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Mel & Me
Erotic Story By Anonymous

It was a hot, summer day in the small African country where I'd been deployed for nearly nine months. My mind was on the delicious North African food that was waiting in the small cafe that I was approaching. It was as I approached the door that I heard and felt the explosion within the cafe. The blast had blown the door off its hinges and into me with such force that I was thrown backward into the street.

Stunned by the force of the explosion, I lay in the street as blood trickled out of many superficial cuts and my mind was in chaos. I couldn't think. My head hurt. It was two days later that I lay in a hospital in Germany where my broken arm and ribs were cast. My head was the subject of some sort of operation although I'm not sure what.

Slowly, I realized that my thinking was impaired. The psychiatrists seemed to swarm about me. Worst of all was the daily debriefings that I, as an intelligence officer, was subjected to. Memory seemed to fail me and I found that I couldn't express myself as I wanted.

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Of course, with time my memory improved and I was able to express myself better. Only the lingering malaise remained. Finally, I was released and flown back to my home base and I looked forward to meeting Melinda (my wife Mel) and love renewed after nearly a year. It was as I walked out of the airport and greeted Mel that I felt it. Seeing her should have generated an instant erection and excitement such as befitted the occasion. I was excited and eager to greet Mel but the erectile dysfunction was quickly obvious.

What was to have been a joyous return had turned into a horror story. When I tried to explain my problem to her, Mel said it was all right. We loved each other and that's what mattered. We could make do with some alternate love methods. Then, when I mentioned that she was a healthy woman with sexual needs that had long been denied she simply said it didn't matter. So we began the alternate methods of lovemaking with both manual and oral stimulation but they simply didn't do the job and I sensed Mel's frustration. Much as I loved her and cared as I tried I sensed that I was inadequate. I hated myself and felt the obligation to see to my wife's happiness more each day.

Each day I felt more inadequate as her frustration must surely hurt. Our marriage was failing. Then, after searching for many alternatives, I developed a plan. Mel would go out to a local club and attract a suitable man and have recreational sex with him one time only and then come back and tell me about it. I mentioned the plan to Mel and she rejected it saying she didn't need that outside sex and that I was all she wanted. We talked. Over the next few days, I pressed the issue. My mind was solely focused on relieving her sexual frustration. I loved her and couldn't bear the thought of her having less than a full life.

As I argued the plausibility of her getting relief from another man she continued to object saying that I was enough. It was nearly two weeks later that the idea seemed to intrigue her and we made plans for the first time. She takes her cell-phone with her for safety and was to go to the Green Gator Club where there'd be plenty of willing men. Then, having selected the proper man, accompany him to a rendezvous and have sex. It'd be strictly recreational sex and she'd be back home by 0900 hours Saturday morning. I'd be by my cell-phone in case of emergency but would not interfere with her date by calling her.

The rest of the week was mental chaos for me. I couldn't think properly. I couldn't sleep well and I was sick at heart. Much as I loved that woman, I could not stand in the way of her satisfaction. I remained grumpy and morose as Friday approached and I was sad. Then, with Friday, I developed new resolve and watched her prepare for her date. New lingerie and a very chic dress with matching accessories. She was more beautiful than I'd ever seen her. It was as she prepared to depart that my resolve began to weaken and I fought not calling her back. Then she was gone. It was then that my ordeal began as I imagined what must be taking place in my wife's life. I wanted to call her and call it off. On the other hand, she must surely be relieving her frustration.

I waited for her call as none came. It was around 0200 when I went to bed and lay sleepless. It was 0850 when Mel came in the garage door and went to the bathroom where I heard the shower running. I was making breakfast when she passed and soon she came out of our bedroom dressed in a cute sun dress and joined me for breakfast. As we ate, all seemed normal between us except the silence which I eventually broke with, "Well, are you going to tell me?" and she spoke. It was a typical story of a man picking up a woman and meeting him at a motel for sex. The man was reported to be a young, robust kid with powers of endurance. She was satisfied.

The next week, was filled with angst for me. As I tried to cover my feelings, I found that It was nearly impossible as I often had to go on long walks to reassure myself that I was doing the right thing. Then Friday night found Mel on her date and me filled with concerns at home. A bottle of Scotch whiskey seemed to dull my pain as I sat by the telephone. Next morning at 0905 Mel returned and went straight to the shower, a while later, she returned to the kitchen where we ate breakfast and she told of the night's events.

She described picking up this giant of a man, 6'4" tall, 240 pounds, former university football tackle who looked mean but was a real sweetheart down deep. He had the endurance to satisfy her as never before and he'd been so gentle. I was glad we had the one time with a man rule as she spoke.

The next week was no less anxious than those previous as I anticipated what was going to happen on Friday night. It was 1040 when Mel arrived home and went to the bathroom as before. It was past our agreed on 0900 return time limit and I felt my anger boil. And my rage building. As Mel came into the kitchen, I unleashed my pent up fury on her.?I thought we had an arrangement that you'd be home by nine and you weren't. I raged. As my anger poured forth, I felt my mind relax and my venom spew forth. Shocked by my sudden eruption, Mel stood silently, her eyes wide with fear. Then, I felt it. I had an erection a good, powerful one. Suddenly, there was only one thing on my mind. I grabbed Mel and threw her gently down on the floor and ripped away her sun dress and panties. When I kissed her on the mouth, she was suddenly aware of my biggest, hardest penis ever and she reached over to grasp it.

Soon, we were two nude bodies on the floor and I was determined to have my husband's due. As she moved to kiss me on the lips, I moved to finger her pussy and get it ready for a massive intrusion. I was wild with my fury still unabated. Then, without prior agreement, I slammed my cock into her and drove it to it's fullest penetration. Once there, I rejoiced at having sex with my wife. We lay together as our eyes met and our sex parts became accustomed to each other. Gradually our old familiarity returned we were truly husband and wife again.

After a night of pure lovemaking, I expressed my concern that I had allowed her to have sex with men outside our marriage and she laughed. There were never any other men. I went to a motel and spent the night and made up those stories to please you. Then, our married life took on its old normal look. Mel and I supported each other and comforted each other as needed and I received that promotion to E-6.

We began to socialize around the base and various public events. Life was good. It was as we went to the concert that a man came up to Mel and they greeted like old friends. Mel turned to me and proceeded to introduce Hobie to me as I reacted in horror. Hobie, at 6'4" tall, 240 lbs, mean-looking football player type. Somehow I knew this was the man that had been Mel's lover. I was as sure about it as if it'd been written in stone.

Then, on seeing the look of horror on Mel's face it was obvious that she knew that I knew. Only later, at home, did the matter come up again, This time it was me that spoke. "How many times?" I asked and she replied, "I don't know. You were never supposed to find out." "When did it start?" I continued, and again she replied, "I don't know. While you were deployed. I was lonesome and hurting. I needed support and you weren't here."

Then came the shocker, "Are you still seeing him on the sly?" and she replied, "Yes. We're friends now and he's different from you." Though it cut to the quick, I said simply, "I'm a one-woman and one-man kind of guy. If we're to stay married, Hobie has to be history." She laughed as she replied, "That's ridiculous! I've never denied you anything and our married life has been as full as army life will allow, you'll get over it."

It was the next day that I moved back to the barracks and took action to protect myself. First, I visited the base legal officer and was advised to file for separate maintenance, cut her allotment and remove her base privileges. Then, they assisted in closing the credit card accounts and the bank savings were split 50/50. I got my 50% in a new account in my name only.

It was the next afternoon when Mel accosted me in my office and said, "What the hell's going on. We've gotta talk. We're married you know." My response was simple, "I told you before, I'm a one-man, one-woman type who was in a marriage based on trust and fidelity. To protect myself, I went to the base legal office and took their advice. Now, you're out of my life."

Now, fuming with rage, she said, I'll get a lawyer and we'll see about that." She stormed away.

For me, life got simpler. While I was still deeply in love with my wife, I couldn't ever live with her ways. She'd violated my trust and broken our marriage vows. I was soon married to the army and life moved on until I'd completed 30 years of duty and faced retirement.

Retirement came the end of a way of life that I'd known and come to love over 30 years. Form the first time in many years, I was without the support of the Army and my fellow soldiers. True, the army had made it a bit easier by allowing me free access to their facilities and some association with the thing I'd grown to love. Of course, my pension was adequate for my needs and my medical needs were adequately covered forever, I was lonely!

In a move to respond to that loneliness was my daily meeting in the base coffee shop where I met others, like myself, retired and alone, and we talked and laughed and lied about our army careers. It was as close to the old Army social life as I could get. Then, suddenly, the base coffee shop was being moved to a nicer new location and would be closed for two months. For coffee shop service a sign directed us to the coffee shop at the main base some four miles away. It was as I drove to the more distant cafe to get my morning breakfast, I was a bit concerned that my social life had been disrupted and I was faced with the unknown as I drove but, it was just like the army. I'd develop a new social circle! Always had! Always would!

By the time I'd entered the bigger coffee shop, I'd developed a rather foul mood. I looked around for evidence of a friendly face. Suddenly, one caught my eye. Her hair had become grey and her face had a few wrinkles but it was surely my ex-wife, Mel, as she seemed intent on a pile of papers on the table in front of her. The years had been kind to her as she still had the trim figure of a much younger woman and had maintained her beauty as well. To others, she might be hot. After so many years, my hate and anger had long since ebbed away and were now only ancient history. Only the old love I'd always felt but was now tempered with distrust remained. Still, I was interested in what had transpired in her life after she left me for Hobie. It was this interest that caused me to walk up to her table and ask, "Mel! How've you been these past many years?"

When she looked up to address my rude interruption of her work, I saw the recognition in her eyes. She stood and smiled as we greeted. "How're you and Hobie doing? Looks like life's treating you well." I spoke.

Her smile broke as her face became serious and she directed us to a booth. There never was anything but sex between Hobie and me. He wasn't even very good at that. Since then, I've been working in the food dispensing business. I manage three base coffee shops. "How's your social life? Any men in it?" I asked and she replied, "No. I went out with a few guys at first but never got turned on to any of them. After I'd had the best, I'd found no interest in the rest. Hobie was a mistake that I never repeated again."

Then, she asked about me and I explained that I'd gotten to the E-9 pay scale and was comfortable in my retirement. I'd come to this coffee shop after the local one had closed and expected to get breakfast possibly with some old friends. When Mel asked, "Will I go or is there some old friend that you'd prefer?", she was smiling and I knew that she was teasing me. In response, I decided to play it cool and stood to look around the coffee shop. As I sighted and ignored two old buddies, I replied, "I guess you'll do."

From her actions, I felt that my gesture undoubtedly fooled no one. She spoke, "Want a spot of ham and eggs with a Danish for breakfast?". Minutes later, the order was placed and Mel returned to sit back in the booth facing me. Our eyes met and my body was instantly aroused as it had once been many years ago. Then, as we moved on, my mind took control and, remembering the past, my arousal was gone or was it? We talked of growing old and of facing the future in general and a new, warm feeling of contentment came over me. We talked of old friends and wondered what had happened to them. We talked about many things as I avoided eye contact. It was as Mel moved to return our dirty dishes and return with more coffee that our eyes met again with the same disastrous results only, I allowed it to happen and enjoyed the feeling. I wanted to enjoy her company some more or maybe (don't even think it, I thought).

"How about you join me for dinner tonight. I could get reservations at the Tonga Room." I suggested and she replied, "I've got a better one, why don't we have dinner at my place." As my mind silently screamed, "Don't do it. You don't trust her. She'll hurt you", I readily agreed. Then, my mind silently screamed, "Dumb jackass. You're in trouble."

For the next two days, my mind was filled with concerns and apprehension. Twice, I went to the coffee shop but she wasn't there. I even thought about calling the date off. Monday night. 1800 hours, I stood at the apartment door with a bottle of wine in my hand as Mel begged me to enter. She took the wine and set it on the hall table as we embraced in a friendly greeting. Suddenly all the demons of heaven and hell broke loose upon me as our eyes met. I was aroused as never before and proceeded to push for a deep soul kiss which she returned with enthusiasm. My hands dropped to her ass and I drew her to press against my erect cock now trapped between our bellies. She seemed even more aroused than me. Somehow, we communicated perfectly as our shoes and clothing fell to the hall floor. Shortly, Mel took my hand and led me to her bedroom and on to the bed. There, as I proceeded to remove her bra, she seemed to freeze as she said, "Please go a bit slowly as I'm out of practice," and I replied that I would surrender to her lead and wait to enjoy the goodies that she could provide until she was ready.

She doffed her bra and panties as I adored her still beautiful body and praised her, "Damn but you're hot. You've still got the old pizzazz," This brought a faint smile as our eyes met and the passion in her eyes now matched my own. As I adored her, I silently cautioned myself, "Slow down. Let the woman lead," and found her attacking my boxers in an effort to get me bare on the bed.

Then, as the boxers hit the floor, she moved over me and face down over my cock. There, she hesitated only an instant before taking my man tool into her mouth and coating it with spit as I lay back to enjoy a good blow job. It'd be my first in a very long time but it was not to be! To my surprise, seconds later she moved again over me and positioned her pussy over my erect cock. Then, she lowered herself on to me and I felt the pleasure of her vaginal walls impaling me. "Go slow," she'd said and suddenly she'd proceeded to our coitus at breakneck speed. Even as excited as I was, I couldn't seem to match Mel's passions. All too soon it was over and we lay awaiting the afterglow. Totally at ease after, our most intimate act, we lay silently as the envelope of intimate peace and contentment came over us. We talked gibberish about how good it was and how we'd always been the best.

Then, I felt it. My arousal was overtaking me again as I moved away from Mel and moved over her, This time, I enjoyed our kissing as we familiarized ourselves with each other. Her small breasts hadn't changed as I kissed and caressed and suckled them. When my fingers entered her vaginal opening she sought to kiss me on the lips and the play was fun. Sometime, much later, I moved over her again and our eyes met. "Do me good," she said as I prepared to enter her for the second time. This time, we lay close, my cock buried to it's the fullest extent, together, enjoying the intimacy. This was no longer just coitus but real lovemaking. It was fun and it was just the support I'd needed. It might have gone on for hours except that eventually I felt Mel tense up and become uncoordinated and deeply involved In her peak something that rarely occurred.

Seconds later and excited by her release, I felt my own ejaculation. Again, we lay waiting for the afterglow and again we weren't disappointed. Then, totally spent, we slept. Twice more we awoke and played together as I inserted my semi-erect cock into her and we made love. Then, after a time, we slept. It was midmorning when I felt Mel move and rolled to meet her. Suddenly, I was hungry and realized that I hadn't eaten since yesterday morning. As I moved to get up and get moving, Mel seemed to have sensed my hunger and after a quick kiss bounded to the kitchen. A few minutes later, and I entered the kitchen to observe last nights steak roasting on the stove with beans and fried potatoes. Fresh orange pieces rested in a bowl on the table and I was famished. As I approached Mel and embraced her from behind, she seemed to push me back with her words, "You know that you could starve to death if you keep acting that way. Cut it out for a while." Hearing her words, I pretended to be hurt and sulked as she finished preparing breakfast. Then, as she set the big plate before me, I turned and spoke without thinking, "Thank you. Now I remember why I loved you."

She looked at me with a smirk as she responded, "I thought I was pretty good in bed too. Perhaps we should just drop everything and hit the bed again so I can prove my claim." As she laughed, I said, "Not until I finish this steak and beans. I'm gonna need my energy to keep up with you. That was two years ago and Mel and I have moved in together, first as friends with benefits and after a time as the married couple, we already were. Life has been good so far as Mel has retired to a quiet life of fun and pleasure with me.


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