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The Concert
Erotic Story By Anonymous

It had been ten months since their break-up. Their parting was a difficult goodbye for both of them. He was in college and she was still a senior in high school and the distance had ultimately taken its toll on the relationship. They had a loving hug good-bye and wished one another well. There was a deep sadness that fell over them both as what they had was an exceptionally loving bond.

She had lost her virginity to him and they were both each other's first love. They were never going to forget one another and saying goodbye had been a difficult decision.

At a Monsters of Rock Concert, he sat with a friend enjoying the music and people-watching through the mass crowd that had gathered to watch the show. He was muscular and handsome and he had no shortage of female attention in college, but he missed her and would catch himself sometimes wondering where she was and what she was doing now that she too was about to go to college.

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In a sea of brunettes, he shook his head in disbelief when he saw her in the crowd with her long, golden blonde hair and curvaceous body tightly wrapped in a form-fitting, blood, red dress. His eyes lit up and his heart quickened as he tapped his friend and said to him with pride that's her, that's my ex-girlfriend.

He looked down into the crowd catching glimpses of her as she moved through the crowd and noting the lustful eyes of many of the young men who were also looking her up and down. For a moment he worried if she would want to see him but his excitement in seeing her again led him down to the area where she was. As he fought through the crowd to get to her he wondered why they had ever agreed to part ways. Unlike the many boys and men who admired her, he knew that she was not just a pretty face but that she had a hilarious sense of humor, a tender heart with a quick wit. She was his best friend and he still wanted all of her.

As he drew closer he could see her ruby red lipstick matched her dress as did her long red nails and it complimented her pale, porcelain skin. Her breasts were cradled by a sweetheart neckline that pushed them upward creating a showcase for a diamond heart necklace that he had given her that she still wore around her neck. Seeing this gave him hope that he would still have a chance with her.

As he called her name she looked up at him with her emerald green eyes and smiled at him as his chestnut eyes gazed back lovingly at her. They smiled at one another and then remarked at how funny it was to see one another. A little nervous energy was drizzled over the mass of love and sexual spark they still carried for one another.

He looked down into her face as he stood towering over her. She was just over seven inches shorter than he and her softly curved body complimented his chiseled physique when they used to make love fitting perfectly against one another. She looked up at him basking in his affection and felt unable to leave his side.

After a few moments of exchanging pleasantries, he nervously asked if she had come to the concert with anyone. She smiled and indicated that her girlfriend had driven her but that she had met up with a guy she liked and was off with him now. He did not hesitate to ask her to come sit with him and she enthusiastically agreed.

As they returned to his seat they realized it was a bit crowded and there was only one seat so he sat, slapped his knee and offered her a rest on his lap. She looked at him and gave him a knowing smile that made his blood pump more quickly through his body.

"Sit in your lap?" she said with a flirtatious tone.

"Yeah, I don't mind." He said with a sad attempt at sounding innocent.

"Alright," she laughed, "I guess it will have to do."

As she moved her arm around his neck, the contact with her soft skin on his made him feel the familiar electricity that they had once shared and as her legs swung over his he caught the smell of her skin and he immediately felt his cock become engorged. His face flushed with heat and his strong hand glided easily and smoothly around her small waist and rested on her rounded hip.

She could feel his arousal pressing against her and she too felt her own arousal as her nipples hardened and her light pink, pussy became hot and wet with the knowledge that he still wanted her. Her skin became hot and she let out a small little moan that thrilled him even more.

As she turned to say something to him he found himself so overcome with desire that he simply put his hand on her soft, rosy cheek and as he gazed into her eyes she melted into him pressing her lips against his moving her soft pink tongue into his mouth. He responded by pulling her strongly into him his hands now gliding over her hip and onto her thigh, his tongue now twirling around hers deep in her wanting mouth.

Lost for a moment they kissed deeply until he knew he had to have her. He took a deep breath and took her by the hand pulling her in front of him to hide his hard, throbbing cock. He was aching to be inside her and he was now focused on moving to a place where they could go for more privacy.

As they reached the top of the stairs his eye caught a utility room door that was slightly open and he saw his opportunity. Once inside, he closed the door behind them. Her eyes returned his desire and her soft hands moved to his belt which was pulling back on the resistance of his cock now pressing firmly against his jeans. As she released him his blood filled shaft pushed forward into her hands and he moaned as she touched him with feathery strokes.

"I missed you," she moaned as she dropped to her knees and licked the tip of his cock with her small, pink tongue as she looked at him with her hungry eyes. As she did a droplet of pre-cum oozed onto her red lips and the sight of this made his cock throb and become even more rock hard with a longing for what only she could provide. She slid the head of his swollen member into her warm, wet mouth and she moaned with pleasure as she moved him slowly deeper and deeper until it was touching the back of her throat.

"Fuck," he moaned as she began to slide up and down him. He loved the feel of her mouth, but he wanted to be inside her soft, tight pussy so badly, he wanted to feel her cum. He pulled on her shoulders and brought her up to stand and then turned her around so that her soft, round ass was pressed against his cock.

His hands slid over her breasts and he delighted in feeling her hard, light-pink nipples pushing against her dress. He continued to move down her body until he felt the end of the fabric and pulled her form-fitting dress up over her hips. He delighted in moving her red panties to the side and his hands easily found her eager, wet pussy.

He slowly circled her engorged clit and as he did she spread her legs further apart and braced her trembling hands against a shelf in the room. Her sweet, sexy moans reverberated through him like a magnetic pulse and his cock grew tighter throbbing and engorged knowing that soon he would be fucking her.

As he continued to play with her clit his other hand moved to her slick, rosy lips and he thrust his finger in and out of her slowly. Her pussy was tight and dripping wet and he slid another finger inside her making her moan more loudly and breathe harder and faster. He knew she was close to cumming already; she was always quick to orgasm and do so multiple times when they were together.

As she became more and more aroused just as she was about to cum he moved his hand back and thrust his rock hard cock inside her and as he did she screamed in ecstasy. She was overwhelmed by him; her body was on fire and having him inside her again made her explode with a passionate orgasm.

Her pussy contracted around him, cum pushed forcefully from deep within her and he fucked her hard as she came. He could feel himself losing control as she finished her orgasm and he pulled himself from her sweet cunt, his cock dripping with her juices and thrust himself into her small pink ass. She cried out with pleasure as he felt her tight grip on his cock. Sliding in and out of her he grabbed her pelvic bone and thrust hard into her fucking her with an animalistic desire.

"You feel so fucking good!" He moaned, "Fuck, you feel so good, baby." With that, he unleashed his powerful load deep into her and she breathlessly moaned "Cum for me baby, cum inside me."

His teeth clenched down as the final release of his jizz filled her ass and he leaned against her in ecstasy and a breathless abandon.

After a few moments of blissful silence he slowly moved out of her and she turned and slid her skirt back down over her curvaceous hips as he reassembled his jeans. She leaned into his chest putting her head against his still rapidly beating heart and held him tight.

"I'll never stop loving you," she whispered.

"Marry me." He whispered back.


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