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The Stairs
Erotic Story By Anonymous

It had been a few years since they had seen one another and while neither of them had ever acted on their mutual attraction, there certainly had been a shared admiration. Both had been popular in high school yet their paths tended to keep them apart as he was two years her senior and ran with an older crowd that only sometimes allowed for their paths to cross. Now just four years after her graduation they were about to meet again and this time an opportunity for a connection was about to transpire.

He was a strikingly handsome, young man with light brown hair, blue eyes and a devilish smile that made most of the high school girls hearts flutter when he flashed it. They were also easily drawn to his flirtatious wit and sharp sense of humor and the years were kind to him with many females still very interested. His body matched his face in appeal with a muscular build that complimented his 5' 11" frame. He was known to drive a crotch rocket with intensity and his love of danger and affable demeanor made him a likely crush for any young woman.

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She was a natural blonde with porcelain skin, green eyes and soft pink lips that resembled that of a china doll. While she had a wickedly mischievous sense of humor she tended to live her life in a reserved fashion that represented what most would consider a good girl. Her curves were 34" x 24" x 36" which made for a lovely hourglass figure that boasted her petite 5' 4" physique. She was the source of many young males' fantasies, which while flattering to her was not something that filled her ego.

The snow was falling outside and the warmth of a party was beckoning many of the graduates from high school to find comfort and connections with classmates from days gone by. She hurried from her car shivering as the winter winds whipped her long, wavy golden hair and made her cheeks rosy and pink. She had been wondering if she would see him at the party as she learned that there were many people attending from his crowd and she always thought of him as the one in high school she had most longed to have dated but never had the chance.

As she entered the doorway to the large sprawling house, several people moved aside to let her in and enthusiastically greeted her with the camaraderie of their youth. She shook the snowflakes from her hair and cheerfully handed a gift to the host and began hugging many of her long lost friends.

As the party progressed, a young woman who was rather buzzed from alcohol approached her with a grin and began to divulge her entire life's story without regard for the fact that they barely knew one another in high school and certainly had not stayed in touch. It seemed she experienced this quite a bit throughout her life as total strangers often felt they could open up to her and this was most likely why she had just finished her undergraduate degree in psychology and was now on her way to getting her doctorate in order to be a psychologist.

She kindly listened to the drunken woman dramatically explain why her ex was an "absolute loser" and how she was living with her parents with her new baby until she could figure out her next move. However, despite hearing this colorful story, her attention was broken when she looked to her left and saw him standing there smiling from across the room. His steel blue eyes were complimented by a blue button down shirt and jeans that hugged him in such a way that immediately made her feel warmth in-between her legs.

He too had been involved in a conversation but could not help but notice her standing there in her form fitting red sweater with black sheer stockings and garter belts that could just be seen through the rippled fabric of her black pencil skirt. As she moved her long blonde hair away from her face he noted that she had no ring on her left hand and he wondered if she might be free for him to finally pursue after all these years. Regardless, he felt compelled to speak with her and quickly excused himself to walk over.

As she watched him approach she quickly wrapped up the conversation with the nearly drunken woman who was quickly off for another drink. As he moved toward her smiling, she suddenly found herself feeling terribly shy and glanced down at the tips of her high heels with the curl of a smile evident on her face as she felt her heart begin to pound with excitement.

When she quickly got the courage, she looked up and met his gaze and felt her body become quite warm with electrical impulses running up and down her spine and she shivered slightly from the sexual excitement she felt when she looked at him. He too felt the chemistry and stood a little more closely and intimately than he did with most people as he felt a surge of heat and longing for her that was difficult to ignore. For a moment not a word was spoken, yet there was a comfortable silence shared with an awareness of their attraction for one another and they hugged and quietly laughed as they moved to a more private part of the room to share their last few years with one another.

After a couple hours of effortless conversation the two had discovered they had some rather challenging times since their time in high school and a deeper sense of appreciation bloomed as they shared compassion and respect for one another's experiences. Neither of them were involved in relationships at this time which was not the case in high school. His easy going demeanor put her at ease and she found him quite amusing. Yet she also found much of what he said moving as he was also able to share things that she related to; things that were important to her and in turn it made her comfortable sharing herself with him. She found his slightly obvious nervousness around her endearing as typically he was quite adept at charming women without much effort, however, she could see that he was being acutely sensitive in his attempts to woo her.

During this short time the sexual attraction for one another became overwhelming for both of them and their bodies mirrored one another as they took any opportunity they could to touch the other through slight movements to pat a knee or stroke an arm. Their bodies continuously touched through their legs as they sat and spoke with one another and soon she noticed that she could not stop looking at his lips as he spoke. She wanted to kiss him so badly but felt it would be too overt a gesture and certainly not at all her normal style. However, the compulsion was overwhelming and she felt her panties getting more and more moist as she focused on his mouth.

During the moments when her green eyes pierced his he felt that she saw him in a vulnerable way that others typically did not and she was quickly able to move beyond small talk into things that mattered, which was something he had been longing for but found elusive. When she would look downward he could not help but steal glimpses of her supple alabaster breasts that protruded slightly from her soft, red, button down sweater. He imagined running his hand down her slender neck and unbuttoning her top and slowly gliding his fingers down over her nipples; he imagined how they would feel becoming erect under his touch and he felt his cock slightly stiffen.

After a while, she excused herself to go to the restroom and while she was gone he found himself growing impatient for her to return even though she had only been gone a moment. His mind raced with ideas of how he could get her alone in a more secluded area. The bathroom on the first floor had a line of several people and the host suggested that she use the one upstairs when she asked where it was so she had made her way up to the second floor through a second set of stairs in the back of the house through the kitchen.

He made his way to the back stairs after having seen her go toward them and as he began to go up them to find her, she met him on her way going down. "Well hello," she smiled and as he moved closer to her there was a look in his eyes that expressed a sensual urgency and her smile dropped into a more serious and lustful expression. He slid his arms around her small waist and drew her close to him with a passionate force and as his lips met hers she could not help but let out a small moan of delight. His smooth lips pressed against hers and he parted them with his warm and eager tongue. As he began to explore her wanting mouth she slid her tongue against his and found her way into his mouth until they were orally fucking one another with lustful enthusiasm.

Her hands went up to his head as she began to passionately fuck him with her soft pink tongue and she slid her fingers through his hair while she whimpered in ecstasy. His strong hands pulled her even more closely to him and slowly his hand made his way to her skirt and as he felt her garter belts pressing against the fabric his shaft became rock hard. He pressed her downward until she was leaning back on the stairs with her legs slightly open; inviting him to feel the flow of cum that was now drizzling down her thighs. As his fingers made their way up her skirt and to her panties he let out a moan as he felt how wet she was for him. The lace slid easily to the side with so much moisture from her pussy and her vaginal lips felt so hot and inviting that he eagerly moved along her labia and up to her engorged clit with his finger. As he did this she let out a small squeal of delight and it was clear to him that she wanted him as much as he desired her.

She wanted to feel him so badly and moved her hand down to his fully engorged and throbbing cock which pressed hard against his jeans. As she moved her fingers against him he moaned and she quickly opened his jeans just enough to feel him through his boxers giving him a little more stimulation and pleasure.

As she squirmed with delight he slid his fingers around her clit, she began unconsciously grinding into his fingers in a gyrating motion. He took this as a cue to finally penetrate her with his fingers and as he slid a single finger into her vaginal opening he realized how incredibly tight her small, pink pussy was and he uttered a few simple words as though he could not think of anything that would encapsulate the anticipation of how good she would eventually feel around his cock and he moaned into her ear, "Oh god you're beautiful and so fucking wet and tight."

His finger was hugged snugly by her wet and inviting warm pussy and as he slid her skirt back with his other hand he could see that she had a well groomed patch of blond pubic hair that surrounded a rosy pink pussy with short rounded pussy lips and a tight little hole that squeezed his lone finger as he slowly pushed into the folds of her sugar walls. He looked up into her eyes as he slowly finger fucked her and could see that she was completely lost in passionate abandon. She moaned "God, you feel so fucking good," as she ran her fingers through his hair, "I want you, I've always wanted you."

Watching her hot cum oozing out of her longing pussy made him feel ravenous and he moved his mouth down to meet her pussy lips which felt slippery and hot against his lips. He lunged his tongue deep into her taut opening and fucked her shallowly with his warm and eager mouth. Her sweet, hot juices filled him as he lapped them and fucked her with his dancing tongue. She grabbed the back of his head and pressed him into her with absolute sexual hunger as she gyrated with her legs now open and her thighs pressed against the sides of his head.

His tongue slid up to her clit where he began giving her small love button head by sucking on her while his finger found it's way back to her wanting hole and slid it in deeply, fucking her more quickly now as her breath quickened. When he knew she was ready he began to slowly slide a 2nd finger inside her putting more pressure on her opening and up against her gspot. She began moaning wildly and his sucking on her clit was sending her past the point of no return until she climaxed hard. She clenched her teeth and pressed her legs tightly around him as her body began convulsing and a flood of cum filled his mouth and ran down the back of his throat as he eagerly lapped her gushing juices.

A few moments passed as she lay there panting from sheer satisfaction and a smile crossed his face as he watched her come back to reality from having lost herself to him so deeply. She sat up on the stairs and pulled his hand toward her as she told him to "Come," she led him up the stairs until they found themselves in a guest bedroom where she locked the door behind them.

She said nothing to him but only smiled as she slid his jeans down his legs and off, followed by his boxers. As his manhood sprung forward fully erect she slid her nails along his testicles and up along his shaft and put her mouth in front of his cock. She lightly licked the pre-cum that was coming out of his rigid shaft and looked him in the eyes as she slightly moaned "You taste so fucking good."

As her pink lips slid over the top of his throbbing head her small, soft, pink tongue followed and slid along his shaft as she took his entire cock into her eager mouth all the way to the back of her throat. He gasped for air as she fucked him with her entire mouth and he had to steady himself by leaning against the door as her fingers massaged and lightly teased with her nails on his balls and against his perineum. As she sucked and licked his cock she moaned because she absolutely loved how hard his thick cock was inside her mouth and she felt her pussy dripping with fresh cum from the excitement of it.

With one hand she put pressure on his perineum massaging it and began giving his prostate stimulation through it which was making pre-cum squirt out of his cock beyond his control. With the other hand she used her saliva as lubricant and began giving him a hand job as she sucked on his balls pulling them down to keep him from cumming too quickly. Finally, when she sensed he could no longer take it and he began moaning more loudly she moved her lips up to his blood filled purple head and drove his cock deeply inside her mouth until he was firmly against the back of her throat. She sucked him inward and back fucking him hard as she dragged her nails against the base of his shaft and balls. He came so hard that she could feel his load hit the back of her throat with force and the hot spurts of cum delighted her as she swallowed them. Wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure overwhelmed him until he had nothing left and he fell back against the door with sighs of relief and ecstasy.

She moved upward and led him to the bed where they lay for a while until they agreed they should go home. "Your place or mine?" he asked. "I don't know, " she smiled, "do you have stairs?"


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