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Vaginal Waterfall
Erotic Story By Anonymous

Our eyes met as my newlywed husband came back from the restroom and I could feel the excitement exploding within me as the day had been sweetly passionate and was reflecting on it as our dinner cam to an end. We were now left with the fun of going back home to be with one another.

My heart was overflowing with passion as the man of my dreams came walking closer to me. I could feel the electrical pull toward him as I stood up to embrace him. The moment our bodies came inches apart, I felt the heat consuming our bodies.

We embraced holding one another in a tight, loving rapture. I could smell his sweet skin; feel the warmth of his body. His hands wrapped around my waist pulling me snug into him. My hands running over his back and up his neck to his hair sent chills down my spine. My senses were overwhelmed, I felt faint from such intensity.

We pulled back enough to gaze excitedly into one another's eyes, our hearts pounding; we embraced again oblivious to anything or anyone around us. Our world was one. I slid my hand into his, as I could not stop touching his body.

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We walked to the door of the restaurant with smiles beaming from our faces. We found it impossible to stop caressing one another other. I touched his face with my fingertips, and already I could feel my pussy was dripping with cum.
I had been anticipating this all day. I was on fire and my body was shaking with little shivers from the overwhelming emotions pouring out of me. His hand ran through my long, soft, light blonde hair and softly grabbing the back of my neck I found my body rise a couple degrees in temperature. My pussy was contracting sending hotter, wet cum into my panties. I felt my mind lost in his touch, I could not find words easily as I was consumed with his presence.

Everything I had felt, the love, the passion, the desire, was now intensified to a point of enormous flow and I found myself half closing my eyes as I took in his energy, and his body and I was consumed with craving every inch of him. Our hands played together only leaving to run through each other's hair or down each other's backs.

We came to the underground parking lot full of cars, but with only the occasional person passing by. I felt desire pushing its way through me and I stopped to gently push him to a stop against a huge, round support beam made of concrete. My back to the beam, I pulled him by his shirt closer to me looking deeply into his beautiful hazel eyes. I ran my soft, wet, pink tongue over my crimson red lips making them wet and hot with my saliva.

He moved his sexy, full lips to mine with them slightly parted to taste me. The moment his lips caressed mine I felt my pussy contract with a surge of heat and hot cum. My heart was racing; my body was softly quivering at his touch. The car ride home seemed to take forever, despite it only being ten minutes. We walked into the door, and barely closing it behind us, his soft, wet tongue glided into my longing mouth meeting with mine. Our tongues slid into and around one another; our lips opened wider as we slowly fucked each other's mouths. Soft little moans escaped me as he pulled me closer to him.

I could feel his cock growing harder through his jeans pushing with force against the denim. He began to grind his cock against my pubic bone. A small gasp of pleasure came from my mouth as I let my head fall back against the wall. I felt his hot breath and tongue slide down my chin and onto my neck. I was caught in sexual rapture that I had never experienced. My scarlet painted nails dragged down his back as he thrust up against me pushing his still restrained cock harder against my pussy. I felt his hand run down my neck, and over my breasts. My soft pink nipples became erect and pushed against my lace bra with yearning. His hand slid down my skirt onto my thigh, only to come back up and under to get to my cum soaked panties underneath.

As his fingers ran up my creamy white thigh, I opened my legs and rest one foot on the arm of the couch next to us. His fingers pushed up against my dripping panties, he slid his fingers against the red satin that was holding my soft, blonde pubic hair now hot and cum laden. I heard him moan as he felt how hot and wet he had made my pussy. My breathing was quick and heavy, and he was taking me quickly to the edge. I ran my hand down his waist to his hard, engorged cock now ripping at the seams of his jeans. I moaned through my heavy breathing at the feel of his cock pushing against my hand. I ran my nails along the outline of his shaft, teasing him with what is to come. He pushed me down on the couch with his fingertips pulling my soaked panties to the side exposing my hungry, wet pussy.

Drops of cum were dripping from the tufts of soft pubic hair surrounding my pussy and covering his fingers with the scent of my arousal. His finger slid effortlessly against the outside of my pussy lips. My pink folds beckoned him to come deeper as he teased me with his soft gliding motions over them and my swollen clit. My pelvis thrust uncontrollably forward to take him in. Our tongues returned to each other's mouths, moaning and sighing as we explored each other's bodies. My hand softly cupped his balls and then slid up his rock hard shaft to his head. I pulled apart his button down jeans. With force his huge, swollen cock escaped its confines and pushed forward with an enthusiastic release.

The feel of him through his boxers was more intense as I could now feel the beautiful shape of his head, and blood encouraged veins bulging up his cock. My fingers lightly pulled down his boxers and jeans as he helped by squirming out of them. I shivered as I could finally feel his cock's silky skin with my fingers tips. I slid my fingers around the tip of his cock, running them around the edges of his engorged, purple head. My mouth watered wanting to taste his head, but he pulled down my panties and slid into me now slowly parting my pink, pussy lips. As his cock was drenched with hot cum oozing out of me, he slid it deeper and deeper into my contracting pussy, now feeling the soft wet walls pushing against him. His cock slid back and he pushed it into me harder this time causing me to moan louder as I lost myself in total surrender.

The head of his cock fucking my gspot was making it hard not to cum. I began to scream in ecstasy as hot wet juice gushed from my pussy running over his cock and abdomen and all over my thighs. His face showed some surprise at the almost two cups worth of cum squirting hard from my pussy. He seemed to get even more aroused and smiled as he quickly returned to fucking me, only harder as his excitement began to heighten. The tip of his cock found my cervix, and the pleasurable pain I felt as he pushed deep inside me pushed me again to the edge of ecstasy. As he pulled his cock back through my wet pussy walls, my pink lips pulled at him to keep him inside me. My calves wrapped around his ass pulling him deeper into me with every thrust and I screamed with delight as the sensation within my pussy became even hotter. I felt the rush of milky cum gushing over and around his cock. The walls of my pussy squeezed him really hard over and over again.

His cock continued to fuck my eager, wet pussy and my tight, soft pussy walls pushed and contracted against his hard, silky cock. The pressure of my pussy clenching around his cock seemed to send him into frenzy and as he fucked me harder and harder. I could feel another wave of arousal start to lead me to climax again. As he saw my reaction to the hard thrusting of his cock, and could see that I was about to cum, he gazed at my pussy as I shot out another burst of cum, drenching his cock, abdomen, and legs.

The sight of this drove him wild and before I could finish gushing a wave of orgasm came washing over him with great force. Cum exploded deep inside my hot, wet pussy, as he released his white, creamy load inside me. His cock still throbbing in my wet contracting pussy, I held him tightly, while feeling his heart beating hard and quickly against my chest. I slowly ran my legs down his body, only to hold onto him tightly as my legs felt weak and shaky from the intense orgasms still electrifying my body. I remember a smile crossing my face as I looked back at him he smiled and he whispered… "Un-fucking believable!"


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