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The Wake
Erotic Story By Anonymous

How appropriate I thought, as I looked past the bedside clock flickering 6:27 a.m., it was still dark and raindrops were pelting the shrubs and plants just outside my open bedroom window.

Although it was still summer it looked and felt like a fall morning. I pulled my naked body out of bed and moved across the room to close the window just as a flash of lighting lit the landscape; what a day for a funeral.

A clap of thunder followed five seconds later. I slid the window closed and walked to the bathroom. The tile floor was cool. I removed my robe from the hook next to the shower and tied the belt around my waist as I walked up the hall to the kitchen; to the aroma of fresh coffee filling the air. Thank God for auto-brew. It had just finished brewing when I got to the kitchen. I pulled a cup from the cabinet and poured. Today's weather was going to make a sad day worse.

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I sat drinking my coffee looking out the kitchen windows at the raindrops making concentric circles on the lake. It was a beautiful, peaceful sight; something I'm sure Walter never tired of in the 30 or so years he lived on the lake before his passing five days ago. I sat there lost in my thoughts until another flash of lighting and a crack of thunder broke the spell.

As I rose for another cup of coffee I noticed it was already eight thirty. Apparently, I had been lost in thought for some time. The funeral was at eleven, the church was thirty minutes away and I needed to be there by 10:30 as I was a pallbearer. I left my empty cup on the counter and hurried back to the master bathroom. Today's weather, the funeral, and the emptiness of the house caused a melancholy mood to return. It was a day like this just a year ago that my wife of 23 years had been killed in an automobile accident just two miles from home. She was returning from her shift as a nurse at the local hospital when a deer jumped front of her car. According to the sheriff who came to the house to notify me, she lost control when she swerved to avoid it, went off the road, and hit a tree head on dying instantly.

Christy was the love of my life and the only woman I had ever known intimately. We were high school sweethearts and I was lost without her. Although everyone in the neighborhood was supportive and helpful for a few weeks, Walter who lived two doors away really saved me. He became the friend you need when something like this happens. We spent time hunting, fishing, golfing, and working on home projects together. Now he was gone and I was lost again. How was I going to fill these two gaping holes in my life? More immediately concerning was how I was going to get through his funeral without falling apart. I continued to contemplate that question as I entered the bathroom and showered and shaved after which I went to the closet to retrieve my dark blue pin stripe suit, a white shirt, and dark blue tie.

The weather wasn't improving as I drove to the church in fact it was now raining sideways. The wind had picked up and it was gusting. The methodical movement of the wipers on the windshield caused my mind to drift again this time with thoughts of Christy. We loved Saturdays like this when she was alive. We would spend the entire day lying in bed as we drank coffee early, talked, and then had sex sometimes well into the afternoon. Any break would only be to bathe and light candles to enhance the atmosphere as day turned to evening.

My daydream ended as I entered the church parking lot, noticing a car that I had seen at Walters almost every day last week as I parked. I pushed the door of the truck open and ran for the church door. As I entered, I noticed a small group of people talking at the altar. I had not been in church since Christy's funeral and was overcome with emotion. I shuffled through the sanctuary's double doors, made my way to a pew in the very back slumping as I sat with my face buried in my quivering hands weeping.

I don't know how long I sat there before I felt a hand come to rest on my shoulder. I looked up and through my tears saw a beautiful woman looking down on me. She said nothing as she slid into the pew and sat next to me, her hand softly rubbing my shoulder and back. I had never seen this woman before but her kindness was comforting. We sat in silence as I sought to regain my composure. I found her touch comforting. Finally, able to gain a measure of control I turned and looked at her. Our eyes met and she introduced herself as Sarah, Walter's only daughter. She said she had seen my picture in her father's house and that it was she who called asking me to be a pallbearer. Finally able to speak I apologized for my emotional state, but I was hit with the emotion of loss immediately when I entered the church. She said she understood as her father had shared his new best friend's story of loss with her in his final days. If it was going to be too difficult for me she would find someone to take my place as a pallbearer. Charmed by her thoughtfulness I said no, it was important to me to honor her father with this gesture and I would be OK. She rose and moved off.

Over the next thirty minutes, the church filled with hundreds of people most of which I had never seen and didn't know. Walter was apparently a special man to many people. As the organ began to play, I took my place with the other pallbearers. We lifted the casket and walked down the aisle to sobs and whispers. We retreated to the front pew after we placed the casket in front of the altar and sat together during the emotional service. After the service concluded, we processed down the aisle and out the front doors to the waiting hearse. We slid the casket into the hearse and when the door clicked closed, I was overcome with emotion again from the finality of the moment. I stood motionless in the rain as the hearse drove away grateful the bad weather had caused the cancellation of a gravesite service.

Suddenly realizing I was getting soaked, I began a slow walk to my truck. Just as I opened the door Sarah ran up to me, hugged me tightly and asked if I was coming to the wake at her father's house. I hadn't planned on it but her tear-filled eyes caused me to reconsider. How could I refuse a personal invitation from Walter's only daughter? When I agreed to come by for a while her thin red lips turned up slightly and she squeezed my hand before she turned and ran to her car as she yelled she would see me at the house.

As I drove home, I found myself thinking about how good this beautiful woman felt in my arms when we hugged. No woman had hugged me like that since Christy. I found myself aroused by the thought of seeing her again. Based on Walters's age, she had to be at least 40 but didn't look a day over 30. She was tall, at least 5'7", had an amazing slender body with perfectly sized breasts and long legs that were accentuated by the black heels and stockings she was wearing. Her eyes were sky blue and her blonde hair rested just at the top of her shoulders. I found myself lost in thought about her smile, eyes, her legs, and the rest of her stunning body when I suddenly realized how inappropriate and creepy it was to think about how sexy she was when she had just been to her father's funeral. I needed to push these sexually centered thoughts out of my mind before I got to Walters house.

I stopped at my house to change before I walked to Walters. It was muggy as it had finally stopped raining and the sun was beginning to peek out baking the saturated ground. I climbed the steps to Walters's house saw on open front door and just walked in. I found the house filled with neighbors and friends, some I knew but most I did not. It was an uncomfortable feeling and just as I was about to turn and leave Sarah saw me. She ran up to me, gave me a hug and a kiss and thanked me for coming before she grabbed my hand and pulled me around the room to meet all her father's friends, introducing me as her dad's best friend over the last year. The afternoon wore on and Sarah kept busy with the crowd. I somehow ended up helping the caterer until only Sarah, the caterer and I were left, and she was preparing to leave.

After I finished helping the caterer carry her things to her car I walked back to the house to tell Sarah good-bye. She met me at the door with a hug and a kiss. This kiss, however, was not a polite thank you for coming kiss but rather a deep, sensuous kiss which when combined with a full frontal hug caused my shorts to bulge instantly. I kissed her back feeling her body relax as I did. When our kiss finally broke and she looked at me with her crooked smile and sparking blue eyes, and without speaking took my hand and led me to the living room.

She turned and sat on the couch, patting the spot next to her in a gesture for me to sit as she smiled up at me. I sat close staring into her eyes, her warm breath and wonderful scent filled my nostrils. When I felt her hand on my thigh I leaned in and softly brushed her lips with mine. I pulled away and she re-engaged, teasing me with her lips and tongue in simple erotic foreplay. It was amazing; I touched her cheek and rubbed her neck and back. In moments, we were making out like young lovers on their parents couch.

Time passed and our hands drifted from platonic foreplay to intimate touching. I began to gently caress her breasts through her dress as she ran her hand inside the leg of my shorts in an attempt to reach my very erect member. I reached for the zipper on the back of her dress and slid it down until it stopped just above her tailbone all the while never breaking contact with her mouth. With the zipper down she broke our embrace, pulled her arms from the dress, and pushed it to her waist exposing her tight tan stomach and her sheer black lace bra.

Maintaining eye contact she moved her arms around to her back, unclasping her bra and sliding it off her shoulders and exposing her perfectly proportioned lily-white breasts, her tan areolas, and her sharply protruding nipples. I stared in admiration and was mute as she took my hands and placed them her breasts. They were soft, tight, and warm. I began to rub, squeeze and pinch her nipples. She responded with a smile as she leaned and began kissing me again. Her tongue darted in my mouth, and across my teeth and lips. As she withdrew it she sucked my tongue into her mouth as our lips remained pressed together. When she released my tongue, I began to suck her lower lip before I sucked on her tongue, which was darting in and out of my mouth. As we kissed, I used my fingers and hands to roll her nipples and gently stroke her breasts while her soft hands and long fingers moved from the leg of my shorts to the front of my shorts where she was working to unbutton and unzip them. Achieving success quickly she began to stoke my fully engorged cock through my pre-cum spotted, stretched boxers.

We continued to lick, kiss, touch, and tease each other in silence as we drove each other into a heightened state of sexual euphoria. I slid one hand off her breast and up to her chest and gently nudged her collarbone encouraging her to a reclining position. As she lay back, she lifted her butt slightly and I slipped my hands into her dress and slid it off her waist, down her legs and completely off her stunning body. She was wearing a tiny, sheer black lace thong that matched her bra and barely covered her pubis. The sight of her tight tan stomach the small butterfly tattoo just above her panty line was mesmerizing. I was afraid to blink, thinking I might miss something. I watched her slip her fingers in the waist of her thong, and push it down as far as she could without sitting up. Excitedly, I placed a hand on each side and finished pulling it all the way off before tossing it to the floor. She was now lying completely naked before me. Her body was stunning! I spoke for the first time complementing her on her perfect, beautiful body. She smiled coyly as she let her long tan legs slowly, teasingly, drift apart, completely exposing her similarly perfect, hairless pussy.

Overcome with desire I knelt next to the couch, my unbuttoned and unzipped shorts causing me to fall clumsily in-between her legs as I lowered my head toward her pussy that was glistening with moisture. I used my mouth and tongue to slowly kiss, lick, and suck. The aroma and taste of her juices were sweet and succulent. I felt her hand on my head guiding me as she moved her hips and squirmed helping my tongue, nose, and lips find her perfect spot. I flattened my tongue to lick her outer lips before I used it to stroke her pussy from her perineum to her clitoris. Then rolling it, I inserted it into her pussy while using my hands to rub and pinch her nipples. In an attempt to instantly push her to orgasm I slid a hand off her breast and pulled back her pubic mound exposing her swollen, pink clitoris and began alternating between gently sucking it and making circle eights over it. She was writing, moaning and panting, don't stop, I am going to cum. My cock was bursting inside my boxers and I wanted to shove it inside her at that moment, but her reaction to my oral caresses was so rewarding I had no intention of stopping. I continued to focus solely on making her cum in the hopes that I could keep myself from doing anything more than making a bigger pre-cum spot on my boxers.

Suddenly, her hips rose, her back arched and her legs squeezed my head as she orgasmed. Her sweet juices flooded my face. I was furiously lapping every drop and her hand continued to hold my face to her pussy. Understanding her direction, I continued to lick and suck her clitoris as her moans, panting and hip gyrations intensified. Minutes later, she came again this time screaming loudly between what sounded like sobs and tears. Then as her legs fell limp, releasing their hold on my head. I moved to her face kissing the tears away as I asked if she was OK. She said nothing; instead, she just kissed me deeply before she abruptly sat up and pushed me back against the other end of the couch. With me lying down, she deftly slid my shorts and boxers off. My cock shot straight up as it was released from its confinement.

With my shorts removed, she leaned in and pulled my shirt up and over my head. Now that I was naked too, she took the opportunity to move her face over my dripping cock. She looked up and smiled as she stuck out her tongue and used it to lick the pre-cum off my stiff member. When it was gone she rolled her tongue sensuously around her lips just before she began lightly kissing the head of my cock and then swallowing it entirely from sight. She was humming as she moved her mouth on my cock while rubbing my balls, pressing, and stroking my perineum with her hands. I was about to explode in her mouth. I pushed her head off my cock.

She looked at me quizzically before she realized what I wanted. She immediately moved her torso up my body and slid her tight, sopping pussy over the shaft of my throbbing cock. She varied her pace and depth of penetration as she moved, leading us both toward orgasm. I gasped and she screamed as I exploded inside her and we came in unison. She continued to ride me and after I went soft she fell lovingly on top of me. We laid there in the afterglow, kissing each other deeply as our mouths exchanged the smell and taste of each other's juices.

We continued to tantalizingly pet each other as we exchanged kisses not speaking as darkness came to the living room. She rose to re-light the candles that had been burning during the wake she asked if I was hungry. I responded only for you as my cock rose to greet her return to the couch. Giggling she said great let's start with dessert. We enjoyed desert and many more courses all during that night and into the next morning in multiple places throughout the house. Sometime before dawn, I drifted off to sleep as we lay in each other's embrace on the couch.

When I woke she was gone. I rose in search of her only to find a note leaning against an end table lamp. It was my father's hope that we could get to know each other better. If you feel the way I do I know you will find me, if not it was fun. Love, Sarah. I gathered my things, locked the house, and walked slowly home determined to find her no matter how long it took.

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