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My First Fingering
True Erotic Story By Jean

This is a true story of how I was fingered for the first time. I was in my final year of high school. Innocent, and still a virgin; I was invited one afternoon to a pool party and met an older boy from the local boy's school, who seemed to like me. We had a fun time until he wanted to kiss me. I was very embarrassed due to my inexperience as I didn't know what to do so I opened my mouth thinking it was how it was done and he laughed and said, "Don't bite me!" I thought that was the end of seeing him and found myself feeling silly for having even attempted a kiss.

To my surprise, a couple of days later he invited me to see a movie with him and we went on a few dates until one day he suggested I come over to his house. Excited for alone time with him and an opportunity to do better with regard to physical contact, I put on my favorite dress which had a heart shaped neckline and flared skirt which flattered my curves.

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Once at his house, we had some orange juice and then went to his room where he sensuously began to kiss me. This time, with no awkward behavior on my part I soon found him guiding me into a sensual abyss. After we kissed with his hot tongue probing mine for a while I was very aroused and could feel the heat and moisture seeping through my panties.

I didn't really know what I was experiencing at the time as it was overwhelming as it carried me away and felt amazing. We moved to his bed and lay down together where we continued to kiss and he slowly and he started to gently caress my body and kiss my neck part of my shoulders and chest.

At first, he caressed my back then moved sideways toward my breasts until he gently and tentatively placed a palm over my breast and rubbed my nipple through the fabric of my dress and my bra. It felt so good and I was still so innocent. After doing this for some time and tracing the edge of my dress sometimes sliding his finger under, he slid his whole hand under and into my bra and clasped my entire breast in his hand. I gasped. I felt great and my body felt as though I was lit on fire with lust.

He pushed my bodice aside and undid my bra and began to lick and suck my nipples. While all this was happening I was feeling all kinds of strange new sensations in my body. When he sucked my nipples my groin felt strangely awakened and wonderful. Then while he was paying such wonderful attention to my breasts with his mouth his hand went down to my underwear where his forefinger slowly circled and traced the shape of my vulva making my clitoris harden and point through the cotton of my chaste underwear.

He knew what he was doing and I found myself pressing my vulva into his palm because it felt so good. I was moaning now and my pussy felt very hot and wet and it felt as though it was opening up craving his touch. I suddenly felt like I wanted, no needed, him inside me. But he, not rushing anything slowly let a finger slide under the leg of my panties and found my brushed my pussy then retreated.

He then began circling my clit and vulva the way he had done through my panties. It was so delicious. My pussy was dripping wet and so hot. When he finally dipped his first finger into my vagina I reared up into his hand because by now I wanted more though I didn't actually know what more was.

He carried on teasing and withdrawing not going deep just circling and dipping. Soon, as my breathing quickened, and I began to moan, he added a second finger and dipped a little deeper. I pushed against his hand thrusting him into me. I wanted his fingers deep inside my pussy so when finally he slid them all the way in as I was pressing myself on his fingers as hard as I could I came moaning loudly as I did.

He must have come too though I must confess that while all this was happening I did nothing but enjoy his attentions and respond to his kisses and caresses. I did not touch him at all. I wouldn't have known what to do. I didn't even see his penis but there was a wet patch on the coverlet so I'm pretty sure he did cum. Though to be honest I didn't know what cumming was, for either of us.

After we lay there a while kissing we got up and I went home with this interesting new feeling between my legs. At home, I found blood on my underwear when I went to the bathroom. I had lost my hymen while bucking on his fingers grinding my pussy into his hand. After this, I began to masturbate frequently. I wanted the feel of something in my cunt all the time. I'd use whatever objects I could find. For a long time I was afraid of doing it with a boy again because I thought for sure I would go all the way if I did. To this day, I can still remember how wonderful that first time felt and think of it from time to time.


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