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First Love
True Erotic Story By Anonymous

Lily was a beautiful young woman and carried herself gracefully. Her clothing was tasteful and yet quite sensual as it accentuated her supple breasts and rounded hips.

There were certainly many guys in high school that pursued her and it was no secret that she was considered by many to be one of the more attractive girls in school. She was a good student, loved acting in the theatre and had a rather goofy sense of humor with no problem acting the fool to get a laugh. Lily appeared confident to many, but underneath she struggled with self-esteem and always struggled with compliments. Because of this Lily was always humble and modest, never showing too much skin or flirtation. She had been brought up to be careful about sexual expression and longed to be valued for those things that gave her substance not frivolous attributes.

Her first kiss was but a mere peck at the tender age of fourteen. When she did begin to date at sixteen the guys had always been a friend first and then a slow, respectful courtship before any foreplay was the norm. When Lily was in her Junior year, she began dating a nice guy named James who was about a year and a half older and who had worked hard for several months to get Lily to pay attention to him. She was not easily taken in my smooth lines or perfunctory interests and he had his work cut out for him building a rapport with her before she agreed to date him.

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They had met in the school cafeteria and she had caught his eye immediately with her long flowing, light, blonde hair and bright red lipstick. He quickly had found a way to strike up a conversation with her and introduced himself. As she blushed from his overt attention, he asked for her number in the smoothest way he could muster but she politely declined as she was not quick to make herself vulnerable to such pursuits. Eventually, he won her over and she gave it to him.

James was smitten and found out everything he could about Lily so that he would often be around when her play rehearsal was over or she was at a party. After several meetings and a great deal of effort on his part to woo her, she finally agreed to go on a date with him. James acted the part of a perfect gentleman and Lily appreciated how sweet he was to her as he did small things to let her know he respected her; such as opening the car door for her and offering his coat when she was cold.

Lily was careful about sexuality but she was no prude as she loved thinking about it and she had become quite skilled at giving oral sex to James. She loved the taste of his cock in her mouth and the feel of when he would cum hard into the back of her throat. She loved the feel of James' tongue on her clit and the waves of pleasure she felt as she had orgasms.

One of her favorite things to do was to use her shower head at home and masturbate. She had a large bathroom with a beautiful bathtub with a stall shower enclosed in glass. She would lie on her back with her legs against the glass and place the pulsing shower head with water so that it would massage her clit until she would cum so hard that it was difficult not to squeal with delight and tip off her parents as to why she loved such long showers. She had started this at the age of fourteen and had become quite skilled at climaxing so much so that she could do it within 60 seconds or less and do it multiple times. Before she met James she often pleasured herself thinking about a guy she had a crush on named James, whom she never spoke to, but spent many nights cumming just thinking about.

After several months of more serious dating with James, Lily decided that she was in love with him and knew he loved her enough to offer her virginity to him. She did so after a great deal of careful consideration and preparation. They spent the afternoon at the Washington Monument having a picnic on a most beautiful day. They returned in the evening to James' house where he lit candles and played sensual music. He was gentle and patient with her and when the moment was right they made love.

Lily lay in his arms afterward and told him how amazing it was for her and that while it hurt a little that it was a good kind of pain and that she was glad that she had given herself to him. James who had been with a couple other girls before her, was completely in love with Lily and told her that while he had sex before, that he had never experienced something as intimate and passionate as this. The two lovers lay there sharing themselves and feeling that the future was theirs, James told her that he wanted to marry her in the future.

James continued to woo Lily through his affections and she always matched him in effort. The two of them were closer than they had ever been to anyone and they never argued or were disrespectful toward one another. It was a relationship that both had always wanted and they never dreamed would end badly.

That very night she had a dream that James and she had gone to a local park where teenage lovers often go. Her unconscious mind found a way to be with James and feel much like the poster of Marilyn Monroe made her feel. She could feel his moist, wanting lips against hers and then his warm tongue slip in-between her cherry colored lipstick and into her longing mouth. Their tongues slowly fucking one another deeper and deeper until the desire consumed them both. She could feel his warm, strong hands on her soft, milky breasts pulling back her blouse and lacy white bra exposing her erect pink nipples that became more firm with his touch. His lips and tongue slid down her neck and her breath became fast and heavy as her pussy flowed with wet cum and she longed for his body to merge with her own.

Her dream offered her sexual bliss as she reached down with her hand and felt the smooth, firm skin of his engorged shaft throbbing as it pumped blood through him creating a sexual tool of delight for her. Her soft moans beckoned him for more and she felt his fingers slide down her soft abdomen and into her white lace panties. His fingers caressed her soft, trimmed, blonde pubic hair and found their way in-between her slickened, pink, pussy lips. As his fingers slid up and down her inner labia her wetness covered his hand and he knew how badly she wanted him. She spread her legs and wrapped them around his waist pulling him closer as she pulled open his button fly jeans. James moved his pants and boxers down his legs as she removed her lace panties. In just a moment they were embracing again, pressed against one another with their warm, nude bodies moving passionately against one another.

As she felt his hard cock begin to penetrate her longing pussy, she gasped and felt herself completely losing herself to her desire for him. As he slowly thrust himself into her tight, wet cunt she moaned with delight and immediately began to climax from the sheer buildup of passion she had felt for him for so long. Her pussy began to strongly contract against his throbbing cock and as it did she awoke out of breath with her panties filled with cum.

Lily had awoken that Saturday morning with a lovely orgasm and she realized that she wanted James much more than she had ever realized. She lay there thinking about the delicious dream for a half an hour before she allowed herself to bring herself back to reality. Later that afternoon she made her way over to James' house to hang out as he had just gotten back from the gym and was going to take a shower before they were going to make their way to a party that night. Lily was wearing a new teal dress that hugged her curves and she had her long blond hair up on the sides with loose curls that came down to her lower back. She had felt rather sensual after her dream that morning and her appearance reflected it. As she made her way to ring the doorbell, she realized she was in love. Her future was straight ahead.



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