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The Erotic Wanderings of Lorna
Erotic Story By Cyberwalker

Bolting herself upright, she felt the muscles on her flat stomach tighten and relax as waves of torrent surged through her, emanating simultaneously from the two pleasure points at the base of her body. Two masculine organs tore into her vagina and moisturized anus respectively, leaving her shamelessly twitching her naked body in the open night air.

Looking around her she found herself on a small, low square platform at the center of an ancient, large, circular white marble stage in the middle of nowhere, lit by some ten yellow lamps standing at the edges. White flags with indecipherable markings stood on long wooden poles all around them, flying wild in the air. She was sitting body erect on the lap of a man lying down on the small stone platform, whose limbs she could see beneath her own legs sliding down the side of the platform to enable him thrusting power, as she rode him with her back to his face.

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In the soft yellow light she made out a figure close in front of her. Facing her, standing on her knees and swaying nude in the wind as if intoxicated, was a tall and exotic olive demi-goddess - a woman as unreal in her perfect feminine form as in the grace of her mystic physical demeanor. The goddess's soft full breasts with their taut brown nipples swayed with her, almost brushing against the brown pointed nipples of younger breasts, as the girl opposite her balanced her body across wave after wave of rich sensations ruthlessly tearing through her, the two cocks digging into her again and again without respite. Two strong arms held and fixed her small waist in place, as her upper body bolted forward and then back as she threw back her long brown hair feeling the cool wind hit her body and face. Looking back she saw that there was but one man with a toned body, beneath her, letting her sit on himself, putting his cock inside her vagina. The other cock was something like an electronic device attached through a complicated contraption to the man's stomach, which drilled into her anus while simultaneously lubricating it. The sight of the mechanical device going in and out of her asshole, sent further shivers of pleasure and a sensation of eeriness through her simultaneously. At the same time, she suddenly felt like her asshole had taken all it could, and as the hazel eyes of the young man locked with hers, with an understanding gesture, as if by magic of intuition, he withdrew the mechanical device out of her anus and put it to rest.

Comforted by the respite on the walls of her asshole, and feeling the man enter her vagina with greater lust now, she shot him a warm smile and started twisting her waist around his cock making him moan with pleasure. Then turning forward, she softly put her arms around the lady in front of her, digging her face into the latter's warm neck. The goddess hugged her back, and held her in place while suddenly the man's hands tightened their grip on her waist, holding it down and thrusting into her more forcefully now. Her body was helplessly fixed straight erect as her face rubbed against the other woman's soft chest. She sniffed in the lovely scent of the goddess's naked body. Suddenly she felt like a little child hugging herself against her mother's skin for warmth and protection. Till now, dancing on two cocks in the middle of a circular marble stage, she had had a strange foreboding as her body had moved with pleasure in the open wind, that somehow she were being offered up to some divine entity as a sacrifice. Now she wanted to feel safe in the warm bosom of this perfect woman. But as she stayed fastened by the man's iron grip on her waist and the other woman's embrace across her shoulders, her vagina being pounded away again and again by the warm flesh of the youth, she suddenly felt the goddess's soft breath close in on her face. In a second the goddess was biting the tender lobes of her ear. And at this moment a rip-roaring orgasm stormed through the body of the younger girl, lurching her forward and bending her body, until she awoke with a start, sweating, saliva dripping down the side of her mouth. The bus had come to a stop and someone was shaking her.

Lorna Zimmerman of twenty eight years and rich long brown hair stepped into the caress of the warm midday sun, strapping her backpack behind her. As her bus left with a primeval roar only rare old souls from its species are known to produce, Lorna found a narrow forest road with the appropriate signpost leading away from the asphalt. She took to this road and her pace quickened at the thought of the weekend ahead - left to her own devices in these woods far removed from her city life, she would indulge in some of her favorite past times, namely writing and watching films. But this time, she suspected, it would not be the latest films of acclaim from the festival circuit (which she followed avidly alongside more mainstream fare) which would grab her attention. Instead, she planned to spend a good deal of time re-watching her favorite porn flicks, seated in the bed of nature, out of the twisted reach of modern communications. She had been here once before. She knew from experience that the only human presence here for miles was that of an old man who kept the lodge. Only rare visitors with special knowledge and taste would ever come and stay at the lodge, with the approval of the old man. It was not a hotel open to all.

It is not as if Lorna did not enjoy the company of men, or that she was unattractive to them. In fact, she was acknowledged in the hushed circles of her male colleagues as the most elegant and beautiful member of the feminine sex in their office, both in her looks and her physicality, with her luscious long brown hair, small breasts and a lithe toned body of a regular yoga practitioner. Every once in a while Lorna would allow a distant male friend or acquaintance to take her out for a date, bring her home and spend the night with her. Yet her most cherished sexual appetite was reserved for erotic literature bordering on fantasy, erotic cinema and porn. She never tried to guess why. She loved what she loved, until she loved another exclusively.

Over the last two weeks work pressure had been somewhat debilitating for any scope of relaxation and during this time Lorna had had no respite for any significant recreations, leave alone any sexual experience. As the trees around her began to clear and the tiny lodge came into view, she decided to dump her luggage and give her body some much needed attention at the soonest.

It really was a pretty hot day and Lorna was already sweating profusely all over her body fitting olive green tank top. She came out of the path into a large flat clearing with the beautiful lodge at one end. Immediately behind the lodge and all around the clearing a gentle forest spread in all directions. The ground of red earth, mostly grassless around her, was shining in the blazing sun. As she came closer to the lodge entrance, an unexpected creature stepped out of the door. A young girl, slightly shorter than her, sporting a longish, pretty and colorful flutter bikini top and a knee length thin white skirt stopped in her tracks as she saw Lorna. Then a welcoming smile spread across her face.

"Hi, I am looking for Mr. Sergey Rybak. Would you know him?"

The unknown girl held up a finger and motioned for her to wait, as she took out a pen and a pad from the cloth bag dangling on her shoulder. She swiftly wrote out something and showed it to Lorna.

"Sergey Rybak was my father. He passed away last month. Me and my boyfriend Illya take care of the place now. My name is Anya."

Lorna gathered that the dark blonde, Belarusian girl could not speak. She expressed her condolence and introduced herself. Anya wrote telling her that she knew who Lorna was, since she had heard a lot about her from her late father and that she was welcome to stay. The lodge was vacant, except for the top room where she and her brother lived.

Within the next ten minutes, Anya set everything up for Lorna in her room. Lorna could not help feeling a twinge of enchantment at the sight of this young girl. She must have been six or seven years younger than her which would make her twenty two or twenty three. She was beautiful in a most disarming way, with her grey eyes, luminescent skin, medium hair, delicate frame and a flat soft belly visible under the curve of her flutter bikini top. Once her room was ready, Anya told Lorna that her brother was out to the nearby town for supplies and that she herself was heading into the forest for a while. Offering some sandwiches and beer kept in the kitchen to Lorna, she left.

Lorna finished one half of a sandwich and drained a pint of beer eagerly before stepping out into the sun. She had been thirsty and had not bothered to change from her sweaty clothes, which now clung damp onto her body. She walked over to the large old well in a corner near the trees, with a tube well at its side. She did not know whether it was the quick intake of the beer or the extreme sun and humidity burning and soaking her skin in sweat, or simply the knowledge that she was all alone out in the open, but before she knew it she had taken off all her clothes in anticipation of a cool bath at the tube well.

A square polished surface of stone extended to one side of the tube well. Lorna quickly pumped water into a metal bucked and splashed it all over herself, letting it wash over the sweat. A wonderful cool sensation filled her skin as the water flowed away. She looked down and saw her body glisten in the sun. As soon as she had filled another bucked and seated her wet bum on the stone floor in order to splash herself sparingly using her hands, she had a feeling of being watched. She turned to find Anya standing at the edge of the forest, looking at her. Lorna had no idea what had prompted the young girl to return so quickly, but she felt there was no hiding now.

As Anya walked towards her, Lorna saw the beginning of a faint smile on the former's face. When she was quite close, with a casual motion of one hand behind her back she slipped open her bikini top, exposing the soft skin of her naked chest in the warm sunlight. Walking topless to Lorna's side, Anya let her cloth bag dangle from her shoulder diagonally across and passing through the timid skin between her bare breasts. She came and leaned down on her knees beside Lorna. Lorna could not help but eye Anya's lovely figure from her shoulder to her knees. The creamy texture of her smooth skin looked radiant in the sunlight. She was younger than Lorna but her body was already well developed. The beginnings of medium sized breasts pointed out boldly toward Lorna, tender buds undoubtedly as firm and soft as young fruits. In the single long drawn moment Lorna spent gazing at Anya's body, she could already see the limp red nipples on the latter's buds gently turn firm and erect. Lower down, her almost concave soft cream belly framed by her tender curving waistline, bulged ever so slightly from a line a little below her sweet navel, where the firm elastic of the skirt dug into the skin. Lorna looked up to find Anya's eyes smiling at her.

"How did you know I like women too you little nymph?" said Lorna, "No one knows but the only two women who have slept with me. And that was years ago, when I was a fearless young woman."

As she sat down beside her, Lorna bent forward and touched her lips to the skin below Anya's jaw. Anya let her, ever so slightly bending her head to one side in a welcoming gesture. Lorna kissed her just below her collar bone on the tender flesh beside the region of her underarms. Again, Anya simply let her, without performing any action herself. A delicious wild aroma from Anya's skin, from the warm fold of her arms destroyed what little restraint was left in Lorna. Without asking, Lorna took off the cloth bag from her shoulder, the rough movement of the strap jarring her soft left breast and nipple into a jitter for a second, which all but melted Lorna's heart. She wound her wet right arm around Anya's neck, drawing her face close to hers, letting their temples touch and looked directly into her eyes letting out a flurry of words:

"Why did you not go into the forest you little crook? Did you know you would see me naked? Do you know how shameful it is for me to feel so helplessly seduced by a girl so much younger than me? How old are you? Twenty two? Twenty three?"

Anya blushed and smiled as she whispered that she was only nineteen. She simply smiled at Lorna, who kissed her lips hungrily. Anya let her, but did not kiss her back. She offered her lips, her body but did not let Lorna dive into her mouth and swallow her warm saliva, did not squeeze the hard brown nipples on Lorna's smaller breasts as Lorna wished she would. All the time Anya taunted her without words, teased her without teasing. The gentle movements of her body was enough to make Lorna go wild. When Anya let her body relax a little and formed the beginnings of gentle folds on her stomach, Lorna felt she could dwell on those folds for years blissfully. Anya merely bent her head to Lorna's cheek and kissed her gently.

Delighted by the touch Lorna spoke briskly now, "I know! Let me please you little girl, you don't have to like my body, maybe I am ugly to you, but if you let me take off your skirt, I will please you so!"

Breaking out into a giggle now, Anya bent forward breathing down on Lorna's damp chest, kissed the bridge between her small breasts and looked up at her endearingly as if to say that she did not find Lorna's lovely body ugly in the least. Then, on her own accord, she slipped out of her skirt and resumed her spot facing Lorna, parting her delicate limbs. Lorna now saw that all the while the girl had not been wearing any panties. From the red soil below the stone platform she picked up her own sweaty discarded panty, soaked it in water and then squeezed most of it out. Next, she took Anya's frame in her hands and gently lay her down on the stone. She took the damp panty and using it as a cloth she began to wash Anya's body already damp with moisture from the heat. Anya closed her eyes and despite her best effort let out soft moans of pleasure as the moist cloth brushed against her right breast and nipple, and down her chest onto her belly, where Lorna spread the panty out and softly pressed down over her navel. Letting the wet cloth rest on her tummy, Lorna bent down and bit into Anya's taut left nipple with a force which surprised herself. Anya screamed out in pain and pleasure and Lorna's left hand which was already on Anya's soft pussy could feel the opening ooze out fresh warm juices. But she was in no mood to let go. Next she bit into Anya's other expectant red nipple and pulled with her teeth forcing the skin and flesh of her young breast outward. As if by instinct, Anya's right arm shot out and held Lorna by her throat almost choking her. With a surprising force and speed of movement, she took Lorna and pinned her down on the red earth below the stone platform, and then letting go of her for a moment, poured a half of the bucket of water all over her. Lorna lay on her back bewildered, the red earth and dust from the soil clinging to her wet body.

Swiftly taking hold of her discarded cloth bag, Anya drew out a fresh cucumber. As she dangled the vegetable dangerously over Lorna's vagina, Lorna had no doubt as to mute girl's intentions. Simply looking at the length and width of the innocent green vegetable sent shivers of anticipation and fear down Laura's body and she instantly felt her vagina letting go of fresh fluids outward. With a mischievous glint in her eyes, Anya decided enough was enough and drove the cucumber straight into the tiny brown and wet pussy. No deft touch or gentle introduction. The force of the stab knocked the breath out of Lorna, as the muscles on her belly contracted and her fingers grabbed at the soil beneath her from the intensity of the sensation. Anya put the palm of her left hand on the softest part of Lorna's tight stomach over her navel and pushed down gently with a part of her body weight while with her right hand she stabbed at the interiors of Lorna's pussy which were now rich with juices. Giving herself over completely to fate, Lorna let her arms lie limp in the dust, suffering the repeated stabs of the large cucumber and feeling the hot earth grind into her back. Lorna had wanted so badly for a chance to lovingly lick the moistness between Anya's legs, to dip one finger into her slowly and let it rest in her warmth for a whole three seconds or so. But Anya had changed the game and now Lorna knew she would never touch the vagina she desired so desperately. Anya would stab her to death, destroy her body with pleasure. She wondered again, as she had done on so many occasions, about her fantasy of having her body destroyed by pleasure. She wondered if she was a freak for feeling this way, but when she opened her eyes and saw Anya's young, limp creamy breasts bobbing lightly on her little chest she forgot all about it. As Lorna's body contracted in a delightful orgasm, Anya withdrew and put the cucumber down. She bent down and kissed her lovingly on her forehead. Then she took her by the arm, led her to the stone slab of the tube well and lay her head on lap. Using the remainder of the water from the bucket and the wet panty, she began to clean the dirt from Lorna's body. With her head close to Anya's pussy, breathing in her aroma, Lorna kissed her on her lower abdomen and felt a sense of peace she had never felt before.

Later, Anya accompanied Lorna to the kitchen for a hearty late lunch and some good red wine. Lorna felt herself reeling slightly from drinking a little too much. Anya suggested a walk into the forest together in the direction of the river to which the other readily agreed.

"Do you mind if I leave the clothes and just wear my panties? It's still hot and I feel a little adventurous." Said Lorna.

Anya nodded smiling and gave a little nibble on Lorna's left nipple making her giggle out drunkenly. In five minutes, they set out hand in hand, Anya sporting a strapless white spotted red bikini and a rich yellow skirt with tight elastic around her waist.

The woods were sparsely populated with tall noble trees. The sun shone through the gaps between the leaves and textured the forest path ahead of them with sun and shade. More than the heat it was the humidity that took Lorna by surprise. She walked bare bodied, wearing nothing but a tight black panty, yet her skin was already moist in the warm air. Her under arms felt wet. After walking for around ten minutes, the duo came upon a little clearing to their right hand side. The sight of the clearing sent a jolt through Lorna. What were four elderly men doing here in the middle of the forest?

Seeing the large axes in their hands, she realized they were local woodcutters from the nearby village who had drifted in to this part of the forest. Each one of them looked to be in their mid fifties. They seemed as if the sudden appearance of a nude yoga mistress in their humble work zone had taken their breath away. Anya took Lorna's arm to drag her away, but Lorna felt herself beyond repair today. Nimbly walking over to the four men she spoke in a velvet voice, "Excuse me gentlemen, I apologize if I have startled you in your work by wandering in without cover of fabric, but I was just passing by with my friend over there and seeing you wondered whether any of you would care to have your cock sucked by me?"

As the four men stared at her face and her body alternatingly, she spoke again in a candy voice flapping her eyelids, "Would you say yes, if I bent down on my knees and said please?"

Before Anya could figure out what to do, Lorna was sucking the juices from four dripping cocks which extended toward her hungry mouth eagerly. So much for civilized refrainment! Thought Lorna delighted. She could still felt the taste of the delicious wine lingering on her lips when she took the first cock into her mouth. The men hardly spoke. They were literally speechless. Four large erect cocks surrounded Lorna as she sat on her knees and alternately tasted the fluids from each. As she did so, she felt her fresh panty soak with her own juices. Casting a sly glance at Anya who was now sitting on the ground without interference, Lorna slipped the largest cock into her mouth. This woodcutter had long grey hair and a likewise long beard, and his fat pecker extended the length of a full seven inches. Lorna gorged on the fat meat as she pushed her throat upon its shaft to fit the entire thing inside her mouth. Then she held the saliva dripping Dick in both hands and moved her fingers in circular motions till a giant load of hot white sperm erupted out of it and spread across her face and chest.

Successively Lorna sucked off each of the remaining three men. Each time they came profusely delivering their load over Lorna's mouth, chin, chest and her small breasts. Lorna sat there charmed by the events of the last few minutes, thick cum dripping from the base of her nose and chin onto her sweaty body. As she was about to get up, the man with the beard and the large Dick held her down and masturbated over her face till another load of fresh warm cum jerked out of him and hit Lorna's open mouth. Delighted by the taste and warmth of the fluid in her mouth, Lorna played with the huge load of cum inside her mouth rolling it with her tongue, until finally she opened her lips and let it all fall out over her chin onto her already cum stained body.

In five minutes, Anya and Lorna had resumed their walk, Anya with an impressed smile on her face and Lorna wet and stained by the cum of older men.

Lorna was surprised by how quickly the weather changed. Before she knew it, straight ahead of them in the direction of the river the sky had filled with grey clouds. The sun shone through them and its diffused and filtered rays spread a magical yellow light all around, as the two young women reached the bank of the river. The beauty of the scenario made Lorna momentarily forget all about her growing sexual appetite and the cum on her body. The woods cleared out to a lovely little beach of soft pale yellow sand upon which lapped gently the calm clear waters of the river. Lorna knew that the color of the water would soon turn grey if the dark clouds were to spread further. On the other side of the river some fifty meters across, she could see the forest continue and beyond it rising a picturesque range of green hills radiant in the evening light.

Despite the clouds, the weather was still warm and sticky. The duo took off their clothes and walked into the water. Lorna shuddered as the water reached her waist. She didn't think it would be so cool. Within a few seconds Anya was at her side. Without looking at the other's face, Anya raised her right hand slowly toward Lorna's body. Lorna looked down upon her chest. On her mouth and in some areas of her chest the cum had dried to leave dry white marks. On others where the blob of sperm had been larger, it was still wet and sticky, as on her left nipple. Anya rubbed her cum stained breast gently with her hand before dipping it in the cool water and splattering Lorna's body with it. Lorna closed her eyes and let the cool sensation hit her. Taking one hand around Lorna's back, Anya held her body softly while with the other she washed her. Having gotten acclimatized to it over the last few minutes, the water was more comfortable now. Once more, Lorna felt at complete peace with her world, enjoying the bath her young seducer of the afternoon was giving her. Once she was washed, Lorna turned to thank the little nymph with a kiss. As she did so, out of the corner of her eyes she caught a new figure emerge from the trees. Anya turned too and a look of mischief spread across her face at the sight of her boyfriend.

Lorna saw a slender yet well-built youth with longish brown hair step toward the beach with a backpack on his shoulders. He wore a sleeveless white shirt and trunks. Lorna felt unsure as to what to do. Through the look of recognition the two cast each other, it seemed clear that this must be Illya, Anya's boyfriend. Yet if that was so, this seemed to her a terribly compromising position. Apart from being stark naked herself, she had revealed Anya in the nude with another woman in front of him. As Anya stepped out of the water toward Illya, the later cast a questioning glance at her, to which Anya responded with some gestures of her hand Lorna did not understand. Immediately a look of understanding spread across Illya's face. He walked forward to receive Lorna as she stepped out of the water clutching and covering her body out of sudden modesty. The cool bath and the sight of this dashingly beautiful young man seemed to suddenly drain away at Lorna's partially wine induced sexual daring.

"Hi, you must be Lorna. I am Illya. Anya's father used to speak about you."

Lorna nodded uncomfortably. As if suddenly realizing that she was not wearing anything, Illya motioned for her to wait and quickly offloaded and opened his backpack to produce a shawl with which he gently enfolded her lean frame. Anya's skirt and bikini lay discarded a fair distance away. Lorna smiled gratefully at him as Illya proceeded to bring out a large thick mat and spread it out on the sand.

"I hope you two are hungry," he said as he began unpacking some fruits from his backpack. But suddenly Anya was at his side, looking at him imploringly.

"Oh Anya, not now darling," said Illya casually. But Anya had already dug two fingers into her pussy and was almost coyly dragging Illya's right hand on her right breast.

"Listen to me you little beast your appetite is becoming too much nowadays", snarled Illya in a loud whisper obviously aroused himself.

Lorna fell down on her bum on the mat and stared. Right! Thought Lorna. This is what was missing on this already wild day - watching a completely unknown couple engage in sexuality!

She sat there watching as Anya pulled the damp shirt off Illya's slender toned body and pushed him down on the mat close to where Lorna was sitting. Then she threw herself on top of him, kissing him lustily and grinding her wet dripping body on his sweaty skin. Illya kissed her back and immediately forced two strong fingers into her pussy from the back making Anya give out a squeal of pleasure.

Things were happening too fast for Lorna to decide on a proper reaction. She merely sat in a dumb haze watching the couple.

In a flash Anya's lips were around Illya's manhood. As her tongue touched the shaft of his cock, Illya felt a familiar, lovely warm sensation. His cock responded immediately. Lorna saw the semi erect cock stiffen further and draw out to its full length inside Anya's small mouth. In spite of herself, Lorna felt lust rising in her breast at the sight of this. The girl sucked her beloved's cock with real passion, as Illya's eyes looking at her intensified with pleasure. In the middle of her action when she turned to check on Lorna and their eyes locked, she could have sworn that the latter almost winced.

Looking into the innocent honey flavored eyes of Anya as she gave Illya a delicate, almost loving blowjob, Lorna felt a pang of pleasure at the base of her body. Her vagina was becoming wet again. Meanwhile, Illya lifted her off his cock and kissed her passionately on the mouth. Once again, Lorna gaped at Anya's pretty figure. The soft line was still there a little below her navel which had been formed by the tight elastic of the skirt she had been wearing. The pubic area with slight beginnings of hair was a little whiter than the cream tone of her curving belly. When in a quick frantic motion she held her brother down her rounding breasts bobbed in a delicious motion. With a brilliant swiftness and accuracy, she seated herself on his long hard Dick pointing upward, and began swaying her waist around it. The sky had gone darker, and a soft cool breeze had begun to caress their bodies as the storm approached closer.

Illya turned his face toward Lorna as if imploring her to join them. Lorna did not need a second invitation. Casting the shawl off her still damp body, she was closer at his side, kissing his lips. She felt Illya's warm tongue search out hers, and as the tips of the two tongues touched inside their mouths, she felt a delightful sensation rise from the pit of her stomach. The sense of modesty which had come over her initially at the sight of the unknown boy now vanished completely.

"Do you like having sex with your little girlfriend in front of strangers Illya?" she was speaking in warm whispers into his ear, motioning toward Anya's body riding his Dick Illya looked at Anya once, her waist and belly moving in a delicious rhythm over his stiff cock. As Lorna proceeded to kiss him again Illya's arm drew her close and slipped two fingers into her pussy.

"Mmmm… oh Illya do you want me too?" Lorna was speaking in heavy breaths now between moans of pleasure, "Isn't it enough to see your pretty little girlfriend bounce naked off your cock? Do you like her young cream colored breasts swaying up and down? Look Illya… Mmm… look at her soft curving tummy. She has such a pretty little belly button, don't you think? Mhhhmmm… Oh Illya! Look at that line below her belly button. See how her tummy softly bulges evenly above it and then deflates above her navel only to rise again closer to her breasts. Ahhhhh… stop Illya, your fingers are too strong! Mhhhm! You know, Anya has such a sexy body, I could stare at her riding you for hours."

Suddenly Anya had had enough. She had heard all Lorna had had to say. Now she jumped off her boyfriend's cock and dragged Lorna toward her, digging her face into her crotch.

"Oh no you don't!" said Lorna, "Not this time! I wanted your pussy last time Anya, and now I'm going to get it. Hold her arms Illya!"

Playing along to whatever Lorna had in mind, Illya fastened Anya's body to a sitting posture on the carpet and held her arms crossed behind her back. Staring at Lorna with smiling, almost mocking eyes, Anya opened her legs wide for her, as if accepting defeat and daring Lorna to do what she must. As Lorna put her index and middle finger into the pink vagina, she felt the warm liquid inside welcome her in. The soft walls of the vagina seemed to say they could take more and Lorna inserted a third and then forced a fourth finger into her. Anya let out a deep moan at the entry of the fourth finger as Illya began biting her ear and whispering what obscenities to her Lorna could not hear. But she had her own words she wanted to let out.

"You enjoyed stabbing me with that cucumber didn't you my little seductress? Now it's my turn! How does it feel?" she said, spitting down on her hand and pushing four fingers into her again. "Do you remember I told you the last time I had a woman was years back? I lied. She wasn't really a woman yet. She was just a girl, like me. We were only newly eighteen but she was already a slut. And do you know what I did to her? I put my entire fist inside of her!" Saying so Lorna spit again all over the backside of her right palm and drove the entire fist smoothly into the yielding pink vagina.

A deep moan bordering on a growl erupted out of the Belorussian's throat as her body lurched and jittered from the sensation. The dark clouds were now directly above them and the wind had picked up. The storm was closer than ever before. Again and again Lorna twisted her fist inside of her warm vagina while violently rubbing her clitoris with the other hand. Anya closed her eyes and moaned repeatedly. Finally, when it seemed as if she might faint from the experience, Lorna withdrew her hand and kissed her passionately on the mouth.

"Take me Illya, please." Said Lorna.

Lifting Lorna's light frame in his arms, Illya placed her at the center of the mat. Climbing on top of her he entered her gently. Her pussy was tight and juicy around his fat manhood and Illya felt a delightful warm wet sensation on his way into her. Their foreheads touching and faces so close to each other that they could feel one another's breaths, he looked into her unknown eyes and started rubbing her tiny clitoris with one finger while fucking her. Initially Lorna wanted to close her eyes with pleasure, but as she kept looking into the iris of the young man's wild eyes, a sense of immense intimacy asserted itself on her. The storm picked up in the darkened canvas around them and the wind started howling raising the sand off the beach; Illya's warm juicy cock entered her through her pink wet slit again and again, and by the strength of those wild eyes Lorna felt she was at home. She wanted nothing more than for Illya to keep rubbing her clitoris and fucking her pussy while staring into the deepest core of her being.

There was a warm whisper in Lorna's ears.

"Ride him."

It was Anya.

Lorna had no idea she could speak! But she felt a greater urgency right now.

In a flash, surprised by her own agility, Lorna had Illya on his back. Illya seemed a little stunned by the yoga princess's move as she spread her legs and lowered the base of her body onto his hungry salivating Dick She was gentle at first. Her body moved like that of some goddess as she swayed herself forward and back in the sweetest rhythmic motion Illya had ever seen or felt. The smooth butter skin of her stomach curved and straightened with each move. Illya reached out his hands and grabbed her pert nipples with his fingers. As he pressed down on them Lorna's shoulders tightened and bent forward. Letting out a little moan of pleasure she momentarily dropped down a little heavier and longer on his cock.

When Lorna leaned forward to kiss him, he crossed his arms around her back and held her body against his. Lorna felt herself fastened against Illya's chest and her mouth locked with his when he started entering her with his own force. Without warning Illya was now beating ferociously inside her while biting down on her lips, holding her face onto his. Lorna let out a long deep throaty growl of pleasure as her body vibrated on his with the repeated wild hammering that was knocking the breath out of her. Meanwhile, the storm had darkened the entire riverside and the woods around them leaving an unreal half-light through the clouds illuminating the faint color and texture of naked skin on naked skin. Lorna wasn't sure exactly when it happened, but when she felt the beginning of a delirious sensation rise inside of her, she snatched her mouth away from Illya's and dug her face into his neck. Without deliberation she was biting into his skin, shutting her eyes tight into Illya's body as a rip-roaring orgasm sent waves through her leaving her breathless and faint.

Sensing her weak state, Illya picked her up like a doll off his cock and placed her beside him. Lorna felt more than saw him enfolding her with his strong arms and kissing her lips gently. Suddenly she heard him moan in pleasure. Anya had taken hold of his cock.

"Get up!" She ordered.

Obediently Illya stood up as Anya wrapped her two hands around his dripping cock twisting them in a fast rhythm. Soon Lorna was by her side, fondling his balls with her hands. The wind blew their hair wild as Anya drew her open lips close to the tiny slit in his Dick in anticipation. Within seconds Illya's cock erupted in successive jolts of hot white cum crashing into his girlfriend's little tongue.

When she closed her mouth Anya felt it full with the thick viscous liquid. Before she knew it Lorna's lips were on hers. Anya opened her mouth onto hers and let the delicious liquid slip into it. It was all Lorna could do to take half of the cum in her mouth letting the other half slurp out onto her chin and her chest. Turning to Anya's open mouth, Lorna placed her face over hers and let the cum out of her mouth in a slow lingering spit. She watched as the white liquid dripped slowly between Anya's open lips onto her tongue. Finally, with a single motion of her throat Anya swallowed the sperm hungrily and stared into Lorna as Illya watched.

"You're not so bad Lorna Zimmerman. You've passed the test. And I think we're going have a good amount of fun this weekend."

Lorna felt at a loss. What test? What fun? What was the Belorussian girl talking about? How was she even talking? Why did she pretend she could not earlier? But before Lorna could formulate any of these concerns into words, the rain came down in great torrents, washing over their bodies. Anya held up a hand as if in a gesture for her to wait and see, and gave her a friendly wink like that of a little girl. Looking at the smiling faces both of Illya and Anya, all three of them now huddling close to soak in the rain, Lorna felt the pangs of a new sense of adventure in anticipation of the wild weekend ahead.


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