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A Night to Remember
True Erotic Story By Anonymous

Mark again whispered to Sophie saying, "If you're a dream, then I want to sleep forever." Their lips met at the end of his sentence, tongues passionately exploring each other's mouth. Sophie turned around and sat on Marks lap, wrapping her legs around his waist.

She could feel his hardened dick as it set perfectly in the little valley of her pussy lips. She moved herself up and down and could feel his cock throb with excitement. They were looking deeply into each other's eyes, and she was able to read how intensely this man cared for her.

She knew not every woman would find a man who had remembered her from a brief friendship in a distant past. She felt dizzy while she calculated the odds of something like this happening. Without words they felt all the lonely moments the other had faced. Sophie wondered where Mark had been during the darker moments in her life, wondered if maybe she had to have passed a test before he was led to her.

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Mark kissed away a tear that slowly rolled down her cheek, and she noticed for the first time the tears in his eyes."What's wrong?" she whispered.

And Mark said, "I have never felt something like this. A connection with someone where it feels like they touch my soul as well as my flesh. Please don't misunderstand; I'm so totally happy right now. I guess I just feel sorrow for all the years that passed that I didn't have the benefit of your presence in my life. You easily wipe away the fear within me. I'm grateful we have come together."

Sophie's heart swelled at Mark's confession of happiness and love. She leaned forward and kissed Mark tenderly. She knew this was a love of a lifetime. The thing romance novels and stories that ended happily were modeled after. It was real; it was so strong a feeling that it seemed to hang in the air between them. Mark slid his hands down to Sophie's hips and gently lifted her up and closer to him. She felt his hot breath on her neck as he kissed the hollow at the base of her throat. Sophie felt the head of his swollen dick press against her wet slit and wanted nothing more than to set herself down on him, but he wouldn't let her. He wanted nothing more than to make sure this night was everything to Sophie.

A moment in time she could always remember with a rush of excitement and a feeling of a complete surrender to her desires with a man who's love for her was boundless as the universe and as endless as time. With Sophie still raised and close to him, Mark got up and gently laid Sophie on her back. His hands were a little rough; the feeling of them on her skin was heavenly. Sophie looked into Marks eyes as he propped himself up over her and saw the wonder of a young man in the midst of sexual discovery. She knew this newfound purity in love was new to him, a new experience. Sophie turned her head to the side and kissed his arm. She loved the feeling of his skin against her lips.

Sitting back on his knees Mark looked lovingly at Sophie's body. His interest was evident by his erect member jutting from his crotch. Sophie watched how it swayed as he moved, like a tree in the wind. Mark put his hands on Sophie's legs and pushed them apart. Her pussy was wet, and willing to be explored. Mark trailed his hand down her chest touching her breast and lightly pinching her erect nipple. Sophie was thrilled by the gentle pinch; the slight pain it brought made her pussy tingle. His hands continued down her body, drawing slow patterns on her stomach. Using both hands Mark traced patterns on her stomach and sides. The sensation was enough to quicken her heart as she waited for them to find her longing pussy. She gasped as she felt him lightly trail his fingers over her soft blonde patch of pubic hair. "I love the way your pussy looks, it's beautiful with your soft, light blonde hair and pink lips."

Sophie spread her legs a little wider as an invitation for Mark to explore the soft wet folds of her. She wanted his fingers in her badly, and he was torturing her by delaying the touch she desperately craved. Mark's finger slid up and down Sophie's slippery wet slit. He licked his finger and commented on how good her pussy tasted. Once again he traced the cleft of her pussy with his finger and this time offered it to Sophie. She sucked his dripping finger into her mouth, loving the taste of her on him and knowing that he was responsible for the wetness of which he was giving her a taste. Pulling his finger form Sophie's mouth, Mark returned to playing with her pussy. Lying down beside her on his side, Mark laid Sophie's leg over him and slowly slipped a finger into her as he looked into her beautiful eyes.

Sophie felt the second finger work its way into her and sighed heavily. His fingers felt so good as they slowly fucked her pussy. Mark pulled his hand away from Sophie's wet box and rubbed her nipples with the wet cum that coated his fingers. Leaning over, he greedily licked the wetness from Sophie's delicate pink nipples. His hand went straight back down and started working again on her pussy. Shifting her position slightly by sliding herself up and pushing her ass back against Mark, Sophie was able to feel the head of his cock rest in the little junction between her leg and pussy as his fingers still worked their magic. He spoke softly of her beauty and how being with her made him feel.

The words were so soft and tender that Sophie would remember them and his voice forever. She never wanted this to end. The muscles in his forearms rippled as his fingers worked. Sophie watched them move in the corner of her eye and placed her hand on his arm so she could feel them move under his skin. His fingers seemed to know just how she liked to be touched. This man was definitely meant to be her lover on so many levels. The firelight flickered and danced as light and dark danced across their naked bodies. They were a perfect fit in every way; there wasn't any doubt in either of there minds.

They held each other's gaze and shared a silent connection that was stronger than anything either of them had ever felt. Sophie reached down and played with the tip of Mark's cock. She could feel the slippery pre-cum on his head and slowly dragged her finger through it, making it slick and wet feeling. She loved how silky the skin of his cock felt. The firmness excited her, she had waited a long time to feel him inside her and tonight was the night she would. It felt stiff and hot nestled in the little hollow between her pussy and leg; her desire for it to be inside her was most overwhelming. Sophie lifted her ass a little higher and shifted up a little more. With her fingers she guided him to the opening of her pussy and teased herself with his swollen head.

The mixture of Marks' pre-cum and Sophie's already dripping pussy allowed her to easily slide just his head inside her. Mark withdrew his hand and pulled Sophie closer. Sophie gasped as his cock thrust a little deeper into her waiting pussy. Mark's cock was hard as steel, and it felt like heaven in Sophie's pussy. She reached down and grasped Mark's balls in her hand. They were pulled up tight against his body; Sophie knew this was an indication of how excited she made him. The feeling of his shaved balls in her hand made her squirm, she was dripping wet and her pussy juice had already made Mark's balls wet and slippery. Mark move Sophie around so that he was no on top of her, grasping her leg, he pulled it further over him. He thrust himself deep and hard into Sophie's pussy, and for a moment Sophie felt as if she could pass out from the overwhelming sexual intensity.

This was the closest they could possibly be. They were one in body as well as spirit. The connection they now shared reached beyond the physical plane. Time and space no longer existed in either of their minds. Sophie felt as if he would never reach the end as he slid his cock into hot wet pussy. It felt like he reached so deep into her, and was a satisfying feeling; the feeling of being filled by a love she knew was predetermined just for them.

Mark whispered "I love you Sophie, I want you with me forever," in her soft, white ear. He kissed her warm neck as he slid his hard cock in and out of her. Sophie started to sigh and breathe quickly, signaling the coming of an enormous, orgasmic wave. Mark felt the walls of her pussy gripping his pulsing cock still thrusting so deeply inside of her. He sweet pussy felt like a soft hand tightly holding him. The snugness of Sophie's pussy was like a vise. It felt unbelievably good encompassing him. Sophie moaned, "Fuck me Mark, fuck my pussy".

Mark's thrusts became quicker and more forceful. Sophie was rushing headlong toward the edge of an incredible orgasm. Sophie could feel the sweat running down Mark's chest as he thrust into her. She knew he was working hard to please her. His only goal was to make her feel loved, desired, cherished. She knew instinctively he believed with all his heart that he was sent here to please her, to protect her and to help her grow. He would do what ever it took to make sure she was satisfied. Sophie felt herself pushed over the edge. Her orgasm had reached the proportions of a tsunami, and she rode the tidal wave of pleasure with gritting teeth and a wild, convulsing, clenching pussy, now gushing cum.

Sophie moaned as her body shook. Her pussy was sopping wet, and the pussy juice made Marks cock very wet and slick. Sophie wanted to please Mark now, to return the ecstasy she had just received. Reaching down Sophie gripped Mark's rigid member with her hand. She slid his cock out of her pussy and slapped it against her wet lips a few times. She loved the way their sensitive skin felt when it came together. Never taking her eyes form his, Sophie slid down Mark's body until her hot, hungry mouth was level with Mark's cock. It was dripping in Sophie's cum. Sophie could smell her soft scent of arousal on Mark. The sweet scent of her pussy on his cock drove Sophie insane with desire.

Seductively, she flicked her tongue over his head and tasted her juices. It was intoxicating, the taste of all of their juices- pussy, sweat and Mark's pre-cum all mixed together. Mark's cock was the perfect shape, a good thickness for the length, absolutely impressive. Sophie enjoyed gazing at it as she slid her hand up and down the shaft. She loved the way the head would swell when she gripped it harder. Her eyes told Mark when she licked the tip of his head while starring into his that she never wanted anything more than to me fucking him with her mouth at this very moment. Bending slightly forward Sophie took Mark in deeply as he moaned letting his body surrender to her. Her pussy always tasted so good to her and she knows why Mark spent a long time eating her pussy earlier. When she feels Mark getting close to orgasm, she simply goes to a teasing technique as she wants him to hold out, building to a most intense orgasm.

Mark began to convulse, moaning and building toward orgasm, Sophie pulls softly back with an out stretched tongue she traces the separation between shaft and helmet. She takes her time tracing the large veins running down the sides of his cock. Mark moans Sophie's name, and it makes Sophie feel good to know she's pleasing him. His cock swells in her hands and mouth as she slips her lips over it in teasing, building motions. She feels as if she can't get enough of Marks cock, and this is evident by hers surrender as she rubs his wet cock all over her face. Wild thoughts race through her mind "I never want to stop fucking his cock with my mouth," and the moans escaping Mark seem to be a pretty good indication that he is in full agreement with Sophie's thoughts. With her free hand Sophie softly pulls and plays with his wet balls. His balls feel good to her as they soft and smooth. She loves the warmth of his skin and the way it gives to her touch.

Moving from his balls to his stomach, Sophie runs her nails through his pubic hair, and gently scratches Mark's lower stomach. This seems to excite Mark even more. Sophie's wet mouth is working his cock; she is fucking him intensely now with her mouth. Mark can see Sophie is enjoying giving, as much as he is enjoying receiving. Sophie's beauty is amazing, and there are no words to describe what Mark feels watching this Goddess he loves suck his cock, and do it while providing him with more sexual pleasure than he has ever known. The thrill is almost too intense. Mark can feel his balls tightening up, getting ready to unleash. His quickened breathing and hips rising lets Sophie know he is close. With her hand Sophie speeds up the rhythm working his cock up and down with her hand as her mouth works Mark's Purplish head.

Mark has reached the point of no return as Sophie whips his cock in and out of her mouth as she keeps jerking it as an intense pace. Mark's back arches as he releases a gush of cum that splashes against Sophie's Lips and neck. Hips bucking wildly as Sophie milks his cock for every last drop. Sophie licks it off her lips while looking into Mark's eyes, she know this drives him wild. She loves the taste of his cum and the power she has over him at this minute. There is no doubt in her mind that if she suggested he go out and take over the world in her name, he would. Rubbing the tip of his cock against her cum covered lips and chin makes her pussy start to flow again. She reaches down and fingers her pussy while her hand continues to work Mark's cock. Sophie wants to fuck again, and again tonight, and she knows Mark won't let her down. Rolling onto her stomach Sophie presents her beautiful ass to Mark, her legs spread slightly, allowing Mark to see the pink wet slit of her pussy and her delicate ass.

Mark wasted no time in moving toward Sophie. With firm hands he massages her ass. Sophie loves the forceful motions and the way his hands grip her cheeks and separate them. The cool air running against her hot wet pussy adds another exciting sensation to this wonderful experience. Sophie loves feeling so exposed to this man. She wants Mark to enjoy every inch of her body, and in him doing so, knows she will reach levels of ecstasy she has never experienced. Mark puts a little more weight on Sophie's ass and she knows he is lowering himself down to her. His breath comes hot and heavy, and makes the skin on her bottom tingle. Sophie squirms with anticipation as she waits to see what Mark will do.

Will her bite her? Will he drag his tongue along her slit and up her ass cleaning her as he goes? Sophie feels a shock of electricity shoot through her as Marks tongue comes in contact with the tiny rosebud between her cheeks. Sophie involuntarily spreads her legs wider to expose herself all the more. Never has she wanted a man to stick his tongue in her ass, as she does now. Lifting her butt slightly, offering herself, pleadingly showing Mark she wants him to tease her with his tongue. Mark slowly circles her little star with his tongue. First to the right, then to the left. Stopping occasionally to press directly into the center. Sophie feels her asshole relax and start to open as Marks tongue gently presses. Before now the thought of ass play hadn't really been that exciting to her, but tonight the thought of it was driving her crazy.

She wondered what his intentions were. She was frightened, yet at the same time so highly aroused she craved the feeling of his head pushing into the most delicate opening on her body. Sophie wondered nervously how long it would be before he tried to enter her with his cock. Again the spark of electricity went through her as Marks tongue found its way back to her pussy. With lightning quick flicks he teased her clit from behind. He snaked his way into the opening of Sophie's pussy, it felt so good, soft, yet firm and wet. Sophie was in heaven. She could hear Mark licking and sucking at her pussy greedily. She knew he loved the way her pussy tasted and smelled. There was no doubt that Mark was in love with her, and that she indeed loved him. Mark slid his hand under Sophie's hip and gently turned her over.

Sophie now on her back was looking up at Mark as he knelt beside her. His cock had risen once again, and looked harder than ever. Sophie relished the idea that she was able to turn him on like this. Reaching out she took his cock in her hand and squeezed. He was hard, rock hard. This made Sophie's pussy expel more of her juice, and she felt it run down the crack of her ass. Mark really had no idea how turned on he made her. Mark placed his arms under Sophie's back and legs and lifted her from the bed. Picking her up, he swiftly took her into the bathroom. Sophie then knew what he hoped, what he craved, and she was more than willing to do anything to please him. Mark set her down on the edge of the tub, and started the water so they would have something beside body heat to keep them warm. He also poured a little bit of rose oil into the water and lit some candles. Sophie sat on the edge of the tub and watched Mark move about the bathroom preparing things for them. Sophie turned and sat gazing into the steaming water.

Coming up behind her, Sophie could feel his cock touch her back before any other part of him had reached her. Mark placed his hands on Sophie's shoulders and rubbed gently. Leaning down he whispered in her ear, "I will be right back my love." Sitting on the edge of the tub, swirling her feet in the hot rising water, Sophie wondered what Mark had gone to do. She didn't have to wait long as she heard him step into the bathroom and close the door. The "tink" of the glasses told her what she needed to know. He had gone to get them a fresh bottle of wine. They massaged and caressed one another in the hot bath, then to take a break from the hot water, they grabbed a soft, fluffy towel and proceeded back to the bedroom.

Taking Sophie by the hand Mark led her to the bed. Sophie placed a shower curtain over the bed and a thick comforter over that. Sophie tingled with anticipation. Mark's cock was already rising again at the thought of what was in store. Climbing onto the large bed Mark lay down as Sophie straddled him. Her soft smooth thighs felt good on his sides, and Mark loved being able to look up at Sophie above him. Her soft fair skin was breathtaking. Her beauty mad him blind to all other women in Mark's mind. Sophie felt hot and excited knowing she would release her warm stream of female ejaculate on Mark's once again rigid cock. Mark placed his hands on Sophie's breasts and started to kneel, and pinch her nipples. Sophie laughed in delight. She was fired up as never before. The thought of doing something that seemed so naughty was burning her up inside.

Only in her most private fantasies did she dare to dream of doing these things. Somehow Mark had brought Sophie to a place where this was something that seemed natural and playful in a wonderfully sexual way. Sophie wanted to live on this sexual playground for the rest of her life now. Feeling his cock press against her pussy, Sophie started to move slightly back and forth relishing the feeling of Marks swollen member slide against her velvety opening. Mark fingered her gspot and clit with vigor, throwing her into a building wave of intensity. Her moans and gyrations sent a smile over his face.

Seconds later, Sophie opened the floodgates; the hot liquid gushing out of her pussy splashed and squirted all over Mark's cock and abdomen. Sophie smiled as Mark moaned in ecstasy at this site. Still gushing, Mark's hands urged her to move up his body as she came on him. Mark wanted nothing more than to taste Sophie's pussy as she let go on his face. Sophie loved the thought of her lover wanting to taste this naughty pleasure she was willing to give him. Moving over his face she watched in pleasure as the shower of her cum flowed over Mark's face.

His hungry tongue darting up and enveloping her swollen, pink, little clit. His face is covered in her steaming, liquid flow and opening his mouth, he eats her gushing pussy. Sophie starts to grind her sweet pussy into his face as she pushes out the last drops, literally scrubbing Mark's face with her sopping wet pussy. Sophie can't believe how excited this has gotten her. Sophie repositions herself in the 69 position and takes Mark's cum laden wet cock in her mouth as Mark clamps his mouth to her pussy and starts to tongue fuck her. Sophie is thrilled by the taste of her newly liberated juice on Mark's cock; this is so naughty and it makes her so aroused. She feels the wetness between their bodies; her cum is slick and hot. It feels so good to both of them.

Mark's hands hold Sophie's ass as he works her box with his quick tongue. He drives it deep into the waiting folds of her pussy and Sophie moans around Marks cock. Mark is so worked up by Sophie's cock sucking skills that he begins to cum hard and deep into her mouth. Slowly, they both move into the hot bath again. Embracing one another they sip their wine and bathe in the candlelight whispering to one another only those things that they share with one another.


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