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Erotic Story By Bob

The rhythmic sounds - squeak, squeak of the bed springs and the thump, thump of the headboard were the only sounds to break the silence as I drove my cock into her with the ferocity that she demanded.

Beneath me, I saw Kendra's face drawn up into a mask of pleasure with her eyes tightly shut as she met each of the downward thrusts of my man-meat with her own upward thrusts of her powerful ass. With each move I reveled in my own nuances of pleasure that rippled from my groin.

I'd fucked before, many times, but never like this; never with a woman with the skill and endurance of her. As I steadily worked to satisfy her, I wondered if I had the endurance to match her.

Kenny, as she was generally known, seemed like a human dynamo of energy as she fucked with more enthusiasm by the minute. Now, my pride was at stake as I questioned my ability to pleasure this woman.

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Her svelte figure and small breasts attested to the fact that she was no bundle of muscles. She was no giant at 5'8" and 125 pounds, nor was she an athlete or did she work out regularly. I continued my steady rhythm as my fatigue began to develop. My pride urged me to continue. I drove myself to thrust deeper and drive her into the bed as this change brought a faint smile to her face.

It was as I felt the last of my strength begin to leave me that the steady rhythm of our coitus stopped and Kenny moved slightly; "I want to be on top," she said as she moved from under me an rolled me on to my back. Moments later, she moved over me and mounted me in the cowgirl position. There she inserted my cock back into her and sat downwards, taking it fully into her.

"I like this position best," she said as she took up the steady rhythm of our coitus. As I looked upwards, hoping to look into Kenny's eyes, I found them tightly shut, her face a mask of pleasure again. It was then that I noted tears under her eyes. In this new situation, I lay quietly, recouping my strength, as I felt the pleasure from the slippery friction on my penis.

My mind began to drift, thinking about Kenny, the girl who was fucking me. Kenny had been going steady with Hank for months and Hank, my college roommate, had stood her up for a date again when she'd come to our dorm room. She had been angry and quite upset. There in the room, she and I had talked about Hank, mostly with me trying to defend his indefensible position.

Sudden nuances of pleasure made me suddenly aware of her downward impalements with my upward thrusts, my mind reverted back to the exquisite pleasure that emanated from our fucking. She was good. She was the best I'd ever known. She was Hank's girlfriend and I was screwing her.

A pang of worry crossed my mind. Then, I thought of Kenny and how I'd eyed her often with thoughts of having her. Of course, then, I thought that she was a virgin since Hank seemed to be her first boyfriend. Again, my reveries were interrupted by Kenny's change in her rhythm and a disruption of our coitus. I responded to her moves. Then, she bent forward to lay on top of me and I reveled in our flesh on flesh.

She was certainly good at sex. Now, she was openly crying, with pleasure I hoped. With a return to the routine rhythm of our coitus, I returned to my reveries as I recalled our talk earlier. Kenny's anger had seemed to be vented on me at first. Then, she suddenly had shifted her direction and I seemed to be her confidant, the one she could talk to. From here it had been a case of her wanting to jump my bones.

The thought that she was Hank's girl friend had slipped from my mind early as I saw the opportunity to fuck this beautiful woman. Again my thoughts were interrupted. This time, I saw the urgency in her. Her face was a mask of passion and her body tense now as she suddenly cried out in an animalistic cry; she was having an orgasm and it was intense. As I rode out the storm of her orgasm I felt pride in knowing that I'd been the cause.

I began to approach our copulation with new enthusiasm, my position on the bottom gave me rest. Again, I felt each nuance of pleasure with renewed dedication. In a few moments, I sat up in bed, Kenny in my lap with my cock still deep in her. She was sobbing openly now. There, we embraced and kissed as we both rested. As we rested, we talked.

"Andy, What's your girlfriend gonna think about this?" she asked. I smiled as I replied that I hadn't had a girl friend in years. "Why not? You're a good looking, nice guy."

"Guess I just didn't meet the right one," It was then that I thought I'd noted a small frown on her forehead. She no longer sobbed but appeared to have regained her poise. We kissed. It was a deep, passionate soul kiss as our chests touched and small pleasures seemed to develop everywhere.

"You're a beautiful woman," I said, I feel like a very fortune man. It was at that moment that the dorm room door opened and Hank stormed in. "What the hell's going on here?" he bellowed as his eyes fell on us, the obvious copulating couple. "Get the hell out of here," he yelled at Kenny. "The minute I turn my back for a second, I find you screwing my room mate, fucking whore!" he continued.

"Whoa," I interjected. "It seems the lady came here looking for you, something about you standing her up on a special date. You were gone."

"Yeah, well, I was detained," he huffed.

"You've been 'detained' a lot lately. I guess I'm not important to you any more," Kenny retorted. "Tonight was the last straw, see what you missed out on?" Kenny said as she pressed herself against me.

"Come on Kenny. We need to talk," Hank pleaded.

"Nothing to talk about Hank. You're out of my life forever." Kenny coldly responded. I felt her tighten her embrace on me as we sat together.

Angrily, Hank directed his comments to me, "You dirty bastard, fucking my girlfriend behind my back. Who do you..."

"Hold it Hank. She's not your girlfriend anymore and she's a beautiful woman. I was here and she needed..."

"Fuck you Andy. We're not roommates any more! I'm outta here." Hank stormed angrily as he left.

With Hank gone, Kenny suddenly turned cold and indifferent as she began to sob again. She moved away from me and off the bed where she began to get dressed. I felt my cock, still stiff and my needs unsatisfied. The evening quickly ended and I was left alone.

My roommate moved to an adjacent room and I finished my school year alone with my studies as Kenny seemed to keep her distance. Hank eventually moved to a fraternity house across campus. I was alone and absorbed with my studies. The rest of the school semester passed and I was registering for the fall semester deep in thought. My summer work had been insufficient to provide funds for the fall term and I simply couldn't afford the dorm and cafeteria fees. I figured I would just have to sleep in my car and eat sparingly in order to get by. So deeply engrossed in my thoughts that I failed to notice Kenny approach with a kind of nervous smile on her otherwise stoic face.

She greeted me warmly and I returned the greeting in kind. We need to talk, she said and seeing my lack of enthusiasm she continued, It's important and I'll even buy our dinner in the cafeteria. "I could never turn down a free dinner," I replied, only mildly interested.

It was that two hours layer Kenny sat across from me in the dining room of the school food service center. She appeared nervous and perhaps scared as her face now reflected real concern. We greeted. "Andy. I've got some terrible news for you; something you have to know and I want you to know I'm sorry..."

"Wait. You re not pregnant are you? I asked.

"No and I wouldn't tell you if I was," she continued. "It's worse than that. I have gonorrhea. It s a venereal disease and we've been together so I must warn you. I'm so sorry."

"You mean that you infected me that night?" I inquired.

"Most likely since Hank was infected too. I'm sorry to have done this to you. You're a nice guy and I did you wrong." We talked some more as she continued to apologize. She explained that the school health center would treat us free of charge and that by catching it early, there'd be no lasting problems. Our eyes met and she said again, "I've ruined your life. I'm sorry."

This apology was the one that caused me to respond. Kenny had simply accepted all the blame in this matter as though I hadn't been a party to the fine sex that infected me. I spoke, "Wait a minute, I like to think I had something to say about our little tryst. I could have said no to the most beautiful girl in my acquaintance, the one I'd covertly adored for months, but I didn't."

I saw no change in her demeanor as she replied, "Oh, come on. We both know I was angry at Hank and I wanted to hurt him. I was using you."

"Well, I was using you too so I guess that makes us even. When can we go to the health center?" I asked trying not to look hurt.

"Just take your student services card in to the health center and they'll direct you from there," she said. I pointed out that I didn't have a student services card and she assured me that was not a problem.

It was that at 7:45 the next morning, I met Kenny at the health center where she presented me with my new $250 student services card. Then, she and I spent the morning with the social services worker where we discussed matters pertaining to the infection and the treatment. It was close to noon when I receive my shots; the first of several.

As we walked out of the clinic, I felt hunger pangs and suggested we go for lunch to which Kenny replied, "No. I need to check out of the new semester. Plus, I'm a little strapped for cash right now. My expenses are a little bigger than I had expected."

Remembering the $250 that she'd just spent for my student services card I responded, "What the hell do you mean? You're short of cash? Come with me." What I felt was not just anger. It was a quiet rage. She had spent her college money on me and I felt that it wasn't right. I dragged her to the nearby restaurant and we sat facing each other.

We talked for a while and determined that neither one of us could afford the next term in school. As we sat facing each other, I became the strong authority figure as I felt my rage abate slightly. In the same authoritative manner, I reviewed our financial situation. I offered that I could drop out for a semester and she could complete her term or she could drop out and I'd hate myself forever or we could both drop out and...

Kenny interrupted me, "Supposing there was a way for both of us to stay at the university."

"Well, I'd jump at the chance." I said skeptically. Kenny smiled. "There's an old mobile home on a lot next to the Engineering building that's for rent. No heat or cooling; I hear the roof leaks too."

"Is it livable?" I quipped.

"It was last semester when my friend lived there. Only has two beds though, but it's only $40 per month," she looked at me with eager eyes.

As I listened, I started to ask her, "But, it s you and me... we have a rather uncomfortable history."

"Look, we'll put that behind us and just be good roommates. We can make this work I am sure of it," she said with confidence.

We talked some more and soon were looking at the old trailer. It was a mess and would require major cleanup work before we could move in and the roof would require repairs. When school started, the next week, the freshly repainted and maintained old trailer was ready for occupancy. Kenny had worked on the interior all day and stocked the food shelves while I applied the foam insulation to the new roof. As I completed my work, I could smell the steak and potatoes cooking below. When I came in, I found he dining area neat and clean; the bathroom awaiting my use.

It was when I went back to the bedroom to retrieve my clean clothing that I saw the problem. The twin beds had been made into a large queen and was made up as a single bed. I turned and called out to Kenny who explained that they only had linens for the large queen and we'd just have to make do. Dinner that night was fantastic. The wine was cheap but the alcohol was superb for a nice buzz.

Kenny and I were certainly good friends now and life was turning out to be easier. Then, after dinner, we cleared the table, did the dishes and I could not help but notice that Kenny was hot; more beautiful and sexy than I could remember ever seeing her.

Roommates... I would do my best to maintain that relationship. Damn. We retired early and, unlike our plan, we moved directly to each other. As we neared each other under the covers I felt her naked flesh. "I like to sleep in the nude," she said. "Me too," I said. We laughed and slowly began to caress one another.

Needless to say, later that night, all that could be heard was the steady springs of the bedsprings as I plunged my cock into her waiting pussy. Our eyes met and for the first time I saw love; our hearts and minds were together. Secure in our home for the next year, we made love every day. The arrangement worked well as we were able to afford college by living together in sparse quarters, doing our own cooking and providing each other with our only affordable entertainment. We both made the dean's list.

Of course, one might expect this story to end with a happy ever after sentiment, but, of course most stories seldom do. On graduation, Kenny was employed by a large engineering firm near our family homes while I was sent into the Navy to begin my three year obligation for help with my tuition.

At first we missed each other terribly; then, time and distance cooled our relationship. We were young and life was full of new adventures and surprises as we thought less and less of each other. By the time I'd returned from my three years of service, Kenny was married to an up and coming lawyer and already big with her first child. I'd heard rumors of Kenny's marriage and of course, in our small community it was inevitable that we should soon meet.

It happened that first week back and I had gone to a big social event to renew old acquaintances. As I moved about the large gathering, I I saw her across the room, eyeing me. I saw some concern in her face but she made no movements to come to me and began to slowly move away. Several more times I saw her eyes watching me but we kept our distance.

It was as I departed the party and moved toward my car that I sensed her presence behind me. I turned and faced her. "We should talk," she said. I agreed and we turned to sit on the steps to the building where we discussed the way our relationship ended. It'd been fun and got us through school but Kenny was happily married to a husband she loved. Today, we still meet at public events from time to time. We greet and exchange pleasantries. Sometimes as I see her, our eyes meet and we there is an exchange of warmth - perhaps a memory of those former days.


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