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Last Fling
True Erotic Story By Anonymous

Bud awoke slowly in the pre-dawn of a gray April day. His skin was clammy from the sweat caused by, caused by what? Oh yeah, he remembered, he had just had an erotic dream about Kay. He was aware of the room’s quiet and his own breathing. He also noticed that he was still partially aroused – apparently because of the dream. He tried to recall the dream but only a couple of snippets came to mind.

One was Kay’s fingers and hands slowly massaging his back and neck. The other was the feeling of his hands enclosing her breasts from behind – as if his hands had become her bra. Pointless memories from the past, Bud thought.

Bud got up, put on a well-worn terry cloth robe and went downstairs to make some coffee. It was a familiar, yet lonely act of a man well into his 60’s. It was a lonely act because his wife had died unexpectedly some years before of a heart attack. The event was a terrible shock for a couple of reasons – despite the fact that both Bud and his wife were over 60. There had never been any discussions or mental preparation to the effect that she would precede Bud.

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The planning was always otherwise. She was, excepting a few minor problems, evidently quite healthy. Adjusting to living alone was about as hard a job as Bud had ever attempted. Conversations, sharing meals, trips, being part of a twosome, etc. were gone now. So many things that are fun to do with others you love are not so fun and even tedious when done alone. Bud hated to cook and his diet, though sufficiently healthy had devolved into a boring retinue of plain meals and take-out. Even the ‘OK’ sex life they’d shared the last several years since retirement was gone too.

Over the morning paper and coffee, Bud mused about what had made him think about Kay. Hell, it’d been twenty years since they’d even kissed each other. And, both of them had concluded many years ago that they could not follow their childlike fantasies and have each other. The collateral damage would have just been too great. There wouldn’t have been enough time to explain to everyone who deserved an explanation the ‘whys’. For people who have never experienced the soaring heights of fused souls and transparent intimacy, it’s impossible to convey how that feels and what it means.

To the skeptic, it must have been just another case of ‘lust in the dust’ or ‘they let their hormones do the talking’. Sure, there was high voltage physicality. But there was also a complete connectivity emotionally and spiritually. I wonder what would have happened if…, Bud mused as he finished his coffee. I wonder what’s she’s been thinking about these past years. Bud was painfully reminded that he had done nothing to reconstitute any communications between himself and Kay. How would one know anything about another with just birthday cards and Christmas cards?

Bud got up and fixed himself his standard breakfast of toast, grapefruit juice and another cup of coffee. He thought about maybe calling Kay today [better make that tonight] but was inwardly hesitant. What would she think about me calling out of the blue? Maybe he’d call his kids first – just to catch up with them. Bud finished the coffee, got dressed for outdoor work and started his day. It was just past 7:30.

More than a thousand miles away, Kay was up and about. She had a number of community activities scheduled [as she usually had]. She was also active with the school board and teacher’s activities. Unlike Bud bailing out of corporate America at 56, Kay had stayed employed until 65. She loved her work and the kids she enlightened with her gentle but firm teaching methods. Kids that ‘couldn’t’ or ‘wouldn’t’ often succeeded under her tutelage. She was always willing to give of herself selflessly to others. That was one part of her that made her such an attractive and compelling person. Add in her deep sensual femininity and still great looks and you had a dynamite woman who was a success at about anything she tried. However, it had been this willingness to give and be vulnerable that had caused her to be victimized by her first husband who was both greedy and cruel. He also added physical abuse to the mix. Her second husband had been the guy she’d really needed then – easy going, not domineering and devoted to her and their mixed family. She had been comfortable and loved the years he’d been there. And, her beloved second husband had never pressured her into being the ‘young trophy wife’ she no longer was. She occasionally missed the deep eroticism and sensuality of her couplings of yesteryear – including those with Bud. But, in the scheme of things, she was very happy – fulfilled by multiple careers, volunteer work, some hobbies which almost got too big to cope with and being a Mom and eventually, a grandmother. She was almost always happy and now financially at ease. But, you can’t figure on a drunk driver ripping apart one’s life. It was just a couple of years ago – on a seemingly ordinary day. He went to work Friday morning and now he was gone forever. To keep the pain of loneliness at bay, Kay busied herself doing stuff along with being a grandmother and pal to her sisters.

Kay occasionally thought about Bud, but was able to compartmentalize her feelings most of the time. Whenever she thought about some nights back in the past, she’d get goose bumps and some wonderful old stirrings would rumble deep within her. Once in a while, she could believe that it was still possible to experience the depth and intensity of love that she knew was possible, though apparently not very commonplace.

Sometimes, during a lonely weekend, she’d unlock the boxes that contained old letters and hundreds of old poems – poems that were remarkable in that they had all been written for her, most were pretty good [some even exquisite] and often very accurate depictions of the emotions that she and Bud had felt. If she’d have ever shared these with anyone, they’d have been hard pressed to believe them. There were so many – written over such a long period of time. Kay’s expressions of feelings were more private and certainly less bold, but they were as deep. She was sure to tell Bud on several occasions that “things between them would never change". And, because there was so much baggage, interference, conflicting lives and family issues, it was hard for both her and Bud to, somehow, believe it. After all, time had a bad habit of slipping away before all things that should be done and said can happen.

Anyway, for her own mental health, she forced herself to focus on the present and helping others. This kept her from wasting efforts and time on some fantasy idea that was now lost forever. Better a great memory than a broken heart, she thought on more than one occasion. Happening to glance at the kitchen clock, she noted, with wry grin, that thoughts of Bud had transported her away from the present – again. Off to see the world again she mused as she started her car and drove away.

That night, shortly after eight o’clock, Kay’s phone rang. She had just finished a light store-bought supper she had heated up. It wasn’t bad and it certainly was less fattening than eating out. Cooking for one was a drag anyway. An old movie had just started on the TCM channel; she liked them. They were more her era, better escape fare and often well-crafted. A lot of the current movie crop was too graphic and overstuffed with four-letter words to pass as entertainment she thought. Kay, she knew, was not a prude and enjoyed adult entertainment to a point. Sensuality and adult love stories could be both entertaining and stimulating. But, her best real life experiences were a lot less vulgar and more sensuous than Hollywood depicted. Besides, much of what was passed off a ‘normal sex’ on the screen required athletic and stamina levels that probably 95% of the world’s adults did not possess. Most of the time, her idea of great lovemaking was a 1-2 hours of give and take with orgasms being the final scene. Changing positions several times during sex [ala the porno films] was ludicrous and often deleterious to desires. Sex, to Kay, was giving and taking completely – not a sporting event.

To her surprise it was Bud who had called. After it was established that there were no family problems or health problems to discuss…Kay sat back on her couch, sipping her wine, waiting for the reason for the call. {They hardly ever called each other and writing was irregular – especially Kay’s correspondence.} Finally after more small talk – stock questions with more/less stock answers, Bud got around to his ‘reason’. Kay smiled as Bud confessed that he’d had a sensuous dream about himself and her – he chuckled a bit admitting also that, despite his ancient age, he had been aroused thinking about her when he woke up. Kay flushed a bit and finally admitted she’d had similar dreams from time-to-time the last ‘couple of decades’. “Do you think it’s too late for us to ‘reconnect’?" Bud asked. Kay thought a moment, knowing that the implications of the word ‘reconnect’ were going to be multi-dimensional and complicated to deal with. “I think it’s possible – if we are careful and not greedy," Kay offered.

Bud knew what Kay was driving at. An open relationship between first cousins was not thinkable. The explanations to their children and the extended family members would be too taxing and potentially hurtful. The fact that Bud and Kay had been in love [at various levels] since they were both 5 years old didn’t matter. And, these days, despite the relaxed taboos about first cousin marriages or relationships, there still were those who would characterize an open relationship between them as ‘not right’ or worse. It wasn’t like children between could be an issue but they did come from conservative, Protestant family backgrounds. They had shared a complicated relationship as first cousins. Both Bud and Kay wanted their relationship to be a complete one but both knew that was socially impossible. Both knew when they shared their first erotic kiss at 17, it was the most electrifying kiss they’d ever experienced. Both also had been afraid to openly express how they felt towards each other; taboos, social pressures and their youth conspired against it. It hadn’t been until middle age [after her failed marriage and during a time when his marriage had run out of passion] that he and Kay had rediscovered each other.

It had been a business trip to the city where she lived. He stopped by for dinner one night and found, to his surprise, that her daughter was over-nighting for a couple of days with one of her friends. Then it seemed like they had instantly become hot stars rotating around each other for a while before fusing with an intensity and sensual fulfillments beyond either of their experiences. In two days, two middle-aged people realized that what they’d felt 30 years before was genuine and not just the excesses of teen-aged hormone levels. The thrill of finally caressing the most beautiful boobs he’d ever seen was beyond Bud’s imaginings. Kay’s breasts were so sensitive and erotic that she claimed, “Just nipple play can give me an orgasm". This was a claim Bud later found to be true. Kay also openly craved Bud’s hands caressing her cunt – lightly perfumed with an expensive spicy perfume. Kay liked more than just clit play; she wanted her labia stroked and the entrance to her core toyed with. Sometimes she’d show Bud how to use his whole hand to give her broad, slow caresses of her whole pussy. She also liked caresses of the rose of her anus – though she declined any invitations of anal penetration. “It was not pleasurable", was her brief comment on that subject. Kay’s hands, to Bud, were the finest instruments of pleasure ever. Though Kay’s hands weren’t dainty and slim, her caresses could run the gamut between the feathery touch and the satisfying grasps and pressures sometimes wanted. They were, per Bud, ‘magic hands’.

In the times they’d carved out for themselves since that first reconnection, part of their play was full body messages. Kay preferred to go first and, for a while, Bud agreed. The primary reason he agreed to go second was that Kay was so good at sensual massages, that Bud knew he could learn from her and do likewise to best meet her desires for a massage and for sexual arousal. After Bud ‘went to school’ a few times, the decision to go first wasn’t automatically ‘Kay first’. Kay taught Bud that a full body massage was literally every part in almost every way. She even massaged his eyelids, ears and other places you might not think to be sensual but, when Kay touched Bud, it relieved all soreness and aches – even as it built sexual tension. Kay would work on Bud for maybe 45 minutes – first the backside from head to toe, then the frontside. She preferred a light, water-based lube with a smoky, spicy scent. Whatever it was, it and the juices of her sex made a great blend to Bud’s nose. Kay didn’t linger long on Bud’s cock, balls or nearby areas – just enough to say, “I notice you are excited about what is happening’. When it came to Bud’s turn, the initial time Kay laid on her stomach, Bud noticed she had her panties still on. {‘That’s the last time for that bit of modesty’, Bud thought to himself.}

After about 15 minutes with Kay’s head, neck, upper back, arms and lower back, Bud gently grasped the panties at each side and slid them off. Then Bud tried to emulate Kay’s wonderful techniques and various ways to touch and massage someone you love. When, it was time for Kay to flip over, initially her legs were close together but after 15 minutes on her frontside [including some extra attention to her wonderful breasts] her legs were now lightly separated wanting only Bud’s gentle hint to separate them so he could “notice" briefly her swollen pussy lips and now proud clit no longer hiding under her hood. Following Kay’s lead, he chose not to pay too much attention to her wondrous garden and treated her sex just about like he tended to her arms, legs, neck, back, etc. For both of them, the lack to direct stimulation made them feel even more sensual. Bud could not have, before making love with Kay, imagined he’d be waiting for 90 minutes or more with a full-blown hard-on before there was a hint of being able to thrust into her or being otherwise caressed to an orgasm. Bud’s penis drooled a steady stream of pre-cum. And, as he noted, Kay’s wondrous puss stayed wet and swollen for the same time.

In point of fact, they didn’t culminate their first love-making session with either penetration or a hand or blow job. They got “really close". Bud’s caresses of Kay’s beautiful flower quickly led to an electric, violent orgasm for her. Kay acted as if she was connected to 5000 volts of electricity. Bud gently caressed her loveliness until she relaxed; she glowed and now wore a strange expression. Bud knew what she was expressing. As, Bud prepared to mount her, the last few light touches of her fingertips on his slippery, hard cock were too much. He tensed up completely and came so hard that his first squirts of cum sprayed her face and hair some two feet away. He was embarrassed but she was now radiating a glorious smile – which assured him that everything was just about perfect.

Kay said she was glad then how their first ever lovemaking had gone – partly because neither of them had a condom and obviously neither were interested in a hard-to-explain pregnancy. Afterwards, Bud assured her that afterwards he would be prepared. But the ‘afterwards’ were pretty rare. They lived a long ways apart, were both busy and were both worried that the enormity of them could destroy a number of lives both cherished. Later, she met her second husband to be and they broke off their sporadic affair when she got engaged. It’s hard to define the difference between lovers making love and soul-mates fusing. But, those who are very fortunate know the difference.

Kay said goodbye telling Bud she’d think about a possible time and place to get together. She was startled to feel stirrings in her loins that she hadn’t felt very often recently. Though she was well past the age when people were thought to be interested in sex, she knew that the feelings between them were too strong to have subsided for good. To her great joy, she felt foxy and sexy after Bud’s surprise question. She was sure Bud could still ‘do his part’.

A couple of days later, Kay called Bud and suggested a resort not near either of their homes. She chose it because it was not a ‘name’ venue and because it was not a likely place for relatives or children to unexpectedly be there. She invented a cover story for her kids and suggested that Bud do the same. Bud’s task was easier since his kids called maybe once/month but since he was still an active & accomplished photographer and loved his sports car, his being off somewhere to golf, take pictures and drive with the top-down was an ample cover. Sometimes Bud’s daughter would ask about his meeting anyone but Bud wasn’t interested in remarrying and he was not about to try to keep up with some 40 something gal who was looking for good times and, maybe, his money.

The resort Kay picked was perfect for them. The room was a suite with a small kitchen and place for them to dine in and be comfortable in. The room had plenty of glass and views of the Gulf of Mexico and the morning sun. Later in the day, the gulf took on various yellow & gold highlights per the effects of the setting sun, but the mood of the room was mellower and more romantic since the view was primarily east and the light was now indirect. The resort allowed them the freedom to not rush back into reconnection number two. It had been almost 20 years since they’d made love. Kay was self-conscious about carrying a bit more weight now and the toll that age had exacted on her full breasts. Bud was thinner on top and what was left was mostly white now. One thing he’d noticed is that he didn’t get rock-hard within 30 seconds of her being in the same room with him – a plus [considering how difficult that was to cope with many years ago].

After a great dinner out and a bottle of good cabernet, Bud & Kay walked leisurely along the shore with a half moon making some magic lights on the surface of the gentle sea. There was a warm breeze and some very small talk. Both knew they were about to tempt fate by rekindling what was once a powerful force that had smashed them together into an indistinguishable oneness. Was it still there, still possible? Were they too old? Was there too much water under the bridge and too much baggage in the memory banks to ignore? Bud was nervous; Kay was almost frightened. But, they didn’t stop walking towards their rendezvous.

The door was shut and bolted. The lights were turned low. The jackets, tie and shoes were off. There were no more things to be said; the excuses were gone. As Bud approached Kay, she waited and hoped. But their concerns were erased by the first kiss – a kiss that warmed them slowly but surely. It was a kiss that said ‘yes’, ‘I want you’, ‘I need you’ and ‘I love you’. The powerful chemistry their kisses had always ignited was still there!

Per unspoken agreement, after the slowly shed clothes were finally off, Bud laid down on his stomach. Kay knew and had her favorite spicy waterbased massage lube nearby. After almost 90 minutes of mutual massaging and caressing, Bud asked Kay if she was ready to reconnect. Kay said, “Now would be good". Bud caressed Kay’s wonderfully sensuous nipples, nipped them and then licked and tongued her waiting pussy. Then Kay stopped Bud and made him lie still while she kissed, licked and played with his now rock hard cock. “Pretty impressive for an old guy," Kay murmured. “He’s got a great incentive," Bud replied. After putting a small amount of the lube in his palm, Bud used the warmed lube to gently, then firmly caress Kay’s wide open rose blossom and her anxious core. Kay was starting to squirm and jerk as Bud remembered. Kay then demanded, “Get inside me now!" And Bud did. His first strokes were slow and then he asked Kay to tell him what she wanted. Kay dictated the pace and when she felt she was falling off the high cliff, she demanded, “Finish me". Bud stroked her deeply and rapidly until he also was plummeting off the high cliff from which there is no return. He pumped long after there was any semen to be drained from him.

Wow! Where had that kind of orgasm been in the last twenty years? But of course he knew; it had only been with Kay. After Bud slowly got off Kay, she pulled him close with that same look in her face and eyes he’d seen many years ago. It was awe, he knew. Awe of what the two of them had done together. Awe of what lovemaking could be – when two truly became one.

At that moment, with the gentle gulf waves lapping the shoreline, Bud and Kay knew that had reconnected. They both knew to the core of their beings that this special day had not been ‘the last fling’. They knew they’d rather take the risks of occasional togetherness than to settle for a polite and satisfying relationship that might have passed the family “acceptableness test". Marriage, with all its implications, was a daunting prospect that neither of them was willing to risk. {They had, as teens, half-heartedly discussed eloping - getting married in a state that allowed 1st cousin marriages.}

On that balmy weekend, Bud and Kay had reconfirmed what they started to learn at the age of 5; they were, indeed, soul-mates and had been for a long time.


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