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Making Up
Erotic Story By Anonymous

I had worked hard that morning, scrubbing and cleaning pans in the holiday camp kitchen. I had been doing it for seven weeks and with just one more week left on my contract and I was looking forward to going home.

I was just wiping down the final pan when a colleague came over to say that there was someone waiting to see me outside. This surprised me as the only person that I had gotten to know over the past seven weeks was here beside me in the kitchen. Wiping my hands I walked outside to see my ex-fiancé leaning against the wall opposite from me. Dressed in cut off shorts, which emphasized her long legs, and a white cropped top I had to admit she looked simply sensational.

We had got engaged at the end of our final year at college. However, when I told her that I was going away without her for eight weeks to earn some money she had completely lost her rag. She had stormed off shouting that it was all over and the next day I had caught a train to the coast to start work.

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And now she was here, walking towards me with a smile on her lovely face. "I am so sorry," she said, "I have been a complete fool!" She then went to put her arms around me but I took a step backwards and held up my hands to prevent her from touching me. Her smile vanished but quickly returned when I told her that I was covered in grease and that I needed to shower and get into a change of clothes.

Walking back in the direction of my chalet she told me all about the grief that she had had over the last seven weeks. Both her parents and friends had called her a fool and when she had told them that she was coming to see me they had told her that she would be very lucky to get me back.

After being told the chalet number I went off to have a hot shower and to change into a pair of shorts and T-shirt. Knocking on her door and upon stepping in I took her into my arms enjoying the feel of her firm body next to mine. She told me that she had been out sunbathing by the pool and she had caught too much sun so would I mind rubbing some after-sun cream onto her back.

Handing me the tube of cream she then took off her shorts and top to reveal a tiny string bikini before lying face down on a towel on the bed. Squeezing out some cream on my hand I then proceeded to rub it into her shoulders and down her back. I found the string of her bikini top was in the way so I undid it and slowly made my way down to the top of her pants. Removing her pants I found that areas on the cheeks of her tight bottom and the backs of her legs were quite pink and needed a lot of cream rubbed in. Gently I moved down to her ankles when suddenly she turned over revealing her lovely naked body, her shaved pussy and her firm breasts tipped with engorged pink nipples.

My cock had stiffened once I had started applying the cream but now on seeing her naked it just shouted to be released from my shorts. Pulling them down I made sure that I also pulled down my foreskin so that the now swollen purple head of my cock was fully revealed. Kneeling now between her legs I once again began to apply the cream. First to her lower legs and then slowly up the inside of her thighs. Then I bent over and replaced my hands with my tongue taking it in turns to lick up the inside of each thigh before spreading her legs and guiding my tongue around the petal lips of her already wet pussy. With a groan of pleasure she put her hands behind my head so that my tongue entered her honey-coated shaft and my mouth was sucking on her tiny eraser sized clit.

It was so delicious that I did not heed her warning as she climaxed and shot a fountain of love juice into my mouth and over my face. Gasping I removed my tongue from her soaked pussy and trailed it up her stomach and into her naval. On then to her breasts and to suck her nipples before giving her a taste of her own love juices as we kissed. Rolling me over she sat down on my chest and whilst offering me her pussy to suck again she began to massage my balls and to suck my cock.

With my tongue and face buried deep in her pussy I could feel her hand slowly working up and down on it before she put it back into her hot mouth and sucked it deep down her throat. I felt my balls begin to fill with cum so I took my tongue out of her wet pussy and told her to get ready. To my surprise she too stopped, got off the bed and led me over to a wooden chair that was placed in front of a long dressing mirror.

Sitting me down on the chair she then knelt down and gently licked away the pre-cum that had started to ooze out of my aching cock. Then holding it tightly she stood up and straddled me and began to rub the head of my cock around the petals of her pussy. Although we had indulged in heavy petting before we had never made love because she had always said that she wanted to make our wedding night special. I expressed my surprise to which she told me that she wanted to show me how sorry she was.

Slowly she guided me into her wet pussy. My cock met with a little resistance but she pushed down slowly over my stiff shaft which was buried deep inside her tight cunt. I felt something warm trickling over my balls and asked her if she was all right? She just smiled, put her arms around my neck, kissed me hard and began to ride my cock.

At first the strokes were deep and long and soon I felt her body shudder as she brought herself to another climax. I knew that she was enjoying watching herself in the mirror and I could not get enough of sucking her breasts and holding her tight ass as she bounced up and down on my cock. Gradually the tempo increased as she rammed my cock inside her. She leaned forward and started to deeply kiss me. This time I almost felt my cum rise from my toes! First my feet went cold and then my legs before my balls began to tighten up. Cum was beginning to fill the base of my cock when I warned her that I was about to come.

There was a hint of perspiration on her top lip as she looked into my eyes and told me that she wanted to feel me shoot my load deep inside her. With those words she rode my cock down as deep as it would go and I shot my load all over the inside of her tight cunt. With my first spurt we almost fell off the chair, but then as I continued to fill her with my special cream she let out a gasp and drowned my spurting cock with a hot fountain of her own.

"Wow!" she kept on saying as we slowly descended from our heights of ecstasy. Sitting on my lap and giving my cock a nice squeeze with her cunt muscles I began rubbing her back and enjoyed the feel of my cock beginning to stir inside her and I thought that it was true... make up sex is amazing.

Removing her left hand from behind my neck she pushed her hair back from her wet brow. It was then I noticed that she was not wearing the ring that we had chosen. I asked her why and was told that her mum had angrily told her to take it off as she had told me that we were no longer engaged. Then I noticed that around her neck she was wearing a thin gold chain and lifting her hair she undid the clasp to reveal on it her engagement ring.

She placed the two pieces of jewelry in my hand and then watched me as I removed the ring, looked at it closely for a few moments before taking her left hand and pushing the ring on to her second finger. She gave a little squeal of delight and once again her lips and tongue were on and in my mouth when I told her that it looked so much more beautiful there.


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