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Erotic Story By Bobjj123

Friday afternoon, as Fern Eddelson emerged from her office and headed for the outdoors, she was bored. Since her promotion, life had taken on a rather casual, easy nature and she had time on her hands. There would be no more promotions for many years and she simply had to keep her facility running smoothly or seek another job. As she descended the stairs from the second floor, she considered that it wasn't likely that she could find another job that paid even half of her pay here.

Then, as she emerged into the outdoors and moved toward her car in the parking lot. She decided that she'd just have to develop some interesting outside activities - why not camping, fishing or swimming? There were so many things to from which to choose.

At the ripe old age of thirty one, Fern's life had been dedicated towards her career. She had no close friends and only a couple of boyfriends;neither of which offered her any real affection. One, in high school had taken her to the senior prom dance and, with her full cooperation and fucked her afterwards.

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It had been an experiment on her part and she'd long forgotten the incident. It wasn't because she wasn't physically attractive. On the contrary, her well-proportioned 5' 9" and 130 pound frame, supported a very feminine, peach complexion with long, black hair which she normally kept tied up in a neat bun.

In college, she was a very apt student and carried a straight 4.0 grade point average so that, on graduation, she'd been hired directly as a potential management employee. Exercising diligence, she had advanced rapidly in the company to the position of manager of the plant.

So it was that Fern Eddelson at 2:25 pm on the Friday before a weekend, found herself driving to nowhere in particular with no plans for her future. As she drove, she had a thought. Then it came to her. She would engage in sex - really good sex; the kind she'd always heard about. But how? As she considered her plan, she realized that there were professional gigolos who might provide her with some guidance. Of course, they'd only be part of any solution as she could not be emotionally involved with a professional.

She decided that a professional, with the proper selection and with the advanced warning of her lack of experience and caring in nature, would be a good start. Now, to put her plan into effect. With her car's cell phone, after several unsuccessful calls, she was soon able to find a good escort agency where she explained her needs and was advised of a price. A deal was cut and the male escort would be at her apartment at 4:00 PM

She hurried home; quickly showered and donned clean underwear; dressed n a nice dressing gown; went to her kitchen to prepare wine and food; then, rested with ten minutes to spare before her assignation. She waited nervously.

It was at 3:59 PM when Fern answered her door, looking calm and collected, and faced a nice looking man of perhaps 35 years of age who introduced himself as Zack. She invited him in and had him seated in her living room as she brought food and drink. Soon, having positioned the trays of food and drink in easy reach, she sat beside this man who had was to show her the ways of good sex and lifted a cracker to his mouth. Zack, hoping to please her, took a cracker and fed it to her. They sipped their wine together. Then, Fern handed Zack the money that paid for his services. They sipped more wine.

When Zack opened her dressing gown and reached for her breasts, Fern started to object, and after a moment, relented. After all, that's what he's there for, she thought. Having recognized this, she tried to relax and enjoy the pleasure. Soon, she became comfortable with his hands and was able to enjoy the sensuous pleasure they were delivering to her breasts. When Zack's lips replaced his hands and began to suckle her nipples, she sought the pleasure he was delivering. She decided this professional was good.

When his hands moved to her belly as he worked to remove her dressing gown, Fern decided it was time for a change of venue and arose to take her lover's hand and lead him to her bed where the covers had been removed to expose the clean, white, sheets. As they approached the bed, Fern was hot; she felt the wetness in her groin. As they reached the bed, Zack turned her to him and embraced her. In seconds her dressing gown was gone and Fern was being French kissed as she was embraced. A few more seconds and she felt her bra unclasped to fall free and expose her breasts.

Somehow, Fern knew her breasts were beautiful and she wanted Zack to see them as they fell free of the confining bra. She posed. Then, she felt her half-slip and panties fall to the floor. Again, she felt power. She wanted to pose for her new lover. It was at precisely that moment that she saw Zack's body free of all clothing. Suddenly she was concerned and couldn't think of a reason but she was concerned. Then, when Zack had embraced her and she felt his hot cock trapped between their belly s her concern deepened - what if she wasn't good at this? What if she couldn't perform? This lover would expect much, she reasoned.

After a few moments, Zack positioned the lovely Fern, centered, on the bed, on her back with her knees widely splayed. Then, he climbed on to the bed, between her knees and kissed her lightly on the tender flesh of her inner thighs. As Fern felt the sensations from his oral ministrations, she wondered if he might actually perform cunnilingus on her and as she considered, she felt his lips move up and over her labia. It was certainly a very fun thing he was doing. In minutes, he had bathed he clit in warm spit and licked the soft inner flesh of her vestibule to leave her enveloped in sensations. When he moved upwards and over her, he paused briefly to suckle her nipples before moving to kiss her on the lips. Fern sensed that she was about to be entered - his cock lay only inches from her vagina and she felt it, big and hard. She wondered it there'd be pain as it seemed like her previous high school experience had been painful.

Their eyes met and Zack's were asking for permission as Fern's responded with with an affirmative nod. Go easy, she said, I'm not used to this. When she felt the head of his now throbbing cock at the entrance to her vagina, she braced herself. The big tool slipped in an inch or two and she felt only pleasure. Then after partial withdrawal, he trust it in again to a depth of 3 or 4 inches and again no pain. Two more thrusts and Fern felt Zack's cock pressed against her cervix. There had been no pain.

As they lay, fully joined, Fern realized that there'd be no pain; overjoyed with the knowledge, she relaxed and allowed the pleasure to envelope her. As they lay fully joined, getting familiar, she felt all those things that she'd heard about and they were better than she'd been lead to believe. Shortly, Zack moved a slight withdrawal really; then, a thrust to her cervix. Fern continued to enjoy the pleasure that she was receiving with each continuing thrust and in a minute, she found pleasure in the counter-thrust where she met his thrust with her counter-thrust and impaled herself on his cock.

They were working together, each imparting pleasure to the other. Fern realized that she'd never been so deeply engrossed in anything as she felt her passions continue to rise. She realized that she was seeking something, but what? It was bat this point that Fern's passions seemed to take control of her actions and her pleasure grew in intensity. She could no longer reason clearly and suddenly she felt her body react in a violent orgasm - her first with a man. She drew closer to Zack as the tremors of passion from her orgasm roared through her. She felt Zack resting on her belly, his cock still firmly embedded in her. Together they lay resting as Fern felt the incredible intimacy that can follow good sex.

Then, all too soon, Zack arose and went to the bathroom. Fern had been fucked and fucked well. It was over. After that first experience, Fern was eager to explore the subject of sex further and she began to make plans. This time, she didn't want a professional; rather, an experienced older man, one who she might seduce and who was experienced.

As the weeks passed, her search continued to no avail. She knew that she was hot - her previous experience had told her that. She knew she could have most any man but she had only a very special kind of man in mind. It was in the fall, when Fern was meeting with an engineering corporation staff, that she saw him. He'd looked at each woman in the office once; then, no more. He seemed definitely interested. Then, she casually asked another person at the meeting who the man was. He'd responded that Chet was the sharpest engineer in the company - shame though as his work had suffered when his wife of fifteen years, whom he'd adored, had suddenly left him for a tycoon who had fancied her.

She checked the man out; six feet tall, good physical shape, healthy, sexy and made up her mind. This man, Chet, was the man she was looking for. She moved toward him in the group. As they became close, Fern introduced herself and added the information that she was the CEO of her plant. Chet seemed unimpressed. For the rest of the afternoon Fern remained close to Chet. What Fern didn't know was that this recently divorced man, Chet, was seeking to remain close to her too.

As their meeting ended, Chet suggested that, since it was near the dinner hour, Fern might like to join him for dinner. She readily agreed as it fit her plan for seduction well. For Chet I was first time since his divorce that he'd actually considered laying with another woman and he was suddenly very much in a seduction mode. Fern was a beautiful woman and a challenge! So it was as the two new friends went to a small Italian café and enjoyed dinner together. It was a time of getting familiar with each other. As each pursued their seduction and worked on techniques and ways to impress the other.

Like two high school kids, they were awkward and unpolished in their ways and it was only their mutual desires that kept them together. That first date was not a success. Sheer determination, on both their parts, brought Chet and Fern together for a second date. This time, the pair seemed to find mutual interests and felt their physical attraction for each other. A week and a half dozen dates passed between them as they grew closer.

Slowly, Chet began to remember his old talents that might arouse the woman. Perhaps the time with his ex-wife was not a total loss. Then, he forgot her. From that point on, Fern and Chet were lovers. Each worked at pleasing each other and in so doing, increased their own pleasure. They were soon good at their acts. The culmination came when Chet met Fern as she had just left work and took her to their favorite restaurant where they had dinner before him taking her home. There, they sat on the sofa together. When Chet moved to touch her breasts through her clothing, Fern encouraged him. Then, when he tried to loosen her business suit in preparation for removing it, she cooperated. Even as they worked, she regretted having worn such complicated lingerie as she'd fully expected that she might be undressed. In addition, having come directly from work, she felt dirty. She needed a shower and was concerned that Chet might be offended by her bad body odor. It was Chet who suggested, "Let's shower together. We can wash each other." Strangely, Fern felt no embarrassment as she dropped her remaining clothing and entered the warm water spray of the shower with Chet following behind.

In seconds, they were scrubbing each other clean. After another minute or two, the duo exited the shower, dried off and raced for the bed. This time the sex was wild and fun as they met each other's needs. Building the passion in their partner became their fondest play. It was sex at its best. After a time of play on the bed, Chet looked into Fern's eyes and she felt her passions jogged; her desires most imminent; her body prepared. She was ready; "Put it in me," she said. The coitus was the best either had ever encountered as they fucked each other with reckless abandon.

All else had been forgotten, except each other, as they worked to entice even more pleasure in their partner. Time seemed to stand still as they allowed the waves of sensuous pleasure roll through them. Then, it was over as they peaked together. As Chet quickly withdrew from their embrace and left for the bathroom, Fern knew that there'd be no relationship with him, no feelings, no caring. Chet was history.

Again, Fern stopped to reassess her feelings before making any future plans. She began to wonder what she did want. Obviously she wanted a solution to her hormone problem. But surely there was more. She would simply have to determine what she wanted before proceeding further. As she considered, days turned to weeks, weeks to months and she maintained a rather formal social life as she attended concerts, operas, shows, parties and other social events. Men, though always on her mind, were never a consideration.

It was Thanksgiving day when she accompanied several female acquaintances to a football party. It started around 10:00 am with a tailgate party; then, the football game at 1:00 PM and celebration party at a special party room at a downtown hotel at 5:00 PM As she arrived at the tailgate party she noticed her female friends seemed to move in all directions to hook up with one of the available males in attendance. Stranded, alone, she was approached by a man.

A man who offered friendship as he seemed to maintain a safe distance. Glad for the company to offer protection from unwanted advances, she allowed him. Beer flowed in abundance and it was fun. Then, a delicious dinner and to the game with the man who always seemed close. Fern did not discourage him as his presence was a protection against unwanted advances from men interested in bedding a single woman alone. He was also big and ugly, a burly construction worker and she reasoned not her type.

At the game, the beer came continuously as they sat in their special grandstand seats. Again it was fun and part time. It was late afternoon when Fern left the grandstand - or rather was taken from the grandstand. The beer she had consumed had left her intoxicated and too unstable to walk. The man she now knew as Fred stayed with her and offered assistance. It was sometime, later that night, when Fern awoke n a strange bed and with a terrible headache and hangover. She started to arise; then, fell back into bed; she was still drunk.

Meanwhile, the man she knew only as Fred sat in the room's chair, apparently asleep. As she lay there in the bed, in her misery, she assessed her situation. She remembered the big, burly man who sat in the chair as the man who had accompanied her earlier. She wondered… had he taken her and violated her while she was in the drunken state?

A quick check of her groin seemed to indicate that he hadn't. Relaxing somewhat with this knowledge, she began to wonder what he wanted for all his efforts. Surely, he wasn't just a nice guy. She'd never met a nice guy and doubted their existence. When Fred ordered coffee and rolls for her breakfast, she wondered again as she attempted to rise up in bed to accept the food. It was when she rose up that she became violently sick and Fred carried her to the bathroom where she coughed up some fluids and a lot of gas.

In due time, Fred assisted her back to her bed. Back in the bed, she slept; not soundly but a troubled sleep with lots of stirring, mumbled words and violent outbursts. Fred ordered breakfast for himself and sat in his chair, watching over the sleeping Fern. It was nearly noon when Fern awoke again and she was met by Fred with a tray of coffee and rolls.

This time, she drank the coffee and ate the cinnamon rolls before asking if here were more. It was as Fred was getting more food for her that Fern arose, went to the bathroom, showered and redressed with the bathrobe. As she primped, in the bathroom, she began to feel the effects of the hangover abating.

A few minutes later and Fern at the table in her room, eating the food that Fred had brought. She was relaxed as she thought of the lackey that she had acquired to care for her every desire. She'd enjoy using him. Go down and get me the morning paper, she ordered in an authoritative voice.

Suddenly the mood changed.

Fred arose from his chair and said, "I guess you're feeling better. I'm out of here."

"Not yet Fred! I'm not done with you yet!"

"Go to hell woman! I thought you were something special but you're not!"


But, he was gone.


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