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I awoke to the sun s yellow beam casting a strip over my body like a highlighter on a sheet of paper. It was going to be an incredible summer day. I lay there naked in the warmth of the morning sun happy to have the day off.

Work had been extremely stressful lately. My new boss was a real bitch; she had been making my life hell since her promotion. But it was a beautiful morning, I had the day off and John was coming home today. So I pushed thoughts of work aside and focused on enjoying the beauty of the day and my plan for John's homecoming as I stroked my stomach with my hands.

The touch woke my skin and my thoughts turned erotic. I found myself suddenly aroused. My nipples were erect and my pussy was beckoning my fingers when the chirp of my cell phone interrupted the moment. It was Sarah, the masseuse, who I had hired confirming the time she needed to be at the house this afternoon for her part of my husband John's homecoming surprise.

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As I turned to replace the phone on the bedside table I noticed the time glowing green on the clock. This little interlude would have to wait; I needed to get going. I swung my legs out over the edge of the bed and stepped onto the carpet. I rose and stretched on my way to close the bedroom window before I went to the bathroom. I was naked and the blinds were up but no one was likely to see me since the only thing behind our house was a lake. Besides, part of me found it exciting that a passing boater might get a glimpse of me naked.

That thought only added to my heightened state of arousal precipitated by touching myself combined with the thought of my plans for today. I waited for the shower water to warm standing in front of the full length bathroom mirror. I still looked pretty good for a woman of almost 50. At 5' 7" and 145 pounds, I didn't have my incredible college figure anymore but I certainly hadn't let myself go either.

I stepped into the shower thinking about my plans for John's homecoming. As I went over each detail I got more and more aroused, and although they were fueling my current aroused state they were also causing me some anxiety and nervousness. Surely, all the elements would have the desired effect since I had painstakingly thought about each detail over the last few months.

The only question was would I have the nerve to do all I had planned and how would John react. I had never done anything like this; John was always the one who planned our erotic little adventures. They were always incredible; I enjoyed the surprise and was always the recipient and focus of his attention and gifts. All that would change today; it would be his day to receive. I was going to make it an afternoon and evening he would never forget. However, his plane landed in seven short hours and I had a lot to do so I pushed the all the worry out of my mind, shut off the water and stepped from the shower.

I toweled off quickly, brushed my hair and teeth, and moved to the closet for some clothes. I pulled a pair of shorts from the shelf and a T-shirt from the drawer, no need for a bra or panties where I was going. As I moved through the house toward the kitchen and my car keys, my mind was racing with thoughts of all the things that I needed to do, but my appointment was in 45 minutes and it was downtown, I could think about this in the car.

I arrived at the spa only minutes before my 9 am appointment. I had scheduled the bikini wax first as I thought it best to get the painful part of the preparation out of the way before I pampered myself a little. I asked the cosmetologist to leave a landing strip this time since it was something John had mentioned he thought might be sexy. As painful as these visits were I knew John really appreciated my clean pussy when he kissed, licked and sucked it, besides I was ultimately the beneficiary so a few minutes of pain was well worth the gain.

Next, I was off to the salon for a mani and a pedi. Then a quick haircut and style. A glanced in the mirror as I confirmed that I had the look I wanted. On the way home, I called John's cell phone to make sure his plane was on time. It went right to voicemail so I knew he was airborne. I clicked off and sped home.

When I got home, I spent the next couple of hours organizing, writing the all-important note for the door, and laying out my outfits as well as his. As I passed through the kitchen, I noticed the clock on the microwave glowing 2:30. I hurried to the bathroom, stripped and jumped into the shower again.

As I applied the body wash I found my hands spending more time on my 36D breasts than was necessary causing my nipples to become erect and hard. I resisted temptation to play with them earlier but this time I couldn't help myself. I rubbed and pinched them until I was thoroughly aroused. I dabbed more body wash on my hand and applied it to my new landing strip and somehow it glided down to my labia. I guess that's why they call it a landing strip, I thought.

I massaged my labia, parted my lips, pulled back my mound and touched my clitoris. Shock waves shot through my body. I continued to rub and stroke my clit with one hand as I caressed my breasts with the other. I climaxed in minutes! It felt good to get some relief from the constant state of arousal I had been in all day. Perhaps now I would be able to hold my hormones in check long enough to see my plan to its conclusion.

So I shaved my legs, shut off the water and stepped from the shower. I dried, applied the lotion John loved and moved to the bedroom to put on my first outfit. I was just about dressed when my cell phone rang. I was so lost in thought that I jumped and my voice cracked as I answered. It was John. He immediately asked if I was OK and I responded that I was fine. He was on his way home; he landed 20 minutes ago and was just leaving the airport parking lot. He would be home in 30 minutes.

My nerves kicked in. I was committed, there was no turning back. What would he think of me, would it change anything between us? Although I was sure he would love it, a small part of me worried that he might think it and me to be a little slutty. I was pulling the tight low cut, white top over my sheer bullet bra just as the doorbell rang. I quickly tucked it into the skintight black mini skirt that barely covered my red garter belt and the top of my nylons. I ran down the hall to the front door and opened it wide to find Sarah, the masseuse, with her table. She just stood there with her mouth agape. When she finally spoke she said WOW! John is a lucky man; you look incredibly sexy.

I closed the door, noticing she had parked in front of the neighbor's house as requested. I showed her to the office and pointed to the spot where I thought it would work best for her to set up and left the room. I moved quickly down the hall to our bedroom, put on my red 5" stiletto the heels and gathered the other items I would need when John finally walked in the door from the garage. Just as I was moving past the door to the garage, it opened. I stood breathlessly waiting for John's response to the note on the door and me.

John stepped through the door with a wide smile. Welcome home I said and gently kissed him; he dropped his bag with a thud and hugged me tightly, kissing me back deeply. As much as I wanted him right there, I had to resist. I pulled back and commanded him to strip naked where he stood. He looked at me puzzled but obliged. He was now completely naked and his fully engorged cock was bouncing with every beat of his heart. I handed him a thong that I had purchased especially for this occasion. It was comical trying to see him get it over his cock; we both laughed which helped me relax a little. As he put on the black robe I had for him, I pulled a blindfold from the drawer behind me and placed it over his eyes. When I was satisfied he couldn't see I led him down the hall to the office.

As we approached the office, I noticed the wonderful scent of candles burning and the sound of soft music playing. Sarah had added these romantic touches on her own and it was going to earn her an extra big tip. I led John to the table, pulled the robe away from his front and helped him lie face down on the table. I leaned over and whispered, enjoy and left the room without another word, leaving the door slightly ajar. For the next hour, Sarah treated John to a full body massage. I used the time to complete bedroom preparations although I could not resist checking back occasionally to make sure Sarah wasn't massaging every part of my vulnerable husband's body. Each time I checked, she seemed to be going about her business professionally, although on one occasion when I peeked I saw her brush his cock with her breasts as she reached across his body to massage his opposite side.

I smiled, thinking that is just what I would want to do if it were me. I'm sure she just wanted to see how big he got and how quickly he grew. John's cock did not disappoint, it pushed the thong up almost instantly. Although her back was to me I was sure she was surprised at his size and perhaps jealous and tempted to touch or even kiss him through it, but she didn't, this time. I couldn't help but wonder about other times when I wasn't spying as I moved away from the door. After an hour, Sarah stepped from the office and announced she was done. I was in the kitchen getting the bowl I would need later. I thanked her and asked if she could come by tomorrow for her things. She said sure and I led her to the front door. As she left she said you are a lucky woman and he is a lucky man. By the way, next time you want to do this I will give each of you massages for nothing if I can join you in what undoubtedly come next.

I closed the front door, smiling at her comment as I made my way back to the office. As exciting as it was for me to think about being with a woman I could not image sharing John with her or any woman. John was lying on his back in nothing but his thong, still blindfolded an apparently so relaxed that he was between consciousness and sleep. I leaned in to kiss him using my tongue to part his lips and encourage his mouth open.

At first, he didn't stir but I continued kissing his mouth, face and ears. Shortly, he was stirring and his thong was stretched away from his pelvis. He reached to pull my hand to his cock but I pulled it back, "All in good time my love." I helped him sit and swing his legs off the table. I pulled his arms to help him stand. Once he was standing and stable I led him down the hall to our bedroom and our bed. Once in the bedroom I positioned him next to the bed and whispered for him to sit. He was right on the edge of the bed so I nudged him gently as I asked him to move further onto the bed that I had covered in a satin sheet. He was sitting so I pushed against his chest and commanded him to lie back.

As he lay down I slid my fingers into the waistband of his thong and slid it down his legs and off his body. He was now lying totally naked in the center of our bed. I moved quickly to the foot of the bed, grabbed his left ankle and pulled it to the bottom corner of the bed. Once it was in place I wrapped the under bed restraint around it and secured the Velcro strap. I repeated the process with his other ankle and his wrists until he was securely tied to the bed. This activity and the sight of his naked body and his engorged cock had made my pussy dripping wet.

I decided to take full advantage by adding a new component to my plans. I raised one leg onto the bed giving me full access to my pussy, drug my fingers across my labia, and inserted them into my sopping vagina. With my juices dripping from my fingers I rubbed them on John's lips. His mouth flew open and eagerly sucked my fingers into his mouth. As soon as I withdrew them he begged me for more. Although this was a spur of the moment addition to my plans it felt so good and I was so turned on by it that I decided to reward him several more times, each time swirling my finger inside his mouth and across his lips as he sucked the pussy juice from my fingers.

Suddenly I decided it was time to revert back to the plan. I lowered my leg and stood there quietly enjoying the sight of John's cock jumping in harmony with his racing heartbeat. Leaning down I began to use my tongue and teeth on his nipples sucking, licking, and biting. I decided to multitask while working on his nipples so I reached down and began to rub his balls and throbbing cock. Unable to resist the temptation of his cock any longer I climbed on the bed and positioned my mouth over his cock while I continued to rub and pinch his hard erect nipples. As soon as I could felt him about to cum I stopped. I really wanted to taste his hot cum and drink it all down, but I had a plan and I had to stick to it.

I got up and off the bed and walked to the door to leave the room. As I did, I turned and paused for a moment to watch his reaction. He was breathing hard, almost panting, arching his back, tugging at the Velcro with his feet and hands and calling out for me to return. I loved this; if possible, this was going better than I could have imagined. I enjoyed the show for a couple of minutes before I moved to the bathroom to prepare for the next chapter.

I intentionally took more time in the bathroom than was necessary just to heighten the anticipation but eventually I reentered the bedroom, leaned over, and removed his blindfold. John's eyes flew wide as he saw me for the first time since he arrived home. I had changed and had covered my sheer bullet bra, the red garter belt, nylons and stiletto heels with only a sheer pink robe. I untied the robe slowly and let it slide to the floor. He was admiring this outfit with his eyes as his lips were telling me how sexy I was.

I posed and turned allowing him to enjoy the sight for a few moments before I turned and slowly walked back to the bathroom. Minutes later I returned with a bowl of hot water a washcloth, a pubic trimmer, shaving cream, and a razor. I used the trimmer to cut his pubic hair to the nub before I applied shaving cream to his cock and balls and shave him totally bare. Satisfied with my work I used the warm washcloth wipe the shaving cream from his body. With the task completed I leaned in, stroked his cock with my tongue, and kissed its head before I left the room again. I returned to his shaved balls and erect cock now dripping with pre-cum. I marvel at his size, I always thought he was big, but with no hair, he looks almost too big for my mouth, but hopefully not my pussy.

I climbed on the bed and straddle him in the 69 position. Conveniently, I am wearing no panties under my garter so he has an unobstructed view of my clean bare pussy. I paused, to continue the tease before I back my swollen, dripping pussy onto his face and over his mouth, which moments earlier he had been using to beg for my pussy. I had been building up to this all day and I almost explode as he nuzzles his tongue up and down and across my vaginal lips expertly working to find the perfect spot. I move my body to increase the joy from his tongues licking and flicking movements.

Simultaneously, I wet my hand and begin to stroke his cock as I lower my mouth and begin to lick and suck his balls, purposely avoiding his cock for the moment. He struggles to grab my ass but he is bound. I am in total control and he is my helpless submissive. I I move my tongue up the front of his balls and across the shaft of his cock before I swallow his steely throbbing pre-cum soaked his cock. I slowly move my mouth up and down as he moans while never losing contact with my pussy with his mouth.

I continue relentlessly licking and sucking until I feel his cock beginning to pulsate signaling he is just about to pump his hot white cum into my mouth so I stop and pull off sucking hard as I get to the top so it creates a pop. He is writhing now and begging me for more but I just turn smile and kiss him passionately, long deep, and hard. Despite me acting in total control, I am ready to cum too. I rolled off him and reached into the bedside table to remove my favorite vibrator. I tease his nipples with it at first but then I lie back, directly in his field of vision, and begin to use it on myself. I moved the vibrator slowly, carefully and instructively until I lose control and orgasm while he lies there unable to move panting with excitement and begging for my pussy any way he can get it. It is exactly the reaction I had hoped for.

I smile at him as I lie in the bliss of my orgasm listening to the vibrator which is still purring between my legs. I sat up, turned it off, and am overcome by his pulsating cock that is dripping with pre-cum. John cock has never looked bigger, harder or more inviting. Energized from my orgasm I straddled him while still wearing my nylons and heels. I nuzzle my soft sheer bra across his legs, cock, balls, stomach, chest, neck and face as my nylons rub the outside of his thighs, hips and chest. Although I planned for this to be all about him, I think I may be getting the best of this incredible experience. I continued to tease him using my breasts, nylons, and heels occasionally using my hand and mouth to insure his cock remained in its ready, big, super stiff state.

Satisfied with my success and feeling neither of us could take much more, I rose up, squatted, and slid my dripping pussy over his cock. I am so wet no guidance is needed. As soon as it is all the way in I stopped. Then slowly, deliberately I began to move, sometimes all the way off before I take it all in again. I continued like that until he is begging me to show some mercy and finish him. Finally, as I felt myself about to orgasm I increased my speed and rhythm on his cock causing us to cum simultaneously. Never in all our years of sex had we been able to achieve a simultaneous orgasm before this moment. It was earth shattering. I have never felt a bigger load flood my pussy as his cock continued to squirt into it.

I continued to slide my cum-lubricated pussy up and down feverishly as his softening cock was pushing cum from my overflowing pussy. When he became completely soft, I leaned in, kiss him long and deep, and fell on top of him. Breathlessly, he whispered how amazing that was and that perhaps he should leave town more often as the welcome home was worth the trip. I laid there bound by the intimacy, closeness and love I felt for him at that moment while he was still bound by the Velcro.

Although spent for the moment, my lust-filled mind was already beginning to formulate a plan that will encourage his cock's speedy recovery. I sit up just enough to reach back, unhook, and remove my bra. This is going to be fun!


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