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Saturday Submissive
Erotic Story By Samuelle

I vaguely sensed the mattress heave beneath me from my almost unconscious sleep. I forced my eyes open long enough to glance at the digital clock glowing red in the darkness from the nightstand. It was a little before six. It was unusual for him to get up this late even if it was Saturday. I rolled to the cool middle of the bed and went back to sleep hugging a pillow fresh with his scent.

Sleep returned immediately and when I woke, I was filled with a happy, peaceful feeling that most assuredly had come from a dream I could not remember. I opened my eyes, one at a time and felt the sun warming the leg that was curled outside the single sheet covering me as I gazed through the shade-less window at another brilliant sunny summer day.

I had been sleeping naked since our honeymoon almost twenty years ago. Although uncomfortable initially, I loved it now and never felt rested if I slept any other way. Of course, there were those surprising sexual benefits I was often the recipient of during the night or early in the morning made easier without bedclothes. The bedroom window was wide open.

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The coolness of the air shrunk my areolas and perked my nipples as I crossed the room toward the bathroom. I slid the pocket door to see a sheer pink chiffon robe trimmed in white satin hanging on the shower hook, an envelope pinned to it. I carefully unpinned the envelope so as not to damage the delicate fabric and removed the plain white card. It had only one word; Love, handwritten on the front. I lifted the edge of the card and read the neatly printed note.

Welcome to another beautiful day
It's Saturday so I thought we'd play
Wearing only this robe come and see
What I have planned for you and me
I know you are wondering so here's a hint
It's all about us and time well spent
I've been planning this a good long time
And today is the day you are all mine

Love, Jack

PS - have an open mind

I lifted the robe from the hook, and pushed my arms into its long soft sleeves, the coolness of the fabric virtually weightless on my bare skin. I turned to exit the bathroom and noted the wide smile the new robe had put on my face in the vanity mirror. Jack had always been a romantic; I was lucky to have a husband who adored me almost as much as I did him. Although he was nearing forty-five, he was as sexy now as he had been at twenty. He took pride in continually surprising and pleasing me with new and exciting romantic adventures. I thought of his tall athletic body, his graying red hair, his blue eyes, and his soft voice that never failed to seduce me as I left the bathroom in search of him.

I was greeted by the smell of coffee brewing as I made my way down the hall to the kitchen. Jack must have heard me rise and was brewing fresh coffee. I entered the kitchen to see him sitting at the kitchen table dressed in shorts and a t-shirt working on his computer.

I walked quietly behind him and softly kissed his neck. He stood to face me, opened his arms, and gently pulled me into him as his lips found mine. They were warm and tasted of coffee. After a kiss that was not nearly long enough, he pushed back and held me at arm's length with one hand while untying and holding my robe open with the other.

"Good Morning sleepyhead, you look amazing". I felt my face flush with redness as his loving eyes caressing every inch of my partially covered body before he pulled me into him again, sliding a hand beneath my robe brushing my breast as he did. I was melting into the moment when he broke contact slapping my butt playfully as he did. As if his interest had passed, he just turned and walked across the kitchen and poured a cup of coffee from the pot that had just finished brewing. Disappointed, I swung my arm around and pulled a chair from our bistro height table and sat, crossing one leg over the other making sure to leave my new robe open as I watched him pour my coffee.

"What has gotten into you, today? You don't have to do all this to get lucky, you know," I said as he returned to the table with the coffee and took his seat directly across from me.

"Oh nothing, I just thought today might be a good day for us to enjoy each other and act out one of my fantasies."

"Just what do you have in mind?" I said before taking a sip of the steaming brew.

Without speaking, he slid another envelope from under his computer across the table. The outside of the envelope read; "My darling wife" I slid my finger along the flap being careful not to damage it. Sliding the card out I noted it had only the word Love handwritten on it too. I lifted the cover to another perfectly printed note;

Now is the moment and here is the way
You will learn my perfect plan for your day
As of this moment you must do all l say
To protest, question or deny is not OK
You are my subject and I your master
As in the movies I will be your role caster
You will dress, act, perform, say, watch and go
How, where and when I want and not say no
I promise it will be erotic, exciting, and fun
You might even think a little kinky before it's done
So have an open mind and know in your heart
My love is unconditional and that's the best part

Love, Jack

I closed the card, laid it on the table, and looked directly into his adoring blue eyes not knowing what to say. "Remove your robe now please." he said. I was about to protest since removing my robe would leave me entirely naked in our undraped kitchen. Sensing I was about to speak he reached across the table and pressed his index finger across my lips. I had spent many hours walking around the house naked, but never when Jack was home or when a nosey neighbor might catch a glimpse. Nevertheless, the idea of doing it today was suddenly stimulating so I rose from my chair pushed the robe off my shoulders and down my arms letting it drift slowly to the floor. I was totally exposed my nipples hard and erect and my skin dotted with goose bumps from the slight chill in the air and the nervousness I felt.

"Beautiful" was all he said. I stood still, my hands trembling slightly as Jack stood and moved closer. When he was so close I could feel the warmth of his breath on my face, he reached up and lightly touched my left breast, his fingers floating so softly across it that I shivered and the hairs on the back of my neck stood on end. I had no idea just one touch could be so stimulating. Then slowly he moved his hand along the bottom and up the side until he reached my nipple. Using the deftest of touch, he rolled my pert bud between his fingers while never taking his eyes from mine. I could not remember ever being aroused so quickly or easily and felt a sudden moistness building between my weakening legs. I was about to fall back into the chair when his other hand found its way to my right breast.

Suddenly, I didn't care if the whole neighborhood could see me standing naked in the middle of our undraped dinette with Jack's hands caressing, and rubbing my breasts, occasionally pinching and rolling my nipples between his fingers. I leaned my head back and closed my eyes, loving every precious second as my breathing became palpitated and audible. Words of appreciation were forming in my throat when just stopped and stepped back.

My eyes blinked in bewilderment, but he just smiled. "Why don't you sit and enjoy your coffee and the coolness of the morning, I will be back shortly. But do not put your robe back on." I cleared my throat to protest, but once again, he placed his index across my lips. "Remember I am your director and you my actress".

Dizzy with desire and frustration I watched as he left the room. Although temped to follow I shuffled across the room toward the counter with the coffee maker, pausing in front of our full-length glass patio door to take inventory of my naked body in its reflection. Although only four months from a forty-third birthday I was still happy with the way I looked. My 5'6" frame carried my 130 pounds well. There was no droop yet in my B cup breasts and my pubic region was free of hair except for a neatly trimmed red landing strip.

I turned and looked over my shoulder at my backside and my small round ass. Jack loved my butt; he rarely walked by me without patting it or dragging his hand across it. His frequent touches always made me feel loved and sexy. My brief appraisal complete, I continued to the counter and poured myself another cup of coffee, before returning to my chair at the table. My mind was reeling and my hormones raging, wondering what Jack was doing right now and what might be next. The more I thought about it the more stimulated I became and by the time Jack returned I was nearly shaking with anticipation.

He reentered without speaking, nonchalantly pulling the chair directly across from me and sat as if it was just another Saturday morning and I was fully clothed. He turned his computer so he could see the screen and began typing. Flummoxed by his inattention and on the verge of a mental orgasm, if there is such a thing, I was about to speak when suddenly he spoke without looking from his computer. "Need more coffee?"

My voice quivering slightly, I replied "No thank you I have had enough."

"Are you ready for your shower then?" Before I could respond, he stood and offered his hand. I took it and he led me to our bedroom. The moment I stepped inside, it was apparent where he had been. Flowers and their incredible scent filled the room. They were on the nightstand, the dresser and draped across the headboard. There were even petals scattered on a shiny white satin sheet that I had never seen.

Tears welled in my eyes, I opened my mouth, to speak, but nothing came out. It was the most romantic room I had ever seen. He turned and brushed his lips sensuously across mine while simultaneously pressing his body into me. I felt his arousal press on my stomach as his tongue ran across my lips before making its way into my mouth. I eagerly responded to its entry by gently sucking on it before releasing it and softly sucking and biting his lower lip.

With our lips pressed together, our tongues danced frantically in each other's mouths as the lustful desire built between us. Just as I raised my leg to wrap it around his waist and hold him even closer, he broke our entanglement, slid his hand down my arm, and grabbed my hand pulling me behind him into the bathroom. I stood and watched as he turned on the water in our glass shower before stepping back and moving to the tub where he took a seat on the edge, never taking his eyes from me. As steam began to roll out the open door, he spoke "Please step in and just pretend I'm not here."

Needing no further instruction I stepped into the shower; the warm water split by my neck, part of it cascading down my back and off my butt while the other part ran between my breasts, down my tummy and legs to my toes and the drain. With the water enveloping me, I looked through the enclosure to see Jack watching intently from his position on the adjacent tub. Tingling with desire from our interlude before coffee and the shower, I was overcome by the desire to touch myself.

Throughout our marriage, Jack had repeatedly asked me to allow him to watch when I touched myself; his rationale of course was that it was only educational. I was certainly no stranger to pleasuring myself but I had never seriously considered allowing him to watch, I was just too embarrassed. However, my embarrassment was nervousness was fading from the morning's events and the warm water raining over my body. I forced Jack's presence from my consciousness. I closed my eyes and slowly cocked my arm allowing my hands to find my breasts.

Already over-stimulated the touch hastened my desire for more. I began to twist and turn my hips, stimulating the lips of my labia with every movement as I enthusiastically used my fingers on my nipples pulling, twisting, and pinching my hard buds. Wetness flowed between my legs and I was unable to ignore my pussy any longer. I removed a hand from my breast, slid it down my belly, across my pubic bone, and drug my fingers through those swollen lips. The combination of the water and my own juices flowing from my sacred spot allowed them to glide easily.

Feeling orgasm building; I quickened my pace and moved my fingers up to my clitoris, and began rubbing it with varying pressure with one hand as I continued to alternate between pulling my nipples with my other hand. My breasts heaved; my breath became short shallow pants and my knees went weak when a thunderous orgasm took control of my entire body causing me to collapse back onto the tile seat in the shower. I bit my lower lip in a futile attempt to muffle the scream. A feeling of relief flowed through my body and my hands fell from my breasts and pussy. I turned to see Jack's smiling face.

Masturbation in the shower had never been like this before; perhaps it was my unconscious reaction to Jack's presence or the foreplay prior to the shower. Whatever it was, I made a mental note to do again, soon! I stood to finish my shower and saw Jack as he passed on his way from the bathroom, his shorts prominently reflecting his physical approval of my performance causing a corner of my mouth to turn up in a smile. I washed my hair before removing the hand-held showerhead from its cradle and using it to rinse my hair and entire body. Before I returned it to it cradle, I turned it on my clitoral hood, almost causing me to climax again. Feeling somewhat selfish, I stopped, turned off the water, and stepped from the shower, every nerve in my body tingling with excitement.

I stood in front of the mirror as I dried taking another moment to admire my naked body. I worked out four days a week and ran at least 5 miles the other three in order to maintain it. It wasn't the body I had at 23 but the regimen had paid firm, shapely dividends and I smiled at what I saw in the mirror. I applied lotion liberally and spent a few minutes drying my short auburn hair. I loved this hairstyle; I could just blow and go something I surmised might be important today. Satisfied I was presentable; I slid the bathroom door, turned left and walked into the bedroom where I found Jack sitting on the end of the chaise that was no longer in front of the window.

He had moved it away and in its place was an odd black shape with leopard cuffs attached at the corners. "Please make yourself comfortable on our new Liberator black label wedge". I kissed him lovingly before straddling the wedge to sit and then recline which left my knees in the air and my feet flat on the floor on the side of the wedge. His breath on my body was stimulating as he reached across to place my wrists in the cuffs attached to the headrest.

With my wrists now immobile he retreated down my torso until his head was between my legs. He lightly kissed my pubis but continued no lower. Instead, he lifted his head and wrapped the cuffs securely around my ankles. From his kneeling position, he began massaging the inside of my thighs occasionally coming close to my wanton pussy but deliberately avoiding touching it. That tease apparently complete he moved his hands down my legs and massaged my feet before sliding them up along my side until he came close to my breasts but never touched them either.

I struggled against the cuffs in an attempt to move my breasts under his hands but it was no use, he was in total control, and he knew it. He was enjoying this sensual torture as he smiled at me before he began to explore every part of my body except erogenous zones with his lips and tongue. His movements were incredible and erotic. I ached for him to bury his head between my legs and devour the moisture that was once again flowing from my pussy. I continued to squirm but the cuffs he held firm. "Oh, Jack please." I cried. "Please what" he said softly I had never been the verbal one in our sex life. I hoped mental telepathy would work but was rarely able to vocalize what I wanted or when something felt good, so I was shocked when I heard myself say; "Please no more teasing; I want your head between my legs right now."

He smiled before with agonizing slowness, he lowered his head until I could feel his breath on my pubis. This was pure erotic torture; I tried to thrust my hips to meet his lips but was unable to move. Then, after what seemed the longest minute of my life, he began dragging his tongue between my vaginal lips, as if he was licking an ice cream cone. It was divine, he was slow and methodical in his licking, kissing and sucking. My pussy was gushing and I could hear Jack nosily lapping up every drop when his masterful cunnilingus performance was enhanced with the wonderful sensation of a finger tapping on my rosebud as if he was ringing a doorbell. A moment later, his lubricated pinky stopped tapping and pushed inside. I screamed with joy as I gasped for breath. He tongue movements continued on my clitoris as he moved his pinky in and out of my anus. In a desperate uncontrollable frenzy, I cried out with words I do not remember just before I came. I was having an out of body experience. Inspired by my reaction Jack continued his delicious torture between my legs sending me to multiple incredible orgasms before I breathlessly screamed, "Stop, you have to stop." Jack straightened, slowly withdrawing his pinky from my anus.

My legs and hips were quivering uncontrollably as I lay cuffed to the Wedge. I was exhausted but as high as I had ever been sexually. I smiled contentedly as I gazed at Sam's face now visible between my legs. "You are so mean" I whimpered He said nothing and stood. For the first time since this interlude began, I noticed he was wearing only his t-shirt and dangling below the hem was his pre-cum dotted cock. He took his index finger and wiped the glistening liquid from the head and placed it in my mouth. I sucked enthusiastically until the taste was gone. I demonstrated my desire for more by licking my lips but instead of allowing me more he just reached down released me from all four cuffs.

Finally free, I spun my legs off the wedge and sat up grabbing Sam's arm and spinning him around so he was facing me. I pulled him hard to me and draped my mouth over his dripping, pulsing member in one smooth motion. Before I could treat us any further, he grabbed my hair and pulled my head back in an attempt to remove my mouth from his shaft. I wanted him and was determined to continue so I clinched his butt cheeks with my fingers and pulled him forward again in an attempt to keep him in my mouth. With only the head of his cock still in my mouth I continued sucking with purpose when he pulled my hair again this time hard enough to pull my mouth off completely. "I am your master and you my subject; you may not do that until I give you permission." I slouched and sat pouting and panting.

"You may get dressed now, no panties or bra, Wear your short, thread bare cut-off's and a tight white shirt. When you are dressed come find me and we will go get a bite to eat." Still slightly exhausted but full of sexual energy I dressed as instructed checking my hair quickly before I left the bedroom in search of Jack. I found him in the rec. room, watching the Golf channel. "I can give you something better to watch than golf". He simply turned off the TV, took me by the hand, and led me down the hall to the garage. A short ten-minute drive later, we pulled into the parking lot of a local sports bar.

He put the truck in park, turned to me and said, "Let's do a little role playing, you go in first and I'll be in shortly acting like a stranger who is attempting to pick you up". Sam knew this was a fantasy of mine too, so I opened my door, slid from the seat and walked toward the door of the bar exaggerating my hip swing as I did. Since my attire left almost nothing to the imagination I chose a seat at the end of the bar and ordered a vodka tonic.

I downed the entire thing without setting it down in an attempt to calm my nerves and get my raging hormones under control. I felt lightheaded immediately presumably since I had not eaten all day. I ordered another as I waited for Jack but this time only sipped it, occasionally swirling the clear liquid, and ice with my index finger and sucking the mixture off that finger. As time passed, I became distracted by the baseball game playing above the bar in front of me when I felt a hand rest on my back. "What is a lovely thing like you doing in a sport bar on a Saturday afternoon?" I turned expecting to see Jack but was greeted by another man's face instead. "I am waiting for someone" I replied.

"I am someone, can I buy you a drink"

"No thank you" I replied as I sensed a new presence on the empty seat next to me. I looked up at the back bar mirror and saw Jack. The stranger assumed it was who I was supposed to meet and moved along.

"I didn't mean to interrupt, I just was interested in this game, and this is the best seat to see the TV."

"You didn't interrupt, like you, he was just some random guy," I said without turning and looking at him.

"Since we are sitting this close, we are both interested in this game, and I saved you from that random guy I feel an introduction is in order my name is Jack, and yours is?"

"That is an interesting approach, has it ever worked?", I stole another glance at him from the mirror on the back bar.

"No but then again today is a new day."

"My name is Sam," I said as I turned and smiled at him.

"Nice to meet you Sam, do you like baseball?"

"Not really I am just passing time."

"Passing it until anything in particular happens."

"No just passing time."

"Well I haven't eaten all day, how about having lunch with me. We can order here at the bar and move to a booth and get to know each other while we wait for the food."

"You don't waste any time do you."

"I meant no offense, like I said I haven't eaten all day and I hate to eat alone and I just thought maybe you…"

"OK, I'll have lunch or whatever you call a meal at four in the afternoon with you, order me a steak sandwich" I said over my shoulder as I walked across the bar to a booth, drink in hand. A couple of minutes later Jack followed. He set his beer on the table and slid into the seat directly across from me.

"So, you said you were just passing the time, why if you are not really into sports did you choose a sports bar?"

"I didn't say I wasn't into sports, I am just not particularly interested in that game. I chose this bar because, I wanted a drink, it was close to where I was working and the friend I rode in with is still on the job."

"It's Saturday, What do you do for a living?"

"I am an underwear model, we had a shoot down the street, and Saturday was the only day the client could get the venue they wanted. "Do you always ask so many questions?" Suddenly Jack was speechless, but the twinkle in his eyes told me he liked my story and that I was continuing the role-playing.

"You know the ironic part about being an underwear model for me? It's that I don't even like wearing underwear, in fact I never wear it unless I'm working."

"You never wear underwear?" he stammered.

"Nope, I prefer the feeling whatever I am wearing rubbing against me as I move, in fact my walk here has me pretty stimulated and a little wet." I made sure I said that loud enough so people who were in close proximity to us could hear. Jack's face went red and he placed his finger over his lips signaling for me to speak more softly, but this was beginning to be fun, besides this was his idea and he had tortured me all day.

"Am I embarrassing you? I thought you were interested in getting to know me?"

"Sam you don't have to continue with this you know, let's just have lunch and go home remember you are my submissive today and I have other things planned," he whispered.

"You want to take me home with you, we only just met. Do you think just because I told you I am not wearing any panties and that my pussy is wet that I am the kind of girl that would go home with a guy she just met, because he is buying her lunch"? I said loudly.

Glancing around I could tell people at the adjacent tables were listening. "Look Jack, that is your name right? I am not that kind of girl. Sure I love sex and oral sex in particular but don't you think you are rushing it just a little?"

Now Jack was squirming in his seat. Maybe it was from the conversation or perhaps it was because he suddenly had a huge erection, either way I was enjoying my sudden nastiness and decided to push it even further. "Am I making you hard thinking about my mouth on your cock and me swallowing when you come?" Jack was visibly fidgeting nervously now and the people within earshot were leaning closer in order to hear every erotic word.

The look on Jack's face was priceless. I knew he wanted desperately to get up and leave but lunch was coming and I was sure he could not stand without embarrassment from the bulge that was likely in his shorts. I pressed on, slipping my foot from my sandal and stretching my leg under the table and began rubbing his groin. His face now wrinkled with a red sternness he whispered, "Stop it everyone in the bar is looking at us".

"I know, isn't it fun? Remember this was your idea, I am just playing my part." Sadly, the barmaid brought our lunch as I finished my sentence. Before she set it on the table, Jack told her we had changed our mind and asked if we could get it to go. She smiled, winked at him, and left plates in hand.

"You want our food to go? Are you in a hurry to get somewhere?" I blurted out loudly.

"You know you really should eat, you are going to need your strength for what I am going to do to you." Jack looked up at the room and smiled a nervous, smile. A couple of minutes later the barmaid returned to the table with the food packaged neatly in Styrofoam containers.

Looking right at Jack she said she assumed he wanted the bill right away before she handed it to him and trotted off. He quickly looked at the small slip, reached into his front pocket pushing my foot off his crotch as he did and retrieved his neatly folded bills. Not willing to let this perfect opportunity pass I said, "Really, you don't have to pay me." He peeled two twenty's off the fold, placed them on the table, and slid from the booth grabbing the food containers as he stood in an attempt to use them to cover the tent protruding from the front of his shorts.

"Shall we" he said I slid from the booth, stood and began to walk toward the door and in a moment of compassion I allowed him to follow closely so that he might hide his erection. As I got to the door I blurted out "You are going to have the time of your life tonight, honey" just before I stepped aside to let him open the door, grabbing his butt and squeezing it as he did. "That was so much fun" I said as I danced my way across the parking lot. Sam said nothing as opened my door after using the key fob to unlock the truck doors.

"You are going to pay for this you know!"

"I certainly hope so" I said as I climbed into the truck spreading my legs in the most un-lady like manner possible.

"My God you are incredibly beautiful and real fun in a bar," he said as he reached through the seat to put the food containers on the floor in back. I felt the blood rush to my face, surprisingly embarrassed by his comment. He started the truck, put it in drive and we headed off our sexual energy on overload. Ten minutes later we were home again, our hunger replaced by overwhelming sexual desire.

Jack walked off toward the kitchen presumably to put our meals in the refrigerator, I started to follow him, but he stopped me directing me to the bedroom instead. I walked into the bedroom and sat on the end of the chaise. A few minutes later, he returned placing something in the corner, just out of my line of sight. He walked over to me and asked me to strip and put on my red 6-strap garter belt and my 15-denier black seamed nylons, no panties! As I had all day I complied.

He watched me undress and dress intently before he went to the closet returning with my 5" red stiletto heels. I slipped my feet into the heels, buckling the straps around my ankle. "Now stand and turn around." I turned knowing he was getting a nice view of my ass that hung just below the arch of the garter. "Can I turn around now yet?" I said after looking out the window for a few minutes and waving mockingly at our neighbor's house.

"Yes you may." I turned to see a video camera on a tripod directed at me. "What are you doing?" I exclaimed, slightly panicked. I had allowed him to take a few pictures of me in some sexy lingerie on one occasion but that was the extent of my erotic photo shoot posing. "Is that on?"

"Of course it is on, I want you to model for me, give me a show, something I can load on my computer and watch whenever I want." Emboldened by the events of the day and the vodka I smiled and spun on the toe of my heel and went through a series of poses like a I had seen on fashion shows and in pageants, giving him a full topless frontal and backside view, my modesty curiously replaced with slutty enthusiasm.

"That's it, perfect." I pranced around the room the camera following me the entire time, occasionally touching my bouncing breasts as I walked. "That is enough, please lay down on the bed", he commanded. I moved to the bed and slid to the middle of the beautiful satin sheets, cool rose petals sticking to me as I did. He stepped back picking up the tripod and re-positioning it, I assumed to put the entire bed in the frame. I watched him as he walked to the side of the bed never taking his eyes from me and not speaking. He slowly pulled off his shirt and shorts before pulling down his boxers and freeing his purple veined cock. He leaned over the edge of the bed and whispered.

"You must tell me exactly what you want in the most graphic terms. I had always been too embarrassed to talk dirty to him; it was my prudish upbringing as a preacher's daughter. But my hormones were on overload right now and I was ready to say anything. "I want you to fuck my pussy with the rabbit vibrator while I play with my tits.

"He spun me on the slick sheets pulling my ass to the side of the bed where he was standing. He opened the drawer of the bedside table withdrawing my favorite rabbit vibrator, inserting it into his mouth for lubrication before he plunged it deep into my ravenous sopping pussy. Using his fingers he pulled back my clitoral hood, exposing my hard clitoral bud and placing the ears on it. He turned the speed up slowly and methodically over the next 5 minutes. I was writhing and gyrating in pleasure. "Take it out and put your cock in now!, I want to come with you inside me."

He did as instructed but before he filled me his cock, he placed a small bullet vibrator on my clitoris. He began to move slowly, and rhythmically as the bullet pressed on my swollen bud. "Faster, harder move fucking faster, I need to come now." He increased his speed and thrust. I was spiraling toward an orgasm coming from the depths of my soul. Without warning climax consumed me as he drove his cock deeper, the bullet continuing its wonderful vibration against my clit. I was moving so much he was struggling to keep his cock inside me. I squeezed my legs together and slapped and scratched his ass. Finally, a guttural groan erupted from him and I felt a steady warm stream of cum shoot into my pussy, causing me to come hard again.

No longer able to stand he fell onto my heaving chest with all his weight. Out of breath and unable to breathe I whispered, "you are the greatest lover in the entire world and I love you so much". Recognizing all of his weight was squarely on me he quickly rolled to the side pulling his cum covered cock from me. We laid there in incredible physical and emotional closeness neither willing to ruin the moment with words until darkness crept into the room. Finally, I rolled over and whispered in his ear before rising to kiss him softly on the lips "I love you so much and I can't wait until you are my submissive, darling". He turned his head slowly and looking directly into my eyes, just smiled.


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