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Saturday Night
Erotic Story By Anonymous

It was a Saturday night and I was sitting at home alone watching television when I heard the phone ring. When I looked at my caller ID I noticed it was you calling from the road on your way home from a long work related road trip. You were returning a night early but Instead of saying you would be home soon, you had a mischievous tone in your voice and told me to meet you at midnight at a fancy hotel downtown for a night to remember.

It was around nine so I figured I would go ahead and grab some things to make the night romantic and meet you over there. I arrived and rented a room. When I arrived in the room I messaged you and told you the room number and not to be there until midnight and not a minute before.

I decided to call the front desk for some wine to relax, after all I needed something settle me down a little from the excitement awaiting l in the later hours. I began to undress in front of the mirror and while I was doing this slowly I thought of you rubbing your hands down my thighs and your fingers lightly caressing me.

Erotic Story

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I laid on the bed in front of the mirror and with my legs open I started to touch myself slowly thinking of your body on top of mine with your fingers inside of me and your mouth kissing me. After that I imagined your cock slowly thrusting inside of me. The thought made me start to rub myself a little faster taking a moment to lick my fingers from my wet pussy and then glide them down in-between my erect breasts, down my abdomen and back into my hungry, wet pussy again.

I started to moan louder and louder from the thought of you being inside me. I began thrusting harder and harder and then rubbed my engorged, bright pink clit until I came. I was so wet at this point the bed got soaked a little. I laid there for a little while breathing heavily from the excitement of it all.

I finally decided to get up and go take a nice long bath before you would arrive. I got out and wiped my body down; my body felt so smooth and soft after putting some of my favorite gardenia scented lotion all over me. I decided I was going to wear just a black lacy bra with black Brazilian underwear. I lit some vanilla scented candles I brought with me and put on some sensual music to make the mood irresistible.

It was very close to midnight now and I heard my phone buzz with an incoming text. I grabbed my phone and saw you sent a message saying you were here and at the door. I immediately dropped my phone and went to the door opening it up to see if you where there. With flowers and Champaign in each hand your smile undid me as I knew it was going to be a wonderful night. As you walked in and put the flowers and Champaign down you closed the door and then turned to grab me by the waist and proceeded to kiss me with great passion. From your pocket you pulled a beautiful gold necklace and draped it around my neck. Happy Anniversary you said with a smile. Thank you sweetie, I whispered.

Without haste, I pulled your jacket off and started to unbutton your shirt with my hands. After I had gotten your shirt off and threw it onto the ground, you pushed my body with yours against the wall and then pushed both of my arms above my head. You let my arms slowly go down your back and around your tight ass and breathlessly asked me to get on my knees and take off your pants for you.

I earnestly slid your pants down your legs, returning for your underwear and unleashed your hard, throbbing cock. Your skin smelled warm and salty and the feel of your rigid member in my hand made me want you all the more. I started sucking your the head of your cock slowly and then rubbing my tongue along the shaft. Teasing you while I watched your face contort in pleasure as you moaned and ran your hands through my hair I began sucking you deeper and deeper until your head was deep in the back of my throat.

I was sucking up and down so hard and so slowly you could barely stand anymore you asked me to stop so we could get on the bed. You walked over to the bed and I began sucking you again but this time I began sucking your sack and gliding my hand up and down the shaft of your penis. I would run my tongue up to the top of your cock and start to suck you again and again moving faster and sucking harder each time until I felt your entire body tense and the surge of cum shoot up from the base of your cock to the tip and then into the back of my throat.

Still mostly erect, you started to fuck me right then and there slowly for 15 minutes until your full hard-on came back and you began to fuck my tight, wet, pink pussy with my legs up around your shoulders. You felt so good as you thrust inside me. You moved your fingers to my clit and began to slide them back and forth. I could feel my face flush with heat as the orgasm spread throughout my entire body. Your thrusting throughout it was heavenly and finally you unleashed your load inside me until you collapsed on top of me with both of us breathing hard and fast until we drifted off to sleep and awoke again later that morning to continue our incredible sexual marathon until well into the afternoon.


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