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The $500 Weekend
Erotic Story By Anonymous

In the senior year of college I found out about a sub-culture I didn't even know existed. With a light load, a graduate school acceptance with a graduate assistant teaching job lined up I was enjoying a comfortable life. I even had a great summer job lined up with one of the major chemical companies about 50 miles from campus and a room in a private home for the summer at a cheap rate.

I had a steady girlfriend who was a junior and we had settled into a satisfying relationship though we both knew that we weren't a marriage match. She wanted to 'save the world' in Africa or wherever and I wanted to get a Ph.D. in chemical engineering and be an innovator, inventor, researcher…and was willing to put the hours in to make it happen. She was chasing a dream and I was chasing a career. The sex was good, friendly and safe. Plus, she was a Catholic and her biggest fear was an unmarried pregnancy. I didn't want a kid or a wife as I had just turned 22.

I then met an acquaintance of an acquaintance at our favorite pub one Friday night who spun a wild tale about a weekend sex club where anything goes. It apparently got going about suppertime on Friday and went until late afternoon Sunday. For those who wanted to 'give it a try' the fee was $500 for the weekend that included lodging, meals and all beverages. Supposedly there was also some sort of 'floor show' on Saturday night as well.

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Their rules were supposedly: no cameras, cell phones or electronics of any kind could be brought on the premises; once you were on the premises you had to stay until you were escorted off Sunday afternoon; an equal number of men and women were there for any weekend; you had to pick a first name for the weekend so you could remain anonymous; if you were a "first-timer" you were brought to the premises blindfolded so you could not know exactly where the facility was. If you chose to come back, you could only do so as a member.

To a 22 year old, this sounded unbelievable and $500 back then was a lot of cash. But I and a close buddy decided to check it out. A few weeks after we'd sent off money orders, we got our invitations and instructions. Pack a small bag for a couple of days and meet your escort at the St. Paul-Minneapolis train station at 3:30 PM.

Since there was train service from our university city to the Twin Cities, we got train tickets and off we went. We waited in the station and shortly after 3, a non-descript guy came up to us and asked us if we needed a ride to the 'weekend'. That was the code name and we got in his car. After blindfolding us, he drove us off to a place we had only been able to imagine. About 2 hours later, we went down a long, winding gravel driveway and finally stopped. When the blindfolds were off, we took a quick look around and felt like we were in the middle of nowhere. A huge three-story mansion was the only house we could see. This place must have been some multi-millionaire's country weekend house in the 19th century I supposed. It was well-maintained and tastefully landscaped.

I suspected it was well equipped with all the latest surveillance and property protection electronics but they were not obvious. After being shown inside, a nice lady introduced herself [first name only] and asked us what names we were using for the weekend. Then, she quickly typed up nametags, gave us our room #'s and name tags which we were to wear outside our rooms. The inside seemed even bigger than the outside. There must have been at least 20 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms. The first floor included the dining areas, the ball rooms, kitchen, etc. The second and third floors were all bedrooms and baths. There was a full basement but, apparently, that was open to members only and was locked per a keypad. I never did find out what was down there other than the furnace, A/C, etc. But, there was plenty of room for things other than just the physical plant needed for this huge place.

The room was luxurious and conducive to romantic encounters. My room had lots of mirrors and I found out there were various lighting schemes, stereo music and a fireplace for winter usage. Between each two bedrooms was a large bathroom with both a double Jacuzzi tub and double showers. I noted that none of the doors had locks on either side. The bathroom could obviously take care of the needs and wants of upt to 4 people at a time so it had no locks either.

A note on the nightstand gave the following instructions: Prepare yourself for an erotic evening; wear just the provided robe and your name tag; meet for cocktails in the 'Tap Room' at 6:30. Dinner would commence at 7. I took a quick shower, put on the terrycloth robe with a '314' label in it and my name tag and walked nervously down the two flights of stairs to the Tap Room and arrived to a gathering crowd all dressed in the same robes. I saw my college pal there and nodded.

We thought that there were about 30-35 people there - maybe 16 men and 16 women? The ages ranged for the youngest [early 20's like us] to people more my parents' ages. Most were casually talking about this or that. I went to the bar and got a cold beer and it tasted good. I was walking back to the crowd when I almost bumped into a beautiful brunette holding some tall and cool tropical thing.

She said, "Hi Bud". I'd almost forgotten my fake name for the weekend but quickly recovered to read her name returning the hello to 'Kay'. She knew I was a first-timer and was positive I'd enjoy the weekend. She and her ex-husband were members and she dubbed the weekends here as 'mental health'. She was a supervisor in a clinic that specialized in drug rehabs. "If I didn't do these weekends once in a while, I'd end up in a drug ward myself", she claimed. She was bright, very attractive and maybe early 30's. She asked me why I was here. My honest answer was, "I wasn't sure, but I was curious about it and maybe it's my last fling before the trials of graduate school". Noting that our glasses were empty, she suggested we get a refill.

At 7 pm, it was announced that dinner was served. As I found out, the dinners were served 'family style' at large tables that seated eight. Of course, four women and men were at each table. There were several entrées and side dishes available and you got to choose between a red or white wine. The wine glasses never got empty as the service was spectacular. As the wine flowed, I noticed that the robes the women wore somehow had gotten looser. Bare boobs were becoming readily visible though nobody pretended to notice.

When desserts were served, the wine service ended and liqueurs were available if desired. The lighting after dinner was more muted now and it was announced that the ballrooms were now open. Within about five minutes, the dining room was vacated. It was 8:30. The two ballrooms had different themes. One of them was retro in style - old time slow dance music, big band sounds, decorated like a '1930's ballroom' I supposed. The other was faster, boogie-stuff, classic & modern R&R and some Rap as well. It featured garish lighting and video wall displays and was really loud.

The thing about both ballrooms was that you had to put your robe on hanger near the doorway. I didn't know anybody so I let Kay lead me to the retro ballroom. We took off our robes. I was immediately embarrassed at my firm erection. {Most of the men I noticed were still pretty flaccid.} "Don't worry", she assured, "It happens to most of the first-timers and you'll be OK soon". I hoped so. I stayed near my hanging robe for a bit hoping that Mighty Mike would calm down and he did - mostly.

She asked me to dance and that was a new challenge but after a few moments, we could actually dance together without my cock boring into her stomach. She was one good looking babe. She had great breasts, a flat tummy and was well-toned overall. She was an avid cross-country skier and when snowless used a Nordic-Track the rest of the year. Her ass was magnificent. I wasn't in top shape but had been an avid wrestler and baseball player and was pretty much flab-free.

She was proudly sporting a full dark-brown bush and was amused by the abundant but almost clear blonde hair on my chest and around my cock. Over the next several dances, I finally got up enough nerve to ask why she hadn't shaved her pussy when she knew it was going to be seen by so many other people. She claimed that it was sexier to have a man caress her bush than just bare skin and, besides she said, "It's the way I was made". She did bow to the shaved legs and pits routine most women prefer.

During breaks in the DJ spun music, there were a few amateur singing acts on display. It was obvious that some of the participants were pretty well-oiled but they were pretty good. They all got warm ovations. As the music was just restarting, Kay asked me if I noticed anything peculiar about the number of rooms and the number of people there.

Blankly I stared into her almond colored eyes. "The women who come here don't get assigned a room; they have to find a room to sleep in on Friday and Saturday nights", she explained. "What about your stuff?" I inquired. "We tell the clerk where to deliver it." "So, you're homeless", I joked. She smiled and said, "Maybe that depends on you tonight". Mike now got rebellious; I got iron rail stiff in 10 seconds flat.

"So, what's the protocol? Should I ask you and when do you want to go"? I questioned. "The answers are yes and now", she quickly replied. So, we got up, put on our robes, went to the clerk's station and I asked her to send Kay's bag up to room 314. Once we and Kay's bag arrived, we shucked the robes and made quick bathroom stops. Kay then took charge of my next hour and a half of wakefulness.

To my surprise, the nightstand drawer contained several brands, colors and types of condoms. Kay picked a lubricated purple one and put it on me. The rest of the night was a blur: kissing and caressing of her breasts, silky cunt, ass, back, neck, mouth and her ministrations to my cock, balls, butt and chest. She said the next morning she'd put three condoms on me; I only remembered two. I was never so tired or relaxed as I was that morning.

This place, this club, was obviously all about people who loved sex and were damn good at it. Kay was a spectacular lover; I only hoped that I'd not left her 'high & dry'. She assured me as we shared a warm Jacuzzi that morning that I'd been a very good lover - especially for one so young and inexperienced.

After donning fresh robes and our name tags, she packed her little overnight case to leave it off at the desk clerk's station and we went to breakfast about 10. It was a great buffet breakfast served on the giant glassed-in porch on the south side of the mansion. I asked her about dropping her stuff off. She said, "There are no rules but it's up to the woman who she spends the night with and she starts homeless every day". I laughed at the prospect of her being homeless and chided her ex for being a really stupid dolt. She said that she liked sex more than the once/month her thoracic surgeon ex found time for. Besides, I think he was 'giving at the office sometimes'.

As breakfast wound down, I wished her good luck finding a place to sleep tonight. She just smiled. During the mornings and afternoons there was a variety of activities available - nude swimming, hiking the trails [robe & shoes minimum dress], lounging around, getting a tan outside, reading, card-playing, etc. The only house rule was no sexual activity in public areas.

I hiked the property on the marked trails in some socks, comfortable shoes, shirt & pants. I wore a baseball cap as it was bright and sunny. The property was secluded - lots of pines, firs and hardwood trees. There were also ponds here and there - the grounds once probably looked like gardens. There were several trails and signs back to the mansion but I chose a route that was probably the longest way around. I don't know how many acres the property had but there were no other houses or building in sight. My guess was that even this outside trail was well-inside the property boundaries but I was not about to test the rules and get invited off the premises; since the transaction had been a cash one, they could evict me without a refund.

I mused at what the members paid to get in and to stay in but, given the staff, the grounds upkeep, some standby legal talent, insurance, meals, beverages…it would be a tidy sum. Even my $500 fee multiplied by 32 was a tidy $16K - for two days. That's $800K plus per year income. I suspected that the real income/year was well more than a million. And, probably, the membership ran about 100.

Four things the members had in common: they loved sex, they had money, they were heterosexuals and they could keep secrets. I returned just in time to refresh in my room, shuck my clothes and put on another fresh robe. {Big laundry in basement I mused?} I went down for the buffet lunch - in yet another fancy room. Unlike breakfast, there were several light alcoholic beverages available including wines, beers and fruity things that the women seemed to enjoy. I sat down with my lunch at a table with some friendly strangers and entered into the small talk when invited.

I briefly recounted my tour of the grounds and was very complimentary about the property. Sensing I was a newcomer I was asked how I'd enjoyed the weekend so far, 'great' was about all I could come up with. Several mentioned that a place like this made the routines of careers and responsibilities bearable. And, from snippets of conversations I was pretty sure that included here were many upper level management people and professional people.

After lunch, I decided I would dare the pool area. The pool and spa area was strictly 'nude only'. One could wear a hat if need be but…I got there and hung up my robe and, before my body could react to all those breasts and wide open spread leg poses by some of the gals, I plunged in and, after, getting warmed up, started doing some routine laps. The pool was huge; it had a diving area, lap swimming lanes and a shallow area for waist deep walking and chatting. At least in these areas, my snap-to-attention cock wouldn't be so noticeable. After eight pretty good-paced lengths of the pool, I slowly made my way over to the waist deep, conversation area. This was a new test of my mental resolve not to make an ass out of myself. After getting in chest deep water, I stopped and tried to blend in. The conversations were pleasant - just as if they were taking place in a kitchen or a living room back home.

The primary difference was all the great pairs of boobs that were proudly displayed. I never imagined how many wonderful shades of pinks, reds, maroons and browns could surround female nipples. They were all different and all lovely to behold. Then, per an 'accident' I was bumped from behind; it was Kay. I had seen her breasts and nipples before but in full daylight they were even more spectacular. I couldn't help notice that her brown furry bush seemed to float in the water compared to the mostly shaved pussies I had seen that day. She asked if I was thirsty; I said yes and we got out of the pool, found a couple of chaise lounges, got a couple of towels and sat down. "Beer OK?" After nodding, she left me for about a minute and returned with a beer and a rum cooler for her. We laid down in the lounge chairs enjoying the warming sun. I kept my towel handy in case but I felt more relaxed so finally put the towel aside and let the world look at me as I am. Kay said, "About time you let the world look at you - you've got a nice package and it's OK to show it off". I admitted that all her equipment rated at least 4 stars - especially her light almond colored eyes. "I'm glad you noticed", she purred. "Your eyes weren't the first thing I noticed", I said with a smile.

After a silent five minutes I asked her if she'd found a home for tonight. She coyly said, "Not yet". "When do the men get asked, or do they do the asking?" "It usually starts around dinner but some have already arranged Saturday night and others will 'do a deal' during the dancing and entertainment. Then there's the interesting experience of not choosing and, when the ballrooms close at 11 pm, there's one room left open where those in need of rooms meet those without roommates. That's kind of exciting to do once in a while. There's nobody here that doesn't enjoy sex and there's an equal number of guys and gals so…". "Did you ever spend a night here with your ex?" "Yes, I never said he wasn't good in bed, he just wasn't good in my bed often enough". "If you don't have a room by dinner, let me know - I'd love to share a second helping with you".

I went up to my room and took a much-needed 90 minute nap. If tonight was like last night, I'd be swacked by Sunday morning. Dinner was similar to Friday night except it seemed like there was an extra sense of urgency in the air. None of the women at my table seemed all that interested in a newcomer. Who could blame them? I'm sure they'd had many great lovers in their lives. One buxom, curvy blonde directed some small talk in my direction but she stopped short of making sure I knew she was still 'homeless' for the night.

After the desserts, I decided I'd go to the wild and crazy dance room and check that out. It was loud and raucous. Twosomes were dancing alongside threesomes. Women were dancing with each other. There was a Twist contest for men only where women got to judge the winners - and you can imagine their judging criteria. There was a bunny hop where you grabbed on to the one in front of you and held on tight. There was an orange passing contest [no arms or hands allowed] and a giant cucumber passing contest - passes done by legs only. During the cucumber contests, there were many proud cocks displayed but the women loved it and the guys didn't seem embarrassed. There was also a "guess the breasts" contest. A man would carefully study four women's breasts and then, blindfolded, he'd have to by feel guess who they belonged to. Just as one hapless guy had guessed wrong again to roaring laughter about the last breasts he'd examined, I felt some breasts press against my back. "Guess", she whispered softly. "I am an engineer and became one through my careful observations and studies - those are the wonderful breasts of Kay", I declared with pride. I turned around with my eyes shut and suggested that I examine them more carefully and I did briefly. We smiled at each other. "Did you find a room yet?" I asked. "No, did you find a roommate for tonight?" "I haven't asked anyone nor has anyone hinted that I should invite them, but I'm not sure I should take pot luck". "So ask me", she smiled - and I did.

That night was chapter two of Kay's lovemaking lessons. All I had to do basically was to echo her techniques [per her own requirements of course] and to stay hard and stay long. As I recall, this was a two-condom night but our session before mutual collapses probably ran two hours or more. Who kept time? After staggering out of bed the next morning I wondered how those old folks could keep up the pace. Maybe they were in better condition than I was? Before we went down to breakfast we did a double-shower together.

As we were lathering each other, a couple from next door came in and got the Jacuzzi for two going and, before we were done rinsing each other [including all her wonderful nooks and crannies], it was obvious that the other couple was engaged in sex borne of an almost animal-like urgency. They wouldn't have stopped in a public square. As it was, we stepped out of the shower, wrapped towels around each other and left them in the throes of passion.

Kay again packed her bag and so did I and, once again in just robes, we went to breakfast. After the great breakfast Kay noted that she had to leave soon as she had some things to do that afternoon. Our ride was going to be there right after lunch so I'd be parting soon. Going back up to the room I knew that once Kay put back on her clothes, she'd be leaving. I had maybe 3 hours to kill. So, as she slipped off her robe I grabbed her, spun her around and asked if she'd like just one more great fuck before we hit the road. She grabbed my robe and tossed it on the floor.

This lovemaking had need written all over it, primal stirrings, a cock and a pussy ready to join and create a great orgasm without much foreplay required. Her golden nipples were hard and proud. Her clit was wet and firm. After some clit and pussy play she was ready to be taken hard. Within the first few thrusts she was writhing in joy that was close to pain. Thirty seconds later my cock exploded within her, convulsions wracked my body from head to toe. Wow!

A moment after our explosions, we realized that we had forgotten to use a condom and we quickly reassured each other that we were STD-free. She used the pill but she wisely always liked condoms on her men. We cleaned up a bit, put on our clothes and readied ourselves to rejoin the world. Downstairs, we shared a searing 10 second kiss as she was about to leave. We wished each other well with simple good-byes. She was then gone and I'd never see her again. But I'd remember.

I lounged around on one of the porches with a book I pretended to read, got a sandwich and ate on the porch. Most people were gone now or about to leave and most were now wearing street clothes. It was as if the weekend had been a dream that was slowly evaporating. I found myself wondering again what else might have been in the basement. My college pal and I were picked up by the same guy, blindfolded and driven back to the train station.

While we were waiting for the train, we shared some details about the weekend; I had only seen him briefly a few times all weekend. He'd shared his Friday night with a slender, beautiful, 30-something brunette but his best night was with a plain looking but curvy, slightly overweight blonde who was mid-late 30's. On a 1-10 scale her libido was a 12, my pal exclaimed, "She knocked my socks off last night and we fucked right through breakfast. I almost missed lunch".

I then related some details about Kay and our two-night stand. She'd made me so happy I didn't look very hard for anyone else. The train ride came and went. Soon there was graduation, summer job, graduate schools, a great job doing R&D and eventually, finding a great woman to share my life and have our three kids. I've never been tempted to compare her to Kay knowing that was a once in a lifetime fling but that doesn't stop me from thinking about her once in a while - whenever I hear a train whistle or when I hike a trail near the woods on a late spring day.


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