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One of Those Days
Erotic Story By Anonymous

It had been one of those days. The kind you are glad only happen occasionally. It began at 6 a.m. and had been filled with vendor delays and excuses, personnel problems and a really bad lunch which had made my stomach hurt. I was relieved when I was finally on my way home at 6 p.m., even though I still had a 30 minute drive, I could use the time to decompress.

When I walked in the house through the garage door I was met by our new puppy who was full of enthusiasm and wanted some attention. I took him out and then worked my way into the kitchen and toward the refrigerator for a beer. I was met there by my lover who was dressed to kill.

I asked what the occasion was and she said we were due to meet friends for dinner in 20 minutes. This was way too much; meeting friends for dinner after the day I had was not on my list. I just wanted to have a beer or two and relax with some mindless TV.

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But it was not to be, my lover had been looking forward to this evening all day and we were going. So, I put my shoes back on and we were off. These were my lover's friends and not my favorites to begin with and now I learned we were to meet at an Asian restaurant. I really dislike Asian food, so I was determined not to enjoy myself. We rolled up to the restaurant and parked. I went to the passenger door and opened it for my lover, after all she looked amazing and my shitty day was not her fault.

As I opened the door and she swung her legs to exit she parted them just enough to give me a glimpse. It was subtle but definitely intentional and from where I stood I could see she was not wearing panties so her beautiful hairless pussy was in full view. As soon as she noticed that I saw she quickly slid her legs back together and climbed from the truck. As we walked to the restaurant's front door she reached into my front pocket for I assumed for her lipstick which she had placed there prior to leaving the house. She retrieved the lipstick used it and as I opened the door to the restaurant she slid it back in my pocket.

Our friends were already there and sitting at the bar. My lover and her girlfriend hugged and her husband asked me what I was drinking as he shook my hand. Gin and tonic in a tall glass and a vodka gimlet for my lover I replied. Maybe I could get through this with a few drinks, I thought. The girls sat at the bar engrossed in each others company while her husband and I made small talk. After two drinks our table was ready. As the hostess was leading us to our table I excused myself to wash up.

Before I washed I removed my ring and placed it in my front pocket. As I placed it there I noticed there was something there besides my lovers lipstick. I retrieved it and to my surprise it was the remote for a vibrator that we bought. Maybe this wasn't going to be such a bad night after all.

I finished washing up and made my way to our table. We were in a corner booth and my lover was seated across the table from our friends on the inside leaving me a spot on the isle. As I walked closer to the table I noticed and almost imperceptible smile on her face and a certain twinkle in her eyes.

I sat next to her and she slid her had onto my leg and up to my crotch and began rubbing it softly all the while never missing a beat in her nonstop conversation with her friend who was seated directly across from me. I was momentarily distracted but found reality when the server approached the table and asked if I wanted another drink. My glass was empty so I ordered another gin and tonic and proceeded to review the menu.

Once again she reached her had onto my crotch and continued to rub my now bulging pants. I thought I will show her, I reached into my pocket and pressed the button twice to start the vibrator on medium speed. She jumped a little and her hand moved off my leg. I thought great this works; I can drive her crazy all through dinner. Soon the server returned with my drink and asked for our order. They had obviously discussed this while I was washing up, they ordered family style I could live with that, besides I had my drink.

The conversation between the girls continued at a feverish pace although I noticed my lover was loosing her ability to maintain a train of thought and her face was becoming flush. Her girlfriend noticed it too but she passed it off as the vodka gimlet. Knowing how much she was enjoying it and wanting to tease her more I turned the vibrator off for the moment. Dinner soon arrived so I was saved from my the husband's mindless dribble as he devoured the food like someone who had not eaten in a week. I decided to ignore him and concentrate on my lover. She was enjoying the meal a little too much.

So I once again I turned on the vibrator this time only to low. As the meal went on it was clear it was having the desired effect. She was once again flush and her conversation was becoming more disjointed. Again she passed it off as the alcohol but I knew better and so did she. She was getting really turned on and that was having the same effect on me. Somehow we made it through dinner and the server returned with the traditional fortune cookies on the tray with the bill.

I lifted the tray offering a cookie to everyone at the table. Just before she read her fortune I turned the vibrator up to medium again. It was really funny listening to her try to read her fortune while she was so distracted with in increase in vibration. Just then my lover asked to be excused to go to the bathroom and her girlfriend went with her.

They returned to the table at the same time as our server who asked if we would like to see the dessert menu. My lovers girlfriends husband immediately said yes but before I could decline his wife and my girlfriend indicated they were both to full and that we should call it a night. He argued but his wife said let it go she had an early day tomorrow.

We exited the restaurant and walked to the truck without a word being spoken. I opened her door and as she slid into the seat she once again flashed her bare pussy, only now it was dripping wet. I walked to my side of the truck and got in. As I turned the key she yelled "are you trying to kill me". I said "no I just wanted to make sure you thoroughly enjoyed your dinner". Since she had been outside of the remote range the vibrator was now off. A fact I quickly remedied as we drove off by pressing the button twice.

Her response was immediate. She pushed the center armrest up and slid into the middle seat. No longer did she have to hide her excitement. Her breathing became audible as she slouch in the seat while pulling her dress to the top of her thighs and spread her legs apart just enough to insert her fingers into her wet pussy and rub it. When she removed them she placed them in my mouth and let out a sexy laugh. Now I was becoming almost as turned on as she so I reached down under her dress and began to rub her pussy. At my touch she went wild and screamed for me to drive faster as she wanted to fuck me now.

I said no I didn't want to get a ticket and continued to rub her pussy. Suddenly she reached over and began rubbing my bulging pants saying "What's fair is fair". Then somehow she got my pant unzipped and pulled out my rock hard throbbing cock. Good thing it was dark and the roads were without street lights.

She began stroking my cock as I inserted my fingers into her pussy and stroked her vaginal lips and occasionally her clitoris. Then suddenly she was on me, her mouth over my cock and she was sucking and licking with a sense of purpose. Now even I thought we needed to be home. I turned down our street and raced toward our driveway with a sense of urgency. As I opened the garage door it was all I could do to keep from cumming in her mouth.

I shoved the truck in park and hit the garage door close button. The opener light created a soft glow in the cab. I pulled her head back from my cock and pushed her back toward the passenger door. I pushed her dress up over her head as I turned the vibrator to high and dove for her dripping wet, succulent pussy with my tongue. This was the dessert I wanted. She smelled great and tasted even better.

In an instant her juices covered my face. I continued to lick and suck her pussy from the anus to to clitoris slowly and softly. Suddenly, she arched her back, squeezed my head between her legs and screamed as she reached orgasm. Now I was really turned on, it was great but I wanted more. I pulled her from the truck and through the garage door, my cock sticking out of my pants. We pushed toward the bedroom and somehow found the bed. I pulled off her clothes leaning her naked before me. I ripped off my shirt and pants as quickly as I ever have. Then I went to the bedside table for a different vibrator and to flip the switch for the fireplace.

She screamed "what the hell are you doing?" Get over here and put that cock inside me right now. I wanted that more than I can say but I just wasn't ready for this to end. I pulled the remote vibrator from her pussy and once again dove to her pussy with my tongue. After a few minutes I withdrew and placed the new vibrator on her clitoral mound and began to massage it thoroughly. She began to squirm and moan again, then just as orgasm was upon her I spread her legs and thrust my cock into her. It slid in easily and in moments she screamed and I moaned as we experienced a mutually overwhelming orgasm the likes of which neither of us had ever experienced as I exploded inside her. I continued until I could cum no more and my cock fell from her dripping pussy. We then fell blissfully to the side and kissed in the closeness of the moment.

Minutes later I asked "want to go out to dinner again tomorrow?", she just smiled and kissed me.


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