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When Rolf Met Lanie
Erotic Story By BOBJJ123

Rolf Kenisen had been working on the project for seven months of long twelve hour days, seven days a week, without rest or relaxation. It had been interesting and challenging work so he had no regrets as he lived and worked in the middle of the desert fifty miles from the nearest town.

The days had been blistering hot with highs well above 100 degrees and no shade for miles, save the construction office where he worked. Sixty or seventy men worked and lived in the temporary construction village under his control. With winter fast approaching, the weather was changing from blistering hot to freezing cold, and rain threatening to prevent further project work until the soil became dry enough to proceed. At first, he welcomed the time as a time to get caught up on his routine work which had lagged during the busy summer; then, with the work in order, he was able to relax.

It was during the afternoon when it struck him - suddenly, like a bolt of lightning. He felt his body aroused as a surge of lust, such as he'd never known, enveloped him. Every aspect of his being was affected as his body was fully aroused and his very soul cried out for a woman and his mind sought relief. He was in his office, alone, when these desires overtook him.

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There, in the bathroom, he attempted to masturbate and find the relief he sought only to fine his passions increased and the physical demands greater than before. In his mind it soon became apparent that he needed relief only a woman could provide any woman. With this in mind, he went to his pickup truck and commenced his seventy mile drive to Maggie's place where whores would be available to give him the attention he needed.

Twenty minutes later he noticed that, in his haste, he had failed to fill his fuel tank and that he'd need to fuel the truck enroute to Maggie's Place, his sexual destination. He remembered that off to the north, a small village had a service center where he could get gas, food or lodging and it seemed his best alternative. He drove swiftly, encouraged by the desire and lust that controlled him.

Another ten minutes brought him to the service center where he was confronted with another delay as the wholesale delivery truck blocked access to the pumps. Further Irritated by the delay, he went into the coffee shop and ordered coffee. As the waitress brought the coffee, Rolf noticed the woman who had served him; she was hot with a nice body, black hair, blue eyes and a smooth complexion whose vision only added to his problem. His agitation was clearly visible. It was when she returned with the coffee that the waitress observed his very disturbed state and hoping to offer some relief, attempted to make conversation.

"You look troubled," she said. Rolf, now agitated beyond reason, blurted out the cause of his problem seven months in the desert, without a woman and he needed a woman bad. Even as he spoke, he reviled himself for his frankness before the woman he had never met before. It was unlike him to open up like that and he hated himself for blurting out his needs to a stranger. The woman left him.

A few minutes later the waitress returned with his bill and a second note that read simply, "Room #7, 20 minutes, Lanie." Exactly 20 minutes later, Rolf found himself at the door of room #7. As he knocked, he felt a bit of concern. What if this was all some sort of joke? What if it was a... then, the door opened and the woman who had been his waitress, the woman who signed the note 'Lanie' invited him in.

As the door closed behind him, Lanie moved closer to him and embraced him. "I'm glad you came," she said as Rolf returned her embrace. For Rolf, it was a time of changing emotions as he tried to understand what was happening. He listened as Lanie explained that her husband and she had been having troubles - not getting along. They had agreed to a trip west to try to reconcile and as they drove, they began to argue. It was here at the village that he'd dropped her off, without money, and a single suitcase of personal belongings.

She had obtained a job to earn money to move on. Unfortunately, her boss had refused to pay her until she paid her food and lodging bill. Lanie explained that it'd been months since her and her husband had done the deed and she was horny. She'd thought she recognized the same thing in Rolf when he had come into the coffee shop.

After only an hour of talking, Rolf and Lanie were together on the bed. They had been exploring each other as they alternately shed their clothing and played and caressed. The pre-coital activities were being dispensed rapidly as the two soon to be lovers sought satisfaction. Both had been ready since Lanie had opened the door and invited Rolf in. It was when Rolf was suckling her nipples while his fingers were exploring her labia and toying with her vestibule that Lanie cried out, "Fuck me now ."

Another time, Rolf might have delayed and explored further but in his current state he simply moved over her and between her splayed knees; then, upwards to feel the heat of her sex against his stiff cock. Then, with the compulsion generated by seven months of abstinence, he rammed himself into her. As his big cock moved swiftly along the walls of her vagina, Lanie reacted swiftly. Even as needy as she was, she wasn't fully prepared for the sudden onslaught that his sudden insertion brought and grunted in pleasure an slight pain. Rolf stopped, briefly, as he looked into her eyes for approval. Then, seeing only her passion and her need, he began his thrusting and her grunt was replaced with a little mewling of pleasure.

In seconds, she was meeting his thrust with her own counter thrust and the lovers moved by animal instinct alone. Lanie was no stranger to good sex. She had experienced a lot of it in better times but, somehow, this was the best. Perhaps it was her need - or, perhaps it was Rolf's expert cocksmanship. Sooner than she could have possibly imagined, long before she was ready, she felt her orgasm approaching.

She tried to delay so that she could end it with Rolf but her release was approaching with all the force and power of a locomotive and could not be denied. Then, it struck her, more violently than she'd ever known. All the pain, misery tension and grief she'd carried flowed out through the very opening that Rolf's cock was moving in. Rolf, also short on the trigger after many months of abstinence, heard and felt Lanie's approach and, like his lover, could no hold back the flood of semen that boiled in his bowels. They came together in one highly charged moment.

They lay together enjoying the peace and harmony of the afterglow. Half an hour later, Lanie arose first from the bed and went to the bathroom. In a minute, she called, "Rolf, Come join me in the shower," and they were soon dressed for dinner at the diner. The dinner was the usual poor quality diner food as the two lovers ate with relish and devoured each other with their eyes. Having completed dinner and back in Room #7, Lanie asked, "Would you stay the night with me?" and Rolf quickly accepted the invitation.

It was a night of passion as the two lovers made love in her room while thunder, lightning and torrents of rain flooded the desert. Once in the room again, Rolf and Lanie went after each other like two sex starved creatures in search of satisfaction. As they moved to become more familiar, their touches became more erotic more enticing. Their actions were no longer driven by the desires that had demanded satisfaction. They experimented.

When Rolf moved to perform cunnilingus, Lanie was a willing participant and encouraged him with guidance and direction to give maximum pleasure. Similarly, when Lanie moved to perform fellatio Rolf offered encouragement. Similarly, when they slept, it was in each other's arms with only their bared skin between them.

By morning, it was evident at breakfast that the desert was flooded with more rain predicted and Rolf called on his truck radio to inquire about job conditions. He was informed that a skeleton crew was working to stop erosion and contain the drainage but the rest of the crew had been sent home to report back when the soil conditions were right.

Rolf remained in room #7 with Lanie whenever she wasn't working which was often as the roads were closed due to the flooding. For four days, they wallowed in their intense love making and neither of the two lovers were in any hurry to see the sunshine. But the sun did eventually shine. Soon the roads were opened and the workload at the service center began to pick up.

For Rolf, there was a premonition - something was about to intrude on his little paradise. It came just after Rolf and Lanie had returned to their room from dinner and it came in the form of a knock on the door. They had returned a few minutes earlier and were partially dressed as they prepared for the evening so Lanie threw on her robe and responded to a second rapping. Rolf heard Lanie cry out in surprise; then, saw a man enter and proceed to beat on her. He responded immediately by lunging at the intruder and landing a stunning blow to his chin.

The man crumpled and fell to the floor as Lanie moved to inspect him. "Who the hell is this guy? Rolf asked and she responded, "He's my husband." With that, Rolf began to dress and go only to be stopped by Lanie with, "Please don't go. Wait until this matter is cleared up." As the husband got himself seated at the small table in the room, he said, "Lanie, "I've come back for you and I find you here with a man. I don't understand."

With that Lanie replied, "We haven't been together for months while you shagged that geologist on your staff and we were headed for a divorce until you suggested we go on this trip and reconcile." Suddenly, the husband looked up surprised, "How did you know about her?" Lanie, ignoring the question, continued, "We argued and you were an ass all the way here until YOU finally abandoned me."

This man that was her husband was a concern to Rolf. He might do her bodily harm. He listened as Lanie continued, "When you deserted me here without money or any kind of support, you ceased top be my husband." And the words struck home as husband to realize what she was saying. "She continued, "Bedsides Rolf is ten times the lover you ever were. He's kind and considerate and sensitive and ten times the man you ever were. Now, get in your car and get the hell out."

Rolf heard a side of Lanie that he hadn't heard before - strong, confident and capable of taking care of herself as the husband arose from his chair and walked out the door. Then seeing him gone, she turned to her lover and said, "I'm sorry you had to hear that. It's rather sordid." Suddenly, her confidence seemed to have waned and Rolf went to embrace and kiss her. They talked and exchanged confidences as intimate friends who simply needed someone to support them.

They made love that night with an intensity that surpassed any before. By morning it was evident that the little paradise was about to end. The sun was out and in a few days Rolf would be back at work. Lanie would be moving on to find her future. Some painful decisions had to be made.

Having decided on their future, the next day was spent in preparations as Lanie quit her job, packed up and joined Rolf in his truck. "OK, Where do you want to go? Rolf asked and Lonie replied, "Reno, I guess. It's a good place to get the divorce." That night, in Reno, Rolf had helped Lanie get a small, studio apartment, and moved her in. He bought groceries and essentials for her household and they made love in her bed for the first time in the new apartment.

Months have passed and Lanie and Rolf are the best of friends. They remain lovers with a passion that increases with each visit from Rolf. There is no spoken commitment by either of them as they remain monogamous with each other.


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