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In the Park
Erotic Story By MamaKat

I've taken you to my secluded spot in the park. We lay out a blanket in the sunshine and reach in the cooler for a cold beer. Our Chinese take-out hits the spot, as does the beer.

We talk and laugh, as usual, as we eat and drink. How I love seeing that smile of yours, hearing your laughter. Both were instantaneous attractions upon meeting you. Lunch is done, a few beers gone. We are laying on the blanket, watching the clouds roll by.

I sit up briefly and take off my tank top. Your eyes grow wide.

"What are you doing?"

"Getting some sun! Complaining? You should do the same."

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You can only shake your head at me as you peel off your T-shirt. I lay back down beside you. You roll toward me and push up onto one arm, propping your head up on your hand. Your free hand begins to gently trace over my skin.

My nipples are soon hard, even the heat of the sun on them can't change that. You lean in and kiss the breast closest to you, still teasing the other with your finger tips.

"Heavenly!" you say as you sit up next to me, moving in close. Now both hands are running over me ever so gently. I am both relaxed and turned on. You reach further down and pull my skirt up my thighs a bit. Glancing around, you slide your hand between my legs. When you find there are no panties to get in your way you snicker and tell me "You're naughty!" I figure you are just teasing, but you soon have me wondering. I spread my legs a bit and you waste no time finding that spot and doing whatever it is that you do to drive me crazy.

I grab your arm in mock protest. "Here?" I ask, already breathless. "Shhhhhh. Relax." is your response. You know my body's reactions to you too well by now and take full advantage. Repeatedly you get me just to the edge and then back off. I'm plenty wet, but you won't let me cum.

I reach for you, partially out of frustration; wanting to tease you as well. I find the "Admiral" straining against the denim of your shorts. Once again, I am just to that point and I get a firm grip on your package. You back off again, chuckling a bit as you sense my frustration.

I sit up and push my skirt back down, reach for my shirt and put it back on. You figure you have gone too far and apologize. I don't say a word but push you down onto your back and start running my fingers over your chest and stomach. You are enjoying yourself, the warm sun, my light touch. I trace down your chest, over your stomach and give the Admiral a bit of a massage. That low motorboat sound escapes your lips.

As I reach for your zipper, your eyes fly open and you take hold of my arm. "What are you doing?" "Shhhhhhh. Relax." I tease. I glance around, I'm blocking the view on one side, the cooler is blocking the view on the other. I leave your shorts on and buttoned, just the zipper is undone. I reach in carefully and guide the Admiral out of the fly. You aren't the only one who has been paying attention.

I know just what to do, when and how to get you there. A few strokes and that sweet precum appears at the tip. I resist the urge to lick it off and instead I spread it over the head and then cover it with my palm. More motorboat sounds from you as I concentrate on the head of your cock.

I can see your hips rocking a bit, your stomach muscles contracting as you push up and into my hand just a bit. All at once I stop completely. Once again your eyes fly open. I am glancing around as I am getting up off the ground. "What? Where are you going?" you ask.

"Shhhhhh; nowhere. Lay down and enjoy." I stand over you, straddling you. You can't believe what you think I'm going to do. Sure enough, I squat down onto you, reaching between us, guiding you inside me. My long white skirt covers us, your shorts still visible on your thighs. No one will be the wiser. One catch; we can't move a whole lot. I focus and my pussy contracts around your cock. You push up into me a bit further throbbing inside me.

I look around, seeing no one I start to ride you. "Damn! You always feel so good so fast." I keep trying to watch for people but soon I don't even care. I cum hard and fast. And just in time! Here comes a man and his dog, walking in our direction. I quickly regain my composure and sit up straight on top of you.

I resume running my fingers over your chest. My juices have coated your cock and I squeeze every now and then, just to tease you. The man walks past, smiling at us. Once he is past, I keep watching. With his back to us now, I slowly raise up and then sink back down onto you. You have had your fingers dug into my thighs since I came; you were close yourself, then I had to stop. I watch the man and the dog disappear into the distance.

I lean down and kiss you long and deep. As I sit up straight once again, I tell you "Your turn!". I take your hands and guide them to my breasts as I start to ride you once again. You still can't believe we are doing this here, but you go with it. I have you sliding in and out of me, your hips pushing up to meet me each time. I put my hands over yours on my breasts. I love the feel of your hands on me. The motorboat sounds are all but gone, replaced by your quickened breath and shorter, smaller moans. I urge you on. "Please, baby. Cum inside me. Please?" As always, you aim to please and soon accommodate my plea. Your grasp on my breasts get tighter, you push up into me one last time, hard, and hold me there. I can feel each hot, squirt inside me. You drop your hands, open your eyes and again tell me "You're naughty!"

I lean down to kiss you. We get ourselves straightened up, pack up and head for home, big grins on both our faces. Laundry and showers are in order.


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