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She Shared Her Love
True Erotic Story By Anonymous

This is a true story from my military time, not long after my wife, Michelle, and I were married, nearly 15 years ago. I still remember the exact date, April 16, 1999. It was such an intense event that it is seared in my memory, along with the fact that Michelle and I have relived it over the years so many times. I took just a little liberty with some of the dialog as I admittedly don't remember it word for word, but the context was exactly as conveyed here. Other than that, the situation happened just as written. I hope you enjoy reading about our adventure into the unexpected erotic. I'm pretty sure nobody will enjoy it as much as the three of us enjoyed living it.

Michelle, my wife, is a country girl, born and raised on a small farm in Eastern Washington. She was a high school cheerleader, a princess on the homecoming court,and nearly a straight 'A' student, always on the honor roll and a member of the National Honor Society. We went to the same school, knew each other well, and even rode the same school bus much of the time, but we never dated. I was too bashful to ask out such a pretty girl. She was, to put it mildly, simply out of my class.

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We finally started going together several years later, when I was home on leave after joining the Coast Guard. Michelle had finished college the year before and I was going to Radioman School in New York. I hadn't seen her since high school.

Michelle completely surprised me when I was home on Christmas break, starting a conversation with me at one of our high school's basketball games. She was 22 and had grown even prettier than in high school. It would definitely be fair to say that she was 'HOT!' Our first real date was to a movie the next evening after the game, but on the way, we both decided we would rather go to the mountains and play in the snow. We went back to borrow my dad's Toyota Land Cruiser 4-wheel drive and off we went, even though it was already dark. We dated the rest of my leave, and then wrote daily letters to each other for several months while I was in Radio School.

When I came home for leave after completing school the following May, we spent nearly every waking hour together for the next 2 weeks. We kissed and made out like horny teenagers quite a bit, but never went any further than that. A few days before I was scheduled to leave, I finally worked up the nerve to ask her to marry me. I know that seems quick for that kind of decision, but we'd actually known each other for a long time. I was shipping out for a year in just a couple days, and I didn't want that hanging over my head while I was gone. I was certain she was the girl I wanted to spend my life with. She was smart, funny, a LOT of fun to be with, and we both enjoyed the same things, especially the outdoors and she was very, very pretty. I can't express how thrilled I was when she said yes, even after she had seen earlier in the evening that I was dumb enough to take her an upside down pizza at the drive-in.

My first duty station was in Alaska where I was scheduled for a one year tour of duty on a remote isolated base on Sitkinak Island, near Kodiak, one of a series of similar bases on the Aleutian Chain. The trip to that remote outpost was the hardest I ever took, knowing I wouldn't be able to see her for a year. I still remember my tears falling after I got on that plane…something I have never told anyone about, until now.

All the guys on Sitkinak were lonely for home, some with girlfriends back home, some not. But the subject of sex was never far from anyone's mind or conversation. Although we felt lucky not being in a war zone, young guys spending a year away from any contact with the fairer sex was certainly not on anyone's want-to-do list. The Playboy centerfolds simply didn't hack it. We all had our fantasies. Mine was certainly anticipating my wedding night with Michelle when I got home.

I was one of the lucky ones. After four months on Sitkinak, they had an extra radioman on the base, so I was transferred to the Coast Guard Air Station on Kodiak Island, just a few miles from the town of Kodiak. The Coast Guard gave me two weeks of leave before reporting, so I flew home.

One of the very first things on my agenda after getting home was marriage to my sweetheart. Since we didn't have a lot of time, my brother and his wife took Michelle and me to Reno to get married.

After the ceremony at the Park Wedding Chapel, we all went to dinner to celebrate, then my brother and his wife dropped us off back at the motel, and they went casino hopping. Our wedding night was the first time that either of us had been together with anyone sexually as we were both virgins up til then. That night was incredible for us. Michelle was pretty shy about exposing herself to me and turned the lights off before getting undressed, when she climbed in bed with me with that naked body wrapped in silk….suffice it to say, she was worth the wait and definitely lived up to my fantasy!

The night wasn't quite so incredible for my brother and his wife. I had, unfortunately, locked them out of their motel room (small motel, no night service). I'd accidentally put their key in my pocket when we got dressed for the ceremony and they really didn't want to come pounding on the newlywed's door in the middle of the night when they got back from the casino! But I digress.

As a married couple, we were permitted to live off base in Kodiak, so I found us a little one bedroom apartment and Michelle joined me a couple weeks later. We loved each other more than anything else in the world. Michelle found a part time job working as a legal secretary three days a week while I worked at the air station and we regularly explored Kodiak Island, which was absolutely beautiful. Our sex life was great. We made love typically daily, and at least every other day, except the five or six days during Michelle's monthly, which were pure hell for both of us!

Although, we never ventured into anything particularly risqué in our lovemaking, there was apparently an unknown desire inside both of us to experiment, which along with a once in a lifetime set of circumstances led to the event I'm writing about.

About six months after Michelle came to Kodiak, one of my friends from Sitkinak, Alec, had finished his yearlong tour of duty and was being transferred to his new duty station, the Coast Guard Air Station in Elizabeth, North Carolina. He was scheduled to fly from Sitkinak into Kodiak and have a one night layover before flying to Seattle, then home the next day for a 30 day leave. We invited him to spend the night with us instead of staying in the barracks at the base.

I had told Michelle what it was like on Sitkinak, isolated from any female companionship for that long. Before Alec's visit, I warned her that as pretty as she was, he was bound to pay her a little more attention than she was used to.

We wanted to help Alec celebrate getting off Sitkinak, so we planned to treat him to dinner in one of the nicer local nightclubs that evening. Kodiak was a hotspot for nightclubs as in a town of a few thousand, there were 12 very nice nightclubs.

That day, I had the day shift at the air station and Michelle wasn't working, but said she needed to do some shopping, so she took me to the base and kept the car. When she picked me up after I got off duty, she gave me a rather odd smile and told me that she had to get dressed for dinner, adding that she had a little surprise planned for me and Alec.

"Oh, by the way," she told me, with a sweet, sexy smile, "tonight's the night!" This meant that her monthly was over so sex was definitely on our agenda tonight…finally! Anyway, I dropped her off at home, very eager for the night to come and more than a little curious about her surprise.

When I left Michelle at home, I told her it would be at least an hour and a half, most likely two hours, by the time the plane landed and I took Alec out to the base to sign some paperwork, so she should have plenty of time to get ready. After Alec arrived and he got all his paperwork done, we went back to the apartment to pick her up for dinner.

When I went to the door to get her, I got the shock of my life! Michelle's long dark brown hair was gently curled over her shoulders about to her breasts and with her lipstick and makeup, she was absolutely stunning!

She was wearing very sexy, skin tight slacks and high heels, but it was the blouse and bra she was wearing that made me slack-jawed and nearly unable to breathe. Her blouse was a creamy white and very see-through, obviously intended to be worn over a camisole or other undergarment. Tonight though, the only thing under it was a very thin, semitransparent, red push-up bra. She had fairly small, but very pert breasts, and what that bra and blouse did for her was indescribable! Her blouse slinked over every little curve, clearly outlining her breasts and nipples, and, with both blouse and bra being so transparent, her cleavage and the pink of her nipples could easily be seen. On top of all that, she had a new perfume that was completely intoxicating and feminine. Everything about her, from her red high heels, freshly painted nails, beautiful hair, beautiful lips, especially that bra/blouse combination, perfume, simply everything, exuded sexy! I thought I was going to die from lust right there!

And I wondered what the heck she was going to do to poor Alec!

Michelle is generally a very conservative girl. I hadn't ever seen her wear anything like this before, even when we were alone. She was very trim and proud of her body and liked to dress a bit sexy around the house and, occasionally, when we went out. But it was never anything like this!

She did a little twirl around and asked me, "How do you like my surprise?"

"I'm literally speechless. You're breathtaking!"

"Do you think Alec will like it?" she asked.

I was a little apprehensive about Alec seeing her like that… and her going to dinner in a public place. But she was just so beautiful and happy that I couldn't bring myself to say anything. She reminded me of Donna Fargo's song "I'm the Happiest Girl in the Whole USA"

When we got to the car I think she got her answer, Alec couldn't get his eyes full enough when I introduced them. As I mentioned, there weren't any women on Sitkinak, so Michelle was the first woman he'd even seen for a year, except for an occasional passenger on the mail plane and a couple ladies in the office that evening. And what a sight she was! She is definitely very attractive and this evening, radiated sexy. What surprised me then though, was her reaction to Alec. She got a big smile on her face and gave him a big hug and kiss on the cheek.

Talk about throwing the chicken to the hungry fox!

I knew this was going to be a long night. Michelle and I were still newlyweds, full of lust for each other and instead of the normal five or six days of her monthly, it had been over two weeks since we had made love because I had been sick right before. But, as she had told me just a little while ago, it was now over and we would play tonight! It was the longest we had been without sex since she came to Kodiak and we both had been getting hornier daily (and definitely nightly, almost desperate enough for me to sleep on the couch!). We were looking forward to spending the first night after her monthly making hot, steamy love, which, unfortunately turned out to be tonight. But, we had invited Alec to spend the night and there was no way we could un-invite him now just to satisfy our overactive sex hormones. Then, I go to pick her up at home and she is so damn sexy, I wanted to take her right there…but we had a guest to entertain for the evening. I knew it would be late before we could get our privacy and have some real fun and I was going to have a hard time keeping my hands off of her until then. This was going to be a long, long evening!

We went to dinner, Alec and I hardly ever taking our eyes off of Michelle (along with every other guy…and a lot of the ladies in the nightclub). I don't know if she had thought about it, but I was hoping we didn't run into any of her coworkers or clients who knew her. Chances are, none of them would have recognized her anyway, made up as sexy as she was. Luck was with us though and we got through dinner with no one recognizing her and no incidents from lusty, homesick sailors.

When we got back to our apartment, we had a couple bottles of wine left over from our wedding reception that we had been saving for a special occasion. This seemed like the perfect time, since the Coast Guard didn't allow any alcohol on the base. Alec hadn't had any for the last year and we were celebrating anyway, so I opened one of them and we all had a glass.

The only comfortable seat in our living room was our couch, so that's where we all sat. Alec sat on one end, me on the other, leaving Michelle between us. There was no way that I could sit close to her and not put my arm around her and snuggle. She felt and smelled so good! It took all my willpower to stay away from those lips and nipples. And, I suspected she wanted some nipple attention too, as much as she loved my mouth on them. Anticipating our upcoming bed time activities was driving me crazy (and I was pretty sure, Michelle too) and the evening had barely started!

We talked about life in the Coast Guard and on Sitkinak. Alec and I told Michelle about the boxes of nails at the abandoned WWII Air Force base. The nails had rusted together, then the wooden boxes rotted away, leaving perfect cubes of nails with no boxes…looked pretty funny. I told Alec about the air station I was transferred to on Kodiak and Michelle relayed the story of how exciting it had been for her to come to Alaska and a little about her job. Alec told us how he was looking forward to finally going home. We wondered about his next duty station and talked about several other things, all of which seemed like safe topics to distract us from how sexy Michelle was.

But it wasn't working. Neither Alec nor I could ignore her tight slacks and especially that sexy blouse and what was underneath. It was obvious Michelle was enjoying her little tease and was getting turned on from the way we were ogling her nipples, which were growing more and more erect through that thin material. I was wondering if she had realized just how explicitly that blouse would show her assets, especially when she was getting this turned on. Right then, she was really unable to conceal her arousal! I guessed that turnabout was fair play, as she was certainly able to see the bulge in mine and Alecīs pants. I was getting so horny for her! I wanted to lean over to caress and nibble on those nipples and ravage those sweet lips, but knew I absolutely couldn't with Alec sitting right next to us. Plus, her showing herself off like that in front of another guy was really doing a number on my already overactive libido. I wanted her even more than on our wedding night!

Then, the thought struck me like a bolt of lightning. How horny was she making Alec? What if it was him caressing or kissing her? That would be just incredible after being stuck out there on Sitkinak for a whole year!

Neither Alec nor Michelle had any clue what was going through my horny mind or how hot I was getting thinking how it would be for Alec, deprived of any female companionship for a year, caressing those breasts, kissing her, maybe even sucking on a nipple! Even the thought of me and Michelle in bed later, making love, paled in comparison! Oh my God, what that would be like for him! And for Michelle! The thought was SO DAMN HOT!!! Plus, by then, we had had three or four glasses of the wine and that was making my thoughts even sexier, along with pushing my inhibitions to the wayside.

Finally, Alec excused himself to go to the bathroom. As soon as he left, Michelle whispered to me, "I can't take much more of this, I'm so HORNY! You never told me Alec was so good looking!"

I couldn't believe what she had just said! Was there an opportunity there somehow? Were the wine and the sexy atmosphere affecting Michelle like they were me? Were her inhibitions down so she might do something that would have been unthinkable only a short while ago? If she did, would she (or I) regret it later? Do I dare try to make something happen between them? Neither of us were drunk by any means, but we weren't used to any alcohol at all, so the wine was definitely having some effect, probably a little more than I was realizing at the time.

I told Michelle that I hadn't really thought Alec's looks would be an issue when we invited him. Then I tugged the bottom of her blouse loose from her slacks and reached my hand under it to massage one of her breasts, pinching her sensitive nipple and rolling it between my fingers, just to tease her little. Ohhh, God, so damn sexy! I've never felt anything like that bra! The bottom part was satin and the front over her nipples was so thin I could hardly feel the fabric. I finally had that nipple rolling between my fingers, after craving it all evening…and how damn bad I wanted a nipple in my mouth, sucking on it, rolling it around my lips, drawing her breast into my mouth! My little effort to torture my wife (and myself) was obviously working, given the way Michelle was moaning, gripping my arm and squeezing her legs together. She deserved it after tormenting me and Alec all evening! Revenge can be so sweet sometimes. But, I wasn't sure who was being tortured the most.

When I started to remove my hand, she told me, "Oh, God! Don't stop - that feels so good!"

At that point, I thought she was so horny she wouldn't even care if Alec saw my hand on her breast under her blouse. I know that I didn't care, but other plans were forming in my pea sized brain. So, I gave her other nipple a couple little rolls between my fingers, kissed her with my tongue briefly into her mouth and pulled my hand out. I told her "I don't know what to do about your being horny, since we still have a guest to entertain, you'll just have to find a way to endure it."

The look she was giving me as she was madly trying to tuck her blouse back in would have been lethal if she wasn't so sexy!

Then I took a deep breath and asked her, "Since you sound like you're kind of in the mood a little bit, and you've been tormenting Alec all night anyway, would you be open to entertaining our guest with a little bit of making out…if the opportunity presented itself?"

But, before she could answer, Alec returned from the bathroom and rejoined us. Bad luck for him I thought.

This was torture. I actually thought she was going to say she would, but, now, she wasn't even nodding a yes or no. We sat and continued to talk, but I was so nervous that I have no idea about what. Michelle acted pretty nervous too and still wasn't acknowledging what I had asked her. Alec certainly didn't notice either of us acting different; he was still too busy noticing my sexy wife!

Finally, Michelle said she was getting herself some more wine and asked if either of us would like another glass.

Both Alec and I asked for some, so she got up and poured each of us a glass, then came and sat back down. But this time, she sat closer to Alec, brushing her leg against his, with her shoulder close to his and resting her hand on the edge of his leg. I thought she pulled her shoulders back a little more to make her blouse tighter across her breasts, outlining her erect nipples even more than they had been before.

After Michelle sat down, she turned to Alec with a very seductive look on her face and asked him if he had a girlfriend back home.

He said he didn't, but there were a couple cute girls he knew that he was going to call.

I wondered, is she flirting with him? Actually, I guess she pretty much had been all night, but this was different.

I decided it was time to take a little initiative to see what might happen and asked Michelle, "Would you like to dance with me?"

She said, "I'd love to dance, just give me a minute to freshen up a little bit."

So, as she went to our bedroom, I moved the coffee table out of the way, turned all the lights out, except one lamp and put on some soft, slow music.

In a few minutes, Michelle rejoined us, lipstick and makeup renewed and with a new dose of that sexy perfume. It was hard to not drag her to bed right then and there! I hadn't ever wanted her so bad.

But, we still had a guest and I was wondering if her efforts to be even sexier meant she wanted to entertain Alec as I had suggested.

We liked to dance close together and tonight was no exception. I really wanted my wife close, so I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her in tightly, cheek to cheek and breathed in the aroma of that perfume. She was still wearing her heels, so was nearly as tall as me and we fit together perfectly. I knew how horny she already was, but wanted her more so, without being overtly suggestive in front of Alec. I did want to put on a little show to get him even hotter than he already was. Hopefully, Alec wouldn't be able to help taking some advances with Michelle later, if she was willing to dance with him…and she wouldn't want to resist.

I caressed her back and the edge of her breasts over her blouse, then just lightly over a nipple, pinching it ever so softly, and nuzzled her neck and ears while she pulled me tighter to her. Her blouse was so soft and seductive. It had to be silk and had to feel as good to her as it did to me. I could feel her nipples against my chest. I wasn't sure what this was doing to Michelle, but it was sure making me want her more! What would she do to Alec? I really wanted to know.

Finally, after several minutes she whispered very softly in my ear a simple, "Yes."

At that, I smiled and turned her a little away from Alec so he couldn't see me and whispered in her ear, "Any limits?"

We danced another couple minutes before she answered, "No limits."

I wondered to myself what the heck had I gotten us into? Was I really ready for what I thought she was implying? My imagination was really going into overdrive.

But, I was truly excited about this now and really wanted to see Alec with her…and I wanted both her and him excruciatingly horny first.

Michelle knew what was coming and I knew how hot and horny she already was, but as we danced a little longer, I brought my lips to hers and kissed her. Oh, God, those soft lips! I had wanted to kiss her like this for so long! Sixteen days since we've made love, sixteen days she had denied me those lips. And now, they were mine and I was taking them, crushing her to me, our tongues groping each other! I was rapidly in a world of haze with this sexy woman who was my wife, forgetting everything else, including Alec.

At the same time, I openly caressed one of her breasts, rubbing her nipple between my fingers. Soft as her blouse was, I still wanted my hand under it like before, against her skin. But, she still felt so good. She had her eyes closed, moaning softly, with her hand over mine on her breast, pressuring me to grope harder and pressing her pelvis into my erection, which was bigger and harder than ever before.

Somewhere in my consciousness, I knew that Alec was watching us and I remembered with clarity that I wanted him kissing her like this, feeling her breasts in his hands and his lips swallowing those nipples and breasts.

I took a quick glance at Alec, who was looking pretty bewildered at what was going on in front of him, but was watching us with an obviously sexual desire showing on his face and a very erect tent pole inside his pants. So, I thought the time was right.

I broke away from my beautiful wife and asked him, "Alec, would you like to dance with the lady?"

That was probably one of the hardest things I had ever done, as badly as I wanted her right then!

Alec looked at me with shock on his face. He had no idea that Michelle and I wanted him to be her leading man for some hot lovemaking. But, he eagerly got off the couch. I gave Michelle one last lingering kiss and passed her off to him.

Alec looked a little shy at first, not sure what he should do, but he pulled her in close, rubbing his hands over her back, clearly enjoying the feel of that silk blouse, her erect nipples against his chest and feeling the soft skin of her cheek against his. After only a minute or two, but seemed like forever to me, Michelle turned to him, kissed him on the neck, nibbled an ear and slowly worked her way to his lips and kissed him, open mouthed, wrapping her fingers in his hair and pulling him tight to her lips with her tongue slipping into his mouth. Alec got the idea quickly and returned her kiss eagerly, like a guy who was kissing his lover for the first time after being away for a year. Any vestiges of 'dancing' were long gone. This was pure seduction!

Michelle was really getting into this kiss when she broke away from him and kissed his cheek, closer to his ear where she nibbled on it slightly and I barely heard her whisper to him, "I want you." Then, she kissed down his neck and back to his lips and took one of his hands, bringing it up to her breast. He kneaded it and, pretty forcefully, began pinching her nipple through her silk blouse. My wife was acting more aggressive than I had ever seen her, pulling his hand hard into her breast, while she was devouring his mouth!

Finally, she broke the kiss, took a deep breath, and said, "WOW, Alec, you really know how to kiss a girl!"

Then, she told him to stay there, but she wanted her husband. Michelle came over to me and pulled me back up off the couch. At first, I wasn't sure what she was going to do, but she kissed me, her arms wrapped around my neck, nibbling on my lips, then sucking on my tongue. I pulled her into me with one hand behind her neck and groped a breast with the other, while she was gyrating her hips into mine.

When this seemed like it was going to lead us straight to the bedroom without poor Alec, I pushed her away slightly and unbuttoned the top button of her blouse. She laid her arms lightly around my neck, still gyrating her pelvis on my rather substantial erection, and didn't make any effort to stop me, just smiled at me. So, I unbuttoned the next one and then the third to let her blouse open enough to expose her thin, sexy bra, allowing me to caress her breasts directly over it. She just stood there several minutes, eyes closed, moaning her enjoyment.

Then, she pulled away, turned and walked back to Alec, wrapped her arms around him and kissed him like before. Then, she turned, facing me and leaned back into Alec's shoulder, turned her head up to kiss him again and found his hands and pulled both of them up to her breasts. She cupped one hand around Alec's neck, pulling him to her, her tongue slipping between his lips. This was a kiss of pure lust. She spread her other hand over Alec's crotch, rubbing him, which was huge with anticipation of what was yet to come. Alec massaged her breasts gently for a short while, then slipped his hands under her bra directly over her sensitive nipples caressing those beautiful, soft breasts and very erect nipples. Michelle gasped as he began massaging her nipples. Alec was obviously understanding the rules…that we were both open to him enjoying her feminine assets…and he wasn't going to disappoint! I watched this display unfolding in front of me, my erection getting even harder. Michelle's eyes were closed, with a dreamy look on her face, leaning back against Alec, continuing that kiss, letting him caress her breasts.

I couldn't help but wonder how far this could go. At the very least, I wanted to see Alec's lips on those delicious breasts.

Finally, breaking away from Alec, she walked back to me on the other side of the room. I liked this little game she was playing! I unbuttoned the rest of her blouse, pulled it loose from her slacks and reached behind her, caressing her sexy back and unsnapped her bra.

But, before I had a chance to remove anything, she turned and walked back to Alec.

Michelle rested her arms lightly around his neck and kissed him very softly and erotically. He wrapped his arms around her, under her blouse and slowly worked his hands up her back and sides, then under her bra where he briefly massaged her breasts again. She broke from her kiss and had a rapid intake of breath and moan when he touched her nipples, then resumed that sexy kiss. I knew how silky soft Michelle's skin was, but couldn't comprehend what this must be feeling like to Alec…and to her! When he finally began to push his hands up further, she lifted her arms straight up and looked directly at Alec while he slid my wife's blouse and bra up and off her arms.

She was then completely naked above the waist. Alec gazed at her for a moment and told her, "You are so beautiful."

Then, Michelle smashed herself to him and kissed him hard before pulling his hungry mouth down, finding her hard nipples. I could hear him sucking from across the room. She gasped and arched her chest out and held him tight in her arms so that he had her whole breast in his mouth, sucking. Michelle raked her fingers through his hair as he was attacking her breast. Alec's hands were around her bare back, pulling her tight to him.

This had been sexy, but was becoming something completely different now. Seeing my wife in another man's arms, kissing him with abandon and watching her pulling his mouth to her bare breast was exactly what I had imagined earlier and hoped for. But, this was so much more. The real thing was certainly trumping what I had fantasized. This was so incredibly erotic! And, so out of character for Michelle that it was hard to believe it was actually happening! On a horny scale of 1 to 10, I was guessing Michelle was about at 15, maybe even higher. Alec was probably about the same.

There was a pretty strong tinge of jealousy telling me I shouldn't be allowing this, but, I thought that, in reality, the jealousy was part of the excitement for me. I really wanted to drag her to bed and make wild, abandoned love with her. But, I had encouraged her into this and seeing Alec's intense desire for my wife…and, to be honest, Michelle's lust for him, was incredible! It was so damn erotic that I couldn't take my eyes away. I was enjoying this far more than I had imagined was possible.

It was obvious that Michelle was taking this little make-out session very seriously and was enjoying herself immensely. This was a forest fire raging out of control. The first time Michelle and I made love, on our wedding night, was the first time for both of us. We both fumbled around, a lot. This was completely different…no fumbling here! This redefined the meaning of erotic…and I was loving it!

While Alec wrapped his lips around one breast and then the other, Michelle sought out his hands with hers and intertwined her fingers with his and led his hands to her hips. She hooked his fingers on the inside of her slacks and pushed them down about an inch or two. She released his hands and reached around him, pulling his mouth tighter to her breast. He took her hint and slowly pushed my wife's slacks down, all the way to the floor, leaving a trail of kisses down her flat, sexy stomach, where she stepped out of them, letting him work them off over her shoes.

Michelle was wearing red satin string bikini panties matching the bra...and, they were just as sexy as the bra had been! She was still facing Alec with her back to me. Her butt cheeks were completely exposed and I had no idea how tiny those panties were in the front, since I hadn't ever seen anything like it before. No damn wonder she had been horny earlier I thought! I thought this had to have been about the sexiest striptease I could ever imagine! And, it was MY WIFE! Where was the girl who undressed in the dark on our wedding night only six months ago?

After her pants were removed, Alec looked up and conveniently, his face was right in front of Michelle's panties. Alec reached around to her butt and pulled her to him, pushing one of her legs over his shoulder, and hungrily kissed the inside of her thigh, slowly rolling his mouth over to those sexy panties, nothing between his mouth and my wife's sex except those thin, skimpy panties. Michelle was pulling him into her, whimpering like I had never heard before. Who was this woman in my wife's body?

I had no idea how Alec was able to control himself! I couldn't take this any longer and started coming in my pants without even touching myself. When Michelle said no limits, she really meant it. I had never seen her like this before. I just couldn't believe how sexy my beautiful wife was. I was seeing her in a whole new way and I loved what I was seeing!

Finally, Michelle pushed him away, caught her breath for a moment, turned toward me and walked over to me. Once I saw the rest of those panties, I hardly could believe how skimpy they were and that Alec had been kissing her with nothing more than that little bit of satin between his mouth and her pussy. When she reached me, she wrapped a leg around me, ground herself into me and kissed me like we had never kissed before. I couldn't stand it any longer. I had to have a nipple in my mouth. I reached down and gently wrapped my lips around one of her nipples and sucked it to me. I gently nipped at it with my teeth, that always drove her crazy, then sucked it into my mouth, in and out, like I was making love to it. I felt like I was in heaven! With all the sexual excitement from the evening, and Alec on the other side of the room watching, she had never felt this good before. I switched to the other breast and repeated, doing my best to drive Michelle absolutely crazy. I sucked her breast in my mouth, trying to swallow it whole, rolling my tongue over her nipple. Never in my life has anything felt so wonderful.

I had Michelle moaning in agony from wanting. Shortly after I went to her other breast, I put both hands over her butt, inside of her soft panties, pulled her tightly to me and caressed her, sneaking my hands toward her sex while she gyrated, trying to get closer. My hand was rubbing just at the edge of her pussy lips, with one finger rubbing just inside of them. She and her sexy panties were so wet! When I couldn't take it any longer, I pushed her panties down off of her, letting them drop to the floor. My wife was now completely naked and my hands were around her bare butt, trying to pull her into my erection through my pants, with one of her legs wrapped around me again, still pulling my mouth to her breast.

When I absolutely couldn't stand this anymore, I broke away from her and whispered to her, "Go to him, you have all night."

Michelle turned and slowly walked back over to Alec like that, completely naked, except for those sexy high heels. Alec and I were still fully clothed and this was the sexiest thing I had ever seen. Those curves; tight little butt; beautiful long hair cascading down her back; long, slender, devastatingly hot legs; bare breasts with those engorged nipples swaying lightly; hips moving sensuously with each step and still smelling of that sexy perfume. She is feminine perfection! Tonight, she wasn't the modest, professional, conservative, country girl I had married. She was the sexiest, most beautiful sex goddess ever...she looked absolutely incredible! Seeing her as Alec was seeing her, I was hypnotized by her beauty. And, I knew the rest of the night she was going to be Alec's.

As she returned to Alec, he lifted her up to him and she wrapped both arms and both legs tightly around him, grinding into him and desperately kissing him. He was caressing her back and butt and I could see one hand working its way between her legs, with his fingers groping into her sex as she threw her head back, pulled his mouth to a breast and madly thrust herself to his fingers, groaning, "Ohhh, Ohhh, Alec, HARDER!" He was pulling her up tighter and higher so that he could push his fingers in deeper, pushing them in and out, in and out, until her body stiffened and convulsed, he pushed his fingers as far into her as he could and she screamed in ecstasy! After her orgasm, he set her down to catch her breath and she did something that took me completely by surprise (as if the whole evening hadn't been a surprise!). My wife took his hand that had been inside her, putting each finger into her mouth and slowly sucked her juices off of them, one at a time, while she looked at Alec directly in the eyes. I couldn't see her face, but I was imagining Michelle's tongue and lips, sexily swirling around each finger, gently sucking, tasting herself, licking them clean.

Alec had to be going completely crazy! I was nearly losing any semblance of sanity! My knees nearly buckled with weakness.

She led Alec by the hand to our bedroom and slowly stripped him. He picked her up, laid her gently on the bed and looked at her for a moment, telling her again, "You are so, so beautiful!"

Then, he removed her shoes, sucked gently on a toe and lightly kissed up her foot, her ankle, her leg, all the way to the inside of her thigh. He pushed my wife's legs wide apart and kissed her directly on her sex. I'm no prude, but we were still practically newlyweds and she hadn't ever been kissed like this before, his mouth enveloping her sex and his tongue inside her! She acted a little shocked at first, but then was pushing herself up to him and moaning. Apparently, it was feeling pretty good to her as she put her feet up flat on the bed, knees spread wide, and was thrusting herself up into him, moaning uncontrollably, as he explored her with his mouth and tongue, driving her even further into a state of sexual ecstasy. I could clearly hear the sound of his kissing and sucking on her. Michelle was grabbing at the back of his head, pulling him in to her, grinding her pussy into his face, writhing in ecstasy and then screamed as she came!

I had no idea how Alec was able to control himself. Michelle looked so hot! I was hard and coming the second time that night… and I had made love with her only a couple weeks ago, not like Alec, who'd been stuck away from females for the last year!

Michelle pushed his head away and desperately pulled him to her lips, screaming, "Oh God Alec, I need you inside me NOW!"

He looked at her and smiled as he said, "I'm sorry beautiful, what did you say?"

"Alec, I want you, make love to me!" she practically screamed.

This was the moment I had been waiting for, thinking it would never come, afraid that it would! My jealousy came back with a vengeance. I couldn't stop this now even if I wanted to. Could I watch my friend fuck my wife? Damn right I could! This is what I had envisioned earlier and I wanted it bad now. And Michelle wanted it! No way could I take my eyes away!

Alec finally lost any semblance of restraint and gentleness. His erection was hard as a rock! My heart was pounding as Alec pulled Michelle's legs up over his shoulders and rammed himself all the way into her. Michelle's face was nothing but a sexual lust beyond anything I had ever seen before as Alec was taking her to heaven!

"Uhh," my wife cried as Alec buried himself into her pussy, then started thrusting in and out of her hard and fast, pounding into her, lifting her hips and slamming her shoulders down into the bed, relieving a year's worth of sexual frustration and especially the last few hours, inside my wife, both of them screaming guttural noises with their pleasure.

Alec only managed to last a few thrusts until he plunged all the way into her, spasming his orgasm, as Michelle thrust up to him, hands on his butt, pulling him tighter as her climax and his seemed to go on forever, with Michelle's entire body convulsing and I could hear my wife in an almost nonstop high pitched wail!

How can I describe what I was feeling then? I don't know what I was really expecting when Michelle told me 'no limits.' I know I imagined and hoped that it would lead to sex, but imagining and seeing are two completely different things, especially as intense and primitive as this had been! Michelle and I had never, ever had sex like this before. I couldn't believe that it was only a little while ago that I had nervously asked Michelle if she would want to make out with Alec a little bit… and when I asked that, I was thinking about snuggling, kissing, maybe even going as far as her letting Alec nibble on a nipple if he was really lucky…certainly not this! But, then she said 'no limits' and my imagination had run wild. But still, never even approaching this! I remembered thinking when I first thought about Michelle and Alec making out how incredible it would be for both of them. I never even dreamed how right I was! I had loved every second of it and wouldn't undo anything!

After that they collapsed, Alec on top of my naked wife, still buried deep inside her and both trying to catch their breath, he began kissing her gently and thanked her for the most incredible sex he had ever had and told her how good she felt, still wrapped around him. She smiled up at him and kissed him very softly. Then, they both started exploring each other with their hands, caressing and very softly kissing, his lips wandered down to a nipple that was still obviously sensitive the way she was thrusting herself up to him. Through all this, he never pulled himself out of her.

My incredible wife obviously started to have an effect on Alec again. He started a slow in-out-in-out lovemaking. Michelle closed her eyes and purred a minute or two as Alec was gently making love to her again, but apparently she wanted something different. She pushed him away, rolled over onto her hands and knees, stretched that sexy butt out to him and he entered her from behind. It was pretty dark, but I could still see Alec's cock slipping in and out of my wife's pussy, driving deep inside her. His hands were on her hips pulling her to him with each plunge and she was on her elbows, thrusting back to him, breathing hard and grunting on every plunge, burying her face in the pillow, grabbing at the sheets until she screamed another orgasm. But, this time, Alec still wasn't through. He kept at it, slamming into her harder and harder, grabbing her breasts until finally, Alec jerked her body back to him thrusting as deep inside her as he could and they screamed together as Michelle couldn't stop shaking. Her face was still in the sheets until she and Alec collapsed down on the bed once again.

Oh my God, I was so aroused after this. I wanted my wife!! But I knew that tonight she was Alec's woman. As my heart finally slowed, I quietly closed the door and made up the couch that we had initially planned for Alec. What a difference an evening can make.

Besides the obvious sexual exhilaration I was feeling, I was so glad Michelle was on birth control so I hadn't had to intervene with a condom, which by the way, we didn't use them and hadn't planned on anything like this so didn't have any. And besides that, skin to skin contact is so much sexier! Was I feeling jealous of this guy who had just had the most incredible sex with my wife? YES! But, the eroticism of the whole evening was by far outweighing any reservations I had from jealousy. And I really didn't have any concerns about our relationship from this. Our love for each other was just too strong. Maybe I should have been scared about that, but I wasn't. As it turned out, I was right…we're still happily married…and she is still beautiful and sexy.

I didn't get much sleep that night. I had had a raging erection for hours and the only relief I wanted was my wife! Oh, how I wanted to make love with her.

I didn't realize how loud our bed was or how thin the door and walls were (the door to our bedroom was off the living room, only a few feet from our couch). The hardest noises I heard were the kissing and quiet moaning. Those passionate kisses after the sex seemed so much more intimate to me than they had been before and more so even than the sex had been. During the night, I overheard Alec telling Michelle how sexy she was and kissing and moaning right after that and then the bed bouncing again. Later still, I heard Michelle giggling at something. The sucking noises, I desperately wanted to know…was Alec's mouth on her breast or on her pussy? I wanted to open that door so damn bad to see what they were doing but I had told myself earlier that I was giving Michelle her privacy the rest of the night and I was sticking to it, no matter how hard it was. I couldn't help it though, even after I started this whole thing and watched Alec and Michelle making love earlier, listening to my wife fucking Alec in the other room through the night was hard, hard, hard!

Sometime, in the early morning, apparently I had dozed off when I dreamed that this warm, sexy, naked creature climbed in beside me and was French kissing me, telling me how much she loved me. When I realized I was awake and it wasn't a dream, I was so ready to make love that I rolled her over and we made love that seemed to go on forever. She was so wet and slippery from Alec coming inside her. When we climaxed together, it was more intense than ever before! This wasn't raw sex, but real love making, and it was incredible! Afterward, she kissed me very softly again, wrapped her arms around me and we held each other tight for what must have been thirty minutes. Then she asked me if it would bother me if she went back in with Alec?

I told Michelle that yeah, it would a little as I wanted to hold her and maybe make love with her again later, but I understood this was once in a lifetime for her and I would have her the rest of our lives, so I encouraged her to go ahead, wake him up and make love the rest of the night. She smiled and kissed me as she unwrapped herself from me, went back into the bedroom with her new lover and closed the door. After the bed squeaking and the moaning started again, I never did go back to sleep. My erection release from a short while ago was mighty short lived, as I was hard all over again.

The next morning, neither Michelle nor I were working that day, but Alec needed to go to the airport for his flight home, so I had to wake him up. When I opened the door, I didn't know what all might have happened the rest of the night, even though I had a pretty good idea about the general nature of the activities though…didn't really think they had been up playing cards through the night.

Whatever it was must have been enjoyable as my wife and my friend were both sleeping, spooning with Michelle in front, her butt tight to Alec's crotch. Alec had her pulled in tight to him with one arm wrapped around her and clutching a breast, and the other hand between her legs over her pussy.

It wasn't the smell of Michelle's perfume permeating my nostrils that morning, it was the smell of her sex and their lovemaking. I breathed deeply, savoring that aroma, so much more intoxicating than any perfume!

I gently woke Alec and he gave Michelle little kisses on her neck and ear. Then, when he tried to extricate himself from around her, she woke up as well. Michelle rolled over, pulled him to her, wrapped her arms around him and kissed him. When she finally broke away from that kiss, she told him she was going to make love to him one more time before he had to leave. Those soft embraces and kisses between lovers nearly drove me out of my mind with jealousy, but at the same time were so exciting!

Michelle pulled Alec's lips down to a breast and encouraged him to suckle it, closing her eyes, smiling and just enjoying the feel of his lips around her breast for several minutes. Then she rolled him over to his back, kissing down his chest to a nipple and sucked, then proceeded down his stomach to his navel and then back up to the other nipple, her silky hair cascading over his chest. Finally, she kissed back to his mouth, where she put every bit of her female wiles into making love to it. Then, she straddled his chest and slowly scooted herself up to his mouth, lowering her spread pussy lips down to him. My lovely Michelle had her sex spread wide over Alec's mouth.

Oh, God, I felt almost drunk, I couldn't breathe. I thought, I can't watch this. No, I can't NOT watch it!

Finally, after Alec's mouth and tongue had devoured my wife, Michelle forcing herself down hard over his mouth, his cock was standing straight up, very tall and very erect. She eased herself back down his body and told him she wanted him to be still. Very slowly, Michelle lowered herself, impaling her pussy slowly down onto his very substantial erection, working her hips until she was all the way down, pelvis to pelvis, with Alec buried deep inside her, slowly rocking her hips back and forth, grinding her hips into his, driving him deeper into her and moaning, "Mmm, feels so good!" Then she asked Alec if it felt good to him. He mumbled some incoherent response, then reached for her, wrapping his arms around her and pulled her breast into his mouth.

Alec sucked one breast, then the other and back again for several minutes. Michelle pushed him back down flat and told him again she wanted him to be still and began a very slow up and down, pulling herself nearly all the way off him, then slowly all the way back down. Over and over again, my wife pulled out and plunged back over him, both their moaning getting louder. It seemed to go on forever and I swore Alec's cock was getting bigger and bigger! My wife would pull up so only the tip of him was penetrating her lips, then impale herself down over him all the way! I could tell from Alec's pained expression that it was all he could do to stay still and not thrust up into her, especially when she was at the top of him, teasing, holding him away for a few seconds, letting him anticipate that plunge back down. At last, Alec lost control, grabbed her hips, pulled her down tight and thrust up into her pussy as hard as he could. Michelle groaned out her orgasm as Alec gritted his teeth and pumped his hot cum deep inside her. I don't know how long it was since she had started to make love with him, had to be at least a half hour, the most excruciating and wonderful half hour of my life!

This, in the bright daylight had been far more difficult for me to watch than the entire evening before. That had taken all evening to gradually build up to a climax and I had been a part of that, but this was so sudden, no gradual seduction like last night, just sexual lust… There's such a fine line between extreme jealousy and exhilaration and I couldn't wrap my mind around which was more overriding that morning. I wanted her so damn bad. The night before, the excitement of watching her and Alec fucking was just so incredible that the exhilaration dominated, but that morning, I was so horny and so damned hard it was nearly unbearable watching her and Alec fucking in front of me.

Finally, after they extricated themselves from each other and Alec got up and dressed, I went in the bedroom and closed the door for some privacy with my wife. "Honey, are you OK with everything that happened?" she asked.

"Oh yeah, that was the most incredible night ever and you were such a sex goddess that I hadn't even imagined before. You were absolutely incredible! Then, this beautiful sex goddess woke me up in the middle of the night and made the most wonderful love with me that I've ever felt. That was the erotic experience of a lifetime. Honey, I love you so much!" And, then I asked her, "Was it good for you?"

She kind of rolled her eyes at me, like it was the stupidest question she had ever heard, "It was the most incredible experience I can imagine. No fantasy is ever going to come even close. Right now, you have to take Alec to the airport. We'll talk about it more when you get back." Then, she gave me that sexy smile and winked at me, "And hurry back, we have some unfinished business to attend to."

After Alec had showered and dressed and we were just about to leave, Michelle came out of the bedroom, with nothing more than a T-shirt over her bare breasts, nothing on below. She went to Alec, wrapped her arms around his neck and gave him a very passionate good-bye kiss and thanked him for such an incredible night and morning. Alec told her that the thanks were all to her. Then, she came over to me and whispered to me, "Please hurry, I'm still horny!"

On the way to the airport with Alec, he told me that he couldn't believe what had just happened and told me how lucky I was to have that incredible girl as my wife, to which I agreed completely. We talked about the sexual frustrations on Sitkinak and he said, "You know how it is out there, we all have our dreams and sex fantasies about coming home and making love to a beautiful girl, but never even in my wildest fantasies have I dreamed of anything that even came close to this unbelievable night…that was the fantasy of all fantasies!" Then, he asked me if any of that was planned ahead of time.

I told him, no, I was completely shocked when we picked Michelle up and she was wearing those sexy clothes, that she had never even owned anything like that before and I sure as heck never had any clue what the night was going to be like. But, then, I kind of wondered to myself if Michelle had dressed with the intention to instigate something like that. If she had, I loved her for it!

He told me that he didn't understand how I could have let that happen.

So, I explained to Alec how I suddenly thought about him and Michelle making out. I told him that was the first time I had ever imagined her with someone else, but it was just overwhelmingly something I wanted him and her to experience.

Then I explained what had happened when he went to the bathroom, "Michelle told me she was horny - a lot! So I kind of stoked her flames a little bit with a gentle nipple massage and asked her if she would want to make out with you."

"But then, you came back in before she could answer and I didn't know until she and I were dancing. She pretty emphatically said 'yes' and that she didn't want any limits, to which I agreed."

I told him, "I had no idea what she was doing when she started going back and forth from you to me and back, but I sure as heck liked it! I know that was the sexiest experience I have ever been part of … or probably ever will be."

Alec told me that he was glad to hear that because he certainly didn't want anything to come between me and Michelle.

I told him, to the contrary, I anticipated a whole new exciting sex life after this, although I smiled at him and told him, "Probably not a repeat of this though." I told him that I hadn't ever imagined sex as intense as that had been.

When I got back to the apartment, Michelle was showered and had dressed only in the silk teddy from our wedding and gave me a big hug and kiss. She told me once again how much she loved me and thanked me for pushing her into the most incredible experience she had ever had.

I told her I hadn't ever seen anyone so beautiful and sexy as she was last night.

She smiled and told me that was kind of a naughty decision she made after I told her about Alec not being around any girls for that long. "I wanted to dress up and give him a good tease. I knew I was going to look really sexy and I expected both you and Alec to be really turned on by it, but I didn't have any idea what it would do to me too… but to be honest, when I was getting ready, I thought about Alec seeing me in just those panties and bra and it made me so hot! I never intended for anything to happen though, except great sex with you after we all went to bed. But, then we drank all the wine, Alec was so good looking and when you suggested I make out with him, it was just too irresistible."

We've never talked about anything like that. I wanted to see you make out with Alec before you said how turned on you were, but I never imagined that you'd want to. I was trying to imagine what it would be like for Alec just to kiss you after that long time away from girls, along with maybe a little nipple nibble. But, then when you went further and further with him and finally all the way, I couldn't begin to imagine what it must have been like after not even seeing a girl for that long.

Alec was so turned on and knowing it was me that was giving him that experience was making me feel so sexy. It was the most incredible sexy feeling I've ever had! When Alec and I kissed that first time, I just sort of got carried away. I thought to myself that if I was going to do this, I really wanted to make it good for Alec, so I thought about involving you too, partly so he would see that it was OK with you. Then, when you started to unbutton my blouse and playing with my breasts, it felt so good that I really lost any control over myself. I expect the wine might have contributed a little, but I can't even begin to tell you how much I loved every second!

When Alec lifted my leg over his shoulder and kissed me over my panties, I thought I was going to die right there! I haven't ever felt anything like that! Then, when he licked my bare pussy and then made love to me, after that long, incredible playing around, it was just waves and waves of the strongest, most intense pleasure I've ever felt. I'm sorry honey, but I've never felt anything like that before. Those first two times that Alec made love to me felt like something outside this world, totally indescribable. The next times we made love, it was still pretty fantastic, but nothing at all has ever compared to that. Nothing has ever come even close.

Michelle telling me this was making me so horny all over again and dressed in that silk teddy, I couldn't take any more. It was back to the bedroom right then and there! We could talk about the rest of the night later. Right then, I had more important things than talk on my mind, one of which was experimenting with sucking on that pussy!

When we were lying in bed, snuggled together after making love, I asked her where there was a store in Kodiak that sold those sexy undies and that blouse.

She smiled and told me that she had found the store quite a while ago, but hadn't ever gotten up the courage to actually buy anything before yesterday.

I told her she could do all the shopping there she wanted!

"Any regrets from last night?" I asked her.

"No, I enjoyed it too much. And, as long as it doesn't affect us, I'm so glad we did it."

"Me too," I agreed. "I love you!" I didn't want to tell her how about how hard it was listening to her making love through the night or how extreme the emotions were this morning. Maybe later, but not now. And, here I am writing this 15 years later and still haven't said anything to her about it. It was too raw for a long time, then I didn't think about it a lot until writing this and it was more exhilarating to remember than anything else.

I doubt that Alec kept this to himself from the rest of the guys on Sitkinak and they were probably just drooling over the possibility. I kind of suspected there were a lot of disappointed guys that there was never another overnight layover in Kodiak while we were still there. And besides, most of the guys I knew when I was there had already left. I don't think this could ever have happened again though, don't see how you could ever plan something like this and have it come out this incredible.

We haven't seen Alec since then. He went to North Carolina and I was later transferred to the Coast Guard Radio Station in Westport, Washington. The rest of his tour was in the East and mine in the West, so our paths never crossed again. We've kept in touch with Christmas cards, but this little escapade was never mentioned. Alec married a girl a few years later and we wondered if he ever mentioned his night of bliss to his bride…or if he, like us, relived it over and over.

Our love life definitely improved…starting right that minute! We made love that morning, but Michelle was pretty sore after the pounding she got from Alec. It was a couple days before we really started making love with each other and we were both insatiable. Neither of us could forget this and, in fact, we have reenacted that seduction and striptease many times. It always made our sex more exciting (she really liked me kissing her pussy like that). Even talking about that striptease got us back into bed nearly every time. And that particular pair of panties and bra have held a very special place in our memories! We've never been able to recreate that raw hard sex though. Our sex was always and still is tender and loving…not the one-night stand, fucking type of sex, even though we both know how enjoyable it can be. It's just not us.

We've also been strictly monogamous ever since, but Michelle did loosen her dress code quite a bit, wearing sexier clothes when we went out, sometimes even leaving her bra at home. Not with that blouse though, as hard as I've tried to get her to. She has worn the blouse-bra combination out in public a few times though, and that's nearly as good as braless. She certainly gets her share of admiring looks when she does, which always leads to pretty hot sex later.

Our evening with Alec was 15 years ago. After that long, our sex is still pretty good, but has diminished some. I do have to admit that in the years since, I have fantasized more than once about Michelle with another guy again. She's never said anything and I haven't ever been able to figure out a way to make something happen again. It's been a fun fantasy, although, until writing this I haven't thought about it for quite a long time.

I never asked her and she never volunteered any information on what they did in our bedroom during the night with the door closed. That has been just hers to savor. And, I never did admit to her how much I was hurting that morning either.

Writing it down now, makes it so vivid again. I close my eyes and see it all happening right in front of me all over again. Right now, as I'm writing this, I see my wife's pussy stretching and enveloping Alec's cock, with him growing bigger and bigger inside her, then her sliding up and down on him. It's making me oh, so hard all over again, even after all these years!


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