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The Dilemma
Erotic Story By Bob

Christopher Gammaut was raised by a close Christian family in a comfortable home where he learned strict moral and religious values of his evangelical Christian community. Carefully guided and directed during his early years, he learned to excel with his mind and body.

It was during his teen years that his parents guidance and direction Held the most sway and Chris excelled in his academic work and his sports activities. Above all, he excelled in his religious virtue and was a leader in his church's youth group.

It was there that he'd met Ruth, who also excelled in sports and academics and was a leader in the church youth group. Naturally, they were often close and grew to love each other - but only very platonically. As they left high school and went on to college, Chris was directed to a seminary college in Arkansas as Ruth was shuffled off to a girls school in California where they spent four years apart but able to maintain their relationship.

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During those four years, Chris had faced a multitude of temptations as he fought his growing biological drives and lust and it was only his strong family teachings that had allowed him to remain true to Ruth. He had learned to live with his guilty feelings that resulted from those pesky nocturnal emissions which seemed to occur occasionally in the middle of the night.

Finally it was over and Chris had been appointed as minister to a church in Colorado with sufficient pay to support a family. He'd asked Ruth to marry him and they were married with both parents and their home church's blessing. They kissed on the lips for the first time.

It was as Chris began to explore the pleasures of a connubial marriage that he felt the first indications of trouble. It was as they kissed and he felt his passions rise that Chris sensed that Ruth remained unaffected. He tried harder to draw out her passions but for a week, Chris touched, carefully caressed and kissed her in an effort to unlock her arousal, all to no avail.

In a sudden change of heart, she responded to him in her awkward, virginal ways and they made love. It wasn't particularly pleasurable as they worked to gain the experience of capable lovers. That is not to say that Chris was disappointed as he was also a virginal lover and this was the advance he'd hoped for and he reassured himself that things were getting better.

A few days later, Ruth grew cold and avoided sex in a manner that caused Chris to request an explanation. Her reply startled him as she stated calmly, "God has made sex for procreation and not for pleasure." She offered various bible passages out of context for her proof and said that they should stand strong until next month when her fertile time came upon them again.

Chris loved his wife and wanted her as his lover and marriage partner so he tried to be patient and was hopeful that she would eventually realize how wrong she was. He continued to show his love in every way permitted him; he spoke lovingly to her and offered frequent kisses and touches. Their eyes met frequently and there was a desire for something from her but it wasn't closeness.

Slowly, his ardor cooled as Chris, half crazed with needs and desires, fought to preserve his sanity. Then, gradually, his love also began to cool and he felt the terrible loneliness of his situation. Marriage became nothing more than a cooperative effort to live in close proximity. It was a marriage of convenience.

Meanwhile, Chris counseled people in distress each day and each day he fought to maintain his perspective so that he might counsel effectively. In off hours, he read the writings on marital love and studied them carefully so as to continue to counsel others. Married five years, his sex life had dwindled to even more rare encounters; then none. He made peace with his situation in his mind and life went on.

After eight years of his own marriage he encountered Amanda Mantoux, a young widow who came to him for counseling. She had lost her husband the year before and was slowly adjusting to her life of widowhood but she had a problem and she seemed reluctant to talk about it as she sought support from him and their church. Of course, as an experienced counselor, he used his power with reflection and probing questions to delve into that which she was reluctant to tell.

Mandy, in answer to a direct question said that she was missing her dead husband very much. From there he was able to determine that it was the need for a man that she felt and finally, the whole story. She'd been without sex for over a year and she'd grown to need it. She needed a man to take her and make love to her and enter her. She needed a man to fulfill her passions. Surely it was a sin she reflected.

"No." Chris interrupted, "There is no sin here. You were obligated to your marriage vows until death do you part. Your ex-husband is dead, but you are not and those needs are normal and you are normal. " The look Mandy's face seemed to brighten as she felt the load of sin lifted from her. "Does this mean that I'm free to be with other men?" she asked and this time Chris was stumped. He did not know how to answer and a few minutes later, he agreed to bring her an answer the following week in another counseling session.

Of course, he might simply say no and leave her to continue suffering as she sought satisfaction. The following week, Chris studied the situation and referred frequently to the written works before him. It was as he studied that he realized the similarities between her problem and his own.

It was the following week's counseling session that turned into an utter fiasco as Chris and Mandy talked and he recognized ever more clearly her problem and her needs as he compared them to his own. Their eyes began to meet in an understanding of the problem and Mandy soon had guessed that Chris had a problem similar to her own even as he took caution not to talk about it. She began to ask irrelevant questions in an effort to ascertain the nature of his problem and then a cat & mouse game commenced between them. The counseling session ended.

Over the next week, Chris found himself seeking more answers. She was a beautiful woman in need of satisfaction only a man could give her and he was a man in need of that satisfaction only a woman could give. Surely God had the answer, so he prayed. All of the following week, he prayed but no answer came to him.

Before the next counseling session, Chris felt the need to be strong and to resist temptation. He must counsel Mandy to be strong. He must tell her that it is also her duty to be strong and resist with all her might as sex is only condoned by the bible in a marriage, at least that is what his denomination teaches.

Of course, he was also steering himself against temptation as well. His marriage was at stake. His career was at stake. This would be the most difficult counseling he'd ever done. His mind was set and when he sat at his desk and greeted Mandy for that third session he felt confident. As she entered his office and was invited to be seated her eyes met Chris' and he felt his steel will crumbling. He panicked. Suddenly, Mandy was standing and she was the sexiest thing he had ever seen. Their eyes continued to take one another in and Chris saw the passion there reciprocated in her eyes. He averted his gaze.

In his panic he realized that only his own moral strength could save them now and that he must resist. He glanced at Mandy only to receive a charge of passion as she smiled and offered herself to him or was she? What if he'd misread all he signs and she was really not interested in him. If he made a move on her, she'd cry foul and his life would be ruined. As Chris stood, he steadied himself. He moved toward her and their eyes met. It was then that all defenses were broken as he embraced her and kissed her willing lips. It was then that the world had grown smaller with just the two of them.

It was as they broke from the kiss that Chris spoke one more time, "This is wrong," he said and his mind fell into chaos. Something told him that it was wrong at the core of him; yet, he pressed his kiss to hers. He felt his penis rise and fill with blood. Something deep in his mind screamed for him to stop but he pressed his seduction forward. As he pressed on with his amorous efforts, he felt Mandy's willing body pressing against his and his massive cock, trapped between their bellies. When her tongue sought his, he met it willingly with his own. When Chris' hand fell onto her clothed breast, she seemed to encourage him and his fingers quickly opened her shirt and loosened her bra to expose her soft breasts to him. His eyes fixed on her bare bosoms as he felt his passions rise to new heights.

As he moved to fondle her breasts and kiss them, his hand moved across her abdomen to her soft, hair covered mound where he parted her labia. His excitement built as Chris experienced greater passion than he could ever remember. All thoughts of wrong doing had ebbed as he felt only his pressing need. His office was not equipped for what was about to transpire and he searched for a place to consummate their lust. Finally, he laid Mandy on the thick nap of the office floor carpet. He kissed her breasts and suckled her nipples as his fingers slipped to caress the soft inner flesh of her thighs and his mind was centered on only one thing; Mandy and her beautiful body.

It was as his lips left her breasts and began the trip across her skirt and taut belly that he heard her say, "Please, fuck me now, I need it so badly." Ignoring her request at first, he paused but slowly he acknowledged it. He must please her. He moved partially over her and kissed her lips and as their eyes met the passion in both of them became overwhelming. "Please now," she moaned. With that, Chris pushed her skirt up to expose her thighs and wet pussy to him Then, he moved over her and pushed her panty crotch aside as he inserted his hard throbbing cock into her longing vaginal lips. As his massive tool entered her pink, moist walls, Chris felt the surge of pleasure from the friction between her vaginal muscles of her well lubricated pussy and his prick. It was what he needed and the woman was willing and eager unlike his previous experiences with his affectionately cold wife.

Then, he felt it; resistance as his cock pushed against her cervix. Realization brought a surge of pleasure such as he'd never known. He lay, fully embedded in her and their eyes met to lock their hearts and minds together. It was an ecstasy unlike he had ever known and he reveled in the pleasure as they lay moving in harmony together. They kissed and communicated in so many ways as they moved together. Their eyes and hearts spoke of love. Their minds were in tune as they anticipated syncopated their moves together. Their only desire was to please one another now.

When Chris withdrew his cock slightly before thrusting back into her, she responded and soon they moved in a coital rhythm that brought maximum pleasure. Mandy cried out shortly, "Oh my, ohhhh I'm gonna cum!" Then, she seemed to stiffen and her body grew violent before settling back into the steady coital rhythm.

Chris filled with pride as he realized that it was his efforts that had brought her to her peak. He renewed his thrusts to please her. He realized that this was the way it should be and he was sorry that it was not his wife that he'd pleased. His wife, he was violating his marriage vows and his mind began to panic. It was only when a new surge of pleasure brought his mind back to the action at hand that his wife, Amy, was forgotten.

Of course, Chris' condition was not conducive to a long session of sex, he'd been wanting and hard up for a long time. Long before they were ready, Chris felt the surge of semen rise up and flood into Mandy's quivering pussy. The end came suddenly as Chris realized he had just pumped a huge quantity of cum into Amanda; semen which could make a baby and he felt a surge of worry. His eyes gave away his concern and Mandy realized what he was thinking. "Not to worry," Mandy said reassuringly, "I'm wearing adequate birth control." It was then that Chris fully realized that Mandy had planned and prepared for what had transpired.

It was that night that, laden with guilt, Chris had gone to his wife, Amy, and confessed his violation of their marriage vows. He tried to explain his male needs and the temptation he had faced. He explained, through tear filled eyes, his terrible weakness and his unworthiness. As Amy listened, her eyes filled with tears too and she sat mute. Chris continued to speak. He would leave his wife, his church and his community of support and move to somewhere that he might live out his shame alone. He'd leave this very night and with that, he moved to pack his clothes and depart.

A few minutes later, Amy came into the bedroom where Chris was packing and said, "Don't go. Please give me at least a chance to prove that I'm still your marriage partner." With that, she went to him and kissed Chris with vehemence unlike any he had seen in her before." Her hand moved to his crotch where it fell on his clothing covered cock, which was something she'd never done before. Chris felt his desire rising. These were new events for Amy, his cold hearted wife, and he hesitated in is packing.

He heard her say, "I'm your wife and you at least owe me a chance to defend my rights." Hearing her plea, he knew that she was right. He turned and went to her. As they met, she said, "I know that I've been denying you your needs as a husband for all these years and it's only natural for you want those things. I'm sorry and maybe it's too late but at least let me try." Her eyes were filed with tears. As Chris listened to her pleas, he felt his love for his wife return and his feelings for her grow strong. He owed her something. Her sudden changes seemed so out of character for her. Finally, it was her pleading that drew him to her.

Suddenly, he felt himself swept up in a giant vortex of feelings as his wife's hands caressed him and her lips kissed him; her tongue seeking his in a deep soul kiss. Shocked, he failed to react until he felt his cock swelled and his passions rose. Moments later, he was lying nude upon his back on their bed as Amy mounted him in a fury of passion such as he'd never seen in her before. Then, with her knees on either side of him, she mounted his upright cock and fucked him with an intensity that was riveting.

Chris overwhelmed by his formerly frigid wife and he was trying to collect his thoughts. Even her amateurish ways did not diminish the pleasure he felt as she rode him with all her might. As she tired and slipped down to lie on his stomach, Amy spoke, "I know I'm not very good at this but I can improve. Please don't leave me." Her eyes were filled with tears and she sobbed. Chris lay silent as he tried to consider what he'd just heard. His wife was taking the blame for his weakness and begging him not to forsake her. Something just wasn't right, Chris thought.

Moments later Amy moved slightly to trigger her first orgasm during intercourse and she lay over Chris in ecstasy only until the urge came to fuck again. As she rose up to begin her rhythmic humping, she felt it again - a second orgasm and more powerful than the first. This time, as she rode out her pleasure, she rolled and drew Chris over her where he began his steady coitus and their eyes met. It was as it had been on their wedding night as their eyes conveyed their love to each other.

Slowly Chris' mind began to refocus on his relationship with his wife. He did love her even after all these frigid years and she loved him and was begging him not to go. He was living the ideal marital bliss at this very moment. But, what of the other woman, Mandy, the woman he had recently fallen in love with and fucked only hours before; it meant something. As he thought, he raised straight up as he remained embedded in Amy's pussy; then, pulled her up to sitting in his lap with her still riding his cock until he exploded in orgasm deep into her inside her.

After a few moments of lying together, he spoke "Amy, I've made a terrible mess of our lives," he said, "You're my wife and I love you but I've also given my body and love to another. I don't know what to do." As Amy listened, she responded, "I expect you to love and respect me and remain married, true to your marital vows except where you've already committed to another. In that case, I'd expect you to honor your commitment to her. Since I feel a great deal of responsibility for this situation, I feel that I must help to resolve it by letting you know that I will support whatever your decision.

Chris' reply came quickly, "It's a different kind of love between her and I than it is with you and me. I'd love your permission to try to work it out with you and end things with her." As they lay sitting together in a lovers embrace, they talked. They agreed that this situation should only be known to Mandy, Chris and herself and agreed that it should remain that way. They agreed that Mandy should be told of Chris' decision to remain with his wife. Strangely, Amy insisted that she meet Mandy and that they become friends and so it was that Chris was finally fulfilled in his own marriage.


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