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Throw Caution to the Wind
Erotic Story By- Anonymous

It was a windy early spring day when the pair of long distance lovers met up for an afternoon of exploring at Cedar Bluffs, a new spot for the both of them. It is an hour and a half drive and that fuels her passion. Since they do travel to meet they have explored a lot of the country side and that usually includes a round of sex. There are some rocks, underpasses and picnic tables that could tell a good story.

Our timing was close to perfect, pulling off the highway. We found a good spot to load up into one vehicle, in a hurry after having a nice greeting of a tight hug, a long kiss and a bit of a grind. Opting for sandwiches to go and armed with a crude map we take the south route off the highway. Buckled up on the highway ride we still manage to touch each other, her hand resting on his thigh, while his arm is draped over her shoulders, they carry on a pleasant and playful conversation for 20 min. drive.

The day is sunny and warming the inside the pick up. Turning off the highway onto the dirt road he stops in a few more feet, putting it in park and then unbuckling his lover he slides her to him wanting to continue their greeting. She is happy to comply. The coast is clear so a bit of foreplay is going on. She was quick to grab between his legs for his hard on and he goes to fondling under her sweater at her round firm breasts. A cloud of dust warns them someone is coming.

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She stays put while he puts the car in gear and slowly pulls on down the dirt road. While his hands are handling the wheel she is handling the stiff member in-between his legs. Rubbing over the fabric and digging down under his ass and then kissing him on the ear sending shivers down his spine. The turn off is a small trail that leads towards the lake and some high bluffs. White chalk roads and scrubby trees dot the landscape, till they come to a turn around with parking. They pull into a spot and dig into lunch, fueling up for a good hike and a day of exploring, wind or no, because at this point it was starting to pick up. So while eating they study the area and each other with a 'game on' look.

They take to the high trail to work their way down. Holding hands most times and stopping to kiss and hug when possible. Getting into some rocky terrain as they were now getting into the cliffs over the lake. There, just at the top is an up cropping of rock at just the right height for them to sit and lounge on, to gather some breath and enjoy the view. But with all the foreplay the couple becomes involved with each other once again. Soon they are kissing and searching for skin.

He is the first to gain access under her sweater and freeing her from her bra then pushing her sweater up to expose her flat tummy and her two near perfect breasts. Round, supple and begging to be licked and tickled. He trails kisses up her stomach and to one nipple, slowly drawing it between his lips. Swirling his tongue over the tip then sucking it into his mouth. Her back arches as the pleasure travels from her tit to her clit. Leaving that nipple and kissing his way down the valley and up the other he does the same sending another bolt of pleasure through her. He kneels between her legs eyeing the hardened nipples as he unbuttons her jeans. One button at a time with a kiss. Each button exposing more of her in the bright sunlight and cool breeze.

Kissing her silky panties and breathing in the sweet sex, he lifts her ass up and pulls them out from under her. Dragging both panties and jeans over her thighs and down her shins, resting and binding her legs and feet on either side of his knees. There exposed to him, his lover, her hard nipples rising and falling, her knees widening and her senses heightened, wanting him.

He smiles wide as he takes in the sight of her exquisite pussy, the lips glistening in the sunshine, the breeze giving her unexpected feelings of delight. With full access now, he takes his time and tenderly massages her clit with easy circles before increasing the pressure, letting her enjoy the first wave of pleasure that overcomes her as he looks lovingly into her bight brown eyes. When he senses that she is coming down from her natural high, he continues to drive her wild by inserting a finger into her wet slit working her back to a near frenzied state then inserting another finger to massage her inner core.

He then moves in for the peak and begins to rub her g-spot, just the way she likes it, slow and steady. Gradually increasing the pace and pressure, she squeals in delight and begs him to continue, as the pace gets frenzied she moans with pleasure. As if inside her mind he applies pressure and leaves his fingers on the magic spot as she reaches an intense orgasm and rides the wave of pleasure for what seems like an eternity to her. He leans over her and gives her a kiss while she returns to reality. She eagerly returns the kiss and squeezes her legs around him tight, so thankful that he is her lover and takes her to such great heights.

He breaks away from the kiss and makes his way back down her body, knowing he must taste her wonderful nectar. He stops to arouse her clit, lightly flicking and swirling his tongue over her, getting her back to a highly aroused state. He then slides down a bit and runs his tongue the length of her slit, up then down a few times before concentrating his efforts deep inside of her, Lapping up her delicious juice and driving her into another frenzy, soon he is rewarded for his efforts, receiving a tasty flood of her sweet treat.

Coming up for a breath he soon starts to kiss and massage his way down her bare leg, pushing the tension out toward her feet and then rubbing her foot and nibbling on her toes after a bit he decides he doesn't want to leave her unbalanced and reaches over to remove her pants from the other leg. This leaves her completely exposed in the warm sun and cool breeze, but she is so caught up in the moment and totally immersed in the intimacy that she doesn't care and sighs as he continues his magic touch on the other leg.

After having her completely relaxed and satisfied he returns to her sex, licking and touching. Massaging on her swollen clit with his tongue and massaging inside her core with his fingers. Taking her back in complete sexual pleasure and desire as she approaches yet another climax, he starts to place a finger into her ass, as it is well lubricated by her juices and slides in quite easy.

While this is happening he also inserts two fingers into her sopping pussy and stars to flick her clit with his tongue. Game over as she explodes in the biggest orgasm yet. Moaning and writhing in pleasure as wave upon wave envelopes her entire body, she rides it for awhile and he senses that he needs to let her relax. He rises up and lays with her on the rock, just holding her and letting her enjoy the moment. Pleasing her is the biggest joy in his life and he is satisfied to have done such a thorough job.

Laying in the bright sun with the strong cool breeze their bodies recover quickly. With a devilish grin she leans into him and gives him a hard and passionate kiss before pushing him to a standing position and while rubbing his hard shaft through his jeans telling him she must have it. She immediately grabs at the buttons of his jeans wanting to free the stiff cock from its confines. As soon as she gets the first two undone a huge gust of wind blows through and lifts her jeans off the ground and over the cliff toward the water below.

Being the true gentleman that he is, he quickly buttons up and heads down the trail. Rapidly he makes his way down to the water side, hoping that the jeans will not be to far out to recover. He is relieved when he finds that they are still in the rocks, several feet away from the water. By now she has put on her panties and sweater and is lying on the rock above giving him directions to the wayward jeans. Soon they are in his possession and he makes his way back up the steep trail.

Upon arrival she gives him a grateful hug and realizes that he is winded from the climb and they will have to wait a bit before satisfying his needs. But they both know it will happen. For now they have a fun memory of a great adventure on a windy day in the high plains.


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