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Erotic Story By Carlin Grey

Jane was to most an ordinary housewife, mid forties, well groomed, nice legs with curves in all the right places. Jane likes to try and keep herself in shape, and was quite good at it. She had been with Craig since high school and they were married young so he was the only lover she'd ever had, Craig was a busy executive who had often come home late and frequently too tired for sex.

After several bad years of marriage, they ended up divorcing and Jane found herself lonely. She had more time for daydreaming since the kids were now in college. Jane often admired the tradies (tradesmen) that would come to the house to fix minor things. She spent many an afternoon sunbathing by the pool as the tradies worked inside, hoping that one day they might come outside and join her, but nothing had eventuated, so Jane had got it in her head to take the initiative.

Dave was the electrician they used for minor electrical issues around the house, Dave was a similar age to Craig, and he certainly looked after himself. Jane often noticed what appeared to be a huge bulge in his shorts as he climbed ladders and reached up to fix lights, so she decided next time Dave was needed she would see if she could make him notice her.

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Days turned into weeks, before Jane decided that something electrical would have to need fixing and soon, so she grabbed a stool to help her reach up into the roof to pull the plug on something electrical, little did she realized how easy it would be with a power point just inside the manhole which she duly turned off, unsure as to what she was actually turning off. A quick phone call to Dave's mobile number and he answered straight away, explaining that something electrical wasn't working and she could not work out what it was. Dave replied that he was on the next street over finishing another repair, and would be there in 5 minutes.

Janes heart started racing she had 5 minutes to get herself organized, luckily she had taken the time this morning to remove what remaining unwanted hair there was from her body, under arms, legs and yes a very smooth pussy, so now it was just make up and perfume and lingerie to apply and that short skirt and tight tee shirt she occasionally wore around the house. In wasn't long before the door bell rang and she opened the door to find Dave standing there in he tradie shorts and shirt, ladder under his arm, he had already taken his boots off as Jane had a strict no shoes in the house policy.

"Where's the problem?" he asked, to which Jane blushed and lead him to the laundry where the manhole is, "OK let's get up, and have a look, it shouldn't be too hard", Jane again blushed and said, "I had a look before and I think I saw something that should be put it somewhere". As Dave climbed the ladder Jane's eyes didn't leave his crotch, which seemed to be growing with every rung he climbed, and Dave's quick glance down saw exactly what she was doing.

Dave stuck his head in the manhole and saw the plug that had been turned off and pulled out, but not wanting to make Jane seem silly for calling him he pretended to look around for awhile, "I cant see anything here" he said climbing down, "perhaps you should have a look and show me what you were looking at before", Jane face flushed red, and she knew that she was already very moist between her legs, and her nipples were well and truly at attention.

As she stepped up the first rung of the ladder she looked at Dave and said "You'll have to keep me steady, I don't like going up these things, I'd prefer going down", now it was Dave's turn to blush as he too watched her slowly climb the ladder, till her short skirt was just above his head and he was looking straight up at her panties which were clearly wet. As she went to take another step she slightly slipped causing him to react by grabbing her thighs and holding her still, one hand almost touching her panties, "Thank you" she gasped "I think I might stay here".

"Come on down now" Dave said thinking he shouldn't take advantage of a vulnerable woman in this situation. As she stepped slowly down he kept his hands on her thighs, luckily as she missed the rung on the ladder and ended up in his arms both of them almost stumbling to the floor. Their eyes met and Jane sighed "Perhaps we should check the bedroom lamp, it was having issues this morning" and with that she lead him by the hand down the hall to the bedroom.

Once inside the bedroom door she turned and put two hands on his chest and said "I should thank you properly for saving me" and proceeded to unbutton his shirt, again putting two hands on his now bare chest, before sliding them down to start unbuckling his shorts.

Jane could feel his cock growing by the second and from what she could feel it was big, very big! She slowly lowered herself down towards his huge member that she was now holding in two hands, his purple knob was pulsating and she could see moisture starting to well at the tip. I can't back out now she said to herself as she gently kissed, then began licking and sucking his magnificent cock, rubbing it with two hands, which she only just managed to get around it. She took it into her mouth slowly taking it in bit by bit, while her hands alternated between his shaft and balls. Just as she thought to herself there is no way I am going to be able to take all of this either in my mouth or my pussy, Dave's hands slowly but firmly lifted her up by the shoulders and lifted her shirt over her head to reveal a bra-less chest with nipples hard as little rocks.

He lifted her up and against the wall putting his massive member between her legs, straining against her panties, almost pushing them inside her, and kissing, caressing, sucking her nipples, the first thought that went through her head was that if I didn't have panties on I would be impaled on this thing! Then before she knew it he swung her around and lowered her onto the bed, looking into her eyes with a cheeky intent, he kissed his way down her stomach, to the waist of her skirt, before saying "On or off?"

Jane's head was spinning with desire, "Off, off, off" she replied as he pulled the skirt and her now drenched panties off over her ankles, and began slowly kissing rubbing his way back up her legs and thighs, before pausing to admire her pussy which was glistening with juices that were seeping from her. A quick glance up at her and she lifted her knees and allowed them to fall apart, signaling to him that she wanted to be taken.

His tongue slowly teased up and down each side of her slit before he guided it straight up the middle causing her lips to parts and her moisture to trickle down. His fingers and hands gently ran up the side of her pussy before joining his tongue in working her now generously swollen clit. This was almost too much for her to bear as she groaned with delight, placing her hand on his head and pulling it into her crotch.

He slid first one then two fingers inside her moist warm cave, as his tongue and lips nibbled flicked and teased her clit, his fingers first driving in then curling up and pulling back teasing her inside and out, one, two, three times before she shuddered, grabbed his head harder and thrust the hips into his face, cumming with a massive exhale of breath before gasping for air again, crying "OH my GOD!, yes, yes, yes!"

As she slowly loosened the grip on his head his tongue gently tickled her clit and lips, as she rode the wave of euphoria that seemed to go on forever. At last she was breathing somewhat normally which he took as a sign to move his attention up her stomach to her breasts, as he did she could feel his cock slide up he legs which again made her think, how am I going to take all of that in me.

As their eyes met he saw her reluctance and said "We can stop if you like". It was too late she wasn't sure how she was going to take it but she knew she wanted it, badly! So all she could get out was "No, but I don't think I can take it all". The grin on his face told her that this wasn't the first time he had heard that, and his reassuring voice said "Trust me you'll be fine, I will go slowly". With that she reached down with two hands and grabbed the monster that was about to enter her, the huge head was dripping wet as she guided it slowly up and down her pussy, then circled her clit with it, the thought of that pulsating beast had her on the verge again and one more glide up and down had her squirming with delight as she came again, Dave gently nipped her nipples and caressed her generous breasts.

"You ready?" he asked tactfully, as he knew she was still in the raptures of her second orgasm in almost as many minutes. Her smile and nod was all he need and given that her hands were already holding him right where she wanted it, he slowly pushed forward with his hips. The groan she let out was one of pleasure and pain, for whilst she felt his cock was about to split her in half she wanted it, all of it.

Inch by inch she guided and he pushed, she still had one hand fully wrapped around it and yet she felt like she could take no more, he withdrew slightly as her juices coated the end half of monster she had taken, and with that he pushed forward again her now drenched pussy, lubricating the huge cock that was impaling her, again she groaned, this time it was more pleasure than pain and finally she released her grip that had prevented her taking it all and he drove his monster cock into her, and whispered "There I knew you could", she smiled and sighed trying to catch her breath, before he began pounding her slowly at first, withdrawing almost the full length before giving it all back to her, as she gasped in rhythm with his pounding until his pace increased to a point where it was impossible for her to breath that quickly, faster and faster the full length of his cock was driving into her over and over, until she squealed "I'm cumming again" and with that he thrust forward hard and held himself deep inside her as she orgasmed, and convulsed for a solid 30 seconds before he exploded with a thick stream gushing inside her, she could feel herself being filled with his hot cum, his pulsating cock throbbing and he unloaded inside her. His smile was only matched by the look of delight on her face, as he withdrew slowly one last time, Jane glancing down at the beast she had taken, all of it!

Dave grinned as he stood back and pulled his shorts back on and said "I'd better go and plug that roof light back in, I wont need to charge you for this house visit!" And with that he was gone.

Jane lay there shocked amazing and content that she had just had the fuck of her life, thinking I wonder if I can find the fuse box tomorrow!


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