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The Stranger in the Car
Erotic Story By- Anonymous

I first noticed "him" in the adjacent car lane while stuck in the morning commute. It was a very chilly fall morning, and smoke was drifting out his open driver-side window. My first thought was, "Wow, that guy really has a problem if he's willing to freeze his nuts off just for a quick smoke." It was at that moment that he glanced over at me.

Oh my God! He had the most beautiful, soulful eyes and when he noticed my prissy expression, he gave me a crooked smile and with a nod of his head, flicked his cigarette butt out the window. Oh my Lord, that smile was lethal and my heart took a nosedive. He had a "bad boy" look about him. And, even though I turned away I was drawn to him by some strange, magnetic force. I should explain that I am not prone to flights of fancy.

I am the level-headed one of my group. I am the cautious one, the responsible one, the boring one. I am as exciting and predictable as a loaf of sliced white bread.

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Anyway, back to my story. The traffic started moving and off he went, leaving behind the lingering scent of tobacco. At work I had trouble concentrating, and spent most of the day creating racy vignettes in my head with us as the feature characters. Let's be honest; I have a very vivid imagination. The closest I've been to a hot steamy encounter is courtesy of the pages of my endless supply of paperback romance novels. I'm not the kind of girl that attracts hot, sexy men. In fact, I've been called an ice queen by more than one guy. But when I'm in the middle of one of my books, I am sensual, daring, sarcastically humorous, adventuresome, and a little threatening to men; I am magnificent.

And now this stranger, by just looking at me with that one charismatic smile, had unleashed a floodgate of feelings that I was not sure I was equipped to handle and my fertile imagination was my only release.

Every weekday morning for the next two weeks, I was on the lookout for Mr. Dangerous as I came to think of him. Oh, this was one secret I was holding close to the vest. My friends knew something was up, but they also know me well enough to know that if I wanted to share something with them I would. Until I'm ready to dish, no amount of cajoling will get any tidbit past these lips.

I never saw his car again. For all I knew, he could be married and living with three wives, eight kids, two dogs, three cats, numerous birds and fish, and one cranky mother-in-law. But in my little fantasy world, he was a confirmed bachelor, having never met the right woman who could fulfill his needs.

It had been a horrendous workweek and a group of us were meeting after work for a drink to unwind before the weekend. I was the last to arrive and had to stand because all the seats were taken. As I was surveying the room, my eyes locked dead-on with Mr. Dangerous. I know this might sound like a bunch of hooey, but the sounds of the bar faded away and all I could hear was the blood rushing through my ears. It was as though time stood still. I have read about this phenomenon, but I never realized it could actually happen, especially to me.

Mr. Dangerous started walking towards our table and it was at that moment that my friends noticed the strange expression on my face. They looked over to see what had captured my attention, saw this magnificent creature heading our way, and they glanced at one another knowingly. They told me later that the atmosphere in the room palpably changed and that the air sizzled with electricity.

As he reached our table, my legs started to tremble and I experienced a quickening of my breath. I also became aware that my red silk panties were becoming embarrassingly damp. I don't know what came over me, but I threw back my shoulders and gave him what I considered a sultry once-over and said in an oh-so-confidant manner, "Well, it's about time you decided to come." Mr. Dangerous responded, "Honey, I came just for you." The double entendres were not lost on anyone and to say that my friends were speechless would be a gross exaggeration.

Mr. Dangerous reached for my hand and in a possessive but gentle manner, pulled me into his muscular arms and gave me what can only be described as a "fuck me now" kiss. Holy crap! Once I got my bearings, I gave back as good as I got. When we pulled apart, I could tell by his expression that he was as surprised as I was by what had just occurred. We just stood there staring into each others' eyes and after several moments, he cleared this throat and said, "My place or yours?"

I responded by asking if he would like to come back to my place since it was within walking distance, and he agreed. Thank goodness, because I needed the home field advantage. Was this really happening? Here was the golden opportunity for me to live out every fantasy I had ever had or ever hoped to have. I must confess, however, that never in a million years would I have brought a strange man to my home unless I had run a credit check, checked his business and personal references, physically been present while he received a clean bill of health, and otherwise made very sure that he was a good risk. However, in this situation I let my heart override my brain.

I do not remember the walk home. All I know is that once inside, I put my favorite CD on for background noise. As the strong, sensual beat and soulful lyrics filled the room, I poured us both a stiff drink. We sat on the sofa, he sat at one end and I sat at the other, both facing the same direction, the fireplace; apparently, all our bravado had dissipated on the walk home. We nervously chatted for several minutes about who knows what when I decided that the moment of truth had come. He was being far too gentlemanly and maybe I had misread his intentions, I'm good at that. I shifted my position and scooted within six inches of him and tucking my feet under me, I turned to face him.

I reached up and cupped his face in my hands, where I encountered the slight abrasion of his five o'clock shadow. While softly caressing his face with my fingertips like the wings of a butterfly, I boldly told him that I had been waiting for him my entire life. When he didn't jump up and vacate the premises, I felt a little more confident. I slowly moved my fluttering fingertips down the sides of his neck and worked them around to the back of his scalp and gently, but with firm pressure, massaged his scalp up to his forehead and back to the nape of his neck. My fingers traveled in a slow, sensuous rhythm. My eyes were closed and I was moving my fingers to the slow beat of the music. I snuck a peek and saw that his eyes were also closed and he was all but purring. This was all the encouragement I needed.

I pulled upon every love scene I had ever read or seen in any movie or gleaned from my friends. I lost myself in the moment and with the rhythm of the music pumping through my body, I worked my hands to his broad shoulders and down to his powerful arms. Up and down his arms in strokes that became slightly faster and firmer, then to his hands, where I eased-up slightly. I took first one and then the other of his masculine hands and raised them to my lips so I could softly kiss each palm and then lick it like a kitten lapping cream. I inserted one long finger into my mouth and slowly licked it from base to fingertip, working my way through all ten of his digits. I worked my way to his wrist in an erotic manner, first kissing lightly then licking is small, slow circles. I had never been so openly shameless.

I moved my hands to his chest and through his shirt gently squeezed his nipples. I had read that some men like this while others don't, and I did not want to ruin the mood that I was creating. He didn't flinch so I took that as a good sign. I applied a little more pressure and starting at the top, slowly undid each button on his shirt until I could expose his buds to my tongue. I licked each delicious brown morsel alternating between the two and dragging my tongue back and forth. I worked my hands down his chest and undid the remaining buttons and freed his shirt from his pants. His eyes popped open and we just stared into each others' eyes. I stood slowly and then knelt in front of him. He started to reach for his belt and I gently moved his hand away. I pretended to fumble with the belt and teasingly rubbed my fingers over his manhood, which was now straining for release. I unfastened the buckle and very, very slowly slid the zipper down. He was squirming in his seat, and I felt like the cat that had eaten the canary.

He shifted his body slightly, lowered his jeans and sat back and closed his eyes; I took this as my signal to continue. I closed my eyes and let myself drift, not thinking, but merely feeling my way and taking my cues from his body's reaction to my touch. I placed my lips on his bulging penis, still held captive by his boxers. Through the cool, silky fabric I used my lips to lightly apply pressure, gently increasing as he strained for release.

He lifted his hips and I let him lower his boxers as his hardening cock emerged, begging for my attention. Following a female instinct as old as time, I wrapped my lips around his wet crown and gently slid my lips farther down his shaft and very slowly back to the tip. His soft moans urged me on. I licked my lips and applied their moistness to his growing erection. Slowly, then gaining speed and adding just a little more pressure, I worked my mouth, lips and tongue up and down. His hands gently moved my hair away from my face and I became bolder. I used my wet tongue to draw swirls around and around his manhood, lower and lower. As he became harder, his body kept rhythm with my tongue. I didn't want to move from this spot, ever.

I added my hands and then just my fingertips and gently glided up and down his shaft. I gathered saliva in my mouth and without breaking stride, let the droplets fall from my mouth onto his penis, and as he muttered soothing words, I kept up the motions. Using the palm of my hand, slick with spittle, I gently went round and round over his now-oozing helmet. With a rhythm as primal as a native in the jungle, my tongue, lips and hands all slick with my saliva, continued their journey. I was absorbed in the movements and my naughty bits were getting wetter by the second. I wanted his hands all over my body, but I didn't want to stop what I was doing. I raised myself up on my knees and placed my wetness against his leg and started rubbing against him; I was so hot that his leg had to be on fire! I wanted to please him so much and I wanted to see his cum all over me.

I made sure his cock was slick before I replaced my mouth with my right hand so I could slip my blouse over my head. My nipples were hard and erect and straining against their sheer restraint. I wanted his mouth on them. I lowered the cups of my bra so that my small breasts were lifted enticingly to him. With nimble-fingered movement, I rid myself of my pants and there I was in just my panties and bra. I eased up slightly so I could tease myself with my left hand while keeping a steady rhythm on him with my right. Taking time to teasingly moisten him with my sweet secretions and a steady string of saliva, and fingering myself with my left, I was slowly losing my mind. My pussy was so wet I needed to shed my panties, now.

I stood and straddled his erection while offering my nipples to him by pushing them in his face. As he suckled one tight bud and then the other and bit lightly, I started panting. Between his teeth teasing my nipples, his growing cock and my wet, throbbing pussy, I was seeing a kaleidoscope of colors flash behind my eyelids. I lifted off him, ran my middle finger in and out of my vagina and offered him the finger to lick. Through hooded eyes I watched him get more excited. I wanted to take this experience slowly and make it last all night. If I never saw him again, I would have a night to remember and I was going to do my damnedest to make sure he didn't forget this night, either.

I lowered myself on his erection and lifted up and down in a teasingly slow fashion, and decided it was now or never. Trailing my fingers across his chest I stood and reaching out, led him to my bedroom.

By the soft glow of a small lamp we rid ourselves of the vestiges of our clothing, tossing them about, not caring where they landed. In the recesses of my sleep chamber, the music was just a faint intrusion. God he was beautiful, and I felt beautiful, too.

I wanted to continue my sensual journey of his body, but he had thoughts of his own. When I tried to position myself between his legs, he gently rolled me onto my back and leaned down to kiss me softly on my lips. I increased the pressure of the kiss, our tongues sparing as we clung to each other. I started grinding my throbbing nub against him as he reached down and started stroking me harder and harder. I was rubbing against his hand matching him stroke for stroke. He had definitely done this before and I was thankful for his skilled hands. I reached down to his erection and matched his strokes with my hand. His erection was not as slick as I would have liked so I raised my hand to my mouth and moistened it and applied the moisture to him and that was almost his undoing. We petted and nuzzled and ground our bodies into each other with sheer abandon.

He gently pulled away and moved down my body kissing me as though I was made of the most fragile glass. As he reached my womanhood, he kept up the soft attention as our sweaty bodies wiggled and writhed to an unheard cadence. I closed my eyes and raised my arms over my head and lost myself in the sheer joy of the feelings he was igniting in me; I was a quivering heap of flesh.

After what seemed an eternity, I lowered my hands to his shoulders and told him that I needed him in me, now. He pulled me into a sitting position, turned me over, and gently pushed my head into the covers so that my ass was in the air and he could enter me from behind. Oh my God! I was moaning in rapture and his powerful thrusts were sending me over the precipice of sanity. Faster and harder he plunged into me. I was rapidly losing whatever control I had and I didn't care. I wanted to surrender to my orgasm but I also wanted us to experience that moment together.

When I could gather my wits, I breathlessly sputtered that I wanted to watch him cum. He asked if I was sure, and I responded that I had never been so sure of anything in my life. As he stood next to edge of the bed I positioned myself in a straddling position in front of him and with slick hands, stroked him as a goddess worshiping her god. I was so intent on what was happening that I was close to climaxing myself. The closer he got to his climax, the closer I got. My body was pulsating and I didn't think I could last much longer. After several minutes his body started shaking and I was almost sorry that this thrill was nearing an end. We were each other's addiction. He was murmuring encouragement and letting me know that he was about ready to let go of his load so I lowered my face so that I could proudly wear the effects of our powerful coupling. He tensed, arched his back and let loose with a primal cry as he lost his load all over my face, neck and breasts. I rubbed his luscious juices over my body, licking my fingers and savoring each drop. After tenderly squeezing his balls, I gently licked his cock and lapped the remaining semen off his gorgeous shaft.

By now we were both drained, but I was not ready for this experience to end just yet. I suggested we clean up as I led him towards the shower. I adjusted the temperature and turned down the spray so that it was like a soft rainfall on our bodies. I guided him into the spray and poured some deliciously fragrant gel into my hands and worked it into a bubbly lather, while gently turning him around so that his back was to me. I gently massaged the rich lather over his shoulders working my way down his back to his firm buttocks. I reached around and glided my hands over his flaccid penis. With my breasts pushed against his back I started going up and down his backside with my body, all the while lathering his growing erection. Oh my; I don't know which of us was more surprised.

This wasn't a story in a book and I sure as heck didn't want to have either of us slip and crack our noggins, so I asked him to stand very still and I did likewise. I enjoyed the warm, cascading water as I guided him around so that we were face-to-face. I handed him the shower gel and as he worked the amber liquid into a foamy mass, I closed my eyes and let my feelings take over. He was gentle as he worked the lather over my shoulders and down to my erect nipples. One large hand continued the slow circles over my eager pink buds while the other hand teased my clit and had me groaning softly. I would feel his erection trying to find entry into me and I thought it was time we headed back to the bedroom.

After what seemed like endless hours of teasing each other's bodies with licks and nips and mindless fucking we drifted off in our afterglow.

The next thing I heard was my alarm clock buzzing annoyingly. I reached over to shove it off the nightstand and I looked next to me to see if my paramour was still sleeping through the racket. I was surprised to see that the covers were undisturbed. What was going on here?

The undeniable fact was that I had dreamed the whole thing……yet again.


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