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The Flight
Erotic Story by Anonymous

It had been a long few months during my time filming my latest project. I was eager to return across the pond from New York to London. I had always dreamed of being this busy, but with three film projects in the last eight and a half months, I was feeling the exhaustion of it all.

At the airport I found a seat at the bar of a private room reserved for special members. It was becoming more and more difficult to get much privacy these days with my films getting more and more attention and becoming a celebrity. I found myself nursing a pint to unwind a little.

I had not given it much thought over the last several months due to my tight schedule, but I guess more than anything I felt lonely. I was looking forward to seeing my family again, especially my Mum who always made the best roast beef and Yorkshire pudding. A proper English dinner and I would feel at home again in good 'ol Sheen.

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It has been about nine months since I had seen my ex-girlfriend. Our last fight was a barking and it did not end well. It was difficult for her that I was gone so much but more than that she could not take all the changes that fame had brought. She was constantly jealous and attempting to make me feel small because of it. The nagging and demeaning comments just got to be too much for me and I finally lashed out at her telling her that she was more than welcome to find someone else to cut down to size as I had enough.

I sat there thinking about how much things had changed for me. A struggling actor in my twenties and desperate for any part that would have made studios take me more seriously I was amazed at how interest now came so easily. I should feel fulfilled yet I sat there feeling empty and alone.

"Whoa, check her out," said the barkeep. "Man, she is a hottie!"

I looked up to see who he was talking about and through the glass wall that was mirrored on the outside so those that passed by could not see in was a lovely blonde woman. She had stopped directly in front of the bar area where I was sitting to get something out of her suitcase. As she bent over I could see that she did indeed have a gorgeous figure and her blouse dipped a bit as she bent over so that you could glimpse her alabaster breasts that splendidly filled her bra.

As she stood back up with her cell in her hand, I watched as she searched her phone for something. It was then that I noticed her face. It was not cute or sexy, it was simply beautiful in a Grace Kelly sort of way; a classic beauty that had an angelic look to it. She looked up and I noticed her eyes were an amazing shade of green which I found intriguing as most natural blondes I have seen tend to have blue eyes, but hers were rather unique and there was something about them that made my heart race. I felt the urge to go out and speak to her but reassured myself that it would seem awkward and strange to approach her like that. I sat paralyzed watching her with a sense of excitement I had not felt in a very long time.

Suddenly an elderly lady that was limping past her using a cane took a tumble and her purse flew onto the ground with her with all the contents flying everywhere. The angel did not pause to run to her and was assessing her to see if she was hurt. I realized that I should help but more than that I wanted to meet her. It was a perfect meet-cute opportunity and I ran around the bar and out the side door to seize it. As I ran up to the two of them with the angel leaning over the dazed older woman on the floor I could not help but notice her gorgeous ass and hourglass shape with a small waist and with her leaning over like that I felt instantly warm.

"Are you all right?" I asked in an eager tone.

"I think she's is," smiled the angel, "She is a bit shocked really more than anything."

"Yes, oh, my things, oh, my goodness, I have no idea what happened." The elderly woman panted.

"It's all right, we'll get you right as rain again," and the angel looked up at me and gave me a quick wink which made my heart stop for a moment. Her voice was simply lovely and had a melodic tone to it as she continued to reassure the poor woman on the floor. I could see as petite as the angel was that I should also help the woman get up and we both slid one of our arms under each of hers and led her to a seat several feet away so that we could go back and retrieve her things.

"Your sweet to help, thank you," smiled the angel as we began picking up chapstick, tissue and other personal items and placed them in the elderly woman's purse.

"My pleasure, of course, what kind of animal would not help a lady in need?" I smiled back at her.

"Plenty, unfortunately," as she gestured to people speedily walking by us oblivious to the incident as they raced to their departure gates. "Anyway, thank you."

"Of course," as I put the last item in the bag. As we walked over to the elderly woman, I heard this angel say some reassuring things to her about how we all take a tumble from time to time and not to worry about it as the woman confessed embarrassment over her fall. I began to panic knowing that in just moments the angel would be on her way somewhere and I might never see her again. There was just something about her that had me feeling like a teenage boy. I felt my face begin to flush as I wondered what I should say to somehow connect with her.

We walked the elderly woman to her gate which unfortunately was only a short distance and once we said our good-byes to her, the angel turned toward me smiling "Well, that was an adventure!"

"Yeah, glad she is all right though." I stammered. What the fuck was I going to say to her? "Well, glad to help," I stalled.

"Thanks again Tom, that was kind of you to do." She turned and began walking away.

"Wait, you know who I am?' I asked desperate to make her turn around again.

"Sure, I loved your last film," she smiled and turned slightly toward me. "You are a very fine actor," she said sincerely.

"Oh, thanks, so where are you headed?" I had seriously lost my cool and had to know.

"London, I am am relocating there for work and am going to be late for my flight if I don't get going." She paused, "It was nice to meet you though and thanks again for..."

"Your moving to London?" I interrupted, "Are you leaving now because I think I am on your flight as well, I can walk with you to the gate if you like." I knew I sounded a bit desperate, but I finally had my in and my brain was so distracted by her vanilla perfume, her red plump lips, her curvaceous hips and sexy legs that I was finding it hard to speak.

"Oh, yeah, sure, that would be nice. I will have to tell my best friend you were on my flight, she absolutely adores you" she smiled again as we began walking together. The conversation became a bit easier as we walked. I could see she was not wearing an engagement or wedding ring and was hopeful she was without a fellow at the moment.

The ten minutes we waited at the gate was brief and before I knew it they were calling my row. I calmed myself realizing that we were going to be on the same plane and I could find a way to ask her for her number in the seven hours we would be on it. As I began to mumble something about seeing her on the plane, she told me that she was also boarding as her seat was also in those rows. I gestured to her and said "Ladies first," and we began our walk down the tube and onto the plane. She paused in front of my seat number and lifted her carry on over her head which made her shirt rise up just enough that her navel was exposed. Her skin was so soft looking on her toned abdomen and I felt myself fighting the surge of blood now running to my cock.

"You are sitting here?" I asked with surprise as I helped her move her bag into the bin above.

"Um, yes, why is that your seat on the aisle?" she looked at me wondering why else I would have asked such an obvious question.

"Yeah!" I exclaimed with an obvious enthusiasm for the serendipitous event.

"Well, isn't that funny, now my friend is going to be super jealous that I got to sit next to you all the way to London."

I prayed that her friend wasn't the only one of them that was a fan. We got our things situated and as I sat down I noticed her skirt had ridden up as she sat down exposing her shapely legs more. Part of the fabric was caught on the side of the chair and was pulling up just enough to see that she was wearing garter belts with her silky black stockings. Now, any bloke out there will tell you that there is something insanely sexy about a woman that wears garter belts but a woman as beautiful as this wearing them was literally making me drool.

As she put her seat belt on she must have noticed as she pulled her skirt down and it was probably a good thing as I was really fighting getting an erection as I gazed at her exquisite legs. We began talking and what I found amazing was that she did not ask me about my job really. I briefly told her about how busy I had been but and while she was interested, she seemed more focused on me rather than the superficial aspects of it all. Instead, she asked me about what I was passionate about, what I enjoyed doing in my spare time and if I was excited to see family back home. She was warm and sincere and there was something that began to feel so comfortable with her that I found myself telling her more than I have shared with some of my best mates.

Her name it turns out is Lily and it made sense considering the beautiful flower she was. She had broken up with a boyfriend that sounded just like my ex a few months before and decided to make a fresh start with a new job and life in London. Of course I reciprocated and asked her about her life, her passions and she shared such a genuine perspective on life with me that I half felt I was speaking to one of the greats... Gandhi, MLK Jr., with all of her wisdom and insights into her career as a mental health therapist who was working on saving the world one patient and workshop at a time. She had also written a book that was being published and had her Ph.D. in psychology to boot. The girl was smart and very humble about it all. However, the best was when we began sharing funny stories from our teens.

There was one that had me laughing so hard that sound was barely audible as I wheezed and wiped tears out of the corners of my eyes. She described herself as an absolute klutz and how she broke her middle finger three times wearing a splint which inevitably gave everyone the bird for almost a year. The way she described rolling down the stars as her family watched in horror before they were about to carve the turkey for Thanksgiving was hysterical in a Monty Python sort of way. She was dazzling me and I was deeply smitten with her after only a few hours.

Whenever the flight attendant would come by I always offered to take the drink, or tray just so I could manage to touch her arm or hand as I passed it to her. As my arm slid over hers when I handed her dinner, I could feel how incredibly soft her skin was on her forearm. My cock immediately responded and I was quite relieved that my tray was down as the electricity that I felt from touching her was highly erotic. I wanted her so badly and felt as disoriented as that elderly woman at times. It was as though one moment everything was mundane and now I was on a full fledged roller coaster ride full of admiration and sexual attraction for her. It was something that I had denied the possibility of my entire life, something I had mocked others for saying existed. It was love at first sight... lust too, but more than that, much more.

We talked and laughed the entire flight and neither of us were tired the entire time flight across the pond. It was as if we had even more energy from having spent those hours together but now as the plane was landing, I knew I had to get bold.

"So, how are you getting to your hotel?" I asked.

"Taxi; I am not at all ready to rent a car and take on trying to drive on the other side of the road quite yet," she smiled.

"Well, I have a car picking me up and if you like I would be happy to drop you if you want to?"

"Oh, yes, that would be wonderful." Then she reached over and put her hand on mine and said "I would really like that."

I knew right then she felt what I did in that moment and as she gazed in my eyes I felt intoxicated from it all.

We continued our humorous banter with some flirtation now as we retrieved our baggage and headed for the car. I decided not to delay any further as we were half way to her hotel and asked her if she might like to meet up tomorrow after we caught up with sleep for dinner. We made arrangements to meet the following evening at 6pm and as I got out of the car to help her with her luggage, she put her hand on my back and her touch made me want to turn around and kiss her but I restrained myself for fear that I would overwhelm her with being to forward so I hugged her in the most sensual way I could.

My hands sliding down her neck and then down to the small of her back stopping just shy of the line of respectful groping. I could feel her breasts press against me just under my pecks and as her hands pulled me into her I fought off another attempt by my manhood to stand at attention. As she walked into the hotel, I caught two different men turn their heads to watch her walk in and realized again that I I was clearly not the only one that could see how incredibly beautiful she was.

When I went home I left everything at the door, flung off my clothes on the floor and fell into bed. My hands made their way down to my already firm cock that was pulsing and eager for stimulation. I moaned a bit as I took a deep breath and remembered her beautiful breasts when she had leaned over to retrieve her cell phone when I first saw her. I slid my hand up and down the length of my pulsing shaft as I recounted how they felt as they pressed against me.

I began breathing harder and harder as my strokes became more quickened imagining pulling open her blouse and sucking on her erect nipples. I could still smell her vanilla perfume on me from our embrace and I moaned again as I began focusing my attention on the head of my throbbing, blood engorged cock. "Fuck," I cried as I imagined sliding my fingers into her wet, warm pussy and finally pushing her down and sliding my thick cock into her her juicy folds.

As I pictured me thrusting into her I could wait no longer as the urge to cum was becoming too difficult to resist. I took a few more seconds to imagine fucking her with wild abandon, having her heels digging into my ass as I forcefully pushed inward, past the soft, wet lips of her pussy and further deep inside her. I felt her sweet rosy lips pressed against mine, our tongues dancing together in a lustful splendor.

Finally the building of my desire had come to an end and my swollen, throbbing cock could no longer hold my desire for her. I grunted as I came hard with spurts of semen pushing up high in the air and back down onto my abdomen. As I milked the rest of the cum out of my quivering, spent cock I was still breathing hard and beginning to sigh with relief. I knew that tomorrow night was going to be the beginning of something amazing and I fell asleep with some resistance due to my excitement in how I was going to make her mine.



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