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Erotic Story By Anonymous

I reached for the button on the visor to open the garage door as I pulled into the driveway. Once inside I noted the empty space on my left a visual reminder of the lonely weekend that lay ahead. My wife was visiting her sister again. Her sister, Mary, was going through a messy, contentious divorce that had really messed her up so my wife Katie had been there a lot lately.

She complained every time she came home that the almost weekly trips over the last 4 months were making her crazy. She longed for some fun and time with her family. So this time, since it was still summer break and Mary had a pool she took our kids. I shoved the shift lever into park, shut off the engine, let out a deep sigh and just sat there; mentally and physically drained after a week on the road.

In moments the heat from the garage and my car became unbearable so I pushed the door open, climbed out and strode quickly toward the house, leaving my bags in the trunk rather than wrestle them out in the stifling August garage heat.

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The house felt deserted, without life and abandoned. I walked aimlessly from room to room searching for the comfortable welcoming feeling that returning home from a long road trip generally creates in me without success. When I wandered into the kitchen and opened the refrigerator, I just stood there staring for what I didn't know. Uninspired, I closed it without taking the beer I had been thinking about for the last 100 miles. Clearly, I had unpacking and laundry to do but was totally unmotivated. More than anything, I wanted to get comfortable and unwind from the grueling 4 state, 20 customer 1,200 mile road trip I just completed.

I turned out of the kitchen and made my way down the hall for our bedroom. Once inside I opened the closet and stepped in. I stripped from my sweaty work attire letting it drop in a puddle where I stood rather than hanging it. Naked I moved to my dresser where I retrieved a pair of shorts but was unable to find any underwear; it was all still in my bag in the trunk of the car. I decided to go commando rather than go back out to car and deal with dragging my bag in and unpacking. Besides as hot as it was the lack of a layer of underwear might keep me cooler.

I grabbed my favorite T-shirt, the one I had it when we got married 20 years ago and Katie hated and left the bedroom. I slid the T-shirt over my bare chest as I wandered through the house again, pausing in the rec. room to see if the Cardinals-Red's game was on TV. I scrolled through the on screen guide and was excited to see it was on the MLB network. However, not long after I pressed the button to watch a message popped onto the screen saying the game was not available on this channel and it would search for it on another channel. I knew what that meant; the MLB network had blacked it out in my area.

Pissed, I turned off the TV, and threw the remote on the couch. I really wanted to see this game. I was a Cardinal fan and they were in a thigh race for the national league central division crown. Therefore, in spite of the fact that I had been driving all day I decided to go the Sports Page in the Hilton about a mile away to watch the game. They had direct TV's MLB package and I knew they would have it on, besides I was hungry and didn't want to deal with making something for myself.

I slid into some sandals and was out the door. On my way to the bar I called my wife to get the latest news and tell her how much I missed her. After the usual kids review and a synopsis of her sister's meltdown, the conversation turned erotic when she told me of her trip to the mall and the "luscious" little things she purchased at Victoria's Secret. She knew I loved her beautiful body and removing those sexy items from it. Not wanting to let her be the only tease, I decided to tell her how I would use my tongue on her pussy while I twisted and pulled her nipples after I removed those sexy items from her gorgeous body.

Her voice cracked slightly as she asked for a rain check, saying that she couldn't wait to get home to me and my "nastiness". Laughingly, I asked her if we just had phone sex, her response was "I think so" through a soft giggle. I told her that since she wasn't home I was going to the Sports Page to watch the Cardinal game. She said she really wished she were home now; "they have great fries".

She was so bored at her sisters, her kids were brats and our kids were driving her crazy they wanted to get away from them so badly, but now thanks to me, not only was she frustrated with being away she was extremely horny. I suggested she go take care of herself while thinking of me. She laughed nervously, which told me that was exactly what she was going to do as soon she hung up. I told her I loved her and rang off as I entered the parking lot of the Hilton. It was a typical Friday night in the Hotel business, low occupancy so I had my choice of places to park. I took a spot close to the outside bar entrance and parked. Upon entering, I immediately noticed an empty booth 10 feet in front of a 50" TV where the game was playing. I hurriedly made my way to it and took a seat. It was the bottom of the 4th already and the Cardinals were up 3-1, David Freese at the plate, a runner at second and two outs.

Just as the Red's pitcher Homer Bailey delivered his next pitch my view of the screen was interrupted by a young female in a sheer pink top and no bra, her large, round breasts, clearly visible. I forced myself not to stare although I it was difficult and I admit I did stare for a while. When I finally looked up her blue eyes sparked and a beautiful smile was on her face. She introduced herself as Alissa and asked what I was drinking. Instinctively I ordered a beer as I craned my neck around her voluptuous presence to see the game.

Seemingly unaware of my interest in the game she remained in her blocking position as she ask if I would I like a menu. I responded in the affirmative and she was finally gone. My view of the TV was restored and a commercial was playing so I assumed Freese made out. Minutes later, my beer in hand and I ordered a bacon cheeseburger and fries before she could spend much time at the table. Finally, all the interruptions were over and I could relax and concentrate on the game.

I settled in, drinking my beer and enjoying the coolness of the bar. That is until the commercial break at the end of the 5th inning when SHE walked in. She was tall; I guessed around 5'10", her weight appropriate for a woman of that stature. She walked with the poise and confidence of a runway model. Her posture was erect and her gate long and straight. Her shoulder length raven black hair gently flowed away from her thin brown-eyed face with every step she took.

She was dressed seductively in a thin white top that hugged her perfectly sized breasts tightly before it dove and wrapped around her exposed flat stomach. Her legs adorned with a pair of tight jeans with thin white threads in all the right places. On her feet was a pair of red 4" heels that strapped above her bracelet wrapped ankle. I was mesmerized. She was possibly the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. I have never been a good judge of a woman's age and although she could have passed for a woman in her early 30's the way she carried herself told me she must be close to my 42 years. I was unable not to stare and as I did our eyes met momentarily.

Somehow I didn't break my stare as one caught looking usually does and was greeted with a wide smile filling her face and exposing her beautiful white teeth. I responded with what I am sure looked to be a goofy embarrassed grin. Our visual interlude concluded she turned and began to scan the room for what or whom I didn't care as long as she stood there allowing me to stare at her shapely profile. Much to my delight her twisting and twirling survey of the room continued for some time. It was as if she was posing. My eyes were unabashedly locked on her and she seemed to either be oblivious to my stare or enjoying it.

Then in the next moment, she stopped scanning and turned her gaze directly at me. Feeling somewhat embarrassed I quickly averted my eyes, and returned it to the TV while trying to act as if I had been watching the game instead of staring at her the whole time. I didn't notice her movement until the TV screen was suddenly filled with her beautiful face. "I saw you staring; See anything you like or are you a voyeur?"

I said nothing. "And well spoken I see. I think your leering looks entitle me to a drink, don't you?" and she slid into the booth until her hip touched mine.

Now completely flustered I stuttered "Sure, what would you like?"

"Double Grey Goose tonic with a lime" she announced as she placed her hand on my thigh. The sexy pink top clad server apparently noticed someone had joined me and sashayed to our table to ask what the lady was drinking. I ordered the vodka tonic and another beer, but a 22 oz. this time, my visitor had made my throat very dry.

"So where were we" she asked. I said I don't remember and I'm not sure we were anywhere. I came here to watch the baseball game and have a beer and a burger. "A burger sounds great, I'll have mine medium rare." I told her I would order that for her when our waitress returned with the drinks. I found myself flattered by this assertive, confident woman's attention. "Are you from around here?"

"Close about 10 miles north" she responded. "Wow that is the general direction of where I live" "Well then we could be neighbors, how is it I have never seen you?" "I doubt we are neighbors, I definitely would have remembered if a woman as beautiful and sexy as you lived in my neighborhood."

For the first time she was speechless. She just smiled and moved her hand up my thigh until she brushed the burgeoning tent in my shorts. Before she moved it any further, the waitress returned with the drinks and she removed her hand to grasp her drink. I finally gained some degree of composure and introduced myself as Jeff before asking her name. "Just call me Liz" she said as she returned the drink to the table, asking if I would squeeze her lime.

After I squeezed it she took a straw and gently stirred it in, before she lifted it again to her luscious red lips that were just the right size for another sip. She had the best lips in the world and I was fixated on them. After yet another small sip she set the glass down and in one slow motion she ran her tongue across her lips. Incredibly, she had taken a common human motion and turned it into something completely erotic. She was teasing me unmercifully and making it hard for me to watch anything but her. I needed to regain my composure and somehow ignore her amazing distraction, after all I was married, and although I had done nothing so far but stare and fantasize I was beginning to get uncomfortable.

So reluctantly, I attempted to return my full attention the baseball game. It was now the 6th inning and the Cardinals were still ahead only it was 3-2 now and the Reds had the bases loaded with only 1 out. Apparently, feeling neglected, she returned her hand to my thigh this time sliding it up and down, barely avoiding the bulge in my shorts with each upward stroke. Her actions made it impossible for me to tell you if someone had hit a grand slam, I was so flustered. Thankfully, before I totally lost control the waitress returned to the table with my dinner. I thanked her and ordered Liz's burger. I reached across the table to grab the ketchup but my arm was deflected by a collision with hers as she reached to my plate to grab a French fry. I started to say something but before I could get anything out she said you can have some of mine when they come. "I'm starving."

Resigned that I was never and would never be in control of this situation or my ability to control my physical response I gave up trying. I was a mess; I no longer cared about the game or my burger, my only thought was how I was going to survive the meal and drinks without compromising my integrity. So I took the direct route and announced I was married.

"Hey that is great, so am I." She responded.

"So just what is going on here."

"We are just a couple of adults sitting in a bar, watching a baseball game and having a meal." She responded.

"Oh, great, somehow I thought your hand on my thigh and your physical closeness to me was leading somewhere."

"That's the way all you guys are, a girl is friendly and pays a little attention to you and you think she wants to have sex with you."

"Ok then, thank you for the clarification, do you happen to know what the score is?"

Through a wide grin she replied sure; "Me 1 you nothing."

We sat in relative silence as she drank her vodka tonic and I ate my burger and the few fries I could grab before Liz ate them. I returned to watching the game as her pronouncement of what was going on had allayed my fears that this gorgeous woman was seducing me. She ordered another drink when her burger came and devoured it and all her fries, slapping my hand away when I attempted to grab a few, as though she hadn't eaten in a week. As she finished the game ended and I told her she was an enchanting woman and it had been an interesting evening but it was time I got home. "What is your hurry", the night is young and you still owe me for your lurid looks when I walked in."

She really was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen and for some strange and ego boosting reason she seemed interested in me. Although it was against my better judgment and since we were "just getting to be friends" combined with the fact there was nothing to do at home, I stayed. I ordered another drink for each of us and we sat exchanging glances and stories about our busy lives. With each additional drink, the conversation turned more sexual.

We spoke of our frustrations about not making time for sex and loving encounters with our spouses'. Soon she was telling of all the erotic things she had done to her husband and all the things she wanted to try but was reluctant to tell him about. Her stories kept my cock straining against my shorts and creating a pre-cum spot on them that I noticed when I excused myself to go to the bathroom, my hands attempting to cover the protruding tent.

After a while, I found myself reciprocating, telling her all the sexual things I did and wanted to do to my wife, somehow sneaking in that if we were married to each other her she could certainly have her way with me. The erotic talk made time pass quickly. Suddenly I heard the bartender announce it was 1 am and last call. I knew I had had too much to drink and shouldn't drive home. I told Liz I really had to go as I motioned the waitress to our table. This time instead of ordering drinks at last call I asked her to call me a cab. Without even looking at the waitress Liz said, "don't bother I have a room upstairs and he can sleep it off there."

Liz ignored my weak protest and insisted. "My room has a couch you can sleep there, It has been a fun evening and you seem like a nice man and I don't want you to get yourself or someone else killed." With that she slid out of the booth offering her hand as an invitation to join her. I slowly slid out and joined her in front of the table where she took my hand and led me off.

The elevator ride was silent. When the doors opened on the 10th floor she again took my hand and pulled me along. Five doors later she inserted her key card in the door for room 1024 and pushed it open walking in as I stood frozen, unable to move in the hallway. Indeed, I was too drunk to drive but could I really do this? Feeling my hesitation she turned and gently grasped my hand again and pulled me in. Her touch was warm and soft, her brown eyes comforting. I gave in and followed her. "Go ahead and lie down while I take a quick shower".

And with that she was off to the bathroom. I fell onto the king bed and rolled to my side. It was innocent enough I was clothed and had no business driving so I thought I would just take a quick nap and then slip out in a couple of hours and drive home, no one hurt. Apparently I fell asleep because I was awakened when I felt a hand pushing me onto my back. I forced my eyes open and tried to get my bearings in the unfamiliar surroundings.

As the fog cleared and my eyes focused Liz, standing over me, completely naked. Her light olive skin was glistening. I stared, my mouth agape. Her breasts were perfect and her nipples perky. I gazed lower to find her pussy to be bare but for a small triangle of neatly trimmed black hair on her Mons. She slid onto the bed and began unbuttoning my shirt. I feigned resistance but stopped as she pushed my hand away. My shirt now unbuttoned she reached for the button on my shorts and twisted it until it came out of the eyelet before grabbing the zipper and sliding it down until it stopped. Then she grasped the bottom of the shorts and tugged, my shorts coming off in one smooth movement exposing my rock hard cock now free from its commando confinement.

A wide smile came across her face as she said; "I like a man who goes commando, he's always ready!" A little embarrassed and stunned by her quick and forward movements I found myself unable to move or speak. Without hesitation, she lowered her head and laid it on my stomach, turning it so she was staring directly at my cock that was bouncing with every beat of my heart. She just laid there watching it for what seemed like an eternity before she reached up with her left hand and touched it gently.

Her touch sent me spiraling. I shifted my hips and squirmed. Her feminine giggle filled my ears and I felt a finger making a circle around the head before it slid up to the pre cum covered tip. I was blocked from seeing her movements but I felt a finger wipe it clean. "Yum you are tasty." She adjusted her body position so her breast was pressed against my rapidly rising and falling chest. Her skin was smooth and soft. I felt her hard nipple press into me as her hand return to my anxious cock.

This time she stroked it lightly before she slid her hand down the shaft to my balls, which she caressed and fondled before she moved a finger to my perineum and began to rub. I was on the verge of Cumming. Noting the pulsation in my balls and cock, she suddenly stopped, as she turned and looked at me, "Not yet, you can cum when I say." With that she returned her head to my stomach and just watched my cock bounce again. This was torture, I reached a hand for my cock but she brushed it away. After another eternity, she turned on the bed and faced me. She lowered her mouth until it almost touched my cock and opened her mouth wide over it. Her breath was warm and her breathing slow and methodical.

I wanted to thrust my hips up and force my aching cock into her waiting mouth but her forearms rested on my thighs making it impossible. Then slowly, teasingly she ran her tongue in a circle around the head and deftly up and down the shaft before she pulled back and swallowed my entire cock in one swift movement. Expertly she slid up and down varying pressure and stroke while alternating between sucking and licking my cock, fondling my balls and keeping her eyes fixed on mine.

Her method was sensational and the emotional connection complete when she reached and placed her right hand over my heart. I was overwhelmed with emotion and excitement. I reached for her head and tucked her hair behind her ear so I could see her face. I was on the verge of exploding into her mouth when she stopped again. "I told you couldn't cum until I say," she reiterated. In the next moment, she turned around and lifted her right leg over my head, which placed her dripping wet pussy directly in front of my mouth and returned her mouth to my cock.

Was this a dream? If so I wanted no part of waking up. I focused on her sweet, succulent flower as I took my time to lick and suck her delicate lips before I inserted my tongue as far into her pussy as it would go. Simultaneously, I grabbed her perfect ass guiding her movements as tilted my chin to facilitate access to her clitoris where I stroked, licked, and sucked her protruding bud. My actions were obviously having the desired effect as she suddenly lost her stroke and concentration on my throbbing cock. I continued by moving my tongue and mouth across her entire pubic region.

She was beginning to buck and moan softly as she pulled off my cock completely and concentrated her movements over my face, gyrating and moving until she screamed and cried out "Oh God don't stop, don't fucking stop." I held her pussy to my face as the climax took control of her body, her moans filling the room. She continued to ride my face until she collapsed onto my chest with her full weight, her beautiful dripping pussy directly in front of me beckoning for more. I lifted my head and strained to reach it with my mouth, but it was just out of reach. I felt a soft kiss on my cock and then my thigh before she turned, her face now at mine. Our lips pressed gently and erotically, her lips sucking her sweet nectar from mine and leading her to increasing pressure against my lips as her tongue pushed open my mouth and moved with erotic intensity. The kissing was deep and passionate, increasing our excitement and pushing us both out of control and leaving us panting.

When she broke contact with my lips she moved her feet under her so she was squatting over my cock before she slowly lowered her sopping pussy expertly over it. She was in control once again. She began to move up and down with patience and purpose as she methodically drove us both toward climax. We were in sync, she in control of the movement over my shaft and me with the movements of my hands on her breasts, squeezing and twisting her protruded nipples. "You can cum now, of fuck please cum now" she screamed. Thankful for the authorization I gasped just as she did, filling her with a steady stream of warm cum just as she began flooding my cock with her juices. It was incredible, erotic, and intimate; a perfect private moment.

She sat motionless on my cock until it slid limp from her pussy and she fell softly on my chest. We lay there with talking; our naked bodies pressed against each other until she breathed softly in my ear "That was the most amazing orgasm and moment we have ever had together. I want to do it and all the other things we talked about downstairs for the rest of tonight and tomorrow. Do you think I can get your mom to watch our kids for another night?"

"Sure just tell her why you need her to watch them."


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