiful, sexy and wonderful woman I've ever known. Why do you ask?"

Sarah replied, "I've seen you looking at me when you thought I wasn't aware yet, you never made a move on me. Why?"

"If I made a move on you it might end this arrangement that we have." I could not bear that to end.

"All the men I have encountered have wanted sex and no commitment and you want commitment and no sex."

"Well, that is not entirely accurate. I want commitment with sex, but I will take commitment without it if it were to mean losing you."

"I am falling in love with you and I think about you more than I should and in ways, I probably shouldn't but I want you."

As I considered her words, I was faced with a multitude of conflicting thoughts. Or eyes met and I saw an intimacy that I hadn't seen before. It was good but a delicate situation as I knew of her upbringing, her virginity, and her fears. "Perhaps we could just take it easy and see what develops. If at any time either of us becomes uncomfortable, we simply stop and remain friends as I don't want to risk losing you."

"I think we should get ready for bed." And with that, she went to the bathroom and began the shower. As I heard the water running and knew she was in there washing her beautiful body, I became so hard. Especially now that there was a chance that we could be intimate I found myself literally shaking. When Sarah was done in the bathroom she came up behind me in her nightgown and pressed her breasts and groin into my backside as she kissed me on the neck. We moved slowly and carefully as Sarah remained comfortable with our actions.

She moved away from me and I feared this was too much but she moved back toward me firmly and kissed me. It was a passion filled, torrid kiss such as I'd never experienced before. It brought my whole person to full alert as my passions rose. I tried to match the passion in her act as I caressed her hot tongue moving in my mouth.

We moved to the bedroom and began to slowly undress one another. Both of us excited and yet slightly terrified. I moved onto the sheet toward her as she had moved to lay on the bed. There our eyes met in some sort of agreement and we kissed and I moved over her. Sarah felt warm and soft as my groin pressed into hers. It was evident that Sarah was in more of a hurry than I'd thought. As we kissed, she crawled over me and into the position for a cowgirl ride explaining that she was afraid she couldn't handle my enlarged cock and wanted to be in control. Seconds later, I felt her warm, wet, velvety smooth vagina slowly sliding over my cock.

Her eyes were shut tight and her face was taut in a determined effort to effect a full penetration. Now it was me who wanted to slow down to make this first time good for her. When she bent forward so that our chests touched, I felt us fully engaged. When I looked up into her eyes I saw something like exhilaration and the tension replaced with a big smile that faded into an ecstasy and moaning. She began grinding her clit against my pubic bone, faster and faster with me deep inside her and suddenly I felt her writhe and convulse both inside her wet pussy and throughout her body. The look of her pleasure as she came had me over the top and I found myself clenching my jaw, moaning and cumming inside her hard as she climaxed around me.

Later as we lay in bed together, I waited for her to speak worried that she may regret it. She cooed and ran her hand over my chest and then said in a cheerful voice "We did it!" she exclaimed, "Today I am a woman and I love." I smiled and whispered to her "I love you too."

The rest of Saturday was filled with our comfortable intimacy and while we did celebrate our coming together with dinner a Cabrizzi's restaurant and a bottle of wine. We experimented and played and developed the primordial rhythm. It was then that I knew that Sarah was mine and that we were good together. I was living my dream and have since every day.

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