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Erotic Story: Pool
Erotic Story By Anonymous

I swim at an outdoor pool every day, here in Tel Aviv. I'm an architect working for myself so have time to choose when I swim and that's usually midday or a little later at around two so I can get a morning's work done. I'm friendly with a few people at the pool and make the usual small talk but it's mostly a short stay in the sun, a two-kilometer swim and then back to the office for a light lunch and back to work. Last Thursday, my schedule was really changed and here's the reason why. I was sitting in the sun for fifteen minutes pre-swim, checking some messages on my phone, which isn't easy to do in the sun, its rays reflecting off the small screen. A woman took a chair near mine. I hadn't seen her before and understood that she was a visitor rather than one of the members.

She wore a one-piece costume, which I always find attractive, cut high over the hips and had the body of a regular swimmer. I'm fifty, in good shape as I swim every day. I think she was perhaps a few years younger. I'm not sure age is really important when one is fully fit. She looked over to me and smiled, "Are you a regular swimmer here?" she asked She had a slightly deep voice, something I always find sexy, and a deeper Mid West American accent.

"Yes, I swim every day."

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"You're so lucky to live in this climate. I live near Chicago and the winters are bitter. I wish I could swim outdoors all year long."

"Where do you swim there? Indoors obviously."

"Yes. They have an Olympic pool that was built in the thirties but it's not like this."

"I've never really liked swimming indoors. I find it a bit claustrophobic."

"I can understand but unfortunately I have no choice." I was about to get prepared to swim when she started chatting and stood up to put my earplugs in.

"Do you mind if I join you? It'd be fun to swim with someone. Always makes me swim more."

"Of course. It's circular swimming here so we'll have to go one behind the other."

She rose from her chair and it was the first time Ia realized she was really very beautiful. Quite tall-probably around five foot ten. She was amazingly lithe. Her costume hugged her wonderfully and her smallish breasts were divided by a plunging neckline. I was very impressed. She tucked her hair into a lilac silicone swimming hat and I also stretched my black hat over my head. We both took our goggles, ready for wear. T

hen she did a few stretching exercises. Touching her toes and rocking from side to side. I stretched upward to stretch my back. I was very aware of her presence and a little self-conscious. Her body was beautiful. "You first," she said. I don't dive in so I sat on the edge of the pool and gently lowered myself in before pushing off. I heard and felt her dive in after me and was very aware of my strokes, much more aware than usual and perfecting my freestyle to look good. When we reached the end I turned to complete the second pool. She was right behind me, almost swimming in my wake. Unlike me, she flipped underwater to push off from the side. I had the impression that she was a faster swimmer than me as her stroke was so relaxed whereas I was making more effort.

When we reached the other end of the fifty-meter pool, she passed me and swam backstroke beautifully with real grace and ease. I followed her closely but with more effort but we seemed to be swimming in real harmony. The pool was fairly empty so reaching the other end, we stopped for a moment and she suggests swimming side by side. From then we swam another twenty or so lengths like that. I was so aware of her presence, her lithe beauty and contained energy. After competing around thirty or so lengths we stopped at the far end of the pool for a short breather. "I was thinking, I don't even know your name," she said.


"I'm Heather" she smiled, her face enlivened in the water and her features fine and radiant even in the goggles. With her hair hidden in the silicone hat, all I could see was her pure features, and they were somehow highlighted due to the lack of embellishment.

"Another ten?" she asked.


That would make around forty lengths which were my usual quota. Again, we swam side by side. Her presence made me swim easy; her body so light and elastic in the cool water. Reaching the end of the extra ten, she suggested we finish with a few more lengths in backstroke so we did another half a dozen and in this, she was faster and I let her go ahead of me. We pulled ourselves out of the pool and returned to our seats, she gently toweling herself. She raised tanned and shapely thighs to the towel and then her legs. I was in the presence of beauty.

We sat in the sun. I learned that Heather was recently divorced after a five-year marriage, her second. She had a teenage daughter from her first marriage who was at college in New York. I was similarly separated from my second wife with one teenage son. Two mature people, I guess.

" How long are you here for?" I asked.

"I'm on a sabbatical from my teaching job at Rutgers and I'm here for six months. I joined this swimming club this morning and paid for a six-month membership."

"That's great" I said, perhaps a little too enthusiastically.

"Would you like to get something to eat?" Heather asked.

"Yes, that'd be great."

We departed for the changing rooms to shower and change, Heather right for the women and me left for the men. As I was showering I was thinking about Heather's beauty, her presence and realized this was someone I really needed to know. I dressed, in shorts, a t-shirt and a yellow and gray hoodie and went outside to wait for her. Heather came out after another ten minutes or so. She was wearing a simple white knee-length chemise gathered at the waist by a red rope with gold tips. On her feet, like me, she wore Havanas, her's were lilac as her swimming cap to my white ones. We walked along the coast to a beachside cafe. It was mid-week and now afternoon and we were alone in the cafe apart from an elderly couple. We chose a table under a parasol. We both ordered Greek salads, neither of us eating raw onion.

I drank a cool Peroni and she a half and half white wine and Perrier. We spoke about our work. She taught political thought, effectively political philosophy. I told her a little of my architectural projects, mostly single houses for the rich. We shared a mango sorbet and drank fresh mint in boiling water.

"Do you live near?" I asked.

"Near enough; walk me home ?"

"Of course. I was so glad she asked.

Walking down one of the prettier streets that lead from the seafront, she turned into a pick painted building with a rather dowdy entrance. "This is me." She took my hands in hers.

"Come up?" I didn't need asking again. We walked up to the second floor and she unlocked the front door to a sunlit living room. Pretty plants adorned the small balcony.

"Lovely space," I said It's a friend of mine's who is in Greece for a week. She has two bedrooms so we share and I pay her otherwise I'd feel uncomfortable. I sat on the sofa and she went to the kitchen to run us two glasses of water. Sitting next to me , her hair now dry, long and straight with just a few gray strands.

She looked in my eyes, gently placed her hand on my cheek and kissed me. At first very gently but with time her tongue parted my lips and we began to kiss in earnest. She pushed me back on to the sofa and began to kiss me again, this time running her hands over my chest. Her breathing was heavier and she made me take off my tee-shirt. Lowering herself to my chest he ran her tongue over my nipples, as if I were another woman, gently biting first one and then the other. Her hands caressed my shoulders as she made swirling motions over my now rather erect nipples.

"Take your shirt off." I asked. Her chemise was, of course, one piece. She wasn't wearing a bra and her lovely breasts revealed large areolas and by now erect nipples. I immediately placed one in my mouth and gently sucked and then with my lips pulled. She had large nipples, especially in proportion to her breasts. I gently bit her, letting my front teeth graze her and she moaned slightly. She wore white panties and I saw when she had taken off the chemise the small hairline on pubic mound. Shaved and trimmed to perfection to cover her femininity but not bulging with hair. I also had noticed the first signs of moistness showing through the light material. I myself, by this time, was rock hard.

I have a very active libido and if I'm not in a relationship, often have to look after myself, at night. I hate pornography. I find it crude, unerotic and frankly a turn-off but I do love reading erotic stories, especially written by women. I think this has made me a better lover as I understand what many women love most.

Heather helped me out of my short and looked at my small briefs under the strain of my rather large erection. I have to admit that the briefs couldn't quite contain me and the crown of my penis was peaking over the elastic band. Looking down, Heather smiled. "That'll have to be taken care of".

She lowered her head onto me and pulled away from my briefs, licking the tip of my penis as if ice cream. Then she pulled the briefs off me completely and continued her descent. Cupping my balls in her right hand she ran the tip of her tongue up and down the underside of my penis, along the large protruding and by now throbbing vein. I moaned. She then took me in her mouth and looked up at me and began to suck me, letting me out of her mouth and then engorging me again. This she did for some time and I had to restrain myself a couple of times, I was so turned on.

Sensing this, she stopped and raised herself and kissed me long, I think the longest kiss I have ever had, our tongues dancing together, forever entwined. It was very exciting to be kissed by the same mouth that had so expertly caressed my member.

"My turn." She said. Lying on the sofa away from me, she raised her butt and removed her pants, which by now were very see-through with wetness. My nostrils were filled with her smell, a gorgeous, enticing sex smell. I took the panties from her. They were very wet and I raised them to my face and smelled them, breathing in deeply, all the time our eyes were locked into each other. I then threw them on the floor and started kissing and tonguing her. Starting with her nipples I worked my way down, licking her stomach, inserting my tongue in her belly button, which made her laugh. Then I lowered myself as she gently parted her thighs for me.

At first, I licked her inside thighs. The skin was so soft and silky. She moaned a little at this and I understood the signal. I moved to her beautiful mound, parting her outer lips with my thumbs, I exposed her inner folds and very erect clitoris. I began by running the tip of my tongue up and down her slit. She was extremely wet and tasted heavenly. I was now impossibly hard and was glad she wasn't able to rub me as I would have come immediately.

As I continued licking up and down her lips, my penis was throbbing and I was worried I might come involuntarily. I then began to plunge my tongue into her. This wasn't that easy as she was now making copulation movements and I had to "hold on". As I did this I found her clitoris and gently made circular movements with the base of my thumb. There was a lot of moisture coming from her now and she was moaning loudly. I held on to her hips as I continued tonguing her and gently circling her clit. Suddenly I felt her body tense and simultaneously her vaginal lips hugged my tongue as she went into several orgasmic spasms, flooding my mouth and face in her secretions.

My penis was throbbing like crazy and I was sure I was coming from the excitement myself but I managed not to and all I think that was ejaculated was pre-come. Heather was still trembling from the immensity of her orgasm and I kissed her lips and cheeks and found salty teardrops there. We kissed and lay like this for a while. Then she wrapped herself around me, looking into my eyes, she moved me inside of her. She was still incredibly wet and the smell of her sex enveloped us. She was so warm and so wet that I slipped out a couple of times. Each time she put back inside of her with her on top kissing me deeply as she began to move to rub me up and down inside of her; sucking me up deep till I could feel all of her, her core, her being. "

I want to feel your semen deep inside of me", she said. With this, I just couldn't resist anymore. I felt myself spasm, pumping, with her vaginal muscles pulling me as she expertly brought every lost drop of cum from me. She kissed me deeply again, still pulling in her inner vaginal lips to massage me. The best and deepest sex I had ever had. We lay in each other's arms for some time and eventually drifted asleep.

When we awoke the light had diminished outside as dusk set in. Early, as it does in the Middle East. "Would you like some coffee ?" Heather asked. "I'd prefer some tea." She rose and put on a sheer white robe, enhancing her lovely back. I pulled on my boxers, and tee shirt. After washing in the bathroom, first she and then me, we went into the kitchen where she boiled a kettle and made us both tea. What we can here Louisa which is a blend of herbs, mainly lemongrass. As she was preparing the cups, I came behind her and hugger her, she moving her head round to kiss the side of my face and then to face me, nestled in my arms. This felt like love, even if it had been so immediate. We took the two cups into the living room and sat together on the cream sofa.

"You know I'm only here for another week and I'd really like to get to know you," she said. "Me too. I feel there's something special between us, Heather." She moved to me and I put my arm around her shoulders as she nuzzled up to me and we sipped our teas. Heather turned to me and kissed me, her tongue slipping inside my mouth and again we kissed long and passionately. She slipped her robe off and enveloped me, kissing my neck, my right ear, her tongue swirling and gently probing as she worked around me. "Take off your tee shirt, Ric."

She began again to gently caress my chest and lick my nipples and again gently bite me there. I was now very hard again and she moved on top of me, feeling my hardness with her palms and then straddling, I could feel her very wetness through my boxers, as she moved up and down the length of my penis feeling its hardness with her opened lips, soaking the material. She began to gently rise me, still through the shorts and then commanded me to take them off. I immediately entered her, so easy in her warm wetness, she both vulnerable and commanding. She rode me for a considerable time, her face flushed with passion and excitement. I can sustain myself for a long time in this position and we took time in our lovemaking. At one point she pulled off me and turned around and then continued to ride me, her butt toward me. She had a very rounded behind and I caressed her buttocks as she moved forward and back. She was becoming more passionate in her movements and I could feel she was moving closer to climax.

I placed my thumb on her anus as she rode me, she leaning forward more to expose herself there. I gently pushed the flat of my thumb so it entered her anal opening and she began to moan at this. She was now riding me vociferously, her moans increasing with the movement of my penis inside her and my thumb moving in her anus manipulated by her own movements. I could tell how wet she was as not only was I literally swirling around inside her but her female ejaculate was flooding my testicles and pubic hair. Suddenly, she repeated in sequence,"oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh" and then shuddered, drawing me in and upward, an incredible feeling of being gripped by her contracting vaginal muscles at which I couldn't resist anymore, nor wanted to as I shot my considerable load inside her.

She continued to move on me , more gently, however, as we wound down. I removed my thumb from her and she, in turn, climbed off of me and turned to face me and lay on top of me and kissed me long and gently. "No man has made love with me quite like that since I was very young," She said. We held each other, kissing and caressing for a long time and again drifting in and out of light sleep.

At around eight we rose, showered together, her lovely body caressing mine under the warm water. "Shall we go out for some dinner?" I asked. "Great idea," she agreed. We entered a Japanese restaurant in the downtown business sector of Tel Aviv. Heather was wearing a simple white dress, knee-length and some cream pumps. She wore her beautiful, shiny straight hair up in a clasp. I hadn't bothered to go home to change so I was simply in Levis and a white tee shirt from the day.

The restaurant was fairly full so we sat at the bar, in front of the sushi chefs. Heather chose some tuna and salmon sashimi and I did likewise. We ate a little calamari as a starter on a bed of seaweed and grated white cabbage. We both ordered Japanese beers.

"Have you ever been married?" she asked me.

"Not as such, no. I lived with a girlfriend for many years."

"And what happened?"

"I don't know really. Too much time together. Too much time to think if we should carry on. Maybe young people are better off when they marry young and then it's a fait accompli."

"Well, from experience, I can tell you that that doesn't really work either. I was married at twenty and after five years I was bored out of my mind. What I went in for didn't last and wasn't enough to hold me or the marriage."

"Maybe a mature marriage works best."

"That depends too. I think young marriage works when there is a real common ground and not just passion. Older partnerships tend to be based more on common interests so it's a different scenario."

I found Heather so attractive; not just physically but her whole being. I loved to hear her talk; her tone, her voice. We ate cool sorbets for dessert; she blackberries and mine mango. Exiting the restaurant Heather put her arm around my waist and said softly in my ear, "I feel as if I've known you for years." " I feel the same," I responded. We kissed gently and picked up a cab to take us back to her apartment. Entering she told me she was tired. It had been a long day. An exciting start to what I hoped would be a long and fruitful relationship. I kissed her goodnight and took a cab home to sleep long and soundly.


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