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Mystery Man
Erotic Story By Anonymous

When I first saw you watching me, you might have caught me off-guard. I was just back from the holiday office party - an extravaganza of booze, banter, babes and small talk. Some time after the party was well on its way, I decided I wasn't a babe, just 'Kay', the highly competent and professional businesswoman. I finally left (feeling a bit blue) without a single fondle or half-hearted seduction attempt.

All I had was the beginnings of a serious hangover when I saw you across the street, looking right at me. I had smartly left my car in the lot and come home in a taxi - feeling a bit old, tired and rejected. I was still young and attractive. But, after my divorce, I had been in no mood to start anything new and felt, for a while, that most men [except my dad] were two-faced about love. Beneath the charming exterior was an animal waiting to strike. I had suffered a lot because of my ex-husband's evil, but well hidden alter ego. Abuse in any form is ugly and hateful. So, after the divorce, my body language was permanently - 'not interested'. Even my conversations with unattached men were brief and 100% business.

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Even though we'd never met, when I got home that night and fell into bed, you were there watching. I didn't realize it at first though. The house across the street had been empty for quite a while. I had never seen you move in. When did the furniture van and the big guys toting boxes show up? I never noticed.

My curtains were open that night. Because my head was spinning, I didn't get up and close them. My attention shifted to the long mirror on the wall next to the window. Was I getting old? Were my curves no longer enough?

I let my mind go and somehow I saw you, my mystery man in the mirror looking back at me. But it couldn't have been you, could it? You lived across the street. In my half awake state I dreamed that I danced for you and that I lifted up my skirt and twirled around the floor. Then, as you looked raptly at me, I pushed up the straps of my dress and let it fall to the floor. I hoped you were impressed. I wore my best black pushup bra and matching thong panties. I ran my fingers up and down - imagining your strong fingers brushing against my skin and taking possession of my most private parts.

My nipples were hard, straining against the thin fabric that covered them. I'd turned heads at the party, hadn't I? Especially when I made sure that I bent over at opportune moments to expose my cleavage. I was dazed as my fingertips rhythmically stroked the ridges of my moist cunt around and around. My panties were getting wet with anticipation as I undid my bra strap freeing my full and slightly swollen breasts. I played with my breasts slowly squeezing, pulling, pushing, lifting, and longing for your hot mouth to suck my erect nipples. And I saw you!

Or, at least I saw the glint from your stare through my window. It was almost completely dark outside and my bedroom had only a 60 watt nightstand bulb on. Was it possible for us to see each other now? You could not have hidden forever though. Was it destined that we meet tonight? I would have found you anyway - especially with you being so damn attractive and all. Maybe that wasn't a glint from your eye - maybe it was the reflection off a telescope lens. Were you too shy to stop by and introduce yourself? Were you a voyeur?

Too bashful, eh? I threw the covers off me, got up and stood at my open window. How's this I thought? Is this the pose of someone who's given up or is unavailable? I caressed my breasts and then slid one hand under my panties. Doesn't this mean that I'm still a sexy woman? Surely even the most bashful or clueless man would understand my feelings now.

I turned away from the lightless night and fell back into bed. Now, I needed to finish what you had started. My fingers stroked my pussy lips and clit until finally only a savage pummeling of my clit was enough. My whole body jerked and twitched in wave after wave of pleasure. I drove two fingers inside me and deeply stroked my G spot knowing that you'd be there for me some night - even if not this night.

The next day I woke up everything was different and strange. I felt good and awful, sexy and disheveled, beautiful and ordinary. After a toothbrush, aspirin and a long hot shower, I felt like I might be normal again except. Except what? Except there's something different now, I continued to muse over a very late Saturday breakfast.

After getting fixed up, I called a pal to get a ride over to the company parking lot to retrieve my car and then do some shopping. It was my typical Saturday - at least since the divorce. I had a good job, a nice settlement and no debts and I enjoyed shopping. Sometimes, I worked Saturdays but I didn't like to. After I got home and put everything away, it was already dinner time I didn't go out much these days but I enjoyed informal weekend meals. A quick dinner, glass of wine and a movie at home was OK by me. The movie I'd selected from my collection that night was a romantic mystery - a genre I like.

After I'd poured my second glass of wine, I saw you. {My mystery man again!} You were part of my movie. But, in a plot twist I neither understood nor questioned, this romantic mystery became an erotic adventure. You, who had always looked, were taking your clothes off and dancing for me. Your body was strong and athletic and beautiful. Suddenly, all you had on were some white cotton briefs bulging per your aroused manhood. Were you aroused by me? You then started to caress yourself and without knowing how, my hands were caressing my unfettered breasts and the thin silk of my panties over my swollen pussy. You pulled off your briefs and freed your swollen member.

Light strokes of your hand made it dance. Why was your lovely cock not being presented to my vagina - for a willing meeting? I needed you now! You could shoot me full of sperm or come on me and massage your cream over my belly and breasts. I watched as your hands stroked and stroked. My hands kept rhythm with yours. We both came together. Each spurt of your semen was matched by a giant wave within me - pleasure and more pleasure. Several hours later I awoke to the DVD still playing the same film. I turned everything off and staggered to bed.

What had happened? Was I going nuts? About every hour that night I got up with cold sweats wondering what had happened. Sunday was a routine day in every respect. I went out for lunch and then drove around a bit - enjoying the weather and the sights.

When I finally got back, I decided I'd better check out the house across the street. It apparently had been the focal point of my last two days. If the house wasn't empty, was the mystery man there - or was there a 'peeping Tom'? If the house was empty, was I due for a few sessions with a psychiatrist? I went across the street and knocked. There was no answer nor was there a sign that anyone lived there. In fact, there was a small "House For Rent" sign in the living room window. Now what?

That night, after a quiet supper with no alcohol, I curled up with a good book and decided that, no matter what, I'd get a good night's sleep. You were there in my room! How'd you get in? I wasn't afraid but peeved that someone would have the guts to walk right into my house without so much as a knock. Was I sure I'd locked the doors? I didn't even know your name.

You were standing there smiling. What should I say? But I just said, "Come here, I want you." You responded, "I've needed you all my life." Without another word we were undressed and making wild, uninhibited love to each other. It was total, complete and giving. No one could have choreographed it better than did we as we loved each other that night. I had two wonderful orgasms and finally crashed to a sleep that a tornado couldn't have interrupted.

My nightgown was soaked. The cruel alarm clock jolted me. The last Monday of the year was facing me and I didn't have any vacation left, so I rushed to get myself together and off to work. As I drove to work, I knew I was in trouble. Mystery man wasn't in bed with me when I woke up - so, I knew I needed some help. My 'Mystery Man' was an invention of a lonely woman with plenty of hormones, no sex life and becoming demented I concluded.

Shortly after I arrived at my office, my general manager called me into his office - something about me giving a customer the 'nickel tour'. I quickly looked in my small mirror and, yes, a very professional looking businesswoman dressed in dark blue looked back. Perfect! I walked into my GM's office and was introduced to… {'It's him!' I thought to myself, 'Mystery Man'! He looked exactly like you; the same face, smile and build.} I almost fell to the floor in shock but I somehow managed to be personable and professional. After a brief conversation, I knew what my GM and our customer wanted to see and talk about.

During lunch, I managed to find out that he was a widower with no children while marveling at how much he fulfilled my recent fantasies. I think he even noticed I had reapplied lipstick before lunch. Many years later, sitting by the fireplace with a brandy in hand, I finally dared to tell my husband Bud (the company's customer I had given the nickel tour to a brief version of that long ago fantasy weekend with my "mystery man"). By then we'd been married for years and had two kids with all the trimmings. Luckily for me, Bud had fulfilled me sexually just as I had dreamt about my mystery man. I concluded the story by saying that when we met, he wouldn't have had a chance of getting away from me.

He listened thoughtfully to my story, sometimes nodding and sometimes adding an "oh, really". There was a silence of a couple of minutes. Then, he related that I obviously hadn't noticed his attendance at the company office party the Friday before - as a guest of the general manager. And, he'd purposefully stayed in town over the weekend and invented an excuse to see me one-on-one in order to get acquainted. "I'm glad I did," he added. Maybe he really was that 'Mystery Man' after all I thought to myself as I snuggled closer to him.


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