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The Surprise
Erotic Story By Noreen

Tonight is finally date night. After months of boring nights in, watching more hockey than I ever would have imagined agreeing to watch when I was a teenager, and skipping gym class daily seemed only logical to a girly girl like myself, we were finally getting out of the house and going for a wonderful meal at an amazing restaurant.

He ordered his favorite thing on the menu. A steak done medium rare, with potatoes and vegetables on the side, and I ordered a creamy Alfredo pasta with mushrooms mixed in the sauce and a Caesar salad on the side. Both of us were enjoying our meal rather quietly, uncertain what to talk about. Our relationship had become rather bland and all of the wild sparkle seemed to have been long forgotten.

Clearing his throat, Dave looked up from his food and looked deep in my eyes, with somewhat of a worrisome look on his face.

"What's up?" I asked him. He opened his mouth, but nothing came out. He said, "Oh nothing", and went back to eating his food. That look told me it wasn't nothing that was bothering him, but I had a feeling it was the same thing that was bothering me.

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For months now I had been trying to figure out how to rekindle that flame that used to be there between us. I had discussed it in depth with many of my friends and none of them had any truly helpful ideas. I had been hoping that date night would do the trick.

Dave looked up again, this time he managed to say, "You look great tonight Kristy". I flushed a little. So he did notice! Maybe the little black dress that clung to my thighs and showed just enough of my cleavage was doing the trick.

I muttered a shy thanks and then I said, "So do you Dave". A sly grin crept onto his face for just a moment and then I knew instantly what he was thinking. He put his fork down and slid over onto my side of the booth. My breath started to catch in my chest. Continuing to smirk at me, he moved his hand over the tight leather of the booth and up onto my thigh, inching slowly higher up my leg.

My insides were starting to tighten with every move his hand made. As my insides began to twist around in circles, my pussy started to throb. Oh my god, I didn't realize how much I needed to be touched like this. Dave leaned over and whispered in my ear, "Just wait till we get home baby, I've got a great surprise for you".

The waitress came back to our table. Dave quickly pulled his hand away, which had made its way slightly beneath the hemline of my fairly short skirt. She asked if there was anything that she could get for us. Dave nearly growled at her when he said, "Just the bill." With all of the knots in my stomach, and the squirming in my seat, I couldn't finish my food anyways, so we quickly paid for our meal and nearly ran to the car.

Once we were both seated inside we didn't wait for the chance to embrace. Dave grabbed my hair in his big strong hands and pulled my face to his lips. We kissed, a very deep, hungry kiss. His lips were so soft and tender, yet his teeth took little nibbles and his tongue pushed gently against my tongue, over and over. Reaching up to his head, I pulled his head closer to mine. Not wanting him to stop. His hot kisses moved from my mouth, along the side of my face, to my ear and down my neck. His fistful of my hair helped to pull me exactly where he wanted me.

I started panting the second his mouth reached my ear. I felt my throbbing pussy beginning to warm and felt the wetness inside of me begin to grow. I couldn't help but begin to rock my hips back and forth. My warm, wet pussy was craving his hard cock to fill it. Dave stopped abruptly and said, "We have to wait. Your present is at home." He started the car and began to drive frantically in the direction of our home.

Unfortunately for him, I was feeling rather impatient and I decided that I was unable to wait the entire 7 minutes that it was going to take us to get home, so I leaned back in my chair, closed my eyes and slipped my hand beneath my short skirt in the passenger seat.

Dave looked over at me and said, "Hey! If you're going to have fun without me, at least let me watch". So I pulled my skirt up over my hips, placed my high-heeled feet up on the dashboard, slid my panties over to the side and slowly slipped two fingers inside my moist pussy. Squirming frantically, I slid my fingers in and out over and over, moaning ever so quietly as I felt the pleasure rising within me.

Dave reached over while he was driving and ran his fingers along the neckline of my dress. He quickly unleashed both of my breasts from within my dress. He began to slowly trace my nipples and gently caress my breasts. The warm feeling of pleasure was moving from low in my pussy to include the tingling sensation in my breasts and now I felt as though I would soon explode.

Dave was begging me now, "Please baby! We're almost home, and I really do have a surprise for you there". I forced myself to stop altogether. I removed my fingers from inside of me, returned my panties and my skirt to their respectable places. I placed both feet back on the floor of the car and sat up straight as I tried to catch my breath.

We got home shortly afterwards and I was still a little short of breath. Dave came to open the car door for me and help me walk to the front door of our house. I was holding on to his arm tightly being that my legs were still shaking a little from the near explosion just moments before. As I walked into the house, Dave stopped me right at the bottom of the stairs and asked me, "Do you trust me?"

Completely unsure as to what he might mean by this question, I said, "Yes, why wouldn't I?" The next thing out of his mouth took me by surprise, "I'm going to blindfold you. Just trust me." He had never blindfolded me before. This was new. I was feeling a little anxious, but after months of a stale relationship, I was willing to try almost anything to get the spark back.

Dave slowly placed a satiny sash over my eyes. I held onto the wall for balance, still unsteady on my feet from the incident in the car. I could only see through a tiny crack at the bottom of the blindfold, just enough for me to see my feet as Dave lead me up the stairs towards our bedroom. I was beginning to feel a little anxious as to what the surprise could be. We were in our own home, going to our usual bed.... How was this going to bring any sparkle back to our relationship?

Once we reached the bedroom, Dave began to slowly unzip my dress, and as he gently slid it from my body, my skin began to tingle as my insides started to warm and twist again. I felt nervous to be standing completely naked in front of Dave when I couldn't see what he was doing, or how he was reacting to the sight of me. "Dave?" I called out. Dave reached out for my hand and guided me to the bed. His big, strong hands placed me on the bed and lowered me onto my back. Again he asked, "Do you trust me?" Feeling some excitement well up inside me, adding to the pleasurable tingling sensations soaring through my body, I nearly screamed, "Yes!"

Using the same satiny sash type fabric, Dave wrapped up my wrists and pulled them apart from each other. I could hear him tying the ropes to the headboard. Dave was leaning over my naked body as he attached the ropes. I could tell that he had taken his clothes off because his warm bare skin was rubbing against my breasts as he tied me up. His skin against mine was making me squirm. "Oh Dave!" I began to beg. I wanted him inside me, filling me, so badly I could barely contain myself.

"Kristy? Can I tie up your legs?" Dave's gruff voice whispered in my ear. The word was barely audible from my lips, but I managed to say "yes". Feeling more of the satiny fabric against my legs, I realized that I was not going to be able to move and that he was going to be able to do whatever he wanted with me. I felt my nipples tighten with excitement and my stomach did a flop from nervousness. Then, he separated my legs, and began to tie the left one to the footboard. Then he pulled my right foot to the other side of the bed, skimming my pussy with his hand as he collected my leg and separated me, opening me wider. Immediately, I felt the juices begin to fill my insides, as I felt completely vulnerable.

"Kristy" Dave said. "I'm going to take your blindfold off now. And now you will see your surprise." "Ok," I cautiously said back to him. Dave untied the blindfold ever so gently and removed it from my eyes ever so slowly. I blinked a few times to try to regain my sight. Finally, I opened my eyes and I saw my surprise.

My breath caught in my chest as I glanced up at my 'surprise'. She was beautiful. Her hair flowed perfectly down past her shoulders, blond gentle waves placed with perfect precision against her creamy skin. Her eyes were a bright shade of blue, that shouted innocence, but the gentle smirk on her full, coral lips suggested that she had experienced much more than was first perceived of her. She was wearing a black, lacy teddy with tiny pink bows accentuating it. Her creamy skin was peeking through the lace, showing her every last amazing curve. Her hardened nipples were pressing up against the black lace, and her chest was pulling the fabric tighter against her breasts with each breath that she took. She moved from the end of my bed and slowly came towards me, a look of excitement and hunger in her eyes.

I suddenly remembered that Dave was in the room and I searched for him with a questioning look on my face. He was staring at me with an expression I had never seen before. A cross between thrilled, proud and anxious. "Babe, I want you to meet Trina." I looked over at the other woman. This must be Trina. I was completely at a loss for words. We had mentioned other woman in the bedroom before, but I really thought it was only something we would talk about in order to keep things interesting. I never really imagined that I would have a woman in my bedroom with me. Trina's eyes were staring down at my body.

Suddenly I remembered that I was completely naked, and tied up. I couldn't move from her stare and I began to flush from embarrassment. I looked back to Dave, this time the look on my face screamed help. He sat down beside me on the bed and gently removed a strand of hair from my face, and then he traced his fingers along my bright red cheeks. "Please babe, I want you to let Trina touch you. I want to watch her touch your beautiful body." I was feeling quite nervous, but if I were completely honest with myself, I was also very curious about what it would feel like to have a woman touch my body.

This young woman was very beautiful. I guess I would say she is just my type, if I had to pick a type of woman that I would want to experiment with. How did Dave know that she would be my type? I looked back at Dave and with the hint of a smile on my lips, I said, "OK, I'll try." Dave bent down, grasping my hair in his hand once again, and placed a kiss on my forehead. As he pulled away from me, he ran his hand down my cheek, along my neck, and down past my right breast. His thumb traced a quick, gentle circle around my nipple and then his hand continued to travel down along my waist, to my hip, where he paused a moment. His eyes were glued to my pussy. I could see the hungry look on his face, his mouth watering in anticipation.

He quickly grabbed a hold of both of my hips and shifted my butt up and forward just a bit, and then he bent forward, and just before he dove in for a taste, he looked me in the eyes, and groaned. His hands separated my pussy lips, allowing his tongue to lap against my clitoris unobstructed. The ties kept my arms and legs from moving, something that definitely added to my frustration as well as increased how turned on I felt.

My insides felt like Jell-O, and I was quite positive I was not going to last long before an explosion unlike any other was going to take place. Dave had always been good at oral sex, and when he did perform it, I almost always came. His tongue went from tracing circles around my clitoris to diving in and out of my extremely wet and warm pussy. He was switching between licking, and diving with his tongue to sucking gently with his soft lips. I could feel the tightening within me. It wouldn't be long.

Just then, Trina bent down on my right side, and traced my lips with her fingertips. They were so soft. My pulse sped up. Her hand moved lower, her fingertips gently gliding down my neck and down along the inside of my arm, to the side of my breast. She traced the very same line down my other side. She was so gentle. My nipples were harder than ever, my breasts were tingling, craving her touch. She began to caress both of my breasts, twirling my nipples between her soft fingers. I didn't think I could handle anymore; the sensations in my body were stronger than I had ever felt before.

Trina stood up beside my bed and slowly pulled her lacy teddy over her head and let it drop to the floor. Her creamy skin and gorgeous curves were more amazing than I had imagined. Her pussy was free of hair and her pink nipples looked so perfect on her soft breasts. Dave stopped eating my wet pussy juice and looked over to Trina. He looked like an animal, my juice dripping down his chin, staring at Trina like he wanted to taste her next.

A twinge of jealousy swept through me. I was tied up and there was nothing I could do. Dave moved away from us and pulled up a chair alongside the bed. True to his word, he was just going to watch. I looked over at him one last time, and our eyes locked. "Baby, this is so hot! You are so amazing. You will love this."

I turned my eyes back to Trina. She slowly climbed up onto me, her legs straddling my hips. I could feel her wet pussy touching my lower abdomen. I pushed my hips up into her out of instinct. I began breathing heavily again. Trina rocked her hips against me a little, her lips curling up into a smirk. She was definitely enjoying herself, which made me feel a little more at ease. She gently grasped my breasts in her hands and began to fondle them. I closed my eyes at this point because the pleasure was becoming quickly unbearable. I started rocking against her soft, warm body.

I couldn't believe how natural this all felt. Her soft, full lips pressed against mine. I gasped. Her breasts were now pressing against mine, and I could feel her hard nipples pushing against my body. I could barely contain myself. I kissed her back. Our lips gently caressed each other as both of us started to breathe heavier. We rocked our hips against each other rhythmically. Trina ran her hands along my arms and up to my wrists. She stopped kissing me long enough to undo the tie around my right wrist. She returned her glorious lips to mine, and we kissed some more. Her tongue pressed into my mouth, and I began to imagine what it would feel like to have her tongue in my pussy.

I felt the moist wetness returning to my insides, as things got more intense between us. With my right hand now being free, I was able to run my fingers through Trina's hair and down her back. Her tight, soft skin felt more amazing than I had imagined. My hand trailed down her back and I gently caressed her bum.

The feel of her full cheek in my hand as her gentle kissing continued on my lips, and her breasts pressed against mine, I started to feel a flame within me and I couldn't help but push my pelvic bone into her and pull her down hard against me. Trina pulled her head away from me, arching her back, displaying her beautiful breasts in front of me. She squealed in delight. That's when I remembered that Dave was in the room. I looked over at him. His pants were around his ankles now. He was grasping his hard cock in his right hand, and tugging at it vigorously. He nearly looked crazy; he was so turned on. "Oh Kristy!" he panted. "Keep going baby. This is so great." Trina leaned over and began to untie my left hand.

Her breasts dangled over my face while she was doing this. Unable to contain myself, I reached up and took her nipple into my mouth and gently sucked on it, while I twirled my tongue around it. My right hand rested on her lower back, holding her to me so that she wouldn't pull away this time. I moved to her other breast, continuing with the gentle sucking, nipping and twirling. Trina had started to let out tiny whimpers. My left hand was free. I moved it down to her hips. I still couldn't move my legs, but I was able to pull her lower body down so that our two, wet pussies were lined up and grinding against each other.

Our kissing continued. Trina was using her hands to hold my face while she moved lower to kiss my breasts. Her lips felt so soft and gentle against my breast. She nipped at me, maybe a little harder than I was expecting. I yelped. I pulled her hips harder against me to calm myself from the intense sensations she was causing all over my body. Trina moved again. This time she was pulling herself completely off of my body. Again I felt a little vulnerable as I realized that I was naked and Trina and Dave had all the power here.

I suppose I could untie my legs now that my arms were free, but in the meantime, their glances at my naked body were leaving me feeling a bit like a piece of meat. Dave was still busy pulling at his cock, harder than ever, and Trina had repositioned herself above me. Her wet pussy was above my face. I wasn't sure if I was ready for this. Before I could think about it much more, she had begun to run her tongue along the insides of my legs. I grasped her legs for control, to keep from having a full body spasm. She continued to lap against my legs, slowly moving her mouth to my clitoris.

By now, I couldn't stop squirming. I looked over at Dave again. He looked me in the eyes and said, "Come on baby. You can do it. Eat her pussy. You'll love it." Just then, Trina pushed her tongue inside my pussy and I couldn't help but push up against her mouth. The wetness inside of me began to grow.

My curiosity got the best of me. I pulled my head up to her moist pussy and began to gently lick it. Dave was now groaning in the corner. I'm pretty sure he came at that point. I continued to lick and suck on her outer lips. I was a bit nervous to try more, but I did. I pulled her lips apart with my fingers and pressed my tongue inside of her. Trina had an amazing way with her mouth. The way she moved from kissing, to licking, to nibbling, to sucking; it was perfect. I tried to mimic her motions. The tingles along my entire body, and the warm, twisting sensation within my abdomen, were bringing me close to erupting. I tried holding back a little longer. I was hoping to bring Trina to the same ending as myself at the same time. I was having a very hard time holding back and concentrating on making her happy.

I had started moaning, pretty heavy. "Mmmmm", Trina started to moan as well. I think she must also be close. Her tongue was circling within me when all of a sudden I felt the pressure building and I could do nothing more than suck on Trina's wet pussy out of lack of control. Trina screamed out with pleasure, and the two of us exploded together. I cried out as Trina spasmed around my tongue and then a pool of liquid poured from my pussy as I shook against her.

We fell to the bed at nearly the same time. I couldn't move. I began to drift off to sleep. I felt something against my feet. That's when I realized that my legs were being untied. Dave came over to me and held me in his arms until I drifted to sleep. I was so tired. I really needed some rest.

When I woke up, Trina was gone. I almost thought I had imagined the entire thing, except that my pussy was still throbbing and I knew this pain was more intense than anything I had ever experienced with Dave before. Then I heard Dave whisper in my ear, "Did you enjoy your surprise?" I whispered back, "Thanks".


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