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House Sitter
Erotic Story By Samuelle

I woke with a start, it was 7:30, my alarm didn't go off. I shot up fighting to clear the sleep fog when it hit me that I hadn't overslept. My alarm hadn't gone off because I hadn't set it; I was on vacation for the next 4 days.

Relieved, I exhaled, lay back, and reflected on the monotony that defined my personal life since I threw my affair-loving ex out nine months ago. Unfortunately, the monotony carried over to my work life too.

Since I started my Beauty Supply Company two years ago all I did was work, twelve to fourteen hours a day, usually seven days a week. Its success and exponential growth was constantly creating a demand for more people, people I just couldn't find so I was having to do everything myself and wear multiple hats.

I turned my head and looked out the window at the sun's brilliant rays being filtered by the trees in my yard as a wisp of breeze drifted across my naked body creating small goose bumps on my exposed skin. My thoughts drifted from my pathetic life and my imagination stirred as I thought about the beauty of the day and how I was going enjoy it.

LELO Ina 2

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Stretching in the comfort of my bed enhanced by the warmth of the air across my tingling skin I subconsciously began to run my hands over my creamy soft curves slowing at my ribs. A shiver of pleasure shot through me as my fingers glided softly and slowly around my ribs and under my breasts, tantalizing my fleshy senses. Then slowly but deliberately I drew my fingers up from under my breasts and began tracing lazy circles over my areola and my small pink nipples.

It had been a while since I had taken time to pay any attention to myself and it felt good. Responding to the feathery touch of my fingers, my nipples tightened into sensitive buds as they became erect and I became aware of a warmth building between my legs. As a young girl, experimenting with my body, I found that any attention paid to my breasts triggered an immediate erotic response in me.

Once my ex had even brought me to orgasm through breast play only, something that surprised and delighted us both. I continued to work my nipples as the heat between my legs turned to a wetness that was bathing my pussy and beckoning my fingers. I continued to rub, pinch, and roll my nipples with one hand as I slid my other hand down my ribcage, across my tummy, over my pubic mons and between the folds of my pussy.

Using the considerable wetness, I ran my fingers between my pussy lips, varying the stroke from slow and deliberate to fast and chaotic, occasionally inserting two fingers between my pussy lips and into my pussy drawing the wetness up and across my bulging clitoral bulb. Although chaos was building inside me, I longed for a booming experience. I drug in a steadying breath as I rolled onto my elbow and reached for the nightstand. I yanked open the drawer fumbling through its contents before I found my Lelo INA 2. I turned it on as I rolled back onto the bed I began brushing it gently over my still pert nipples with one hand and returned my other hand to my slick demanding pussy. I could feel the warmth in my flushed cheeks as my breathing became palpated and my heart rate increased.

Purposefully now, I spread my legs wide, bent my knees, and planted my feet flat on the bed as I pushed myself to a semi-sitting position never breaking contact with my Lelo or my pussy. My pussy was oozing, I moved my index finger back to my swollen clit and concentrated only on it. I rubbed it gently in small tight circles sending waves of pleasure up my flat belly. Unwilling or unable to contain myself any longer I whipped the INA 2 from my breasts and plunged it into my wanton pussy.

I turned up the speed as I located the rotating shaft on my G spot and used my fingers to spread my labia, exposing my clit to the ears. Rhythmically, I began to grind my hips as I moved rapidly and inexorably toward orgasm. I fought for breath between my clenched teeth, as my pussy tightened around the Lelo and I moaned audibly as orgasm exploded within me. As the first wave passed, I turned the vibrator to low and left it gently humming in my pussy.

As great as this interlude had been releaving tension and energizing me I found myself softly screaming "I need a cock and I need to get fucked". I hadn't been fucked for months and I missed the feel of another person. I had always enjoyed masturbation as a supplement to sex but was not interested in making it a permanent replacement for being fucked and perhaps having someone's soft lips and tongue kiss, lick, and suck my breasts and pussy. I needed to find a man!

Turning again to look outside I noted the time on the nightstand clock and decided the beautiful day was passing me by, so I reluctantly slid the vibrator from my pussy enjoying its hardness and curve against the walls of my vagina as it slid out. I turned it off and licked my sweet nectar from the shaft before I returned it to its place in the nightstand.

Licking the Lelo reminded me of how much I missed and loved the feel of a cock in my mouth. I rose and stretched again as I made my way to the bathroom. Although the window and blinds were wide open I didn't care. I spent most of my time at home naked; part of my current experiment with exhibitionism. The thought that a neighbor might get a glimpse of me naked was exciting; a feeling that led me to consider allowing myself to go public with my exhibitionism someday.

I stood in front of the full-length bathroom mirror and took a minute to admire my body as I brushed my teeth and pulled my shoulder length blonde hair into a ponytail. I kept myself in shape by running since my college track days and my 5'7" and 130-pound frame supported my 34 B cup breasts nicely. I decided to start my vacation with a run. I moved to the closet and pulled a pair of running shorts from the shelf, and a T-shirt, sports bra and socks from the drawer below.

Deciding to skip the panties as I continued to consider how I was ever going to get fucked! Was I ever going to get control of my crazy work schedule and have time to meet THE guy or was I relegated to a long-term relationship with my assortment of vibrators and dildos?

I exited the bedroom and grabbed my running shoes from the laundry room floor on my way out the front door. While sitting on the front steps to put on my shoes my neighbor Bill walked up. Startled by his sudden appearance I quickly pulled my arms in between my legs that were spread wide while I was tying my shoes for fear he might see my clean-shaven flower. I guess I wasn't quite ready for public exhibitionism yet.

Bill moved in 4 months ago and although we had met a couple of times, we were both busy, so other than the occasional friendly wave from the driveway we didn't really know each other. He was older than I was; possibly 50 or so. He was at least 6'3" and had a slender athletic build. He had beautiful strawberry blond hair that was graying at the temples. He was in any woman's judgment a gorgeous specimen of a man, and in my present state, he was perfect.

His beautiful blue eyes distracted me and I was not paying attention as he spoke, something I realized when I heard "will that work for you". I apologized saying I was somewhere else "what did you say". He reiterated that he was leaving town until next Monday and his cable had been acting up. The cable company told him they would be by tomorrow to fix it but they might need to get into the house if their test showed it was a bad box. He didn't what he would do if that was the case until he saw me on my step. He decided to take a chance and see if I was going to be home tomorrow and could let them in if necessary. He knew it was an a long shot but if I was going to be around and could do this for him he would be eternally grateful.

I responded that I was going to be home tomorrow and I would be happy to do that for him. He said great, the key to the front door is in the flowerpot on the front porch and I was welcome to use his pool and help myself to whatever I wanted from his liquor cabinet and wine cooler. With that he was off waving and thanking me. What just happened? A neighbor I barely knew asked me to house sit for him and I agreed. I finished tying my shoes and was off on my run thinking it might not be so bad; after all, he did have a pool.

An hour later I returned from my run, very hot and sweaty. I pushed through my house toward my bathroom and the shower, when I realized I had a pool next door. So I kicked off my running shoes and socks and stripped the rest of the way on my way to the closet for my bathing suit and cover-up. I leafed past the one piece in favor of a bikini that I hadn't worn in 6 or 7 years thinking it would allow me to get more sun. I slipped into the bottoms and tied the top that fit snuggly over my breasts. Sadly, I knew my breasts hadn't grown so the top must have shrunk but no matter I thought as I pulled a cover-up off the hangar, not bothering to put it on, and bounded out the door toward Bill's house.

I felt a little risqué as I ran to his house cover-up and towel in hand but was a exhilarated by tempting my burgeoning experiment with exhibitionism. Moments later, I was on his porch fishing the key from the flowerpot and letting myself in. The plantation shutters were open and sun light bathed the beautifully decorated great room and kitchen. This man had either a decorator or a woman in his life I thought as I breezed through the house toward the slider that opened to the backyard. The pool was sparkling and the back yard was beautiful. There was a pergola over the patio and chairs and chaises were neatly arranged around the pool deck. I tossed my cover-up and towel on a chair and without feeling the water, dove in.

When I surfaced, I realized I had lost my top. I gasped but then realized I was by myself so there was no reason to worry, besides the cool water felt great on my overheated body and sensitive breasts. I lost track of time as I swam and floated. When I was cool, I climbed out, my hair and mostly naked body dripping as I made my way to a chaise on the sunny side of the pool. I felt invigorated and uninhibited and decided not to bother with my top as I sprawled face down on the chaise. Sometime later, I awoke, hot and in desperate need of the coolness of the pool. As I rose to dive in, I decided it felt so good to be topless that I might just as well skinny-dip, so I tugged the knot on my bottoms, and as they fell to the patio, I dove in. I was surprised by how great it felt to swim naked, it was totally freeing.

Once again, I swam and floated for sometime enjoying the waters cool feel on my bare skin before I climbed up the stairs on the house side of the pool. I was hungry and thirsty. Somehow emboldened and comfortable with my public nudity I strode past my cover-up and into the kitchen to see what I might be able to find to eat and drink. The fridge had beer, which I loved, but it was hell on my figure, the liquor cabinet had a huge assortment of spirits, but I was more of a wine girl, so I opened with wine fridge and selected a California white I was familiar with but rarely bought because it was so expensive.

I rummaged through his neatly organized kitchen drawers, found a corkscrew, and opened the wine. On the counter, I found a plastic glass filled it to the top with the white spirit. I replaced the cork, slid it in the fridge, and stepped back onto the patio where I sat unabashedly naked enjoying the moment drinking wine and feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Time slipped away, I filled my wine several more times during the day as I relaxed enjoying my nudity, the pool, and sun. The sun was setting now and as I stood, I lost my balance slightly before I weaved my way into the house. I removed the bottle from the fridge and found I had unintentionally finished the entire bottle of wine, no wonder I was light headed and weaving. It was getting late, I hadn't eaten all day so I decided to go home and get some dinner while I still could.

I returned to the patio, gathered my dry towel and my bikini bottoms, and slipped my cover-up over my head and was out the front door locking it and replacing the key in the flowerpot as I left. Exhausted from my relaxing day and more than tipsy I decided to skip dinner and instead staggered down the hall to my bedroom, slipped out of my cover-up, fell face down onto the bed and was asleep in moments. I woke having to pee at 3 am, shuffled off to the bathroom returning to bed as quickly as possible, and was asleep instantly. I awoke Friday morning to a brilliant sun once again.

I rolled over and trying to focus my bloodshot eyes on clock that glowed almost 9 am. Shit, I had to get up, what if the Cable guy showed up at 9 and I missed him, Bill who trusted me with this job would think I was a dizzy, irresponsible blonde. So I bounded out of bed donned my cover-up and my towel and dashed out the door to Bills house.

Once inside I found myself famished. I rummaged through his fridge and pantry settling on some fruit and yogurt that I devoured in minutes. While searching for something to eat, I had thankfully found the coffee. As it was brewing, I realized I had left the house without anything to do while waiting for the cable person. Although I was on vacation I couldn't just sun bathe and skinny-dip all day. So as the coffee brewed I ran home grabbed my laptop and the new Lora Leigh novel, Wild Card, and was out the door again. When I got back to Bill's the coffee had just finished brewing and I was pouring myself a cup when the doorbell rang. I looked through the plantation shutters that covered the front windows and saw the cable truck.

As I walked toward the front door, I realized I was naked except for my cover-up but I had no time to change for fear he would leave if I didn't answer the door quickly. I opened the front door wide. The repairperson introduced himself as Matt as he showed me his ID badge. I couldn't help but notice his eyes were focused on my prominently protruding nipples which were scraping against my semi sheer white cover-up. I introduced myself as Sam as I pointed to the wall with the TV as I returned to the kitchen and my coffee. I turned to face the great room as I drank noticing him just standing there staring before the finally asked, "Where is the box?" I responded that I didn't know I was doing this for my neighbor Bill who was away on business.

However, I set my coffee cup down, moved back into the great room, and started opening cabinet doors and drawers searching for the cable box. As I bent over opening drawers, I felt my cover-up slide up my back giving the cable man a perfect view of my tight little ass. Acting embarrassed, I stood quickly and reached for a cabinet door whereupon I found a row of DVD's arranged neatly by title. I quickly scanned the titles before I moved to the door just to the right where I found the cable box. As I moved back to the kitchen and my coffee, I noticed the technicians' pants bulging and a huge smile on his face, his way of thanking me for my little show. Ten minutes later, he turned everything off and declared the problem fixed. He filled out his work order, asked me to sign, and was off. I walked back to the kitchen and as I turned to pour another cup of coffee,

I noticed I had left the door containing the DVD's open. I walked over to close it and decided to spend a little more time reviewing the alphabetically arranged titles. As I did, I noticed what appeared to be a few chick flick titles. I wouldn't have guessed a man like Bill to be interested in that genre. I pulled out one that sounded interesting titled An Eternal Love and read the synopsis from the cover. I was shocked; it was a porn movie. I had never seen a porn movie and had always been curious. So I removed the DVD from the case and walked to the kitchen counter, opened my laptop and inserted the disc. Before I pressed play, I slipped out of my cover-up, grabbed my coffee, and moved to the deck where I intended to watch the movie.

The movie opened with a young woman lying on her bed in a turquoise baby doll apparently dreaming as a hunk of a man was moving up her body, caressing her as he went. Stimulating stuff, but not the fucking, sucking, masturbating, swinging, and putting things in every conceivable orifice on the human body I thought porn movies were filled with. Never the less I could not take my eyes off it. Suddenly I had a completely new picture of my quiet, neat, sophisticated neighbor. It was a little unnerving and erotic at the same time. I was suddenly turned on! The rest of the day I spent skinny-dipping, sun bathing and reading my new book, occasionally touching myself while I read and thought of the movie. As the sun went down and my horniness overcame me I decided to retire to my house and my Lelo.

Once home I used it to bring myself to orgasm repeatedly until I was exhausted and satisfied, falling asleep once again without dinner. Saturday brought another perfect day. I decided to have breakfast at home today, go for a run, and get some cleaning and laundry done before I ventured over to Bill's to continue my enhanced nudist behavior. I finished my chores about 3 but this time as I was gathering my things I only grabbed and donned a short transparent white robe, my computer and just for fun my Lelo.

Upon entering Bill's house I walked directly into the kitchen where I opened the wine fridge selected another of his California whites. I filled the cup I had used on Thursday to the top and exited through the slider juggling my laptop and vibrator as I moved to the patio. I set everything down and took a big gulp from the wine cup, shed my robe and dove into the pool. It felt great, I could get used to this. For the next couple of hours I swam, read and drank empting that bottle and most of another before I realized I had passed from feeling good to pretty drunk. My book had some highly erotic scenes that stimulated needs within me something I was able to address with my lovely Lelo.

As I noticed I was having trouble comprehending the words in the book I vaguely remember thinking that I needed to get home before I couldn't so I slipped on my robe and stumbled home, not entirely sure if I even tied it in the front. I awoke Sunday with a thundering headache and shuffled to the shower. While in the shower I realized I had left my computer, book and vibrator on Bill's patio. I panicked some before I remembered it was only Sunday and he was not due back until Monday. So I took my time showering and shaving everywhere including my pubis before I did my hair and dressed for the day. I decided that I wouldn't go to Bill's today except to get the things I inadvertently left behind.

Dressed in my best hole filled, stone washed cutoff's, a tight white top that left nothing to the imagination and nothing else I strolled over to Bill's. I unlocked the front door and entered almost falling over a suitcase just inside the door. My heart stopped as a shiver stole up my spine. God, he was home early. Finding my book and computer was no big deal but my Lelo was another thing entirely. As I tiptoed softly toward the patio, I noticed the open porn movie case on the coffee table. Can it get any worse? Maybe since his bag is just inside the door he went straight to bed when he got home, I could get out without waking him, and he would never know of my behavior.

I moved swiftly toward the coffee table, snapped the video case closed, opened the cabinet, and was sliding it in place when I heard a voice behind me saying "Good Morning Sunshine" Embarrassment swept over me, I was mortified. I turned to see him standing in the hallway, amusement in his eyes, dressed in swimming trunks and nothing else. Unable to speak I just stood there.

He smiled and said I left your things right where you left them on the patio. Did you enjoy the film and how was the wine? Still unable to speak or move I was totally flummoxed and flushed from head to toe. I was burning up I wanted to run but I knew that wouldn't solve the problem. In a sweet attempt to relieve the tension I felt, Bill said, "You look incredibly sexy today". Finally able to speak I thanked him and moved toward the patio to gather my things. As I picked them up I felt his soft touch on my shoulder, I exhaled slowly and oddly felt the tension ease slightly from my body. He quietly asked me to stay and go for a swim. Still mostly incoherent I muttered something about not having a suit. He answered that was OK he would take his off and we could skinny-dip, nothing sexual just naked swimming.

It was hot outside, I was sweating from my embarrassing encounter, and before I knew it, I said OK. I pulled my top over my head, unzipped and dropped my cut-off's and dove in. Hopefully he only saw my butt! When I came up I looked and saw Bill untying his trunks and walking to the edge of the pool. I couldn't help but notice his beautiful tanned and muscled body and his thick, veined cock that bounced with each stop he took. We swam and floated for some time, never touching each other. Instead, we just enjoyed the water, the sun, and each other's company, occasionally talking and laughing loudly when he held up my top that he retrieved from the bottom of the pool.

After a time I was getting cold and tired and said I was getting out. Bill told me there were towels in the cabinet at the end of the patio as he I swam toward the steps to get out too. As I stepped up and out I could feel his eyes fixed on my ass. Now it was his turn to get out and once again, I would again have a full frontal view of him. The cool water had shrunken him some, but I was amazed at how big he still was, the only cock I had ever seen that large was in the porn movie I watched at his house. As he exited, I threw him a towel and he wrapped it around his thin waist. As he moved toward me I couldn't help but notice the bulge that was growing enough to pull the edges of his towel apart and expose his leg all the way to his waist.

I was standing perfectly still with a smile across my face and a towel wrapped around as much of my body as it would cover. Without speaking, he leaned in close, nudged my nose with his, and nipped at my lower lip. I responded by holding the back of his neck and kissing him. He responded by plunging his tongue deeply into my mouth igniting a fire deep within me. Our tongues continued to dart in and out of each other's mouths as we explored each other's oral cavities. Our kisses gained intensity as I sank into his kiss. Where earlier our lips and tongues savored now they devoured.

Our breathing became heavy and quick. Our hands wandered and soon we were standing on our towels kissing, our naked bodies entwined with each other his large warm shaft pressing against my tummy. There was a chaise beside us and suddenly he was picking me up. He spun around, and laid me softly on the chaise never breaking contact with my lips. My breathing was audible but I was inexplicably relaxed as the man I barely knew knelt beside me and reached for my pink protruding nipple buds, twisting them softly between his fingers. I began to writhe twisting my body and moving my legs stimulating my pussy with each movement. He removed one hand, trailed it down my breast, along my ribcage across my hips, and inserted a finger into my oozing pussy.

As he fingered me I dropped my arm in search of his cock. The search didn't take long as his huge, fully engorged member had risen up to meet me. I wrapped my hand around it and felt it pulse in my hand. It had been so long since I had a cock in my hand and I had never felt one this big, my fingers barely touched my thumb as I slid my hand along the shaft.

Enamored with the feel and wanting to swallow it I broke contact with his kiss, closed my legs, and sat up asking him to stand as I did. This brought his bouncing member directly in front of my face and was in perfect alignment with my hungry and eager lips. I licked the droplets of pre-cum from his purple head as I caressed the ridge under it with the tip of my finger. I cupped his sensitive globes in one hand, stroking them gently as I moved my mouth over the head of his thick beautifully veined cock and began to kiss, lick and suck it using the wetness of my mouth as a lubricant for my hand that I stroked his cock with as I sucked.

I looked up and saw him gazing down at me taking pleasure in the shutter that ran through him as I pumped his cock in and out of my mouth while stroking his perineum and balls with my hand. I wanted to swallow this massive cock but as I attempted to take it he suddenly he pushed me off. Unsure of his action I pouted slightly as I looked up at him. He gently pushed me back down on the chaise and dropped to his knees, pushed my legs apart, and buried his face in my dripping wet, swollen, hairless pussy. Shivers tickled the surface of my skin and I rewarded him by moaning softly with pleasure.

I could feel his warm lips nibbling as his tongue drug along my labia. He continued to lick and kiss my pussy as he slid his hand under my left leg and pushed it into the air in order to gain greater access. I was twisting and treating him to more audible sounds of joy as he licked and flicked my clitoris while simultaneously pressing on my mons. Pleasure was bursting inside me, I twisted, squeezed his head between my legs and screamed breathlessly as my orgasm erupted. It was as if a bomb went off inside me.

Every nerve in my body was alive; one more any touch anywhere would have sent me to orgasm again. I was aching for his cock but he was not done. Before I could react or move he moved his hand off my mons and began to stroke my pussy, occasionally pulling his fingers out and licking my juices. The sensuality of the moment was incredible. I begged him to share my taste and he obliged dipping his fingers in my pussy before he spread them across my lips. Captivated in his sexual aura I lay there, legs spread apart, one in the air, thrusting my hips, moaning, begging him to continue. I spiraled out of control as he sent me to climax again, my pussy throbbing, when primal instincts possessed my mind and body. With one motion, I pulled him onto the cushion and rolled him over so I was on top. I pressed my mouth to his and passionately kissed him before I moved down his neck to his nipples licking and sucking them as I went.

My body was hopelessly locked in an orgasmic state. I needed to be filled up by him immediately. I firmly planted my hands against his chest as I mounted him and lowered myself onto his throbbing, bouncing cock. His glistening head slid in easily and I relished every moment of his entry until I sat completely on top of him. I began to ride him slowly, making circles with my hips as I rose up and down working to gain the angle needed for his stiff shaft to rub my g spot. Having found just the spot I began small movements to maintain contact. He moved and thrust his hips forcing himself hard against my g spot and suddenly I couldn't go slowly anymore. I felt the impending explosion of another orgasm pooling in my belly.

I bucked and rode, grinding my pussy into him until we were both gasping and moaning so loudly the neighbors could hear. The wave of orgasm washed over me just as I felt his cock twitch and release his cum inside me as a long guttural moan erupted from his mouth. I arched my back and forced my pussy harder onto him letting the overwhelming mutual climax take control of us. I had no idea this kind of orgasm was possible.

Spent, I fell on top of him and kissed him before I rolled to lie close to him. We hugged, petted, and kissed in silence in the incredible intimacy of the moment as the full moon rose over pool. Sometime later, I broke the silence by telling him that I was glad we finally got to know each other and that anytime he needed a house sitter I would make myself available. He responded that he needed one all day tomorrow, to which I responded how is that; you just got home. He said I know and I have no intention of leaving.


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